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Posted 2 Apr 2009 by Profile ionocean
Hello from Salina, Kansas, Matt;

...According to the BIOS, the root/boot drives have to be in slots #0 and #1...

This seems to be the bottom line here.

I know that you guys have your plates full of "things to do", but have you considered writing a custom bios to take care of stuff like that?

I've been programming for about 30 years, and have ran into problems like this before, but on mainframes running Sys V, v4., and several times have just hooked from a maintenance monitor to do what I wanted, instead of what the BIOS wanted. Ya gotta be careful here, it's like brain surgery....but sometimes it was the only way.

Like the #1 precept of programmers that states: A program must never modify it's own code while it is running, I consider a program that CAN modify it's own code a better piece of's only a program, after all.

Just a few thoughts for ya, good luck with all that you do, and I'll keep chugging along with my old Evo N-150 (800Mhz) and my Dell laptops for you.

Mike Kashkin
Salina, Kansas

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