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41) Message boards : Politics : Lump of rock or artwork? (Message 1568816)
Posted 7 Sep 2014 by Profile Hev
42) Message boards : Politics : So, where is the thread against Islamic violence? (Message 1568103)
Posted 6 Sep 2014 by Profile Hev
Almost as soon as the troubles in Gaza blew up, we got the " The Israel and Palestine conflict" thread, with lots of criticism of Israel's response.

The title asks the question, give us your answers, or do I have to assume the worst?

What is the worst that you assume?
43) Message boards : Politics : The racial teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Founder of Anthroposophy and Waldorf education (Message 1564206)
Posted 29 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
Well i haven't and after reading that i know why . Another crack pot .

You don't have to be a brainiac to see it's all B/S Gooba Gaba

Another arty farty person who thought he was better than every one else .

I have very little time for so called ppl in the arts . Stuck up , pompuse , insulting nobody's .

Politeness is a form of insult and i have no time for pretentious ppl

We're not all like that, Glenn.
44) Message boards : Politics : Are humans born evil? (Message 1562947)
Posted 27 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
This morning, I remembered Genevieve Lhermitte, a Belgian housewife who killed her five children, very sad story:( That woman must've been born evil. How could she have cold bloodedly killed her five children otherwise??

She even sued her shrink, bad bad woman...

After being sentenced to life imprisonment, Lhermitte filed a lawsuit seeking €3m in damages against her psychiatrist, Diderik Veldekens. She said that had her psychiatrist rushed to see her while she was in her disturbed state, the crime would not have been committed. Lhermitte wanted to “secure recognition of the prejudice genuinely suffered” due to the psychiatrist’s alleged inaction.[16] During the trial, Veldekens reported meeting with Lhermitte after a first alarming letter, but couldn't meet with her on February 13, 2007 due to his full schedule.[17] In December 2011, the case was dismissed against Veldekens. The court ruled that the criminal charges against the psychiatrist were "irrelevant."[18]

It looks like the woman had serious mental health problems rather than being "evil". She should have been sent to a psychiatric facility rather than prison as she wasn't responsible for her actions.

A very sad story all round.
45) Message boards : Politics : The reassertion of whiteness in Canada (Message 1562826)
Posted 27 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
Although to be fair, the political wing of Fox News aka The Tea Party are blatantly racist.

Thanks Es99 at least some get what i am on about there is hope yet for you all :)

EDIT Cylde some understand why i say the Tea party is Republican even if they are the ratbags of the Republican party run by Mr Rupert Murdoch the scumbag traitor , criminal

Glenn, don't even get me started on scumbag* Murdoch.

*a favourite derogatory term I love that is non gender specific. Ratbag is good too.
46) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict - Part 2 (Message 1562770)
Posted 27 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
Until the next time..........

Indefinite Gaza Ceasefire
47) Message boards : Politics : The reassertion of whiteness in Canada (Message 1562497)
Posted 26 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
From a few of the posts by our Canadian setiziens they will be voting the Tea Party of Canada out next time .

When i saw Tony Abbot And the Canadian pm come out all lovy dovey i thought you poor Bastas your have a Dumb Dumb in power like us

So to America please don't follow us and the Canadians and vote your Tea Party back in when you have your election please learn from use vote the other party what ever that is can't be as bad as the current bunch of mungrels

Glenn, I don't think it matters if we try and vote the current government out because this is what happens. This was last year's Federal Court ruling in Canada. They're still there...

confirmed - Canada 2011 polls fraudelant
48) Message boards : Politics : The reassertion of whiteness in Canada (Message 1562279)
Posted 25 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
"Aboriginals" - I take it that you mean the native North Americans, Indians, if so why didn't you just go ahead and say so.

big no no here you can not call the Kori's "Aboriginals" they are either Kori or First peoples and Canada is not the only country that treated the First peoples badly we here did too .

And i'll say it till the cows come home

It's them Bloody Liberals that did it and are doing it again even down here

So Cliff it's first peoples not aborigianal or native north Americans

It's First Peoples

First Peoples and Aboriginal are interchangeable terms.

A Note on Terminology: Inuit, Metis, First Nations, and Aboriginal
49) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict - Part 2 (Message 1562153)
Posted 25 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
Gaza version of the ice bucket challenge - The Gaza Rubble Challenge
50) Message boards : Politics : Are humans born evil? (Message 1560369)
Posted 22 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
As a marxist, that's me damned
51) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict - Part 2 (Message 1560368)
Posted 22 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
"Israel has killed fewer people in Gaza than the number of rockets indiscriminately fired into the Israeli cities!"

What does this mean?
52) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict - Part 2 (Message 1560356)
Posted 22 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
And we know for a fact that Israel actively targets civilians.


I think the 80% civilian casualty rate speaks volumes to this. And honestly, if you use 155mm Artillery to hit such small targets, you implicitly are trying to cause as much damage to the surrounding area and everyone who is still there.

They are not examples of directly targeting civilians.

Go find an example to support your claim or shut up.

And where is your balanced statement, when in the last few days Hamas has said it is deliberately targeting Tel Aviv airport.

Rather than going by the rhetoric, what people say, look at what they do. Look at the pictures and news reports from Gaza, look at the statistics and if you still can't condemn the massacre that Israel is inflicting on Gaza, what can I say?

Telling people to shut up is rude.
53) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict - Part 2 (Message 1560135)
Posted 21 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
Hamas admits to the kidknapping and killing of the three Israeli students that started this latest conflict.

Claim by Saleh al-Arouri, a founder of Hamas's military wing, is doubted by experts and not supported by other Hamas sources
54) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1559448)
Posted 20 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
Here is another connection between Missouri and Gaza.

Having lost the argument:

They are slipping into silliness and irrelevance.

I don't understand what you mean Clyde. Who are they and what is the silliness and irrelevance?
55) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1559314)
Posted 20 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
Here is another connection between Missouri and Gaza. People in Gaza are showing solidarity by tweeting to the people of Ferguson on how to deal with tear gas.

gaza strip tweets ferguson about how to deal with tear gas

Another: Israel trained police "occupy" Missouri after killing black youth
56) Message boards : Politics : I hope that this cop gets to feel the full force of the law. (Message 1559032)
Posted 19 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
You seem to be completely unaware that black people are often treated totally differently by the police than white people.

often not equal to always, so why are you assuming that there was racism? are you perpetuating a stereotype?

You really don't get it, do you?
57) Message boards : Politics : May you live in Interesting Times - The new force of China? (Message 1557713)
Posted 16 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
China dissident lawyer Gao Zhisheng 'destroyed by jail'

Leading Chinese dissident, Gao Zhisheng, has been "utterly destroyed" after three years in jail, says his international lawyer, Jared Gensher.

Mr Gao - who was released from prison last week - was emotionless, "basically unintelligible" and had lost teeth through malnutrition...

No comment should be needed...

I wonder what has happened to Ai Weiwei of late?

All in our only one world,

:( Thanks for the links Martin, even though they're very sad and disturbing :(

Ms He has urged the Chinese government to allow Mr Gao to seek treatment in the United States, where she and their two children have been living since 2009.

I do hope they will, but...

I had a friend from China who had come to Britain on an emergency visa as a 24year old after her sister and brother-in-law died in a car accident here. She'd left her two very young children behind with her husband. Her son was 6 weeks old and her daughter was 2. The plan was for her to return to China taking her sister's three children (all born in the UK) with her as there were no other relatives here. The Chinese government refused her right of re-entry with the children, because they were British and because she had "violated the one-child policy". She could not leave them behind. She always thought "in a few weeks they'll grant my appeal..." It never happened. On top of having huge problems with the immigration office here, for the next 20 years the Chinese authorities played with her head, for no reason other than they could, and when her sister's children were technically old enough that she could leave them here, it then became she could not return because she had become a naturalised British subject herself. Lan never saw her children again. She died three years ago :(

That's a really sad story anniet, how heartbreaking never to see your children again. Heartless and cruel.

Martin, also thanks for the links, but update on Ai Weiwei earlier this year..
an interview with ai weiwei
58) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1557640)
Posted 16 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
I'll take that one with a pinch of saltder.

Can the EU actually pull it off?

I'll take the tunnel letter with a pinch of salt I think. Especially as the article was illustrated with a photo of the latest tunnel under the Mexican border.

The EU proposal sounds interesting though.
59) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1557405)
Posted 15 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev (aesthetic not bloody)

some lovely old photos of Palestinians in Palestine
60) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1556602)
Posted 14 Aug 2014 by Profile Hev
But what about the support Hamas must be getting, probably from Qatar in the UAE and possibly Turkey. Hamas cannot have or build arms without outside aid, and all the building materials for the tunnels doesn't come cheap. I read somewhere that the tunnels Israel destroyed probably cost ~$20 million.

And how much support does Israel need, quote from Wiki on Israels economy -
The economy of Israel is a market economy. As of 2012, Israel ranks 16th among 187 nations on the UN's Human Development Index, which places it in the category of "Very Highly Developed"

and it's citizen pay, almost an arm and a leg to import some goods, import duty on new car is 120% on value at import port, and it must be of very specific standards.

Your last paragraph is quite Freudian because all I've seen in the news the last few weeks is arms, legs, a multitude of body parts from the slaughtered civilians of Gaza.

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