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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (91) Server Problems? (Message 1598575)
Posted 8 Nov 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Someone once said something about that scenario...

Yes, it's called insanity
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (91) Server Problems? (Message 1598175)
Posted 7 Nov 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Looks like they are fixing the AP today. That would be my guess anyway.
Thank God as most of us are out at this point.

23) Message boards : Number crunching : AP V7 (Message 1586922)
Posted 15 Oct 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Just had one in the 700's and they are all coming up again for credit

Most are now getting more credit then the last couple of days
Once things settle out it will go back to AP normal credits

24) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (90) Server Problems? (Message 1583664)
Posted 8 Oct 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Very strange the way the main page comes up.
If I select home page from Boinc is comes up code but if I go to message boards then press home from there it is normal.

As far as some of the negative comments here I can only assume the problems stem from the Seti clan wanting to get all the V6 AP units in and done before we can go on to V7.

I used to get pissed but all I achieved was high BP and nothing else.
Now I just sit back and wait until the guys at Seti who work very, very hard complete their mission and work once again flows.

The cure for an attitude is called "Northern Lights" Not the one up in the North Poles either.
A nice 60/40 mix of Indica and Sativa. Works every time........

25) Message boards : Number crunching : AP V7 (Message 1583594)
Posted 8 Oct 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
@all who cached NV OpenCL APv7 app with revision lesser than 2721

Please remove older deprecated binaries from your sites and replace with OpenCL NV AP7 r2721 build.

Consider this as "official notice".

Roger that. Thanks for the replies.
Now we just need to finish off the remaining V6 CPU tasks and go for V7 with CPU and GPU

26) Message boards : Number crunching : experiment #99 (Message 1583246)
Posted 8 Oct 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
One common rule with flashing any bios is reset bios before and after you flash. Load default or just remove the battery for 10 minutes and unplug computer.

Just for your information.

I have run into problems where sensors did not work properly without resetting bios.

Michael Miles
27) Message boards : Number crunching : AP V7 (Message 1583213)
Posted 7 Oct 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
That is what I wanted to know. I'll stay with V6 for now until apps are available

28) Message boards : Number crunching : AP V7 (Message 1583193)
Posted 7 Oct 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
I see that Astropulse V7 is now available. At least it is now on the list for Applications to do.
My question is What do put in as values for what apps to call in my App_info.xml
I am doing CPU AP 601 and GPU AP 604

I am using an older AMD OPT app for CPU
and GPU is using AP6_win_x86_SSE2_OpenCL_NV_r2667

I am using Nvidia x64 337.88 and Boinc 7.4.22

Thanks in Advance

29) Message boards : Number crunching : SIV64 (Message 1566225)
Posted 2 Sep 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
The red is kernel activity graph

30) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1554358)
Posted 9 Aug 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
I see this has gone to a global emergency alert.

What a world.
May God take care of the people in Africa.
I hope this is quashed very soon. Otherwise we are all in big trouble.

Reminds me of the Pale Horse.....

31) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1552655)
Posted 5 Aug 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
The way this virus came about and is taking off I have to wonder why all of a sudden this is going on.
Canada has an experimental vaccine that needs to be tested before it is patented and made for commercial use.
That equals a lot of money and a lot of reasons for a Bio terrorist act in a population that has been tested on before.

The way this world is now nothing would surprise me.

Michael Miles
32) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1551959)
Posted 3 Aug 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Being in a world that is under the threat of terror I find this virus to be the most horrible terror threat in the world.
I also find it extremely suspicious how this outbreak became so bad.
Africa has been under ATTACK from drug companies for quite some time now and I just do not trust corporations that have a lot to gain from the spread of a virus like this or Governments that have a lot to gain by the possible martial law that should be declared. Just the fact that it is here and killing is the terror weapon

Fear makes money. Fear makes people and governments do things they would not normally do.

Bringing the two American Doctors back to USA is very troublesome.
If this virus is to be contained then why even think about bringing it to the USA.

I would think these Doctors could have been treated in Africa. Seems like a risk that is far too unnecessary.

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico
33) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Jupiter's Red Spot is shrinking. (Message 1544556)
Posted 19 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
This is truly something to watch out for. Jupiter is the biggest protection we have from comets and asteroids and if that protection is diminished in any way we will be in for a big surprise.

Michael Miles
34) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Eavesdropping on ET: Two new programs will listen for aliens (Message 1542131)
Posted 15 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Today's news is very interesting

We are not alone

Michael Miles
35) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Russian Brothers Attempt to Re-create Wardenclyffe Tower Experiment (Message 1542119)
Posted 15 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Haarp is one of many such stations.
High altitude aurora research is not what this system is about.
If they close it down to be sure it will continue just moved.
It is a weapon. I can see closing it down in the public eye as too many people know what it is already.

Too many earthquakes have been caused by it already.
Weather war is what it is all about. Cost the country that is being attacked lots of money rebuilding from a natural event.

Michael Miles
36) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Russian Brothers Attempt to Re-create Wardenclyffe Tower Experiment (Message 1541731)
Posted 14 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
If Tesla said he can do it, then he could.
JP.Morgan did not discredit him over false inventions.

Haarp is now the result of this same invention but used in a different way.

As an energy wave circled the earth he said he could "SMACK" it as it came around, building in strength much like sound waves do when they bounce off of each other. Transmitting through the ground was how he would deliver the energy.
Like the ocean having a layer that will transmit very low frequency for thousands of miles the ground will transmit energy the same way.

His biggest problem was the word "FREE" to everyone.

We have the know how to do it now. Making money off of it is the reason we do not have it.
Corporations will not allow this to see the light.

HAARP is now used as a WEAPON. Will cause weather to change, can cause earthquakes by placing a billion watts on one spot of a fault line and tripping that fault to slip.
Haiti had steam rising from the ground just before the earthquake they had.

It is said that HAARP will also be used for mind control but I am skeptical about that.

The energy itself came from our own ionosphere where trillions of watts of energy is just waiting for us to tap it.

He truly was a genius.
JP Morgan did his evil deed well in discrediting him.
He died poor and discredited.

Michael Miles
37) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : NASA Reveals Latest Warp-Drive Ship Designs (Message 1541659)
Posted 14 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
I was under the impression that the speed of light is not constant.
Gravity will affect the speed as light is made of photons which is affected by gravity.

What really amazes me is the TV show "Star Trek" and just how real the technology is.

Now we are seeing the possibility of time travel, warp engines, ion power, transporter beams

Michael Miles
38) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Eavesdropping on ET: Two new programs will listen for aliens (Message 1541571)
Posted 14 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
Was reading the news this morning and came across this

There two new projects coming to Seti

Just FYI

Michael Miles
39) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : What does loss of net neutrality mean for volunteer computing? (Message 1540475)
Posted 12 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
This new act will damage the internet so much that projects like this one will be a thing of the past.
No matter what we say or how much we scream and yell this will pass.
Our societies are no longer being run by the people and we will have no say.
The corporations will indeed have their way.
Like the Smart Meter crap that the majority of the population said no to had us being subject to blackmail.
We were told that if we did not get the meter then we would be charged 100 dollars a month.
So now we have a meter. Smart meters have taken jobs away from Canadians and Americans.

I download movies and I did get a notice that I was downloading pirated material from Shaw communications.
I told them if I can do it then I will.
They refuse to spend millions of dollars placing "Stops" in the system so that we can't download so I have no heard back from them at all.
We must protect the net from the governments

Michael Miles
40) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Donated Computers in Canada and elsewhere (Message 1537566)
Posted 7 Jul 2014 by Profile Michael W.F. Miles
As I hunt around I am finding a lot of places that do offer computers for free

Here is what I have so far....

Computers For Classrooms 315 Huss Drive, Chico, CA 95928 (530)895-4175

CFC provides good working computer systems for those who cannot afford to buy new ones. As Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers they can only place MS licensed computers with low-income families.

Computer Recycling Center

CRC Computer Recycling provides refurbished computers to Foster Youth, Home-Bound Elderly, Teachers, Community Nonprofits, and more.

PC’s for People

PCs for People creates new opportunities by providing personal computers and education to people who have limited experience with technology due to social, physical and/or economic circumstances.


Freecycle is an online network of charitable individuals who post gifts and donations of many things, including computers, so that others may benefit from their gifts.

World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is a portal for rescuing used computers, refurbishing them and distributing them throughout the world. This company has benefited many communities and organizations that otherwise would not have been able to afford a computer or laptop. Visit their website for more information on donating or receiving a free computer.

Alachua Free-Net Computer Recycling Program

[Florida] Requests for computers are considered on a case-by-case basis by the AFN Computer Recycling Program volunteers. Some of the areas used for determination are as follows: Priority is given to local community organizations, schools, and non-profit organizations. Individuals with disabilities or hardships where it is demonstrated that the computer would enhance the person’s life.

Castaway Computers, Inc.

[Wisconsin] We accept donated computer equipment and software from companies, refurbish the equipment, load available software, and upgrade the equipment. Castaway donates the computers to individuals, families, schools, charities, and agencies including religious, scouting, genealogical, historical, and other nonprofit entities. Call for more info (414) 221-3442

Computers for Families (CFF)

[Virginia] Computers for Families is a not for profit organization founded to place computer systems with and provide computer information access to individuals who can not afford a computer system. Currently we are only able to help families in the SW Virginia localities. 540-745-6340

First Chance Project

First Chance will locate used computer equipment and transfer it to rural women who do not have computers in their own home. Telephone: 720 855 0501

Free Computers

[Michigan] We place computers in homes (in low-income Grand Rapids neighborhoods) that could not otherwise afford one. To qualify for a computer, you must complete ten (10) hours of service to your community


[Oregon] FREE GEEK is a 501(c)(3) not for profit community organization that recycles used technology to provide computers, education, internet access and job skills training to those in need in exchange for community service.

Santa Barbara Computers for Families

[California] The Computers for Families project is providing computers, Internet access and training for Santa BarbaraCounty students whose families cannot afford to purchase them. We believe that access to technology at home is critical to building the skills essential for success in the 21st century. (805)964-4711 x5400

Southern Arizona’s Computer Bank

[Arizona] SACB is a community-based, non-profit 501(c)(3), charitable and educational organization, that helps those who are less fortunate. We acquire, upgrade and donate computers, and printers to under-privileged students K-12, who live in Southern Arizona.

Technology Assisting People In Need

[Ohio] TAPIN focuses on serving individuals who are economically disadvantaged or disabled, and who could benefit by owning a computer, and the agencies which serve them.


Rochester, NY- Free and Low-cost Refurbished Computers Available Now Through Micrecycle:

Computers for Education Back-To-School Promotion Location: Micrecycle, 98 College Ave., Rochester, NY14607 Media Contact: Debra Jacobson (585) 697-1944 • Email:

Computers will be available for pick-up a week or two after applications are processed. For more information about the program or to request an application, call Alex Johnson at RMSC/Science Linkages, (585)256-3170.

Computers for Children

(no website available) 2550 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 874-3350 Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-6 pm

That's it for now

Michael Miles
Team New Mexico

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