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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Dual graphics card issues (Message 1499094)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile BilBg
From your knowledge, is the 300mhz a setting that can be tweaked?

Yes it can, e.g. with MSI Afterburner (works on all cards, not only MSI):

But first see if SIV show 300 MHz, at what GPU load % and other parameters

22) Message boards : Number crunching : Dual graphics card issues (Message 1499072)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile BilBg
Does anyone see anything special about that task that would explain it taking so long?

Yes, it say:
Max clock frequency: 300Mhz

This page gives for Cape Verde GPUs 800-1100 Mhz

See what SIV shows (about Mhz, temperature, V, ... ):

SIV will also show your motherboard model in the middle of the top line on main window.

23) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Signal found but was hidden - just Listen (1st April)     9 | !9 -> ? (Message 1498865)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile BilBg

Time to move this thread to 'Cafe SETI' ...

The 'Klingon' translate site:
:ǝʇ!s ǝʇɐlsuɐɹʇ ,uoƃu!lʞ, ǝɥ┴

Eht 'Nognilk' etalsnart etis:
:ǝʇıs ǝʇɐןsuɐɹʇ ,uoƃuıןʞ, ǝɥʇ

24) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Signal found but was hidden - just Listen (1st April)     9 | !9 -> ? (Message 1498491)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile BilBg

(post to Edit the thread name)

If you didn't notice - the first link have English Captions
(almost correct translation of the beginning conversation - you may turn them ON manually, I don't know how to make link to turn Subs ON automatically):

(at the end the boss say something like "this just can't be ..... and where are her parents?")

How tall is this bald guy? (1.98 m):

“Wrecking Ball” (No, she's not naked):

25) Message boards : Number crunching : Arecibo telescope closed by earthquake - no new data for a while (Message 1498307)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile BilBg
Do you parse for this or just the stdoutdae.txt?

It comes from job_log, combined across seven computers.

If you want more job_log files from other users/computers I sent you mine in PM
(contains also other files, the link was prepared on 18-03-2014 for the SETIspirit author)
26) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Signal found but was hidden - just Listen (1st April)     9 | !9 -> ? (Message 1498017)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile BilBg

Here it is if you Listen carefully:


As we know the signals have to be repeated to be significant.

The same source emitted some more in the past weeks:

Here is evidence of huge diminishing of radiation from our sun:

This arguably go on from the bottom of the ocean:

From alien but refracted through southern hemisphere:

This was sent from bug-like creatures some 45 light years away:

"srettam esle gnihton" - this is probably in Klingon if you dare to translate:

27) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : GPU v. CPU - Is the GPU a sleepy fellow or is it the jobsize which is larger for the GPU? (Message 1496356)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile BilBg
This is for?

OpenCL AstroPulse v6 (2 for NVIDIA, 1 for ATI AMD)
(difference between cuda_opencl_100 and opencl_nvidia_100 is only in the name (the same app for different BOINC versions))
(if you look up - for ATI AMD there are Linux OpenCL applications also for SETI@home v7)

Linux CUDA executable for SETI@home v7 exists but not as stock (not on the servers)
(CUDA is of course for NVIDIA only)

app_info.xml is not for me ;)

So you can use Linux CLI (which I can't), managed to use >20 lines of commands to install NVIDIA CUDA drivers
and you find it too difficult to merge 3 text files in a text editor and copy some files to SETI@home directory? ;)
(you probably want me to do the combined package ;) - which will not take much time (and will need only 'copy everything to SETI@home directory' and maybe chmod +x))
28) Questions and Answers : Windows : I have not run seti@home for a long time its so different. (Message 1495379)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile BilBg
For your system:

... normally you'll see 8 CPU tasks and 1 GPU task running.

All looks good - you have only Valid tasks and no Errors/Invalids:

Valid (60) · Invalid (0) · Error (0)

If you want to see graphics:
Select (on Tasks tab) a running CPU task and click [Show graphics] button.
(GPU tasks (CUDA or OpenCL) on SETI@home can't show graphics)
29) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Having issues with GPU tasks (Message 1495374)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile BilBg
See if anything in this thread looks familiar and if any hint can help you:
30) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Astropulse screen saver and graphics no longer working (Message 1494915)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile BilBg
Tried the fix and failed miserably. Now I have a text editor window that will copy to my desktop no matter how many times I try to get rid of it. No doubt I broke many things and destroyed code while trying this.

'the fix' only say (using many words) to make the file executable.
"a text editor window that will copy to my desktop" and "destroyed code" do not make any sense to me ... (how 'chmod' can destroy code??)
31) Message boards : Number crunching : Mix and match GPU? (Message 1493208)
Posted 25 days ago by Profile BilBg
And it's zipped.

On this page:

there is ccConfig.exe

To Download: point the mouse after the text '1.8 MB' (at most right) and click (near where down arrow appears)
32) Message boards : Number crunching : Mix and match GPU? (Message 1491997)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile BilBg
Just remembered, there's boinc-client-configuration program. Haven't tried, no idea if it works or how well.

Uh, Oooooooooh ... I'm very stupid ... 'how to debug?' >200 posts wasted time ...
... and I was playing with this program ... just a month ago ... but did not find I need it so forget about it :(

Yes, it works!

@Miklos M.

The program is very easy - it is just one .exe in a .zip
You run this ccConfig.exe and just check/uncheck options and use [Save] button.
Then restart BOINC and the options are activated.

Get it:
BOINC client configuration (ccConfig.exe) (I repeat the same link as above)

Look at it:

Use it ...

End of info for Miklos M.


More 'Advanced' info for others:

It (ccConfig.exe) finds where cc_config.xml has to be (i.e. finds BOINC Data directory from the registry),
reads cc_config.xml if it exists and shows checked what you already have enabled.
Also the first 3 log tags are checked by default.

My initial manually made cc_config.xml :
<cc_config> <log_flags> <benchmark_debug>1</benchmark_debug> <dcf_debug>1</dcf_debug> <checkpoint_debug>0</checkpoint_debug> </log_flags> <options> <start_delay>55</start_delay> <ncpus>-1</ncpus> <max_file_xfers>20</max_file_xfers> <max_file_xfers_per_project>10</max_file_xfers_per_project> <save_stats_days>3650</save_stats_days> <max_stdout_file_size>8388000</max_stdout_file_size> <zero_debts>0</zero_debts> </options> </cc_config>

cc_config.xml after using ccConfig.exe and checking 'work_fetch_debug' and 'use_all_gpus' (yes - it added this first line):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <cc_config> <log_flags> <benchmark_debug>1</benchmark_debug> <dcf_debug>1</dcf_debug> <work_fetch_debug>1</work_fetch_debug> </log_flags> <options> <use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> <max_file_xfers>20</max_file_xfers> <max_file_xfers_per_project>10</max_file_xfers_per_project> <max_stdout_file_size>8388000</max_stdout_file_size> <save_stats_days>3650</save_stats_days> <start_delay>55</start_delay> </options> </cc_config>

As you see it removes empty lines and sorts.
In fact it recreates the file using own formatting/indents/sort ...

When you uncheck - it removes the line (which is good - less clutter for the eye), do not just put '0' (or what it is the default)
It simply removes all lines that are at default, for me removed:

I think it is good enough to recommend for (semi) beginners ;)

33) Message boards : Number crunching : Dual graphics card issues (Message 1491868)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile BilBg
While the cards are in your hands you may take the opportunity to inspect them the Sherlock Holmes way - with looking glass and strong light.

Compare the soldering, traces, slot contacts (which you can clean by alcohol), pins where power cables connect, bulged capacitors, ...
Look also for any tiny conducting particles/material: metallic, graphite/soot, electrolyte ...

Even if you don't see such things consider using natural brush to clean the invisible 'normal' dust.

Check similar way the mainboard, especially the slots
34) Questions and Answers : Windows : Seti not compatible with i5 processor? (Message 1491820)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile BilBg
knowing what the solution was could possibly be helpful.

I don't think he have "the solution", he just waited for 'things to normalize'
(Problem solved = Problem solved by itself)

Post 1: 15 Mar 2014, 13:33:56 UTC
Post 2: 15 Mar 2014, 13:43:19 UTC - only 10 minutes, only 2 work requests possible - and "Problem solved". ;)

He don't know that if BOINC asks for both CPU and GPU the server first will fill the GPU needs ("days of work" or to 100 tasks) and only then the server will fulfill the CPU requests.
Especially if Preferences are for bigger cache ("days of work").
35) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : BOINC 7.2.42 does not work on os mavericks (Message 1491813)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile BilBg
You don't give enough information.
"Boinc does not work" may mean many things.
(as "I can't drive my car" may mean: no fuel, my leg is broken, there is 2 m snow on the road, ...)

In what point (what did you do so far) you experienced this "does not work"?

OS 10.9.1 Install Error

Boinc Manager on Max OS X 10.9 will not start
36) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Astropulse causes strange sounds from my monitor (Message 1491799)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile BilBg
I plugged the monitor speakers into what I momentarily thought was audio out on my Bose Companion 2 speakers. I realized it was a 2nd audio input and for the moment it was attached I was hearing the weird sounds in the monitor now amplified quite a bit coming from my Bose speakers. At this time of course the monitor speakers were not attached directly to the computer at all but only to the Bose speakers.

So it seems the interference goes through the video cable to the monitor and then somehow through the monitor speakers' cable to the Bose speakers?
Do you use 3-wire mains cables (3-contact plugs) for the computer and monitor (and are they plugged in the same wall outlet)? (I'm not sure I use the correct words)
Maybe monitor have only 2-contact plug by design?

In fact I am now convinced that there is no reason to have them plugged in ...

Yes, if you have so good (and expensive?) Bose speakers there's no point to use those tiny monitor speakers (they are only for office use (to hear simple Windows sounds)).

To get AstroPulse tasks with bigger probability (in case you want "to listen to the apparent ghost in the monitor")
make the SETI@home preferences this way:

SETI@home Enhanced: no
SETI@home v7: no
AstroPulse v6: yes
If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications? yes

37) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : 4-Way GPU computing (Message 1491797)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile BilBg
SLI doesn't matter for BOINC / SETI@home

In fact in the past (a few years ago, old NVIDIA drivers) it was necessary to disable SLI for BOINC to detect properly the number of GPUs
With current NVIDIA drivers BOINC works with SLI enabled/disabled

(I'm not sure if the speed of CUDA is lower with SLI enabled, I think the video RAM usage may be higher with SLI)
38) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Astropulse causes strange sounds from my monitor (Message 1490842)
Posted 28 days ago by Profile BilBg
I thought a old movie based on SETI research would be a well known reference on this forum.

Of course I know the movie Contact, I've seen it several times and like it.
But "sound coming from my monitor" 'sounds' more like a ghost movie and not Sci-Fi ;)

However I did discover tonight that disconnecting the monitor speakers stops the sounds.
Could it be that the monitor speakers are picking up some kind of interference signal that is obviously not going through the built in sound card on the system board?

You now know it's not the monitor itself :)

Since "sounds do not change when adjusting the volume all the way down, all the way up, or muted"
the interference is after the digital part and in the analogue amplifier.

Interference may be either electrical (by-wire) or electromagnetic (by-waves)

Computing on GPU do not go 'smooth', it is more like saw motion cutting wood -
RAM/PCIe transfer, memory blocks moved around inside video RAM, prepare some matrix, tell GPU to compute this 'chunk' at once, repeat
(the size of 'chunk' can be adjusted by the user (which will change the sound) but let not do this now)

Data in each task differs.
Many AstroPulse tasks have areas of different size (may be 1% or 10% or 90%) contaminated by earth radio noise.
Those bad parts are artificially filled by random numbers ('white noise' I think).
This is called 'blanking' and is done on the CPU so GPU is in small pauses during this.

Hence the load on the GPU goes like different pulses (on/off) and the electrical current changes.
This causes electromagnetic waves (if not shielded) and also voltage drops/ups on power lines.
These power lines (on the mainboard) also supply the sound amplifier.

So tests:
1) What happens if you connect headphones to the same 'hole' on the back of computer where the speakers were connected?

2) Open the computer and slowly move the power cables inside it (usually there are many) - what happens?

3) Get a piece of Aluminium foil, put it in 2-3 plastic or better paper bags/envelops (for safety, to avoid shorting the components),
put this isolated foil around the video card (front, back).
Do you hear any sound changes?

4) Try if other tests that load the GPU can produce similar effect:
- e.g. the OpenGL / OpenCL 'demos' in the GPU Caps Viewer

I know it is not April fools day but I do appreciate your little bit of humor.
I just thought I would share this interesting phenomenon and see if anyone else has had it happen on their system.

Happened similar to me but long ago (>15 years) - mouse pointer movement on screen was making sound.
I think the cause was the sound wire from CD to sound card was very near along the video card/chip

39) Message boards : Number crunching : how to debug? (Message 1489981)
Posted 30 days ago by Profile BilBg
However, it would have been nice to be able to track down as to why copy & paste is not working.

1) Numerous times he posted that the contents of cc_config.xml are (SEE THE FIRST LINE!?):
(if you press [Quote] under his post you will see this - even with indents):
Client_configuration (cc_config.xml) <cc_config> <log_flags> <work_fetch_debug>1</work_fetch_debug> </log_flags> </cc_config>

2) And the encoding may not be ANSI but Unicode
40) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Adding second GPU to Boinc-Client. FAQ says "cc_config.xml" (Message 1489969)
Posted 30 days ago by Profile BilBg
All files you list are optional and can co-exist:
app_info.xml and app_config.xml (the same settings in the second take precedence)
global_prefs.xml and global_prefs_override.xml (the same settings in the second take precedence)

(cc_config.xml and app_info.xml can't have the same settings so to "be ignored because it's in the other", do you see such settings/tags/options?

Of course there are some 'conflicts' - e.g. all of the above .xml files can have options that lead to less CPU tasks running:
<ncpus>XX</ncpus> in cc_config.xml
<max_ncpus_pct>YY.yy</max_ncpus_pct> in global_prefs.xml and/or global_prefs_override.xml
<avg_ncpus>Z.zz</avg_ncpus> in app_info.xml
<cpu_usage>Z.zz</cpu_usage> in app_config.xml

The 'additive' effect if using all of the above may seem strange to some.

global_prefs.xml is the copy of your web Computing preferences
global_prefs_override.xml is the 'save file' for your Local preferences

"work, home, mobile" (do not use mobile) can be set only on web

<venue name="school"> and other SETI@home preferences
are saved in (BOINC get them from web and save in this file)

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