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21) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Blog post on Jill Tarter/NPR, SETI@home, BOINC, WCG (Message 1079950)
Posted 21 Feb 2011 by Profile mitrichr
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Thanks for your comment, but could you please give me the quote where I made that error?

I checked my post from the title to the end. I do not see anywhere That Jill Tarter is connected in my post to SETI@home.

22) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Blog post on Jill Tarter/NPR, SETI@home, BOINC, WCG (Message 1079843)
Posted 21 Feb 2011 by Profile mitrichr
Just heard Jill Tarter on NPR, took advantage for some spreading the word.
23) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Long videos from SETI available at You Tube (Message 1020628)
Posted 29 Jul 2010 by Profile mitrichr
I searched and could not find any news of a whole load of hour plus long videos from SETI available on You Tube.

I am sure that I must have missed this in my search.

There are several ways to download these videos.

If one uses Firefox, there is a built in Flash video downloader, which sometimes offers to download as .mp4, which is preferable.

There is a free version of Real player which has a download utility which is very good. The download is Flash, there is a whole set of converters right in the utility for .mp4, Zune, ipod, etc.

h264 is available from Real, but only for their premium install. It is not really necessary.
24) Message boards : News : The Great Debate - video now available (Message 995891)
Posted 12 May 2010 by Profile mitrichr
If you do find your way to this video, there are other really worthwhile videos from Berkeley Astronomy, at (2009), and at (2010).

The quality of the sound is uneven. It is perfect only for The Great Debate.

Also, needing to go to 2 different web pages should be unnecessary; but, there you have it. The videos are definitely worth the trouble.
25) Message boards : News : The Great Debate - video now available (Message 994647)
Posted 7 May 2010 by Profile mitrichr
Thanks so much for this pointer. I watched the debate. Very interesting. I also found my way courtesy of Dan's remarks to the other videos available from the Astronomy Department, bookmarked the page, subscribed to the email notifications, and became a "fan" on Facebook.

SETI is responsible for so much more than just SETI@home, what with all of the other projects now using BOINC software and those in alpha and beta.

I was crunching for SETI only on one machine, now I feel obligated to add another.

Thanks again.
26) Questions and Answers : Windows : Can I run SETI on a netbook (Message 902218)
Posted 31 May 2009 by Profile mitrichr
Hey Jord, thanks, I will be on it then in a couple of minutes.

27) Questions and Answers : Windows : Can I run SETI on a netbook (Message 902187)
Posted 31 May 2009 by Profile mitrichr
I now have a netbook running WinXP, with an Atom N270 CPU which has 512kb L2 cache, and 512megs of DRAM. Is that sufficient to run SETI?

28) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Recasting a moderated message about SETI and BOINC in the news (Message 765967)
Posted 10 Jun 2008 by Profile mitrichr
I posted an encounter with too much information. It was taken out, so here it is, updated and "cleaned up". This has to do with an article in the L.A. Times, picked up by the Star Ledger, Newark, NJ, about SETI. As usual with email, it runs backwards, the latest first:

Dear [name removed]-

You have been very generous with your time, and I thank you very much. Just one last point, my passion is not for SETI, per se; rather, my passion, my zeal, is for "crunching" for the incredible power it has evidenced in projects at both BOINC and WCG. SETI is a huge part of this in that it was the progenitor of BOINC. I do crunch for SETI on one of my Core 2 Duo machines. But here is my BOINC signature bloc, there is a lot to BOINC besides SETI.

[signature removed]

> Dear [name removed]

Many on staff do run the SETI@home program on their computers here and at home. As I have stated the SETI Institute is a major supporter of UC Berkeley's projects as they are supporter of ours.

It would be helpful if every time an article about SETI research came up that each project got a nod. However, it just doesn't work that way. Most of our scientist do their best to acknowledge the greater SETI research community but there is no controlling writers, editors, or even interviewees. I suspect most of the SETI researchers do their best and continue their experiments and continue to share information.

We here at the institute get about ten calls and emails a week regarding the SETI@home project. Some thinking we run the program but most wanting to get involved, and we direct them to the website. Also, many people, about one a day, wish to contribute their time to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, a lot of times donating money isn't satisfying enough, so we also send them to the SETI@home page and/or amateur SETI sites.

Project Argus, conducted by the SETI League (an amateur SETI group headquartered in New Jersey), is a project that allows amateur radio astronomers from around the world to search for ETI signals with their own systems. You can learn more about the SETI Leauge from their web site at <>.

Another source of information is the Society for Amateur radio astronomers. You can visit their web site at <>

I hope this helps. Thanks again for your email and your passion for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

> [name removed]

>>[name removed]-

Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I did look at the SETI site and found the Other Projects page. But I think that maybe you missed my question. I am already "crunching" for SETI@home and also eight other projects from BOINC and WCG.

My point was that when there is going to be an article in a newspaper or magazine, it would be very helpful to those who are already crunching for SETI like me if SETI@home was mentioned, and if possible also BOINC, of which SET@home is the sire. There are only about 350,000 of us in all the crunching community. That is out of one billion or so computers. That is pretty poor.

>> I will directly ask you the question in my signature: Are you a cruncher? Visit and

>> Thanks again.
[signature removed]

[name removed],

Thank you for your email. I'm not quite sure which LA Times article you are referring to, but the SETI Institute is a major supporter of the SERENDIP search. In fact, you can get to SET@home from our website:

SETI@home distributes data to personal computer users that has been collected with the Arecibo Radio Telescope, in Puerto Rico, as part of Project SERENDIP. The SETI Institute used the Arecibo Radio Telescope, the search program was known as Project Phoenix, which ended in March 2004.

Our most recent project is the Allen Telescope Array (ATA), located in Hat Creek, CA. We have currently completed construction of 42 antennas of the 350 dish goal. You can read more about the ATA at

Please visit <> for information on SETI@home. For more information about the SETI Institute and the work that we do here please visit our website at

Thanks again for your email and for your interest in SETI. It is with support of people like you that SETI can succeed.

[signature removed]

name removed]wrote:
The L.A. Times recently had a very nice article about SETI. This article was picked up the The Star Leger, Newark, NJ, on Sunday June 8, 2008.

While everyone knows that SETI@home, the public distributing project, is not a part of SETI, is it really too much to ask that you might give SETI@home a bit of a PR plug when someone does see fit to give you a positive write-up?

SETI @home is your friend. We have provided to SETI what some claim is the largest super computer ever devised in terms of sheer power, teraflops. We could really use some help. All of Public Distributed Computing could use some help.

World Community Grid, sponsored by IBM, has been getting into the news quite a bit lately. There have been a number of articles about projects at WCG, and in every case, the @home projects have been well mentioned.

>>>> All we are asking is a little respect.

>>>>[signature removed]

I hope that this sanitized version is O.K.


29) Message boards : Number crunching : 37 hour WU? (Message 762236)
Posted 2 Jun 2008 by Profile mitrichr
I right now have a WU with 37 hrs left on LaptopII. I see that I have the SETI WU, and three other WU's from other projects, one running, two "waiting to run".

I further see nothing new coming in "waiting to start".
I normally have a nice queue of WU's waiting to start.

If SETI's 37 hours left to run it the reason that nonde of my other projects are getting anything in to the queue, SETI will be toast.

30) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Pleased as punch to be quoted in Brad Kings's article (Message 723546)
Posted 9 Mar 2008 by Profile mitrichr
I was pleased as punch to be included in Brad King's article about BOINC. The quote is a bit dis-jointed, but, hey, it's journalism.

The reason he picked little old me is because I went after the Chicago Trib guy who wrote up Cosmology @home and never ever mentioned BOINC. ECT repeated to article and I went after him and them also.

This is what I do. I go after media to give BOINC, WCG, all of us, some space, some print, some photo's, whatever, to help spread the word.

So, he picked me because I am loud and proud. I told him that there were many more worthy folks with whom he should speak,; but it was just me and Dave Anderson.

So, when you see an opening, get in there and make a pitch for BOINC and WCG. Think what would happen if we could go up from 1 milion adherents to two or three million. We would still be a drop in the ocean but we could do so much.

31) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Another great article in which there is no mention of BOINC (Message 721153)
Posted 3 Mar 2008 by Profile mitrichr
So, in today's New York Times, there is a great article about SETI, by Dennis Overbye, and no mention of BOINC.

This goes on all the time about all sorts of projects at BOINC.

Somehow, there need to be a request of all projects that when they are written up, BOINC gets a mention.

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