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Posted 21 hours ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Wll reading through these threads I have to conclude that:

Do you deny that you described the repeated mentioning and reminding all of Murdered Millions. As "dribbling" and "blathering".

The "dribbling and blathering" was a reference to the way you come across to most here and has absolutely no connection at all to the "Murdered Millions".

You are obviously intelligent and so you must realise that it is only you that people are fed up with not the message that unfortunately you are not getting across, quite the reverse.

Your previous mentions of Fidel Castro as one of these murdering tyrants actually prompted me to look into his life a lot deeper, and I have to say I believe he was a lot more sincere in his beliefs than most of the politicians in the USA or UK over the past 50 years.

So thank you for that, now a Castro believer and left supporter due to Clyde.
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Posted 1 day ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Sorry... I will not stop exposing the foundation of their beliefs.

Sorry where have you ever done that, all you do is seem to think that everyone who does not think like you "i.e left and right" are exposing themselves to ridicule everyday.

Well to me it is you who exposes themselves to be more and more radical. Before I read some of your posts I was never that bothered where I stood politically, now however I know I am much more of a supporter of left because of your one track messages that ask no meaningful questions and have never given a straight answer.

Left and proud of it, all because of Clyde!!
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Posted 1 day ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Unlike The Right, The KKK, The Nazi's, et al. Which brags and admits about their belief in their superiority. And therefore their Right to Control the Inferior People.

The Left, The Communists, The Progressives, et al. Which has the same foundational belief as The Right, et al.

#1- Lies to everyone else regarding their belief in their Superiority and therefore Right to Control.


#2 - Lies themselves.

If it is #2: The Left is more insane than The Right.

In your opinion.

This phrase is missing a lot from these threads.

I and perhaps others here believe themselves left of centre and do not wish to be compared to "The KKK, The Nazi's, et al." or to be described as "insane".

In many countries as well as America it seems to me that people like you are the real problem.
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Posted 2 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
OK a couple of train pics I got today and not an Amtrak in sight.

There was a steam excursion that passed through South Croydon station today, before it I got a better pic of two of the 700 class passing.

700016 and 700004, both are the 8 carriage set as it is Saturday it is less busy.

Also a nice view of the 3 banner repeater signals, needed due to the bridge.
Nowadays they are LED bulbs.

Amazing how "untidy" railways get

Now the steam excursion, It was the Bognor Belle, destined for Bognor Regis.

Hauling the train was LMS Royal Scot 41600
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Posted 2 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Use all the bandwidth you need, you won't be charged like other services.

Oh yes and the reason they broke all the links to my photos on the internet was exactly that, they wanted everyone to pay for using bandwidth.

So once you have paid, they won't charge you again for using the bandwidth, how nice of them.

And which are these "other services", I have found the top three are totally free.

Seems they are indeed feeling the pinch, but what did they expect!!

Sorry but even if the offered it free, I would not go back to them.
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Posted 2 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Well it seems that not many people here have had any dealing with Alexa ;-)

I have also received useful links in pm's

However I have looked at many websites to get ideas and help, but was hoping there would be a few here who would have had experience, but perhaps it is still too new.

I found nowhere that could help with my playlists, however by trial and error I have got Alexa to play them. Naming and pronunciation are obviously key.

Short unique names being of course best. I have prefaced all my playlists with my road name, as it is quite unusual it seems to work well.

However as I said it seems few here have any experience with the Alexa, so perhaps in the future some might come to me for advice.

Currently my Alexa switches on/off, and can dim, the living room light, my bedside light and switch on/off the washing machine.

Early days, the kitchen and landing lights are next :-)
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A little help with Alexa please (Message 1896401)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
When I originally posted this there was a complaint that I should not be able to state what sort of posts I do not want in the thread.

As I was not prepared to continue under those circumstances I hid the thread.

Now I have made a few amendments so I will reopen it.
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Posted 3 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Now first off a few suggestions, I want no negative posts telling me I should not have brought it.

(I have brought it so face facts)

No post that criticise Amazon, Google Microsoft etc

(No company is perfect, but I don't hate any of them, they have given me much enjoyment)

No post telling how stupid I am trusting my data to this or that company.

(I have had an Amazon account for 11 years, so they probably know more about me than most of you. As soon as I configured the DOT Alexa knew I lived in South Croydon)

All such posts will be totally ignored and even laughed at.

Is that better?

Now to business

I have brought an Echo Dot.

Basically "Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms and more"

Now I am totally stunned at what it can do, I already had purchased a couple of WI-Fi connected sockets while I was looking after my dad, and these have proved useful, but are even more so when I don't even have to find my phone to switch them on and off now. Just ask Alexa to. I enjoy my "news briefings" as I never read a newspaper.

As for music it is just great, I have a TV soundbar that I brought for my dad and now was not using, so I connected the DOT via Bluetooth. I have listened to so may old songs I could not be bothered to try and find and they play in a couple of seconds.

What I am looking for is any hints and tips anyone can give me on how to get the best out of "Alexa" the voice controlled assistant.

I do have one problem, you are supposed to be able to play any music you have downloaded from the Amazon store which seem to work however if I make a playlist in Amazon Music, Alexa cannot find it. Whether created with downloads or music I have uploaded. I have looked online and others have the same problem, but no resolution. Any advice would be gratefully received
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Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
RE: Subject

It is Kim who is the problem. Those submitting to his threats, are his enablers.

Note: Thank you tami. I will repost "Which part of: "That is not an attack on anyone" did you not understand?", in response to JE.

When I am attacked with worse.

Well I saw no attack, like it or not a Tami's statements as to how the world views the USA are unfortunately accurate. I for one don't agree totally but understand why many feel this way.

I think you will find there will be very little world support for the USA if they strike North Korea first.
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Posted 5 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Here are a couple of pictures from my walk last week, it was unfortunately grey and overcast, but I walked the Thames Path easterly this time from London Bridge to Canary Wharf, about 5 miles.

This is HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge.

This is a lot further on, the tower with the pointed roof is what many think of as "Canary Wharf" and is actually One Canada Square, which was the tallest building in the UK until the Shard was built.

I also came across this, just a little way off the Thames Path.

I actually had no idea what it was, I looked it up and it is the western portal of the Limehouse Link Tunnel

And yes that is an artwork, called "Restless Dream" by Zadok Ben-David, apparently the eastern port has and untitled abstract by Nigel Hall.

Well it seems that even at my age you can learn something new!

This week in the park, the staff have been busy trying to collect al the leaves, so I took a few pictures before they were all gone.

Here the red, fading to green at the edges, caugfht my eye.

Also having had a little play with Gnu's "Snapspeed" app, I did this to last weeks picture of the Shard.

11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Raccoon Update XXIV - All Are Welcome In The Critter Cafe (Message 1895907)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
As we don't have raccoons here, this is the next best thing, squirrels and their appeal is basically similar, they have proved to be intelligent and "eat with their paws".

I have seen them raid the park bins and somewhere have a picture of one eating pizza

Now having spent a year on the Isle of Wight where I only saw squirrels from the kitchen window and never on my daily walk, it is interesting that at this time of year the park is literally teeming with them, unfortunately grey not red, but they still appeal.

This one was sitting on one of the community gardens raised bed where we have just planted lot of saffron bearing crocus bulbs, hence the green netting. It seemed unfazed by me talking several pictures.

This was one of the many in the park the next day, pausing from digging to enjoy a snack.

12) Message boards : Number crunching : Maintenace slot - have we a free week? (Message 1895853)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Whilst it is later than usual, as it is only 6.22 am in Berkeley, don't get you hopes up just yet.
13) Message boards : Politics : 45 LOVERS and 45 NON-LOVERS Thread.....DREE THEIR WEIRDs (Message 1895850)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Just remember to Contribute donate to this important effort and earn a Green Star.

The presence or not of a green star is totally at the wish of person donating as green stars can be turned off.

I also set my adblocker to remove all green stars and badges, fairer that way.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Any help would be welcome for 8.22 ocl wu's. (Message 1895760)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
As you haven't replied to the last post in the thread about your 2 cards why start another thread?

And I believe the other thread has an answer as well.
15) Message boards : Politics : North Korea Two (Message 1895633)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
"100% of his subjects are willing to suicide to protect him [Kim]."

"Except in the DPRK that revolution, when Kim's dad starved them, didn't happen and they now have a thriving advanced economy totally dedicated to destroying the bully USA."

OK I whilst I don't believe 100% of the population would die to protect Kim I suspect a very large number would as they have been indoctrinated to believe his family is god. Him and his family are the only leaders in the world that have stood up against the American warmongers and war criminals (you know there is the Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities).

And of course the revolution didn't happen and of course "The Dear leader" would have never starved his people. History has been "corrected"

And as to the last line I believe it should read "and they now have a thriving advanced military economy totally dedicated to destroying the bully USA"

With little or no outside contact with the world and a cult of leadership worship what else would you expect.

Now having given my thoughts can I ask that when you quote Gary you also now quote me in full, just to put the record straight and to make it even more boring that it is at the moment.

Just to let you know most people posting here are not goldfish with a 7 second attention span and are well able to remember who say what and don't to need reminding every few posts!
16) Message boards : Politics : 45 LOVERS and 45 NON-LOVERS Thread.....DREE THEIR WEIRDs (Message 1895632)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
to look at something with a prejudiced view


Is the other one as vacant?

Welcome tami....

The other "vacant" (your description) ones were getting intellectually boring.

Guessing the "vacant" (your description) ones needed another backup.

:) :) :)

Well I took that to mean was the other "eye" as vacant as as the first.
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Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Does that include batteries for radios, vehicles and other such items?

As long as the vehicle has no I/C's it should be fine, which will of course eliminate all modern vehicles, emergency services included, unless they have been hardened.

Also all computers, mobile phones, two way radios will be affected
18) Message boards : Politics : North Korea Two (Message 1895305)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I do not think there were may transistor radios and certainly no I/C's back then, so a moot point really.
19) Message boards : Politics : 45 LOVERS and 45 NON-LOVERS Thread.....DREE THEIR WEIRDs (Message 1895303)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Can the two of you please act like adults.

If you wish a post to be hidden red-x it and explain your reasons.

Please do not red-x it just to comment on the post!

So far all I see is the same attack and counter attack that adds absolutely nothing positive to the discussion.

And please DO NOT comment on this post. Just try and discuss a subject without always trying to get "one up " over the other.
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Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
For starters EMP will only affect that which is connected & in use

Are you actually 100% sure of that.

As far as I can discover, anything with a chip in will be fried on or off. Unless "hardened"

Also the electricity grid will mostly be trashed.

Next 20

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