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1) Message boards : News : The connectivity problem noted yesterday turned out to be one of our switches and not the router. We swapped in a replacement switch today and connectivity was restored. (Message 962530)
Posted 10 Jan 2010 by Profile Molgao (scaffolding in Russia team)
I've stayed with SETI off and on for 10 years. When the computer is turned on it is with SETI.
Has anything come of this?
Has anyting promising been found?
Is there a good reason to continue the SETI?

Let see one more 10 years :)

I'm afraid because of another reason: Nobody still gave me guarantee that we are definately hunting SETI, but not computing something for CIA or another organization. I'm afraid, that SETI and other boinc projects are not just cover for, for instance, military computations.
What u think?

I'm using computers on my work in Scaffolder: Scaffold and towers producer in Russia
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : How to get a lot of tasks (Message 677687)
Posted 14 Nov 2007 by Profile Molgao (scaffolding in Russia team)
For instance, if i'm out of internet coverage, but ready to compute. How can I get a lot of tasks for that time?
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Seti & CIA (Message 429556)
Posted 1 Oct 2006 by Profile Molgao (scaffolding in Russia team)
I hope this isn't serious. SETI was founded by people the CIA was probably watching back then. Check the Web site of the Planetary Society which is sponsoring the search if you need more comfort. This is an international project that does not have a place of earth politics. That is why I joined.

I hope that this isn't serious too. But BOINC's computational capability is a grate titbit for special services. And i (suppose and You too) need real guarantee that we are not cultivating a new supervirus for US army or something else. Be sure, although it's russian project i would ask same questions, so no politics.
I think that administration of project MUST show more detailed reports on what we do, when there will no doubt's project will go faster: even i switch on 100 more cpu's :)
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Seti & CIA (Message 428356)
Posted 29 Sep 2006 by Profile Molgao (scaffolding in Russia team)
Often when i invite new people to project i hear the point of view that it is CIA or other US government project that isn't looking for ET, but do something else, i saw no formulas, algorithms and scientific reports in licensed scientific literature but see only how many credits everybody done. I'm new user (about 3000 credits) and if you don't convict me of that SETI is definately seti, the system may lose me as a member (perspective member ;) This message is not a joke. Definately i can't make a choise to be or not to be with seti.
Thank you.
5) Questions and Answers : Preferences : How to delete computer from one account and add to anoter? (Message 426736)
Posted 26 Sep 2006 by Profile Molgao (scaffolding in Russia team)
With credits intact? That's not possible. You cannot merge accounts, you cannot move a computer with credits to another account.
How to detach it?
I just mistakenly activated one computer to account, while my others added to anoter account. Then i'm using first computer on my basic account but it isn't in my computers list. this the problem/

So what you do is just detach this one computer from your old account, attach it to your new account. And then wait until all results on the old account's computer entry have timed out, have been deleted from the list, then you can delete that computer there.

Credits always stay with the account, whether you delete, merge or move computers around or not.

6) Questions and Answers : Preferences : How to delete computer from one account and add to anoter? (Message 426240)
Posted 25 Sep 2006 by Profile Molgao (scaffolding in Russia team)
Hi all, so this is the question: How to delete computer from one account and add to anoter?

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