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1) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1826368)
Posted 22 hours ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Yesterday as it had been a sunny afternoon I decided to got up to the Fort Victoria to see the sunset.

It was quite spectacular, and I think I might use one of the pics as my screen wallpaper

As you can see the sunset has moved quite a few degrees SW since the ones I took a month ago. It is also and hour and 15 minutes earlier!!

I returned home and just happened to glance at the ship map and saw the something very interesting was due to pass soon.

So putting on a thicker coat (it is very chilly up at the fort), I went back up.

There in the fading light was the biggest ship I personally have ever seen.

The 84,000 ton passenger ship MV Arcadia en route to Cadiz in southern Spain.

Totally dwarfing the IOW ferry passing astern.

I was worried that the fading light might make taking a good pic difficult, but this little camera never ceases to amaze

I have to admit when you see one of these ships close up like this it is an amazing sight.

I kept taking pictures .

I think this is my favourite as the Arcadia really does sail into the sunset.

I stood there watching for a good while not wanting to break the moment.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : I am done now. (Message 1826260)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Thread is getting personal and with the OP unable to defend themselves this thread will be locked.

The OP can ask for it to be unlocked upon their return
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link # 89 (Message 1826126)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1825840)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Well from busses to er ships.. why not.

I keep my second PC with the screen open on luckily ships don't move as fast as trains so I can usually get up to the fort in time to see it pass.

This is a somewhat unusual vessel that passed through the Solent today.

THV (Trinity House Vessel) Galatea.

Currently employed with buoy laying.

I did see it at a distance at the weekend.

Here a lot closer.

Passing Hurst Point Light, en route to ST Ives Cornwall, with the buoys in evidence on the rear deck.

5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1825608)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I think here in the UK outside of London green is more prevalent.

Southern Vectis the island bus company is light and dark green

This was taken today.

And they use very narrow county lanes!!

PS Vectis was the Roman name for the Isle of Wight
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1825372)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I keep meaning to post a pic or two here but it photobucket is such a pain these days. I finally got round to uploading a few.

The weather here on the Isle of Wight has been a bit changeable.

This was an interesting sky last week..

Then a day or two later the wind got up a bit.

Luckily I didn't get wet on my walk!

In the absence of any local trains, I have taken to watching for the more interesting ships and boats. There are several websites that show the position of most ships in real time.

This is the Sea Cadet Training Ship Jack Petchey, manoeuvring in Yarmouth Harbour.

On weekends, the yachts come out in force, this one caught my eye.

And in full sail.

No doubt a Doctor fan.

This picture I quite like, taken at Colwell Bay on Sunday.

The Trinity House buoy laying ship Galatea passing the needles ahead of the rain.

The "season" here is nearly over, but as the island's main industry is tourism, there are still a few events.

This past weekend there was a "Beer and Busses" festival, where older busses were running eleven special routes all round the Island stopping at various towns and villages that had pubs that were all serving "real" and "local" ales

Yarmouth had two routes passing through and I saw a few old busses, amongst them was this

A 1953 London Country AEC Regal

This morning I noticed an interesting ship had moored overnight just outside Yarmouth harbour.

It was the Dutch 3 master Eendracht

And occasionally the combination of light and sky, can make even the mundane interesting.

The Whightlink ferry Whight Sun the 10:05 saling from Yarmouth to Lymington
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Caring for others - tips and hints, support and strategies, or just plain offloading (Message 1824549)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
It's been brought to my attention that elements of my opening post here are liable to be viewed as a gross breach of a vulnerable old lady's right to privacy.

Surely only if it is someone who knows you or you mother personally.

I suspect my father would not be over the moon to discover what I have said here, but just having somewhere to post my thoughts, somewhere I have posted for nearly 10 years, makes things easier. No one here knows my father or is ever likely to.

My father is probably 80% "with it", just age has left him unable to cope with everyday tasks. I am not sure I could cope with a situation like yours.

I believe we all share Gordon's feelings

"I don't want the end for her to be in a nursing home, and I am doing my best to make sure it won't be."

It is why I am here, it is all we can do.
8) Questions and Answers : Windows : Tasks page not updated since 5 days ?? (Message 1823682)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Is there an update to this thread?

Check here

On the top right you can see:

"Replica seconds behind master 0"

Meaning the replica is running and instep with the master.

If you look at your account you should now see it is up to date.
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Caring for others - tips and hints, support and strategies, or just plain offloading (Message 1823511)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Well it has been five weeks since I moved in with my dad. Overall it has been a lot easier than I had thought.

My dad is still mobile and likes to do things for himself. However his main source of enjoyment, watching TV has also proved to be a frustration. He has had a PVR for many years and was able to set it to record the programs he wanted. Earlier this year it gave up and a friend got him a new one. This of course came with a different remote and a different menu and settings and as his eyesight is really poor he has not been able to get to grips with it. I have been able to help by setting it to record his favourite programs. Of course I have to set it to playback as he just cannot manage the remote. Lately he has started to become totally confused between "live" and "recorded".

He had been watching a recording and came in to ask me if I could switch it over to live as he wanted to watch a program the announcer had said was on next. When I tried to explain that he was watching a three week old program and the program he wanted was on three weeks ago he became even more confused. This happened again a few days later, when I once again tried to explain, he said, "why do they keep announcing programmes no one can ever see"

Then on Sunday he had managed to get the tv onto his favourite channel without my intervention. After several hours of watching he came in and said "this Sherlock Holmes programme keeps going, it hasn't stopped yet".

Quite sad for me to see. I know he had been able to record and watch programmes when my stepmother was alive but now he just cannot grasp it.

Also living "out of town" he has had to rely on friends and neighbours to take him shopping as he cannot walk far. He fell out with one neighbour and lost her help and has been restricted in the last year to a once a week trip, so he has become a hoarder, if he uses one of something in a week he has half a dozen stored, if he uses something everyday he has a cupboard full! Slowly he is coming to realise I walk into the town everyday and I have a car and can get whatever he wants whenever he wants. His fridge struggles to keep cool as it is always totally full to bursting. Hopefully, now I am here I can slowly get things onto a more normal level.

Gordon mentioned that it is important to be able to relax, I am extremely lucky that my father picked such a beautiful place to retire. With my love of photography and walking I have been able to relax and enjoy my surroundings. My only regret is that my dads eyesight does not let him share in my pictures.

So far it is a positive experience tinged with sadness as I remember the man my father was.
10) Questions and Answers : Windows : Tasks page not updated since 5 days ?? (Message 1823252)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
When lokking at the (my) tasks pages, I don't see anything more recent that 05 october !
I have search for a problem mentionned on the forum and found nothing ...

I have 2 computers receiving and sending WU 24/7 .. but don't see the results of those on the Task page.

Have a look here
11) Questions and Answers : Preferences : WU do not appear on website (Message 1823222)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Hello, I can understand about replica DB and stats. But I see my credit increasing and my RAC changing !
This morning I was at RAC 8400 and credit about 10,740,000.
See actually at my signature
So I can't understand !
Best regards from Belgium ( 17.00 GMT)

You ongoing credit and RAC is supplied from the main database.

However the user stats are supplied from the replica to lighten the load on the main database.

Hundreds of users looking up their latest figures was slowing the main DB down so this function was transferred to the replica.

As the replica is down and will be till it is rebuilt from the main during the Tuesday outage, do not expect to see any change till at least Wednesday,
12) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1823018)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Many of you may remember I have posted several pictures of the common grey squirrel. Extremely common around south London

What you also may or may not know it that along with loss of habitat the imported grey has almost totally wiped out the domestic red squirrel in the UK.

Except in a few places. The Isle of Wight being one.

Today as I was reversing my car out of my dads driveway, I finally saw this on the neighbours lawn


"The Isle of Wight is one of the few places in England where the red squirrel is flourishing, with a stable population (Brownsea Island is another), and unlike most of England, no grey squirrels are to be found on the island"
13) Message boards : Politics : Donald Trump for President? (Message 1822836)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
This time, it's helping Trump.

Which of course is the whole idea.
14) Message boards : Politics : Donald Trump for President? (Message 1822834)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Any man who says he has never engaged in such a conversation regarding a woman is either a lying hypocrite or Gay(no slur intended)

Wow, I obviously belong to a different generation, or different class of man.

I have and never would use language like that when talking to other men.

I have heard that sort of language from others, who I held with the deepest contempt.

You have a completely different way of looking at women and it is not good.

just goes to prove what several women have said on these forums.

Sexism is rife and seen as perfectly OK to admit you behave that way!!!
15) Message boards : Politics : China (Message 1821973)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I realise that some of you are not able to discuss things without getting personal

However can you please try, difficult as that may be.
16) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1821479)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Is that the ship "Sir David Atenbrogh" is replacing Bernie ?? ( all that sh#te with boaty mc boatface )

No this is only 3 years old and replaced the previous "Discovery III".

So this is actually Discovery IV and as far as I can tell the newest in the fleet until the RRS Sir David Attenborough arrives possibly in 2019.
17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1821348)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Today as I went for my daily walk along the shore I spotted an interesting looking ship on the horizon.

Even at that distance it looked a lot taller than the tankers and coasters I usually see.

I judged it would pass me just before I turned inland and it did.

The RSS(Royal Survey Ship) Discovery, just left Southampton en route to Liverpool.

Total one of a kind. Now that is something you don't see everyday in South London!!
18) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : [WIN10] GPU missing (Message 1821269)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
You are probably using the graphics driver installed by a Windows update, Windows drivers do not have OpenCL support as Windows doesn't require it.

Go to the Nvidia website and download the latest driver from there.

Only ever use Nvidia drivers if you are processing Seit@Home work units.
19) Message boards : Politics : I hope that this cop gets to feel the full force of the law. #3 (Message 1821124)
Posted 23 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Once again a thread descends into name calling.

It might be nice if the debate could continue without resorting to swear words, even edited ones.

Thank you.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU tribulations (Message 1820910)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Please no more red-x of the posts that you think need to be moved, each red-x creates an e-mail to all the moderators.

I know there are posts that need to be moved but it is a time consuming job.

If there is time they may be done later just not right now.

Thank you.

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