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21) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Beet's Give Us a Caption #57 (Message 1536149)
Posted 4 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Am I still your sweet little Angel Dad??????

22) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Donated Computers in Canada and elsewhere (Message 1536087)
Posted 4 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Hey Bro

I know exactly what you mean Mark.
There is no more dear of a soul then that of a cat.
Leo my SON is now 12. I dread the day that he passes on but I must look at what relationship we have and how lucky I am to have that experience with him.

I was just diagnosed with Aids and I went insane with drugs and self abuse.
just could not handle the idea that my days were numbered. Short numbers.
A friend of mine saw was I was going through and gave me this kitten. He was only 6 week old and the runt of the litter.
My life changed at that point.
Looking after him and loving him has taught me how to be human.

My other friend Sam was an abused kitty.I was at a guys house that I did not know and I witnessed this little calico kitty being thrown against a wall.
I did what any self respecting human would do.
I broke his nose and took his cat.
He had the nerve to have the Victoria police come to my home.
The police heard the story, smiled at me and left.
So Sam and Leo had 5 litters over 2.5 years and now we have 4 cats in this house.
Surgeries were done to eliminate the possibility of more.
25 cats was enough.

They all have good homes. Two died due to Red blood cell problems but one that had the problem made it.
It was horrific to see this little girl kitten of 7 months not being able to lift her head. She was so weak.
After several dollars from vet bills she made it.
My mother was the owner.
She is not too well off but not poor. Thank God.
She went through hell with worry but the rewards are just so great.

I too have a grave yard in my back yard. Two a buried there.

Yes, your help was tremendous Mark.

You will always be in my thoughts.

Have a great day brother.

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
23) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Donated Computers in Canada and elsewhere (Message 1536042)
Posted 4 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Good to hear from you Mark.

You are in my thoughts. I always embrace my inner kitty. I have no choice in the matter.
They always say to me when I am late getting home
"Your late slave"

Love it.

Michael Miles
24) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Donated Computers in Canada and elsewhere (Message 1536011)
Posted 4 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
I have had some dealings with ERA and am finding out the computers they have are corporate donated systems.
That means low end.
Dual cores with win 7 installed but very low HD space and low ram.
Not suitable for any real Seti work
If people want a computer for internet and basic viewing then these systems will work no problem but a cruncher is not what you will find here.

They do have lots of laptops. Dual cores with 120 gig or more HD space and 4 gig ram DDR2
Those may be another thing entirely.

Two laptops have been donated to 2 lucky disabled people here in Victoria BC that I arranged for them. So ERA is the real deal and help is there

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
25) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Donated Computers in Canada and elsewhere (Message 1534056)
Posted 30 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Teamviewer does not have to be installed. It can run only and the same result. As far as being busy that is okay.
I am on Disability and need things to do while I watch my medication grow (ha,ha)

I saw the post change right when I was posting. I tried to send the post and the system came up with no such thread.

Thanks for doing that Rob. Freaked me out at first but thanks for the work.

I am wondering something though.
Companies like Nvidia and AMD ATI have a huge inventory of old cards. To them the 500 series and 400 series GPU would be ideal to donate as they are not generally sold anymore and their business is now tied up with more advanced cards.
I will write both companies to find out if they do donate through their PR program.
To them having Setiathome volunteers endorsing their products would be great for us and a boom for their business.
I will feel it out and see if they do have a PR program like this

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
26) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Donated Computers in Canada and elsewhere (Message 1533746)
Posted 29 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Chris S.

I completely understand where you are coming from and I always find that learning comes with need.
I myself can and do help others with their computers VIA remote computing.
Team viewer is free to use and an excellent way to remote in and control another computer

Anyone who needs help can PM me direct and after downloading Teamviewer and giving me the user and password I will come in and help for any needs

Internet connections are getting to the point now that for one they are cheap and a lot of companies offer extremely low connection fees. Most already have free internet with your cable TV connections or at least discounts on the internet end of a cable account at least here in Canada.
I have seen a lot of low income housing developments with 100% free internet for their tenants.

I absolutely applaud you for what you are doing with helping people.

Where there is a will and a need there is always a way to obtain what you need whether it is getting a computer or learning how to use one.

Good for you bro

Also it would seem my original thread has been changed from
Donated Computers in Canada, USA and other countries to
Donated Computers in Canada and other countries

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
27) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Donated Computers in Canada and elsewhere (Message 1533733)
Posted 29 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Hello all

I have been asked to get a thread going on the possibility of getting a list of companies and Non profit organizations that will help low and fixed income people to get computers world wide.

This would be a very helpful list to obtain as a lot of companies that do this are not advertizing or in some cases being hidden from the public.

If any participants in Setiathome or any of the other distributed computing projects know of non profit organizations and would like to let the public in on it then list here.

There are many people in North America and other countries that have incomes so low the idea of owning a computer is a pipe dream.

Awareness of these places that will help is far and few as their own budgets leave no room for advertizement so people are not getting the information they need.

I posted a previous thread called "Donated Computers in Canada" and this thread is meant to replace that to include USA and other countries

Any ideas or knowledge of companies that do this service will be greatly appreciated.

For Canada this company services 11 cities Canada wide will help in the areas of

Calgary Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Vancouver, Richmond BC
Victoria BC
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Winnipeg Manitoba
Montreal Quebec
Toronto Ontario
Ottawa Ontario
Barrie Ontario
Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Thank you very much

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
28) Message boards : Cafe SETI : I need financial assistance. (Message 1533724)
Posted 29 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
It's just wonderful when a community gets together and helps each other.
Now if we could only get our Governments to follow such a lead.

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
29) Message boards : Cafe SETI : 2048 (Message 1533379)
Posted 28 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Oh great, Just great...
Another addiction to cope with.

I like it and I do not play games usually.

My mother will get just as hooked just as fast.....

Michael Miles
30) Message boards : Number crunching : How number crunching affects a computer (Message 1532872)
Posted 27 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
If the iMac is a single unit and not a desktop the fan issue may be one great headache.
They are just like laptops and very hard to maintain.
I do not use any Mac products at all for one reason. MONEY
Cost is way too high.
A noisy fan could resolve itself if you turn it down a bit but with that iMac heat is a killer

On my desktop I have a cool master 212 plus cooler and it keeps the CPU very cool but the motherboard is hot so I completely remove the side cover and place a small desk fan blowing in.
Keeps thing very cool but I did loose one MOBO recently as my cat did bite into a fan wire and shorted out the circuit. Smoked my MOBO.

Now I have a small screen replacing the side cover so no cats get in there
I run full bore on this six core and at 100% load running AP units I get temps hovering around 32C.
Very cool for air cooling.

Good luck and keep your computer cool

31) Message boards : Number crunching : How number crunching affects a computer (Message 1532844)
Posted 27 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
If you run a laptop then you take your chances. These "Bic Lighters" I call them because they seem to be disposable will burn fairly quick. The newer ones with medium to high end GPU's in them are not going to last long if you do not have a cooling system on them.
A Laptop fan under them is a must.
As far as desktops go keep them clean and make sure the fans are not making any weird noises and they will last a very long time.
The CPU will probably never burn out unless the fan fails but the boards now have safeties built into them so if a failure does occur it will just shut the machine down and tell you you have a thermal overheat before it does.

Get a good monitor program to keep an eye on voltages and temperatures.
There are many but the one I use is simply the best.
SIV ( System Information Viewer ) by Red Ray is the best I have seen for a Boinc user.
He has built in an entire page to allow users of Boinc to keep Boinc under full control. He also updates a lot. It is constantly being improved.
It does not use global locks which will allow other programs that use the sensors to work without shutting down SIV

To download go here

Depending on what system you have use the SIV32X or SIV64X
Start as admin and use the argument -GPUCTL (Gpu control)
That will give you control over GPU such as Overclocking the GPU and control over fans

Bottom line is keep you system clean and free from heat and you are crunching for a very long time unless your kitty goes in and bites a fan wire and it smokes the computer.

Have a great day
32) Message boards : Cafe SETI : To the kitty edition. (Message 1527414)
Posted 12 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
:( So sad reading this news! Have made your links clickable

Thanks very much buddy.
33) Message boards : Cafe SETI : To the kitty edition. (Message 1527383)
Posted 12 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
My daughter is planning to pop a link to it on her facebook page. I hope our voices can make a difference.

Excellent. This MUST stop.
They are just too beautiful to be treated this way.

All it takes is enough pissed off people to make a huge difference.

There was another sighting about 400 yards from my house last week and I have seen animal control around here and helicopters flying low searching for it.
Same place as another sighting weeks before this.

Just disgusting to see happen.

34) Message boards : Cafe SETI : To the kitty edition. (Message 1525700)
Posted 7 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
My Step sister lives in Sidney, Victoria.

Sidney is a very pretty little sea side town with a lot of History.

She would know exactly what I'm talking about.
These cougars are being shot for nothing more then to save money.
It cost much more to relocate them then to just put a bullet in them.

Just a shame.....

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
35) Message boards : Cafe SETI : To the kitty edition. (Message 1525663)
Posted 7 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
We here on this Island are witnessing the extermination of the most beautiful cats on this planet.
The Mountain Lion

The other day not far from where I live. About 2 miles a lady was not using her head. 5:30 am she takes a walk alone down the galloping goose trail and a cougar comes out. It started to charge at her.
She turned and fled.
The cat stopped and went about it's business

The cat was hunted down and shot no questions asked. Then the authorities deemed they did not have the right cat so they shot another.

this happens far too much. Instead of drugging the cat and relocating the authorities just kill them straight out.
This Island is a wilderness which is slowly but surely seeing the wildlife stripped from its habitat because of human intervention.
Housing and new building have seen these beautiful cats having to come into Victoria to get food. I have heard of sightings about 400 yard from where I live in this city. Peoples backyards. They are hungry

We here are flipping out but they are just not listening.

Please speak up and send the a note to Vancouver Island wildlife Authorities and let them know how you feel.
There is a contact us here

Drug them, take them into the mountains but do not shoot them over human incompetence.

This is taking place every couple of months that we know of.

I was hitch hiking down the road by Lund BC which is just north of Powell river.
I heard some noise coming from the bushes as I walked down the highway.
Low and behold a female cougar walked out and saw me. I just stopped and wondered if I was going to be dead in a minute.
Nothing of the sort. She looked back and gave an all clear to three beautiful kits.
They just walked down the road and passed me by with no concern that I was there.
Ever since then I have known that it is humans who are the real danger.

I could live 1000 years and not see one. I consider myself lucky to have seen one let alone 4.

God bless the innocent. God bless our wildlife. The real caretakers of this planet

Michael Miles

Team New Mexico
36) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Help......... Computer cooked big time (Message 1523888)
Posted 2 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
What do you mean in particular ?
Of course r_2170 has a lot of fixes as well.

I believe that the same thing was happening with ATI cards on Multibeam.
High CPU usage.

Nvidia cards were always low CPU usage with Multibeam but Ati cards saw a high usage for CPU

Astropulse was opposite until now.
Nvidia astropulse was always high cpu usage and ATI was low usage, until this came out with the sleep function

So with r_2170 on ATI cards the Multibeam is now using low CPU usage??????
I don't own one but am seriously thinking going to ATI because of the power they have and handle astropluse very well. The price is also lower then Nvidia cards.

37) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Help......... Computer cooked big time (Message 1523861)
Posted 2 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Thats correct Michael but it reduces CPU consumption significantly

Does is ever.
Nice to see this out

Thanks Mike for the heads up bro

Is there a fix for ati with Multibeam?

I very glad to see this. It has always been a WANT on my list

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
38) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Help......... Computer cooked big time (Message 1523749)
Posted 2 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
AP_r2180 supports this already using -sleep switch.
You can download it from my website

Thanks for the tip
Installed it and tried with all 6 core crunching AP instead of a core free Slowed down the GPU in a big way.
Once I left a full core available the GPU went right back up to full usage.

Not using the CPU in kernel calls but still need the free CPU on AMD systems

Will do some experimenting.
Thanks Mike

39) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Help......... Computer cooked big time (Message 1523418)
Posted 2 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
We are basically the same age. I'm 53
You did extremely well with the cost.

The GPU's today are just plain FAST

I was thinking later going to an ATI GPU for Astropulse as that is all I crunch
That are cheaper then most Nvidia products. For multibeam Nvidia cards rule. For Astropluse ATI is the one

Soon the code will be fixed I hope to allow Astropulse to not use so much CPU time with Nvidia pruducts
Same with Ati on Multibeam.

You did very well with cost.
Cost is one reason I am still with AMD
half the price and not too much slower than intel.
For now anyway

I do pretty well with my 6 core 1100T and the little 460
I average between 20000 to 24000 RAC using 5 cores on the CPU and one task at a time on my 460 Astropulse only. running Multibeam I get half of that
The board that I had to settle with is only a 3 stage VRM so overclocking this 6 core is a no go.
Time will allow something better. For now I am very happy I have a computer to crunch with
Have a great night bro
40) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Help......... Computer cooked big time (Message 1523411)
Posted 1 Jun 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Very nice. All it takes is $$$$$$ and some know how and you come up a super computer

Good for you bro


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