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1) Message boards : Politics : Donald Trump for President? (Message 1820269)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I don't understand the rules when Glenn gets away with that stuff and others have been censored or banned for the same thing.

It is called a "red-X" if you really think all the moderators have the time or inclination to read through all of these post well sorry. I do my best but with the amount of posts recently, I and possibly other mods rely on being alerted to possible breaking of the rules.

As a moderator shall I tell you my least favourite task each day? Reading the Politics Forum.

Please keep this in mind before accusing the mods of bias.
2) Message boards : Politics : Hillary Clinton - the next president of America? (Message 1819611)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
As usual these threads descend into personal attacks

It would be nice if people could just discuss, without name calling.

But I suspect it will never happen.

If you all have quite finished can we please get back on topic.

3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1818961)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I had heard that the sunsets at Fort Victoria can be pretty spectacular.

So this evening I took a stroll there.

The sun sets at the moment directly behind Hurst Castle on the mainland.

It was quite cloudy but there were lost of breaks.

This was what it looked like when I arrived.

Slowly the sun dropped below the cloud and I got this.

Finally the sun dropped below the horizon

There were quite a lot of people there and it was quite a spectecal.
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link Discussion Thread IV (Message 1818953)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl is a video game
5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link # 89 (Message 1818952)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link # 89 (Message 1818921)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : intergalactic quotes 2 (Message 1818869)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Ford Prefect: "I read of one planet in the seventh dimension got used as a ball in a game of intergalactic bar billiards. Got potted straight into a black hole, killed ten billion people."

Finally, HHGttG!

Only scored 30 points, too.

Now that's THIS from? "I'm afraid you have us mistaken for somebody else. My name's not 'Turkey' and neither is his!"


May I say, in a friendly way that since' you're wrong, "A double-dumb### on you!"?

Is that not Star Trek The Voyage Home
8) Questions and Answers : Web site : Tasks running but they don't appear on the website (Message 1818599)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Tuesday is the SETI@Home outage day for maintenance and backups.

When it returns the replica database is often lagging the master. As the replica is where the users queries go they will lag by the same amount.

Anytime to see what the delay is go here

Server Status Page

And look at the "Database/File Status" where you can see any delay.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : A Windows 10 update that blocks OpenCL use (Message 1818596)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I think you will find that this is due to Windows installing its own driver which does not include any OpenCL component.

This has been going on for a while now and there are several threads about it.

You need to reinstall the graphics driver for your card from the Nvidia website.
10) Message boards : Politics : Crimea 7 (Message 1818591)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
I have noticed that this thread is turning into a personal name calling session.

Please remember this is supposed to be a discussion forum.

So discuss the message not the person.

Please no more name calling, and that includes "flooder"

Just because you disagree with someone doesn't automatically make them wrong.

Find reliable evidence to support your view.

Thank you
11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Caring for others - tips and hints, support and strategies, or just plain offloading (Message 1818044)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Annie, I cannot imagine how you cope as well as you do.

Now I am caring for my dad every day I find it totally different from what I expected. Whilst he is 92 he is still fairly "with it". It is mostly his mobility and eyesight that I am helping out with.

However his short term memory is not all it was. He has 7 pills in the morning and 2 at night, all sorted by me into a 14 compartment pills box.

It is really difficult to get him to remember the evening ones and if I ask if he has taken them I feel like you, I can't go and check because he would get upset.

He also cannot get the hang of recycling rubbish, I am an avid recycler and here we have have separate places to put things, now instead of pointing out that cans bottles and paper go in a different bin to the other rubbish, I just have to check now and then to see what he has thrown in the wrong place.

I think my most important function to him is to be able to come to the rescue when as he has trouble seeing the TV remote button he gets totally lost in the mass of channels now available, I can find the correct channel or more importantly navigate the menu to play old recorded episodes of Heartbeat. I think if I never hear that tune again it will be too soon!!

He is fiercely independent and really didn't want me coming here, luckily he has seen the benefit I can be.

The worst thing for me was finding out how badly he has lost control of his money, and to me seeing my father in that light really hurt, he is a proud man and cannot remember how it got so bad. Luckily I am hoping to restore control.

Still as he is 92 all I can do is try to make his twilight years as easy as possible.

Thinking of the strong independent man I knew and seeing him now brings tears to my eyes.

My one thought is he is my dad, I will do what I can.
12) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1818042)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Nice, Quick question: When you've settled in, will you still be providing photos on the train thread?

Been missing them.

Well to be perfectly honest I don't know, looking after my dad is not too stressful but he does have routines and I leave myself free to be able to help out as and when.

Unfortunately because of the distance from where this computer is to the router I am not able to get a good enough connection to watch streaming videos for long periods.

However things might change, too early to tell.
13) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1817996)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
As I have previously mentioned I am currently living on the Isle Of Wight, just outside the town of Yarmouth.

Everyday I go for a walk along the shore to the town and back again. Today being Sunday there were a few pleasure seekers about.

They certainly don't hang about.

As I got closer to Yarmouth I noticed across the marina an unusual vessel moored at the pier.

It appeared to be a paddle steamer, not a lot of those about.

In fact it was The PS Waverley

The very last ocean going passenger carrying paddle steamer in the world. Fittingly moored at the end of the only operational wooden pier in the British Isles.

As luck would have it she cast off and moved away.

She was on a pleasure trip from Southampton, Yarmouth, Bournemouth, Swanage and Weymouth returning this evening going "round the island"

I like this last picture as the regular Isle of Wight ferry stops to let the Waverley pass.

PS. I would post more pictures but Photobucket is just so slow it is annoying and none of the other picture sites allow me to put all my pictures in folders the same way as PB does.
14) Message boards : Politics : Is Donald J Trump a Rapist? (Message 1817681)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
As this thread has degenerated into childish name calling it will be locked for a cool down
15) Questions and Answers : Preferences : can't edit my profile (Message 1817096)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
i've been a member of seti for years,

Not on this account it was just created today
16) Message boards : Politics : Hillary Clinton - the next president of America? (Message 1816739)
Posted 17 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Can we please keep to the subject of the thread.

Personal attacks are not constructive.
17) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Please explain the graphics to me. (Message 1815373)
Posted 23 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
Whilst this is quite old I believe it is stil valid

Screensaver Graphics
18) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Photographs by Setizens - Originals only - any subject (Message 1815236)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile Bernie Vine
So no longer residing in south London, I now call the Isle of Wight home on a semi permanent basis. I will be staying with my father who at 92 is starting to need someone on hand to help.

Today I got broadband installed which seem to work just fine, however trying to connect to the router from the spare room is posing a few challenges, wi-fi is a bit weak and "powerline adaptors just don't work.

However I will attempt to post a few pictures that have taken longer to upload to photobucket than I am used to.

Just for those who may not have seen one this is a Lymington to Yarmouth Whightlink ferry, the same one in fact that brought my overladen car across last week.

Picture taken from the Yarmouth pier.

One of the tourist attractions some may have heard of is the Needles, a rock formation of the western tip of the Island.

I decided to have a look on Sunday afternoon. To get there you have to walk down a road to the Needles Battery, looking back you can see the cliff of Alum Bay Famous for its multicoloured sand.

The needles apparently take their name from a thin pillar called "Lots Wife" that collapsed into the sea back in the 18th Century

That is the first view you get and yes that is a lighthouse at the end, however it has been automatic since 1994.

The "battery" I mentioned earlier was just that a 19th century gun emplacement to keep the French away form our shores, expanded later and used right up to the end of WW2, What I did not know was that in 1951, it was taken over to test rocket engines!!

Known as the High Down rocket test site

The remains of which have been preserved by the National Trust

Including a lot of the underground rooms. However as I wandered around looking for any signs of the old rocket test facility I saw this.

Note the black "plant" marked by the arrow.

Closer inspection revealed

20 or so cut off co-ax cables, quite an odd thing to see on a National Trust property.

This end of the battery also gave one of the best views of the Needles, including the gap where Lots Wife used to stand.

All in all a pleasant and instructive afternoon. I took a lot more pictures, hopefully when I sort out connection here I will try to post some more.
19) Questions and Answers : Getting started : How come I cannot post anywhere else ? (Message 1813803)
Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Profile Bernie Vine
I assumed you were aware what the project was all about.

It is called SETI@Home because it allows the scans from the telescopes to be converted into work units that can be "crunched" by home computers. In the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

The processing of work units on home computers is the prime reason the site exists, all the forums and discussions are really secondary.

SETI@home was the first and is the largest distributed computing project and has nothing what so ever to do with "bitcoin"

I am not sure what you expected.
20) Questions and Answers : Getting started : How come I cannot post anywhere else ? (Message 1813738)
Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Profile Bernie Vine
You have to have a computer connected to the project. Which currently you do not.

That computer has to download work units and process them.

Then return the results.

All work units are sent to two computers so that they can be verified. Once this has happened you will receive "credit" for the work done.

You will then be able to post in the main forums when your RAC or Recent Average Credit, is more than 1. This is average credit over time, so to continue to be able post you have to continue to process work.

The arrangement is to stop advertising and other spam on the main forums.

This area of the forums does not require credit to post so newcomers such as yourself can ask questions.

Hope this helps.

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