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Posted 2 hours ago by Profile Es99Project donor
Wow...Glenn. I think you need some therapy (not meant in a negative way in any fashion)-you're a wee bit angry but I'll tackle these from my point of view:

>1 put your life sayings into a joint account with your partner

Nope we maintain separate accounts but she manages the money and bills are paid on time every month.

>2 have a mortgage in your name only but the deed to your house in both names

Nope both of our names are on mortgage and deed

>3 buy flowers every week for 9 1/2 years

I buy roses often because I like them but not weekly

>4 do housework , cook , clean , wash dry and hang the washing our and iron it too without your partner asking

I don't cook/do laundry (laundry is in the basement and cooking is near dangerous) but I dust n vacuum per agreement with my wife.

>5 never forget valentines day , the day you meet , got engaged , and married without your partner reminding you

I *never* forget these days ever.

>6 allow your partner to have 2 weeks holiday without you and never ask where what or who she meet

This would never happen with us.

>7 go out of your way several times a yer to plan book and have a romantic night at a 7 star hotel in your major city followed buy a a meal at the best restaurants in town follow'd buy a 20 min ferry trip to the Manly where on disembarking you would take a slow walk along the beach promenade follow'd buy anther 20 min trip back on the ferry to the hotel where in the morning you have a champagne breakfast and most importantly you can never do this just on Valentines day .

Sounds awesome if it was reasonable for my wheelchair but I don't travel well so we drive where we want to go.

>8 put up with constant threats of "i'll send you bankrupt if you leave me " and then being introduced and reminded of how your partner has a Aunt that was married with 3 kids and got divorced but after about 10 years they got back together and remarried , and constantly told that her song was Meat Loaf's 2 out of 3 an't bad

If she did this I'd try therapy-if it didn't work, we'd be done

>9 allow your partner to go out clubbing on a regular basis (once a week at least) while your at work and come home at any time which was usually around 4 am even thou the clubs and pubs closed at 1 am leaving only the single pick up joints open and never ask what where or whom she meet

You need therapy

>10 after a separation sit down and right a list of good things and bad things in the relationship and you put on that list that after everything your partner changes her mind about having a family and breaks her marrige vows so you decide no family no marriage

I see nowhere here where couples therapy is mentioned (separation sit down?)...if she made her choice, then so be it if you're not willing to try therapy.

Yes I am an advocate of therapy which I think you should get some at some point soon to put your heart at peace.

Good advice. It does sound like Glenn's relationship was abusive and the best way to move on and to figure out how he got into such a bad relationship in the first place is to get some therapy.

Talking of therapy, this thread has inspired me to try again to get child support out of my ex. I have now filled in all the paperwork again and look forward to watching him hide behind his new wife and avoid getting served.

If by some miracle I actually get any of the money I'm owed I'll make a small donation to seti in his honour.
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There is a difference with the hormone balance between men and women.
We are about to neuter our dog. She will then have a gender called other or something between man and woman...

Ehm there is still always the fact that guys have a Y chromosome and girls an X chromosome. That is not 'just' a difference in hormone levels.

Yes. And?
Then how do you explain hermafrodites and homosexual behavior?

In another thread.

Indeed. I'd point out how lucky they are to have a science teacher available to answer their questions, but based on how much they listen to me about everything else, I won't waste my time.
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Black mothers wonder if their babies were stolen in decades-old mystery

Price’s attorney, Albert Watkins, is asking city and state officials to investigate. In a letter to Governor Jay Nixon and St Louis mayor Francis Slay, Watkins said he suspects the hospital coordinated a scheme “to steal newborns of color for marketing in private adoption transactions”.
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Perhaps it is the way you go about it.


... but there are times when you are like a dog with a bone it its teeth that just wont let go.

another insult

Please stop doing this, you are not my mum, and I am not your pupil in class.


So sorry for being a worthless man.

Implied insult? or just being deliberately obtuse?

I entirely agree with you. But I am not about to accept a crown of thorns on MY head because of the rest of the worlds attitudes of the time. Have a pop at society and men in general. It is not my place to apologise of accept pennance for something that I personally had no control over. And I have absolutely no intention of doing so.

Irrelevant defensive answer to question I never asked.

Red rag -----> Bull

Unfortunately I have not been lucky enough to have had a relationsip that was able to produce children. But if my wife was a damn good engineer, then yes I might well have been happy letting her be the breadwinner, why not? What you will not have found is me in a pinny and feather duster when she came home, what you would have found is the dinner cooking.

Again, extreme denial about how easy it was for women to become engineers no matter how good they might be at it.

Did you not have a view at one time that if two people want to eat, then two people should help to prepare it. If two people have made a mess, then two people should help to clear it up. When I suggested that wouldn't it be nice if the man said, a lovely dinner dear, thank you, put your feet up, I'll make you a cup of tea and do the washing up. Your response was, never ever in my world. Still think the same?

This sounds like a distortion of what I wrote and said, so there is no point answering this.

You agree that I am ALLOWED to be happy, but it is pretty clear that you don't LIKE me being happy, and that I think is your problem not mine.

A projection based on your prejudice.

Firstly you didn't answer the question! Secondly yes I damn well am, you bet your sweet bibby! I have had many pm's the last 18 months asking why I don't stand up for myself? Why do I not give as good as I get? Why do I let myself get walked over? So I do listen to others opinions including yours.

Quoting pms that no one else can see to back you up. I am not sure why you included this comment.

Sigh - do your homework please .....

Patronising assumption.

She had her own fulfilling career as well. She was not a dutiful housewife.

I seem to remember they were millionaires too. However your one example that you are flogging like a dead horse still doesn't cut the mustard.

Everybody took it as a simple comedy show, with actresses playing parts. Nobody took as being offensive to women and being bad role models. Only you.

Attempt to find postive gender roles in I love Lucy
As you can see I am not the only one to think that " I Love Lucy was a product of this time, and evidence of sexist gender representation within its episodes is abundant. Many arguments have been made that the show is, overall, degrading to women and reinforces the patriarchal ideology of the 1950s." The article does point out that for its time it was pretty progressive. For its time, Chris. However, as a great show for women? Let's look at one example from the article:
In watching episodes of the show, the sexism and degradation towards women asserted by these scholars and others is evident. In an episode called “Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her” (5 November 1951), Lucy gets so caught up in a murder mystery she is reading that she becomes convinced Ricky is plotting to murder her. At one point, Ricky slips sleeping powder into a drink for Lucy at Fred’s suggestion because she is “acting crazy.” Throughout the episode, messages about female simplicity and male dominance are reinforced. When everything is cleared up, Lucy is relieved to find out he only put sleeping powder (not poison) in her glass, embracing him as though it is the right of her husband to drug her. The pervading message of the episode is that reading books is dangerous for the fragile mind of a woman.

This is the sort of thing you are holding up as a positive message for women?

Isn't that how you want modern women to be?

Yes, there is a positive message in a movie that portrays her a clutz for most of the movie? I am not a fan at all of the ditzy blond stereotype. I guess me having an opinion other than yours is putting my foot in it.

I wouldn't dare to presume, I am not worthy.


You have a Uni degree - I do not
You have a Post grad quali - I do not
You had a PCGE - I only did the 1st year

I also have a post grad diploma in educational studies that I did here in Canada. You'd be amazed about how much more I've learned about human psychology, philosophy, gender studies and racism. Sorry for being over educated.

In terms of academic education you are way ahead of me. In terms of your chosen subject of Physics, I probably couldn't pass an O level exam in it. In terms of parenting I don't have any experience whereas you do. I only challeng you on this long held crusade of yours that Women get a raw deal in life

They do.

...and all men are bastards and its all their fault.

I suggest you go back and re-read every single post of mine and point out where I have ever said that. I have many times pointed out how men can unthinkingly buy into patriarchal ideas, but the rest you just made up.

As I have said before, back in the Neanderthal caveman days of 50K-30K BC, the division of Labour was the best for the group survival, as it was in the American Red Indian tribes. In the 20C those ways were still perpetuated where the woman was "supposed" to be the dutiful little housewife cooking, cleaning, washing, child minder. Children were nurtured in many ways to carry that on. In the 21C we are starting to think differently.

This version of history is actually nonsense. I am not sure who promoted it and what their agenda was, but there really is so much incorrect information in it that it would take a whole thread to put you straight.

Equal pay for equal Jobs
True equality
No glass ceilings
No discrimination
Equal respect
Equal opportunities

Nice sound bites, but we will never deal with them until people deal with the way we raise children, the assumptions we make and the unconscious choices we make. I think your false history lesson was a prime example of this.

Now finally, I am not about to fall prostrate at your feet apologising for society, men in general, nor the world as it is.

I think if you just started with your self, that would be a good start.

I have had enough of being your personal kicking post on these issues for 2015. Please go and find some other poor bloke, grab his collar and give him the third degree OK? In the meantime, please write me off as a lost cause,, and let me wallow in my abject misery as beyond redemption, and have a little peace.

Chris, it has been you that has been coming after me in 2015, so much so that I have wondered about your mental state. I have even gone so far as trying to ignore you for weeks at at a time. It does seem to me that you have been more than a little paranoid lately.

Quite frankly I think you are wasting your time being a teacher, why not consider standing for public office, I think you'd be quite successful at it. You have the background and intelligence, and the committment to want to change things for the better. Our Uli is also involved in her local area, have a chat to her.

I don't have the temperament, I am actively involved in the local politics, but I lack the psychopathic traits necessary to fully succeed as a politician.

Your City has 10 Councillors, which are 50/50 male/female, a good mix, why not stand for one of those seats?

There are two seats in your city for BC in the Canadian Parliament. In fact there are 77 female and 228 male MP's, quite a good proportion are women.

Why waste your time here bashing 1/2 a dozen MCP's and no hopers?

bashing? I am quite sure that the bashing is going the other way. Or do you think that 6 men against 1 woman is fair odds?

Its the decent men that have posted here that remind me that those half a dozen are a dying breed.

p.s. I was a Mechanical Design Engineer, Computer Support Manager, and lastly THQ Desktop Specs Team. Give me a wiring diagram and a soldering iron or crimp tool, and I probably could wire up a telephone.

Good for you.
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Posted 1 day ago by Profile Es99Project donor
She would count the money in his wallet each day and give him what he could spend.

I guess I was a terrible 'wife' to my ex because in the end I had to do exactly the same thing because he would spend the money instead of paying the bills and the rent. Not ideal, but I had no choice or I would have been raising his children on the streets.

It certainly is the sign of a dysfunctional relationship and I should have got out then, but I was under the mistaken idea that the children were better off with a bad father in their lives than no father at all.

Now when I hear these stories I always wonder what the truth. Anyone can claim terrible things about their exes. For example he went around telling people that I had been cheating on him even though I hadn't. He even turned up at the pub were I was having an after work drink with my work friends and accused one of them of 'f---ing' me. He also told everyone that I was bleeding him dry with child support payments even though he never paid me a penny (I estimate that he owes me about $100,000 now in unpaid child support payments).

I only even put in a claim for child support after all my best efforts to co-parent with him and share the children half time failed because he wouldn't turn up when it was his time to take them.

He justified this in his head by telling me that I could keep the apartment we had bought together (there wasn't much equity in it though). So for years I paid the mortgage on my own to keep a roof over his children's heads. However, when I wanted to take the children he never saw to Canada he refused to sign the paperwork agreeing until I agreed he could have half the equity in the apartment.

Yet to hear the heartbreaking lies he tells people about what I supposedly did to him you'd think I'd bled him dry and turned his children against him while cheating on him with every man in a 100 mile radius. Those are just some of the things he has made up about me.

So please, tell me your stories of terrible exes and I will take them all with a pinch of salt because people lie.

Your anecdotal stories are just that and if they are the whole true story, I am sorry, but I'd also be surprised.
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What guarantee has anyone got that their verbal or written pledge will actually be carried out in real life in the ballot cubical. Nothing whatsoever. This site is an irrelevance. It has no relation at all with MP's doing Pairing in the House of Commons.

This is simply Es99 encouraging everyone not to vote Conservative.

I think it is an example of grass roots action and people not wanting to make the mistake they did last time when they tactically voted libdem to keep the tories out and were betrayed.

I sincerely hope the libdems are consigned to the dustbin of history for what they did.
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Posted 1 day ago by Profile Es99Project donor
I don't know if this has been posted already, but you can sign up for a vote swap to make sure the Tories don't get in again:
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Male Chauvinist Pig
Definition and a Little History

So in answer to Glenn's question, on the face of it, he probably does not fit the definition.

However, since he has pointed out that he held the financial power in the relationship there could be case for him being a MCP if he wielded that power for control.

Assuming we take everything Glenn has told us as the whole truth, then it is unlikely he did abuse his financial power as he willingly shared the money and I assuming there were no strings attached.

So in direct answer to Glenn's question, as far as his relationship goes, it does not appear that he was an MCP, but was rather in an abusive relationship with a woman who took advantage of the laws that were put in place to protect women from abuses of financial power.

In the end though her threats may well have been empty as I have no idea if the courts would have let her "take him for everything he had".

When you marry, the reality is that the other spouse is now entitled to half of what you have. This goes both ways and there have been many cases of men taking half of a women's property and income. However, as women still earn less than men and are still more likely to give up careers to stay home and raise children, which has a lifetime effect on their earnings, there does need to be some protection under the law for them. There will always be some women who take advantage of this law. However, most women end up far worse than the men after a divorce despite any claims otherwise.
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In your personal opinion. No I don't indentify with characters in fairy stories, I'll leave that to others that feel the need to.

Everyone learns how to behave from the subtle and not so subtle cues society gives us. Just because you are not aware how you are shaped by fairy stories, the way men are represented on TV and the media, the way are parents model behaviour and so on, it does not been that these things have not affected you.

Again in your personal opinion. I haven't got time to read up in psychology, and no particular interest in doing so. As a teacher you may have to, that is accepted.

Yes I did. I learned how the human brain learns and grows. So I am telling you how that works and you can dismiss me because you don't like it, but it doesn't change the facts. It is a shame that for some reason your mind is so closed that you aren't willing to learn from me.

And with you as well. Glad you have also been educated. You might be aiming to pick a fight with me, sorry not obliging.

This is hilarious, simply because it has been apparent for a while that you have been trying to pick fights left, right and centre.

Nope. I had better things to do. Who am I to try to try to figure the world out? People like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates didn't seem to get very far, why should I have kidded myself that I would?

I'm going to phrase this as a statement this time because when I phrase it as a question in an attempt to get you think about it, you miss the point.

Every child, either consciously or unconsciously is figuring out their place in the world and how they should behave. This is basic human biology and survival. This is a fact. You learned how to be a male in your world and in your family from the multitude of cues that surrounded you from the day you were born.

Oh but sorry, I wasn't as smart as you. So my place was just happy being a mechanical engineer that gave me a lot of pleasure and job satisfaction anyway. And yes, I was very good at it.

I am sure a lot of women your age would have been good and happy at it too. However, a lot of them were actively discouraged from doing it from the day they were born. They were discouraged because they were told in many subtle ways that women don't do science and engineering. They were discouraged in literal ways by not being allowed to study it at school. So the fact that you would bring up how happy being an engineer in a thread about how women are controlled in this world is quite ironic.

That statement is just an excuse to bang the drum for women's rights.

Its also ironic that you so easily dismiss a statement of from a women who knows more on this subject than you as "banging a drum".

Whether I am happy in my life or not, just because you don't think I should be according to your beliefs, doesn't make me obliged to question it.

I have never said that you shouldn't be happy. I am saying that you were raised in a system that is set up in such a way that you are more likely to end up happy. Of course if you were a man who really loved children and wanted to stay home and raise a family while your wife worked as an engineer, then I don't think you would be so happy.

Perhaps you were just a stroppy kid and I wasn't?

Well you're making up for it in your old age.

I've left the best to last.

That very adequately proves a point that I wanted to make. The Hart to Hart series starring Robert Wagner & Stephanie Powers was so popular simply because it featured a genuinely in love couple that were equals. And both surprised each other with gestures. One episode had them in London and he organised a happy birthday banner on Tower bridge. Wouldn't happen in real life, but it was TV.

Again, if your one example is Heart to Heart, which I did watch as a kid and enjoy, out of all the many TV shows that were on at the time, it doesn't make your point at all. One TV show which isn't as bad as the others and still promotes the idea that a woman's happiness comes from having a good man rather than from within herself? It still doesn't compare to later TV shows.

Before you said that you enjoyed it, now you would seem to want to go to deliberately looking for things to back up your personal cause?

I think out of the two of us, you are the one with the personal cause. I am just trying to point something out to you that is very real, you are the one so invested in your personal world view that you refuse to see it.

Lucy Arnaz nee Ball was a very astute business woman that made many millions "playing the part" of a "ditzy" female. She co-founded Desilu productions. If you have a bee in your bonnet about the sort of woman that she so cleverly portrayed that is your problem not mine. She is still respected in Hollywood across the board.

If you think the character of I love Lucy was a good role model for girls and then use the phrase "bee in your bonnet" then you are deliberately to trying to provoke or you really are a hopeless cause.

As for Private Benjamin, you obviously haven't seen it or read the synopsis, so here it is for you.

How patronising of you. Can't you accept that I saw it several times and was not impressed?

Finally, when I first knew you in the UK, you had strong ideals on many issues but you also seemed not to be so bitter about everything.

hmmm.."bitter" another sexist code word for dismissing women who disagree with you.

Since the time that you chose to emigrate to Canada, you seem to have become a very hardened person in your outlook.

I can only put that down to being affected by the lifestyle and environment in Northern America. Perhaps you might have been better advised to have moved elsewhere in the UK.

Its such a good thing that I don't have to take advice from you then, isn't it?

You claim, from a few conversations and for what information I choose to reveal on message boards, to know me. Yet you ignore the facts that you do actually know about me.

You know that I am well educated and on this subject absolutely know what I am talking about. Many people can claim this on the internet, so I tend to allow for that when people refuse to take what I tell them on board, however, I see no reason to make that excuse for you. The fact is I do know better than you on this, and you, for whatever reason, are refusing to take this opportunity to become educated about something that you clearly know nothing about it.

Why do you dis-value my knowledge so much that you still think you know more than me on this subject? Is it because there is some, deep, inherent belief given to you somewhere in life, that despite everything, you think you are my better and I just have a "bee in my bonnet" and am "bitter"?

I would never presume to dismiss any claims you make about wiring in telephones. I would never insult you over what you say about how to wire in a telephone. As someone who you claim to know, I would expect the same respect back in terms of my field of expertise.
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We are being an armchair shrink today. Bearing in mind that princesses locked in towers are fantasy fairy stories, of course it can be safely assumed that the princess was not very happy at being locked in there by an evil relative, and probably thought her only salvation was to be rescued by a hero. So are you saying that all young children are not allowed to read stories like this without being firmly told that they must put themselves in the place of the Princess and imagine her suffering? Isn't that destroying the innocence of childhood? Perhaps of course she was quite happy doing her needlework and reading, and the last thing she wanted was some fat sweaty bloke on a nag dragging her off from her genteel existence?

Chris, your ability to miss the point never fails to astound me. You really are totally incapable of putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

Seeing as you are being the amateur psychologist I suggest you go and read some psychology about how we construct our identities as we grow up. Then your response might not be so silly.

No I can't, and that says to me that I am a well balanced person with my feet on the ground, I know who and what I am, I am happy with me, and have my own self respect. I'm not eternally searching for a "role" to play, neither a "place" in life, nor some nirvana I might never achieve. I am basically happy being me. How many people can honestly say that?

Only narrow minded people who live in a bubble and don't understand that they live in a world that gives them certain privileges because of their colour and gender. This conversation with you has been most enlightening, I have to say.

OK my turn to be an armchair shrink. At what age was this "little girl" asking that question? 5-9 years old? Isn't it rather unusual for someone so young to question their very reason for being?

Considering that you think this is strange, I can only say that a was very smart, self-aware girl. Are you telling me that at no point in your life were you trying to figure the world out and your place in it? Most people do this unconsciously, so are vulnerable accepting society's messages about what it is to be a girl or boy without questioning those messages and their validity. Yes, I am aware that I am smarter than the average bear, and I am aware that this is not necessarily a gift, I have often thought that ignorance is bliss. You might want to take that on board with reference to your earlier assertion that you are somehow well adjusted simply because you are oblivious to what has shaped you.

Were you unhappy with your life that you needed a role or place to make it all worthwhile? When we are older we all look up at the stars on a clear night and think, what's it all about, why are we here? That's a different matter.

I don't remember writing that I was unhappy with my life. I was unhappy with the choices that were presented to me. You were clearly happy with the choices that were presented to you. I am not sure how you are not getting this.

OK so you found out that the world was slewed against women, and you didn't fancy being part of all that. Fair enough. As you say there was Buffy, how about Cathy Gale in the Avengers? She saved Steed more than once. You mentioned Bodie & Doyle in the Professionals, how about the Persuaders, or the Sweeney. How about Hart to to Hart, did you approve of that? No doubt you hated I Love Lucy, one of the most popular shows ever.
How about Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin?

Some of those are before my time, I did enjoy Heart to Heart, but I bet if I watched it now, despite its efforts, I'd wager its full of casual sexism. I seem to remember that she really was the supporting character.

As to I love Lucy and Private Benjamin. Are you suggesting that 'ditzy' is something girls should aspire to? Really?
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I personally believe that we will do the best that we can for our country. What else can I say?

food bank Britain

If you are looking for a "reason" to vote Lib Dem, I have given you the best info that I can.

This is one of the reason I joind the Hunt Sabs.
West Country

From the article:
Labour has promised to defend the ban, the Conservatives say they will offer parliament a free vote on repealing it, while the Liberal Democrats say hunting is not a priority, but would allow their MPs a free vote if the issue arises.

and here? From the article:

The 2010 Conservative manifesto said the Hunting Act was "unworkable" and promised a free vote by MPs on its repeal.

The party says it remains committed to this if it wins a parliamentary majority in May.

Curiouser and curiouser. So that you can pat yourself on the back again,
My honest view is to either vote Conservative or Lib Dem,

you're actively endorsing the possibility of a return to fox hunting. Wow.

I have spoken to a lot of Uni students,

Did you speak to them in the same disrespectful way you speak to them on these boards? For a project that has an appeal to all ages and is attracting a new and younger set of users as a result of the world visualisation map on facebook, you're hardly a welcoming ambassador. Your dismissal of whole nations, even continents, whilst waving your colonial empire flag is not befitting to an international science project either, surely?

I live in a Uni town, that were initially quite hostile towards the Lib Dems because of this. But when it was explained to them why it happened they have all said OK, we can understand a lot more now, we never knew that before, we never got told. And in fact it was only publicised for the first time last autumn.

Four years to craft an excuse for betraying a generation? Wow - must have been hard.

Up to you guys as to what you vote, but I would urge not to vote Labour, I'd rather anything than them!!

So you'd endorse the TUSC then? They pledge to scrap zero hour contracts and curb exhorbitant rents.

Cameron has 5 years of experience under his belt. He IS a Prime Minister, He LOOKS a prime Minister, and ACTS like a Prime Minister. a pig who has spent a lot of time at the trough throughout.

I want to see him back in No.10, but under control, and only the Lib Dems can do that. It is vitally important that we get as many Lib Dem seats as possible on the 7th, only then can we keep this country on the straight and narrow for the next 5 years.

Straight and narrow? Britain's richest Tory MP, property tycoon Richard Benyon, receives at least £625,000 a year in housing benefit from having struggling tenants and more than £2million in EU subsidies for his farms.

Tory peer Lord Cavendish, received £106,938 in housing benefit last year from his tenants going through hard times.
Tory donor Sir Richard Sutton received £67,521 in from West Berkshire Council. Even after they die, they keep raking it in. The estate of one of Britain’s richest men, the billionaire Earl of Cadogan, a Tory donor, received £116,400 in benefit from Kensington and Chelsea Council last year.

UKIP’s housing spokesman Andrew Charalambous received £745,351 in housing benefit from his tenants. That's just a few examples. The legalised corruption in British politics runs deep throughout all parties.

When the Conservatives introduced housing benefit under Margaret Thatcher, it was never about helping struggling tenants. It was always about allowing their donors and MP's to rake in ever more money from higher rents. The last five years have been spent demonising those at the bottom. And that's just one of your "straight and narrow" ambitions, and is precisely why people like Russell Brand have garnered attention. It's wrong. The right to vote was hard won, but it's mainstream parties that have eroded the desire to vote and you keep on endorsing two out of three of those. Leaving almost everyone else in this thread to endorse UKIP, which is an utterly repellent party to many.

As to this:

I suggest you differentiate, because 2 out of three are sexist and actionable

Preach it sister!


You asked what people think about the university student that posts here? I assume you are talking about Мишель?
Well we think that he is a smart young man who clearly likes to think about the whys and hows of the world. I may not agree with him on everything, but I see someone who is trying to enlighten themselves and he is certainly a rational and welcome addition to these message boards. Is that what you wanted to know?
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Posted 3 days ago by Profile Es99Project donor
I haven't been able to reply for a few days so I will try to make a few points about what has been said:

Simonator Wrote:
No it wasn't.
You're the one who made the argument that sex was all about asserting dominance not me.

Simonator. I have nowhere said that sex was all about asserting dominance. What a strange thing to accuse me of. I said that wolf-whistling was a way of using sex to assert dominance. I have said that most porn is about asserting dominance over women and has very little to do with real actual healthy relations between a man and a women.

@Glen, you have made a lot of points that I would love to discuss, but it will have to wait until I have more time to attend them properly. to pretty much all of Chris' posts, I think this quote shows how fundamentally he has missed the point:
Yes of course, we all have, what's wrong with that? It's escapism, doesn't always happen in real life. I'd love to be a medieval knight rescuing the princess locked in the tower by her evil uncle :))

Not the character Chris has identified with. The hero who gets to rescue the princess. It is easy for Chris to understand that this is the role he plays. Its a great role. Its a fun role. The role is created with Chris in mind, of course thinks its great. So here is the real question, would Chris love to be a the princess locked in the tower by her evil uncle waiting to be rescued by a medieval knight?
Chris did not say that. He clearly did not want to play the role assigned to the female. If its so great, why doesn't Chris say so and think its fun? Why didn't Chris even notice that the women he was rescuing was a person and might have some feelings about being assigned the role of being a princess waiting to be rescued? It didn't even register to Chris that the role of princess is one given to actual people, people who might think its a horrible role. She was invisible to Chris and it was all about Chris being the hero. This is the very reason Chris often comes across as sexist, its because he cannot imagine being anyone else but Chris.

Regarding the Bond Girls: anyone who thinks these are characters who have motivations beyond their relationships to the men in the movie have absolutely no idea about women and what motivates us. The bond movies are ridiculous and to be honest both the male and female characters are 2 dimensional at best.

So when as a child I looked out the world and asked the question that all little girls ask "what is my place in the world and what should I be?" I was sorely disappointed at the answer.

I had to wait until Buffy the Vampire Slayer to see the first female action hero who was motivated by real things and had agency over her actions. I wish she'd been on TV when I was a little girl and I wouldn't have had to pretend to be Bodie or Doyle from The Professionals to actually get to do something that mattered.

So next time you see a female character in a tv show or movie, ask yourself these questions:

*Does she have a role in the movie beyond giving motivation to a hero (usually the hero has to save her, or avenge her for something bad that happened)?
*Are all her motivations solely in relation to the men in the movie?
*Does she even talk to other women in the movie about anything but the men in the movie?
*Does she do anything in the movie that couldn't be done just as well by a pot of geraniums? (you'd be surprised how easy it is to replace many female characters with a pot of pretty flowers)
*Is she being used a reward for something the hero has done?

Just try to remember that women are usually motivated by the same feelings and thoughts as men, so if you can't imagine yourself in her role, then she probably isn't a very well fleshed out human character.
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Posted 4 days ago by Profile Es99Project donor
UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops

Thanks ES99:)
Do you know how to change my thread title?
Some here are confused by it.

Make a post that doesn't reply to another and when you try to edit that post you will be able to change the thread title.
14) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2) (Message 1671797)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Es99Project donor
No Ess you are wrong there

AKA: the playboy mansion those women are there because they all wish to be with Hugh Hefner and his money has nothing to do with it ......

The blonde chick that married the old kogger , Anna Nicole Smith

Ask a women to sign a pre nup and the looks let alone the mouth full you'll get

So i say again it's not always the guys fault .

Glenn, do you have any idea why a women might grow up thinking that her worth is based on her looks and that her best way to succeed in life is by marrying and old rich guy?

Have you watched Disney movies?
Have you noticed that until recently the female in a movie was the prize for the hero? (save the world and get the girl- go watch the latest Transformers movie if you don't believe me)?
Have you noticed that if you go into a toy store the girls toys are separated from the boys toys and the boys toys are very different from the girls toys?
Have you noticed how women are used as decorations in advertising, movies, pop videos, magazines?
Have you played video games where the female character is either shown as busty mishaphen and scantily clad? Often they are also portrayed as the prize for the game (eg Super Mario) and have no actual agency of their own?
Have you noticed that we live in a world were 'female' qualities are bad and 'male' ones good (Yes, being called a girl is an insult)?
Have you noticed that we live in a world were a female is mainly prized for her looks and not her brains?
Have you watched TV and noticed how many women are raped and murdered for our entertainment every. single. night. ?

Considering that we raise our girl children in the environment filled with subliminal and constant messaging about what women are and what they are valued for, are you actually blaming them for becoming playboy bunnies? Really?
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UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops
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In the west women have a attitude oh well if it doesn't work out i can take him for what ever he's got and why men are the way they are these days because of the laws ....

No Glenn. That may be your perception, but there is still a huge problem with the way women are treated in the west and your attitude is part of that problem.
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Ess you say the thread is about women being abused but all i'm saying is it's not always men that do it women will abuse too so why do we only here of when men do it what about women doing some of this stuff

There is a massive, global, systemic problem with how women are treated. What you are talking about is a completely different issue.

AKA: Recently there has been 2 cases of women abandoning there children 1 was found in a sand dune at a part of a beach not used or visitted by many people and may have been harf buried . The other child was found in a storm water drain and would have died had it rained had it not been found by 2 kids playing in that area .

And tragic as that is, it still has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.

I'm having trouble with this thread as it seems to be about men basing and would like to see some women at least admit it's not the man's fault all the time and sometimes women are there own enemy and can be just as responsible as men for doing some of this this stuff .

How can we fix the problem if men refuse to take any responsibility for the way they behave?

Even Men can end up in Slavery and very very rear even raped but i would think most men would not tell for fear of being called a whimp

I agree. Please go ahead and start a thread about how the patriarchy is bad for men in that it portrays any so called 'feminine' characteristics as negative.

I totally agree that the patriarchy is not good for men either.
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You seem to have a very one sided view of sex. If your experience of sex is all about asserting dominance rather than feeling good then you need a better partner.

Well this is the rather nasty "all you need is a good lay" argument repackaged, isn't it?

..but well done, you've gone from merely offending me to now offending my husband.
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Ok. You Think you must seperate female and male problems.
I Believe we have the same problems no matter of gender.
So how do Think you can solve this problem with such an attitude of yours?

Ugh, the 'Im not racist because I dont see color' argument only redesigned to use for discussions about sexism.

Excellent point succinctly made.
20) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2) (Message 1671740)
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I Believe we have the same problems no matter of gender.

Well you'd be wrong.

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