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1) Message boards : News : Server Relocation (Message 1353513)
Posted 378 days ago by Profile Corvid
Great to hear that everything is in a new location. I know the old location has been causing problems for years.

2) Message boards : Technical News : The Owl in Daylight (Aug 24 2011) (Message 1145217)
Posted 966 days ago by Profile Corvid
Thanks for keeping us up to date and all your work on getting work units splitting again, hopefully I'll be able to pull a few down before too long.

I haven't been checking in the the forum here for a while. Guess that shows how well things have been running. I had been checking in quite a bit with all the work that was going on last year and early this year but things had been running so well and I haven't run out of work units for a long time. Then when I see my laptop say no no running tasks I had to come see what was going on. Glad it wasn't too bad a problem.

Good luck on your tour, and have fun.

3) Message boards : Technical News : Camelopardalis (Apr 26 2011) (Message 1101779)
Posted 1084 days ago by Profile Corvid
Well good to see that everything is still going well for S@H in fact things seem to be going especially smooth. Good work in getting things running so well.

Glad to hear that SETI@home isn't affected by thees budget cutbacks. I just saw a Headline that said SETI being put on hold and I didn't know if they were talking about S@H or the SETI Institute or what.

As always, keep up the good work.
4) Message boards : Technical News : Stranger Still (Mar 17 2011) (Message 1089064)
Posted 1124 days ago by Profile Corvid
Well hopefully we will get more work units today, I've got 4 left before I'm dry.

Any how its nice that this is a problem and we are not experiencing any server failures. Thanks for all the hard work guys.
5) Message boards : Technical News : School (Feb 22 2011) (Message 1080782)
Posted 1149 days ago by Profile Corvid
Great to see everything working smoothly for now. All my machines are being well fed for now.

Thanks for all your hard work.
6) Message boards : Technical News : Crisis? What crisis? (Feb 15 2011) (Message 1077729)
Posted 1157 days ago by Profile Corvid
Good to hear that the repairs went well and that things are running good now.

Thanks for all your hard work.
7) Message boards : Technical News : Hills and Valleys (Feb 10 2011) (Message 1076197)
Posted 1161 days ago by Profile Corvid
Thanks for the update Matt,

Looks like I'll run out of work units some time tonight.

Too bad you've been having so much trouble with storage lately, all the hard drive and RAID issues. Is there a reason you don't use a SAN solution or is it just a matter of funding for all the hardware that would involve?

Hope everything comes up better and stronger when the repairs are done.
8) Message boards : Technical News : Lost in Boston (Feb 08 2011) (Message 1075965)
Posted 1162 days ago by Profile Corvid
Two wrongs do not make a right, but 3 rights make a left.

...except in Boston!

Or pretty much anywhere in Germany.
9) Message boards : Technical News : Breathing (Jan 25 2011) (Message 1070928)
Posted 1177 days ago by Profile Corvid
Thanks for the update Matt,

I's amazing how much a firmware update can help. You think everything was at least working with the old firmware, but then when it gets updated a lot of sometimes seemingly unrelated problems just go away.

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