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41) Message boards : Number crunching : Welcome to the 11 year club (Message 1129160)
Posted 18 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
I'm here. I cut back on my SETIing a while back but recently I've been getting back into the swing of things and building my RAC up to a personal all-time-high :D
42) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 560ti Users: Information Needed (Message 1129159)
Posted 18 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
I have a Xenta 800W 80plus PSU powering two 560Ti's in a Core i5 rig (only 1 hard drive and 1 optical drive and 3 fans). No problems. I wasn't sure about the brand but it's coping well - I normally go for a brand I recognise (Antec/Corstair for example) and certainly something that's 80plus rated, but this was a good price.

I've used two PSUs to power multiple GPUs in the past. I made a 20pin 2-way motherboard lead so both PSUs switch on and off together. But again, you still need PSUs you can trust and that provide enough Amps on the 12v rail(s).
43) Message boards : Number crunching : Hyper Threading question (Message 1128712)
Posted 17 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
A couple of months after I got my Westmere system up and running, I started this thread over at Einstein, which has quite a lot of data on this topic, not only my own but from others.

Thanks for the link archae86, I found that an interesting read.

CPU-Z indicates this CPU capable of SSE 1,2 and 3. The lunatics installer offers SSE3 and SSSE3 apps. Which one is better?

As Sten-Arne said, you have to go with SSE3. SSSE3 is a newer instruction set, I presume that means better but I guess it just allows for specific tasks that make use of that instruction set when the CPU supports it.
44) Message boards : Number crunching : Hyper Threading question (Message 1128689)
Posted 17 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
I have a P4-based system with HT enabled. Because the system has a GPU crunching I specify in BOINC to only crunch on half the CPU (as I do with all my dual-core CPUs). However if this is half the P4's total performance, this is not going to be the same as using all of the physical core and leaving the hyper threading bit to supply the GPU.

I see with my Core i5 (which has 2 physical cores but 4 threads) that if I tell BOINC to only cruch on 50% of the CPU, it crunches at 25% on each of the 4 'processors' according to the Windows Task Manager. I wonder if this would be as efficient as being able to specify that BOINC can use only the two physical cores and to leave the two remaining virtual cores free, or indeed if this is already possible?
45) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 560ti Users: Information Needed (Message 1128683)
Posted 17 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
... the HD5830 just up and died on me today.

Other than the fan is not spinning on it at all, so might be fan controller.

I've had a fan controller fail on an Nvidia card fail in the past... all of a sudden the card let out a loud squeal as it overheated - I didn't know what the noise was but luckily my initial reaction was to pull the plug on the computer before investigating further where I descovered the GPU's heatsink was rather toasty. I resorted to connecting the GPU's fan to a motherboard fan header and all was well again. I was suprised the card survived - I guess it was lucky I was there to pull the plug on it.

Sorry for going off topic... I suppose I should add that my main rig with 2 x GTX 560ti's is working fine :)
46) Message boards : Number crunching : Hyper Threading question (Message 1128673)
Posted 17 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
"Hyper-threading works by duplicating certain sections of the processor—those that store the architectural state—but not duplicating the main execution resources. This allows a hyper-threading processor to appear as two "logical" processors to the host operating system, allowing the operating system to schedule two threads or processes simultaneously. When execution resources would not be used by the current task in a processor without hyper-threading, and especially when the processor is stalled, a hyper-threading equipped processor can use those execution resources to execute another scheduled task."

Performance-wise, I think Hyper Threading just adds a bit of head-room above a single-core processor, but it's not the same as a CPU with two physical cores.

Even some modern CPUs have something similar. Take the new Intel Core i7 2600K for example, it has four physical cores but can handle eight threads.
47) Message boards : Number crunching : Lunatics crew members should join teams? (Message 1127972)
Posted 15 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
You could send in a mole, or create one yourself ;)
48) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 560ti Users: Information Needed (Message 1127625)
Posted 14 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
1. (6066962) Intel Core i5 CPU 650 system with Xenta 800W 80plus PSU, PALIT 560Ti SONIC 1GB, MSI 560Ti TWIN FROZR II 1GB, nvidia 270.61 drivers, 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 1333 RAM. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1.

2. v0.38

3. I caused the downclock issue on one of my GPUs when I attempted to overclock it, I set it back to default clock settings, restarted and all has been ok again since. I have had 9 errors vs. 900+ valids since starting at the beginning of the month.

4. GPUs are currently at 80'c and 70'c although temps have been up 7 degrees on this.

5. Factory shipped frequencies: 900, 2098, 1800 @ 1.0380V and 882, 2098, 1765 @ 1.0250V according to GPU-Z

6. It's set to adaptive

7. As of yesterday yes
49) Message boards : Number crunching : Got lax on my cleaning of Dust Bunnies... (Message 1126407)
Posted 9 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
The downside to using filters in most of my PCs is that much dismantling has to be carried out to get at the filters... so I may as well not bother. I think my rigs last about 6 months before I have to strip things down, clean out and rebuild.

The most troublesome though are some graphics card heatsinks, where much dismantling is needed to de-clog those.
50) Message boards : Number crunching : Stable 560 Ti configuration? (Message 1126404)
Posted 9 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
Can I be honest and say I didn't think about restarting until after I'd posted that?! :$

I get so used to leaving my computer running 24/7, and rarely needing to restart I forget all about that option!

I suppose a permanent fix will arrive in a driver update at some point. For the time being I'll leave the OCing alone on those cards.
51) Message boards : Number crunching : Stable 560 Ti configuration? (Message 1126374)
Posted 9 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
I just triggered the downclocking issue on one of my GTX 560 Ti's :(

It was getting a bit chilly in my room, so with a bit of extra thermal headroom I proceeded to overclock... I took the GPU Core Clock up from 900MHz to 1000MHz (using the same process I use for my GTX 460 in another machine) and then noticed in GPU-Z that the GPU Core Clock for that card was now only 405 MHz. The other card remains unaffected, and even if I set the one I meddled with back to "Factory shipped frequencies" it's still downclocked according to GPU-Z :(

I'm using 270.61 drivers under Windows 7 and the Lunatics thingy.

52) Message boards : Number crunching : All I get are Cuda WU's... (Message 1123324)
Posted 1 Jul 2011 by Profile BMH
Thanks from me too. I had the opposite problem - my CPU was loaded up but GPUs running cold, affecting my RAC :(
53) Message boards : Number crunching : Anyone ever have to replace capacitors? (Message 1121438)
Posted 25 Jun 2011 by Profile BMH
One time when I was investigating a client's computer stability issues I noticed bulging tops on the motherboard capacitors. I showed him this and he just shoved them back down again with his finger :| "sorted"
54) Message boards : Number crunching : Mobile Broadband Compression Corrupting Data (Message 1000142)
Posted 2 Jun 2010 by Profile BMH
OK, the server is back up and I've had a chance to try again.

I put the following in place (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC\projects\

Now I watched the list of messages as I fired up BOINC. It recognised that seti_603.jpg was already present and 'skipped' the download of that one. For some reason though, as I found out when I checked on the image files, seti_609.jpg had been replaced with a 0KB one and when I looked back to BOINC at the list of downloaded work units it had failed all the CUDA ones and now they're 'ready to report' straight away as before.

Success with with the standard work units (and Astropulse ones) though as they're working.

So as I've discovered (if I'm correct), the seti_603.jpg graphic is for the standard (CPU) work units, seti_609.jpg is for the (GPU) CUDA work units, and ap405.jpg is, well, for the Astropulse ones.

I'm not sure why the seti_609.jpg got downloaded, overwriting the already present file. I've repeated the process again and it did the same, I've also made it read-only and tried quickly aborting that download from the Transfers list. But now I've reached my daily quota again. I'm also getting HTTP errors regarding temporarily failed downloads but I'm not sure if that's my problem or just the backlash from the recent server outage.
55) Message boards : Number crunching : Mobile Broadband Compression Corrupting Data (Message 999560)
Posted 29 May 2010 by Profile BMH
Thanks guys. I see also that seti_609.jpg is also present but with a size of 0 bytes so when the server is back up ready to provide work I'll try again with those in place and shall let you know the outcome.
56) Message boards : Number crunching : Mobile Broadband Compression Corrupting Data (Message 999502)
Posted 29 May 2010 by Profile BMH
Here's what keeps happening when I start up BOINC:

29-May-2010 08:03:11 [SETI@home] Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.
29-May-2010 08:03:11 [SETI@home] Requesting new tasks
29-May-2010 08:03:16 [SETI@home] Scheduler request completed: got 2 new tasks
29-May-2010 08:03:18 [SETI@home] Started download of seti_603.jpg
29-May-2010 08:03:18 [SETI@home] Started download of 28no06ai.6076.32392.11.10.19
29-May-2010 08:03:20 [SETI@home] Incomplete read of 4250.000000 < 5KB for seti_603.jpg - truncating
29-May-2010 08:03:20 [SETI@home] Finished download of seti_603.jpg
29-May-2010 08:03:20 [SETI@home] Started download of 28no06ai.28608.32392.9.10.48
29-May-2010 08:03:20 [SETI@home] [error] File seti_603.jpg has wrong size: expected 9068, got 0
29-May-2010 08:03:20 [SETI@home] [error] Checksum or signature error for seti_603.jpg
29-May-2010 08:03:23 [SETI@home] Finished download of 28no06ai.6076.32392.11.10.19
29-May-2010 08:03:26 [SETI@home] Finished download of 28no06ai.28608.32392.9.10.48

But under Tasks it states for each work "Download Failed", and the log continues:

29-May-2010 08:04:21 [SETI@home] Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.
29-May-2010 08:04:21 [SETI@home] Reporting 2 completed tasks, requesting new tasks

And so it goes on downloading tasks and failing.
57) Message boards : Number crunching : Mobile Broadband Compression Corrupting Data (Message 999304)
Posted 28 May 2010 by Profile BMH
Tried the "Skip image verification" online in my account and within the BOINC application with no change. It's compressing images and any work units it downloads it fails and it 'finishes' them straight away and uploads them. If I leave BOINC running for a few minuites it reaches its daily quota of work units.
58) Message boards : Number crunching : Mobile Broadband Compression Corrupting Data (Message 999292)
Posted 28 May 2010 by Profile BMH
Hi all, I've been participating in SETI@home for a number of years now. I have always had to take my work units into work to upload/download as I didn't have internet access at home.

I've recently signed up to mobile broadband (with T-mobile) in the UK and was looking forward to running BOINC without having to mess about with taking work units into work etc. but BOINC fails to successfully download/upload data and reports errors relating to checksum errors and the like.

The problem it seems is because T-mobile compress the data. This is obvious when viewing web pages because images are heavily compressed. Their software includes a broadband accelerator which I have disabled with no effect. It is possible to view web pages uncompressed by refreshing the page (F5) whilst holding Ctrl but I can't tell BOINC to do this!

I have e-mailed T-mobile and await a reply. Can anyone here offer some suggestions or has anyone else had a similar experience. Thanks!
59) Message boards : Number crunching : Early SETI contributors - who's still around? (Message 968053)
Posted 4 Feb 2010 by Profile BMH
Fear not, the owners of the computers know BOINC is running :D
60) Message boards : Number crunching : your least liked motherboard brand (Message 967692)
Posted 2 Feb 2010 by Profile BMH
I have an AM2+ board from Gigabyte which is blowing the tops of its capacitors so that's going to make me a bit wary of that brand for a while.

I've used a few ASUS and MSI boards over the years which have seemed pretty solid. Not many issues with ASRock but I've always seen them as a cheap option and thus not seen them as long lasting - I don't know how true that is.

A lot of boards now have solid state capacitors which is reassuring, the only other issue is how hot the chipset heatsinks get on some board (I avoid ones with fans because they wear out).

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