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1) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1744482)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
I have "tidied" the thread.

Seems the Empire Builder 7(22) had a run in with a gravel truck yesterday.

Empire Builder vs gravel truck

That will put 91 out of service for a while.

Also noticed that both the Southwest Chief 3 and 4 had only one P42 yesterday

And a first for me, The City of New Orleans 58, arrived with 158 and 120.

Then 5 hours later the pair left on the California Zephyr 5.

I have not see a "pair" of P42's moved to another srevice so quickly.

Seems to me there might just be a shortage of power.
2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1743873)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
MH got an incredible, unbelievable shot: AMTK 592 actually moving cars.

Well I saw that too!!

I have actually seen it a few times moving cars, I will have to see if I have the pics.

Well the snow has moved east to Indiana, to Chesterton to be precise.

The west bound 49 kicking up some snow.

Also spread south west to Galesburg IL

Still snowing at Rochelle IL.

Seems to be raining at Chicago, camera still covered in water drops, no good shots today.
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Weather Forecasts VII (Message 1743808)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Just so not to feel left out, it is currently snowing here in South London.

Typical, the first Saturday in a long while I have two jobs in the City!!!
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1743807)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
In keeping with the report of snow in Illinois I had a quick look at the Railstream cams.

Unfortunatly Chicago has snow on the cam.

So 518 is just about visable.

However at Rochelle a waiting UP 3864 makes a good pic..

So snowy cameras and lots of white on the menu for a while now!!
5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link # 85 (Message 1743287)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1743084)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Also, as I mentioned, they're not F40PHs

Somewhere in the back of my addled brain I did know that!

They are of course GP40FH-2's

As you say the front is different, however looking through my pictures all the F40PH's I seem to have see recently have been pointing the other way.

Of course the irony of that statement is I see loads of F40PH's everyday, but have stopped noticing them!!

For those who like me can't tell a GP40FH-2 from an F40PH, here are a couple of clues

This is an F40PH

Of course Metra have a few, they pass the camera so often I don't tend to see them.

And this is one of the GP40FH-2's in question

Seen together the difference is rather obvious so I apologise for misleading anyone.
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1742972)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
OK a few more for the "collection"

Not sure if this applies to all railfans but I have always been interested in numbers, and symmetry, so this was a "good catch" for me.

196, on the incoming City of New Orleans, and 195 on the outgoing 391 bound for Carbondale.

Another ACS64 turned up on Saturday.

#663 on the wye, the shorter days are already causing problems with the shadows!!

I have mentioned that the Hoosier State IPH train recently has both F40PH's on one end.

Well yesterday deadheading on the Cardinal 4144 was all alone no sign of either 4137 or the seldom glimpsed 4135. Hopefully they don't have serious problems!!

I have been watching Chesterton on and off for nearly a year now, but sometimes it still surprises!!

9 locos in full view, but wait, there's more!

Three more for a total of twelve!!


Quite a sight!

And finally Railstream is testing a new camera at Bellevue Ohio, the camera is in the grounds of the Mad River & NKP Railroad museum

Up close a personal with a shiny NS 5262 an ex-Conrail GP38-2

I like how close the camera is to the track, hopefully get a few good shots!!
8) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link # 85 (Message 1742919)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What would you like to see for XMAS under the proverbial tree? (Message 1742502)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Thread is starting to drift towards the dreaded "p" word.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC 7.6.9 - Scheduler behaves strange. (Message 1742272)
Posted 10 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Not good to lie about theses things when your talking to someone that's 52 and had his first computer when he was 17 which means I've seen and had pretty much every gen of MoBo and CPU and GPU that's come out .

Please do not accuse others of lying.

It took me two minutes to find there is one similar to the one Richard posted currently on sale on ebay.
11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1741851)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Please no more even slightly political comments.

This is for "train fans" view of trains.

As Gary pointed out there is now a thread in politics for the discussion of the CHRSA, lets keep it there please.
12) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Any good Xmas ads on your TV channels? (Message 1741821)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
The 6th of December will mark one year since I last watched TV.

Can't say I missed it and certainly not the adverts!!
13) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1741697)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Caught this quartet at Chesterton yesterday and thought it made an unusual mix.

In the lead was AC44CW CP 8645

As usual for CP very grubby, the number 2 was no better

SD40-2 CP 5833

Old and tatty. Next was a bit better CSX 5204 an ES40DC,

I have noticed that CSX tend to keep their locos looking better.

However the "jewel in the crown" was the last loco, by far the best of the lot

LTEX 3815

A recently rebuilt ex-ATSF GP35. Apparently the job was done by CAD Rail in Montreal for Larry's Truck and Electric now a GP38-M and on lease to CN.
14) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1741297)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Today's 6 detoured via UP east from Omaha.

AFAIK, 5 went the normal way.

Indeed, I didn't even see the 6, it was on the Amtrak map way north of usual route.

I have been a little "distracted" lately, and while I have seen a few interesting things have not had time to post, and unfortunately things aren't likely to get better soon.

I have just had a quick look at what I have saved and I thought I would start with this lesson in rail safety and apparently a growing problem.

Yes, taking pictures on working tracks!! I could not believe the female photographer actually "sitting down" on the main line from Union Station.

They took lots more moving about on the tracks, only to have to run quickly when an incoming Metra train sounded it's horn, the incoming ones have the loco at the rear so don't make a lot of noise. Total lunacy!!

Anyway onto trains :-)

This very strange consist came down the wye earlier this week.

Some sort of "viewing car", not sure it has enough lights!

Followed by a similar coach, all I could see( the light was pretty bad) it was CP.

Then this

A little "house" on wheels :-)


CP 2206 with is a GP20C-ECO, a "new" rebuild.

So not sure what that was all about.

Now I have mentioned that I only see the IPH Hoosier state when it is brought to Chicago on a Monday. It never usually turns on the wye as it has an F40PH at either end. Well recently that has changed.

Last Wednesday, both 4137 and 4144 together, then on Sunday

Still together but 4137 facing the other way, they were still like that when they came in on the Cardinal on Monday, again these little things always make me wonder why.

Then yesterday while I was busy doing other things I automatically recorded Amtrak 49 (The Lake Shore Limited) passing through Chesterton, I didn't even notice the fact it has 3 locos until it turned on the wye later.

So what you may say, well apart from it having a fading "Big Game Train" as number 2, it had my very first P32AC-DM, 704 the "DM" stands for "dual mode" which means as well as being a diesel electric, it also runs on "3rd rail".

They are used primarily on trains in and out of NY Penn station which is underground and has long tunnels leading to and from it. They bring the Lake Shore to Albany NY, where it joins up with the consist form Boston, which has diesels on. The P32's then takes the returning Lakeshore back to NY.

It looks a bit tatty from both sides.


Still always nice seeing something different.

I assume it has come to Chicago for work of some sort.
15) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1741082)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Thanks for the info David, I wondered why the 3 left with 6 Coach cars rather than the 3 it normally has!!
16) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1740924)
Posted 16 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor

Shares of Norfolk Southern spiked Monday after a report that the company was being eyed by Canadian Pacific.

According to a Bloomberg report, railway company Canadian Pacific is exploring a possible takeover bid of the U.S. transportation company.

Shares of Norfolk Southern surged more than 12 percent after being temporarily halted. Shares of Canadian Pacific were up over 6 percent.

Good or bad?

Also California Zephyr in service disruption both ways, the 6 due at Chicago today is no longer showing on map and 5 due to leave, hasn't. Also Southwest Chief 4 is currently over 5 hours late.
17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Raccoon Update XXII - All Are Welcome In The Critter Cafe (Message 1740570)
Posted 17 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Took this a few days ago on a damp misty morning.

Hundreds of perfect spheres of all sizes.

The world reflected in drops of water.

Isn't nature wonderful :-)
18) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1740191)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
There have been a few things worthy of posting however I have been distracted and not got them ready for posting!!

However today LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado came to town

It was hauling the Belmond British Pullman lunch train

For those who are unaware it was built in 2008, the first steam train to be built in the UK for 48 years

Also it is the only example of an LNER Peppercorn Class A1 locomotive in existence, the entirety of the original production batch having been scrapped without preservation.

Unfortunately I was expecting it to pass on the opposite platform, however as you can see it came in on the platform I was on!!

Bit too close for a good shot.

Full story of 60163 HERE I would have linked to the main site but Google said it may have been hacked!!

Also bringing up the rear was one of the "Royal Train" loco's 67006 "Royal Sovereign"

Which are painted in different colours from the other 67's

Although as you can see it still bears the EWS logo, when in fact the company was sold to Deutsche Bahn, in 2007 and in January 2009 re-branded as DB Schenker.

Wonder if they will get round to painting them in their bright red paint!!
19) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Train Thread 2 (Message 1739171)
Posted 23 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
Well finally after I have missed it 3 times, and after a longish wait it arrived, on a nice clear November day!!

Yes the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus Train (RED) passed through Chesterton about and hour ago with NS 6798 (SD60M) leading NS 8842 (C40-9).

The full video is here

RBBB Red Train
20) Message boards : Cafe SETI : LBVCR 2015 (Message 1738894)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile Bernie VineProject donor
The LBVCR or to give it is proper title the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, takes place on the first Sunday of every November and commemorates the Emancipation Run of 14 November 1896 which celebrated the passing into law of the Locomotives on the Highway Act, which raised the speed limit for 'light locomotives' from 4 mph to 14 mph and abolished the requirement for these vehicles to be preceded by a man on foot.

What this means is that around 400 vehicles registered before 1905 pass by the end of my road here in south London.

Today for the first time I can remember it was sunny and mild, so here is a very few pictures (I took over 300) to give you peek at the event.

Remember the roads are not closed the veterans have to take on the London traffic!!

Lets start with a 1902 Oldsmobile

A 1902 Pierce

1901 American Bicycle Company

An 1899 Decau-ville

Quite a few of the participants get dressed up for the event.

That was a 1902 James and Browne

For those of you in the UK who may have seen the odd TV motoring program.

Ed China was at the wheel of this 1903 MMC

For some the enthusiasm knows no bounds

A 1900 Darraq and an 1899 De Dion Bouton.

Of course there is always the odd interloper

Not sure who looked more worried the rider or the occupants of the 1904 Talbot.

And finally another "Olds" this time 1901

The website is here

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