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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Running Stock Experiment (Message 1505394)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile BilBg
I am confused.

OK, I can confess I was very confused when I first started with BOINC in 2007
The idea that some program can have Settings which you need to change on web page was confusing for me.
And till now I don't know any other program that need web settings (browsers may have features like 'web sync for bookmarks' but they are not mandatory)

Now BOINC receives what is set in SETI@home preferences in and saves it in

It is/was possible to make/design BOINC so it get some XML file from projects which describe what may be changed and choices (e.g. list of applications) and then BOINC Manager have window in its interface (based on that XML) to edit this particular project preferences (then sent them back to project server).
But that will make another confusion - this way, using BOINC installed on a single computer, you change global Settings (for this project) for all your computers.

Obviously it was deemed better/easier to make people go to web page and change settings using a browser.

Edit- BilBG I followed the links you gave and now computer 5065145 show up as work. I hope that my changes took effect also.

You can check this in

You will see something like this:
<venue name="work">

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Radeon R7 250X or 260X good enough for crunching? (Message 1505378)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile BilBg

OK, you show that it's NOT over your current knowledge after all ;)

(I don't give direct pointers to how to install optimized apps unless user asks, improper setting of those may do more bad than good and if the user is inexperienced it's hard to explain how to fix things back to normal - some can't find where is app_info.xml)

Your previous posts like:
"My preferences are set to use the Intel GPU. Am I not using it?" (which is easily seen by any tool showing GPU load; also in BOINC Manager; also processes in Windows Task Manager)
"Excuse my ignorance, but where is it obvious in the details?"
"I'm not seeing what you are saying. ... I see no difference in the details"

... made me believe you don't qualify ;)

Available stock Applications - the info in ( ) show if it's for GPU and which type, e.g. 7.03 (opencl_intel_gpu_sah)

The problem with those new ATI AMD GPUs is that in the new drivers AMD (seem to) dropped support for CAL (old ATI Computing language, now superseded by OpenCL)
The SETI@home server (as is now) checks for reported CAL version to determine if driver is OK for SETI@home
This obviously have to be fixed.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Type Easy, Type Faster (Popchrom add-on + my Abbreviations) (Message 1505308)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile BilBg

New version of abbreviations at the same place.
(all old versions also available)

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : stuck running cpu benchmark (Message 1505255)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile BilBg
Now the computers are visible but they are so many.

Give links to (or ID) of the problem computers (NOT names - we can't see the names)

Links look like this (one of my computers):

One of your computers:
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Running Stock Experiment (Message 1504674)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg
I think the better way would be a check box with the statement- For this computer use local prefs only.

And this is that way already - the simple act of clicking [OK] on Local preferences window make the "computer use local prefs only" (for Settings that exist both locally and on web)

You confuse:
1) Local preferences are 'the same set' as Computing preferences on web
2) There are no local SETI@home preferences
3) What you set in 'Activity' Menu is not saved as Preference (not saved in global_prefs.xml and global_prefs_override.xml)
It is saved in client_state.xml (at the end of file)

If from 'Activity' Menu you set to not use GPU:
a) it affects all projects (on this computer)
b) it stops GPU Computing, not Download of tasks for GPU (as you may resume GPU Computing later)

BOINC Manager Menu

I understand what you say, But what if I had say 5 computers in each of those home ,school ,work settings. But I only had one I wanted to test?

No one in the known universe ;) need more than 4 sets of Preferences
(they may implement more e.g. 'junkyard', 'jail' but will anyone use them? ;) )

6) Questions and Answers : Windows : stuck running cpu benchmark (Message 1504669)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg
nobody has a clue on this??

1) Your first post is not clear enough
2) Most people (including me) hesitate/refuse to answer if 'Computers hidden'
7) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Error while downloading (Message 1504665)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg

You mean you set locally 'Skip image file verification'?:

Check in global_prefs_override.xml for this line:

I don't know "why would it not work with image verification set to off" if the above is set at 1

You can (temporarily) avoid you ISP for re-compressing images by using VPN
(you ISP will not be able to see or change anything of your communication)
You only need one Download to happen for a task type.

Get SecurityKISS (free for 300 MB/day, >10 servers to choose, work OK with SETI@home servers):

(I use it from time to time, it do not install always-running services like e.g. Hotspot Shield)
8) Questions and Answers : Getting started : HELP! Stats page not Showing My Team Membership (Message 1504661)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg

If I join your team you'll not see my "Total credit 5,392,799" added to your team totals.
If I then stay for one month in your team the credits I earn during that time will be added both to my account and to your team totals.
If I then leave your team (no matter if I join another team) those one month of credits will stay with your team.

(in all cases my credits are not affected)

This is to avoid somebody with 100 000 000 credits say:
"Hey, I don't like what you post, I will leave your team and take (subtract) my 100 000 000 credits from your team totals if you don't delete/hide this post"
... or:
"Hey, I have 100 000 000 credits, if 100 members of your team go and like my Facebook page I'll join your team and add 100 000 000 credits to your team totals"
9) Questions and Answers : Getting started : HELP: Merging Two Accounts: How? (Message 1504649)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg
Because somebody can steal accounts.

E.g. you are at "friend's" computer and decide to log-in your account with 'Remember me' checked.
Later your "friend" re-opens the page
Now he can (if was possible) merge this (yours) of "his" accounts to another (his real account)

Also the communication to SETI@home and all projects go over Internet in plain text form (HTTP not HTTPS) so any (e.g. Proxy) server in the path can see your <authenticator>XXXXXXXXXYYYYYYYYYZZZZZZZZZZ</authenticator> which is sent with every
Who have the <authenticator> have full control of your account.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Running Stock Experiment (Message 1504633)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg
So I will set NNT for this machine check the box for GPU use in web prefs and then use the local preffs for this machine and stop GPU use. Is that the correct way?


The correct way is to:

1) 'Add separate preferences for work' (may be any of 'home', 'school', 'work')
SETI@home preferences

Edit those 'Separate preferences for ...' to make them how you wish

2) go to 'Computer 5065145'

... and at the bottom change 'Location' and [Update]

3) make [Update] from BOINC Manager so it knows about the change
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Radeon R7 250X or 260X good enough for crunching? (Message 1504605)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg

You mean those 'AMD Bonaire' GPUs in 'Computers belonging to Computer Addiction'?:

Since they are in other computers they have absolutely no effect on using your 'Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600'

And in fact those 2 'AMD Bonaire' GPUs (in computers 7254436 and 7105345) are NOT used for SETI@home probably because the driver version is very new and don't
have/report CAL version
(This have to be fixed by SETI@home lab/admins, you can overcome this by installing optimized apps (using app_info.xml) but probably it's over your current knowledge)
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Strategies for managing mixed GPU WU balance. (Message 1504591)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile BilBg
Or his antivirus is interfering:
13) Questions and Answers : Windows : Problems with getting Credits on Win8 (Message 1504223)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile BilBg
You probably have 2 accounts

In BOINC Manager on Projects tab what name is shown in Account column for SETI@home project?
14) Questions and Answers : Windows : Problem with New Win 7 Install (Message 1504210)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile BilBg
I did try that site too..It also tried to load a malware.

Nonsense always was and is a very clean site
It even don't have ads on the page

My add-ons show:
- AdBlock:
      Blocked ads: 0 on this page
- Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker:
      Web analytics: blocked 0
      Social network plug-ins: blocked 0
- avast! Online Security:
      0 companies tried to track you is the original site of the original developer of 7-zip - see bottom of the page:
Copyright (C) 2013 Igor Pavlov

And of course is the home of many of the free open source programs.

More 'green' info:

Just now I get the file 7z920.exe by clicking the link on top-left of page which redirected me to and auto download after 5 s
I did this 2 times in case some bad mirror is chosen
The files that I get now are identical (by content, by compare) to my copy of 7z920.exe which I have (and installed) about 2 years ago

You already had malware in the computer so probably at that time any visited site was 'tweaked' by the malware
Malware may inject any content in any web page locally (page from the remote server comes to you clean but is modified by the malware before it is presented to you)

15) Message boards : News : SETI@home now supports Intel GPUs (Message 1504200)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile BilBg
Calibrating for the worst increases the credit grants for all versions.

Then problem is that projects often remove the slowest plain version when they have working SSE2/3 (especially for 64-bit applications as all such CPUs have SSE3)
So if they are on CreditNew they need to keep the slowest app for 'calibration'? ;)
Else the calibration will be done against SSE2 app as 'worst'?

Can't your 'calibration' app be the current app (+ the same libfftw) but compiled to use only FPU
Or simply use the cmdline Option:
-default_functions       use the safe unoptimized default functions

This will be the most 'fare' calibration app (same app/library but in old fashioned way)
And of course distributed with very small probability (e.g. a host can have a chance to get a slow calibration app/task once a year)

(if that's the way CreditNew works in the first place)
16) Message boards : Number crunching : HTPC, which hardware? (Message 1503705)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile BilBg
I have a LG E2240T screen which have a D-SUB and a DVI-D port.
In the manual I can't read if the DVI port support/can handle HDCP.

It's not about the port, it's about the devices connected at two ends which communicate:

Your LG E2240T Monitor seem to not have HDCP (is not HDCP-compliant)

Something to read:

Something to read carefully:

And you may need something similar (in addition to the above):

(all the above is from reading on the Internet, no personal experience - I don't have such system)

Today it's OK to play games on PC?

??? :D
Why not?
It was always OK (1979 (8-bit) ... 1982 (16-bit) ... present)

For a lot years I played on my AMD Athlon 600 with Win98SE.
After a few installed games I needed to format the HDD and install the OS again new, because with all the games on the PC he was not longer useful for web surfing or office work. He was "damaged".

?? Nothing familiar to me
Win98SE is maybe 10 years from install and never re-installed, maybe >50 games.
And the same (many games) for XP - I don't re-install OS, on the contrary - I clone the full disk when migrating to new HDD to preserve everything.

Yes, some games have bugs which may cause problems but only AFTER you play them
E.g. AFTER I play Carmageddon on Win98SE/GeForce 256 (last time was 1-2 years ago) and exit game I need to immediately restart Windows else system hangs if I start any program.
(but this is rare example)

Can you say which games caused this "not longer useful"?
Game just stay on HDD and not in memory so can't make PC "not longer useful for web surfing or office work"
You may at that time used/installed some 'Free Game Offers' ;) which MAY install things like toolbars/adware which stay in memory and slow down the computer.

To check for this (if some program installs auto-starting objects which remain in memory)
and to enable/disable them get Autoruns

Before any program install start Autoruns and Save the list (Ctrl+S)
After the program install start Autoruns again and do Compare (Alt+F C)

The new/changed lines will be marked in green (and you can uncheck to disable if needed)
Save again the list to new name.

(only auto-starting objects are listed by Autoruns, everything else is not important. Installed program/game is just data - it sits on disk and do not do anything until you start it manually)
17) Message boards : Number crunching : WinXP EOS -> it's really unsafe after April 08, 2014? (Message 1502234)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile BilBg

The CNET Installer is detected only by 5 antivirus programs:

... and it is the same file regardless of what do you think you Download!

The contents (bytes) of the file are identical - look in tab 'Additional details' and then 'File names'
(since all have the same SHA256 they are the same file)


Obviously the only difference is the filename

So this installer do not contain 'your' program (nor the adware it installs? - it seems too small)
The only way it knows what and where to get is its filename
Probably it makes some URL from its filename, contacts it and Downloads the adware and 'your' program

This can be proven (if you are 'brave' enough) by renaming the file to some garbage (AAAAAAABBBBBB.exe) and then running it - it will not know what program to get from web (but I'm not sure about the adware which may be hard-coded - the same adware co-installed for many programs)
(7-Zip shows some files in this CNET Installer but attempt to extract them for most gives 'File is broken')

Get "Malwarebytes from" and "became infected with a browser hijacker"
"CNET has been sued by numerous software manufacturers for bundling malware with installments of their software"

This (above) may be off-topic but it shows that the main reason for vulnerability is not Windows XP but:
- the user actions
- most Antiviruses not blocking this 'thing' because it comes from big site (and instead focus on producing false-positives for harmless for the user programs)
- the 'big site' don't care about people but only for money
- the law enforcement (courts) don't have nerve to close this site or require it to become clean (this adware wrapping/pushing behaviour continues for years)

"This practice of hiding software and installing it as if it is part of Nmap actually violates the software’s copyright and trademark"

18) Message boards : Number crunching : WinXP EOS -> it's really unsafe after April 08, 2014? (Message 1502160)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile BilBg
The installer was either from AVG itself or cnet

I don't get anything from cnet

I just look which is the author/maker (if I don't know this in advance):

(in this case it is 'Meticulous Software')
... and then get the clean original file from the authors:

I still wonder why WOT is green for cnet (I voted Red in the WOT add-on) but see the users comments which are full with "Malware or viruses", "Misleading claims or unethical":

ESET NOD32 Antivirus catches this as "CNETInstaller.B PUA"
(I tested by clicking the green [Download Now] button in the above "The-Matrix-Screen-Saver" CNET page
in SRWare Iron run in Sandboxie)

19) Message boards : Number crunching : Dual graphics card issues (Message 1500109)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile BilBg
You are suggesting perhaps that I switch them?

No, he means this:
20) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Astropulse & other long computing tasks (Message 1500099)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile BilBg
35% CPU Time (I don't want to have the fan running at full speed all the time)

Return to 100% CPU Time and use TThrottle instead.
TThrottle is based on temperature (you set the max).
TThrottle uses much better method to reduce the CPU Time used (if/when the max temperature is reached) than BOINC

You have 'Computers hidden' - better unhide them when/if asking for help.

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