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41) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1544077)
Posted 32 days ago by Profile Hev
What do you make of this? Another take on it all:

I think that people have to stop reading spurious blogs.

This spurious blog is an update of an article in the Guardian from a week ago.

Apart from that, Israel is using collective punishment which is a war crime under the Geneva Convention (which Israel is a signatory to).

The Gaza strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world comprising 1.7 million people on 140 square miles. Half the population are children. Gaza is tightly blockaded by Israel and the population is a sitting target for whatever inhumane and sadistic cruelty Israel wishes to leash on it.
42) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1543825)
Posted 32 days ago by Profile Hev
Innocent people are being killed.

Very sad :(

A 5 months old baby, what in God's name has it done wrong??:(

I don't have anything against Jewish people but they are quite persistent and egocentric at times...:( They also seem to have a strong urge to 'conquer' what they believe is already theirs, but is it really theirs?

Very sad, but .... frequently terrorists hide behind "innocents", or store weapons in places like schools and hospitals.

There is a recent video showing a middle aged Arab claiming to be innocent and asking why Israel bombed his house, turns out he has four sons who were all living in the house, all members of Hamas.

Hamas won a major parliamentary election in Gaza in 2006 and is a legitimate Palestinian organisation.

Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections - Washington Post
43) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1543665)
Posted 33 days ago by Profile Hev

Just one question.

If (fill-in the blank) were firing Children Killing Weapons at you. They continually announce they are doing this because YOUR Country should 'disappear'. They will not renounce this. They cheer in the street, and give out candy, rejoicing in the Murder of three of your children.

What do you do to stop these people from killing YOUR Children?

Again, which side are you referring to here?

Question. Which side rejoices and hands out candy, regarding the Murder of Three Civilian Youths?

Bombing of Gaza children gives me “orgasm”: Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook

SICK SICK people....

Did the Israeli Government handout candy? Did the Israeli people celebrate in the streets?

A few Social Media deranged persons are not the above.

The only difference is one group has access to the internet.

Since that is a negative. What will be your next excuse?

Did the Israeli Government hand out candy? Did the Israeli people celebrate in the streets?

Why do you keep on wittering on about the Israeli Government handing out candy when an act of ethnic cleansing is taking place against the inhabitants of Gaza?
44) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1543622)
Posted 33 days ago by Profile Hev
This land is mine

Short cartoon film showing the history of this region.

The soundtrack is from the film Exodus. The film, and the book it was based on, certainly influenced my thinking in relation to the formation of the state of Israel and who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. I read it at an impressionable age.

As the end of this short film points out, there is only one winner.
45) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1543390)
Posted 33 days ago by Profile Hev
Israel just upped the anti. They just invaded Gaza.

Not all Jewish people are Zionists

Jewish Voice for Peace
46) Message boards : Politics : The Israel and Palestine conflict (Message 1543239)
Posted 33 days ago by Profile Hev
Highlights from recent debate in UK parliament regarding war crimes, expansion of illegal settlements etc. by Israel

Israel accused of war crimes
47) Message boards : Politics : 'Ordinary people'? (Message 1539431)
Posted 40 days ago by Profile Hev
You have no respect for life at all.

You cannot see a child, you see cells.

You see no rights of that child, just your own.

The pain of child birth has no bearing on the matter, you offer a canard.

I suggest you go and sit on an ice pick.
48) Message boards : Politics : 'Ordinary people'? (Message 1539255)
Posted 40 days ago by Profile Hev
My hand is up. I had pre eclampsia with my first child.
49) Message boards : Politics : Corporations are people? (Message 1537683)
Posted 43 days ago by Profile Hev

ID you closed your case.

50) Message boards : Politics : Corporations are people? (Message 1534669)
Posted 49 days ago by Profile Hev
Women, systematically mistreated for millennia are gradually gaining the political and economic power traditionally denied them.

Hopefully, Byron, hopefully.
51) Message boards : Politics : Double standard on violence (Message 1521795)
Posted 84 days ago by Profile Hev

PMSNBC? Do explain what that is.

It is a satirical comment about how cable "news" channel MSNBC has a Pre Menstrual Syndrome hormonal influence. Thank you for asking.

52) Message boards : Cafe SETI : How do those of yous who live on the Ring of Fire feel? (Message 1508232)
Posted 117 days ago by Profile Hev
It was a bit stronger than the last one but I felt the last one more. Although it was felt in Vancouver as well but I don't think there was any damage anywhere. Hardly anyone felt it here, I don't know if the fact that my house shakes is a good sign or a bad sign..
53) Message boards : Cafe SETI : How do those of yous who live on the Ring of Fire feel? (Message 1507881)
Posted 118 days ago by Profile Hev
Thanks to this thread I've been checking everyday on the USGS site as I live in the ring of fire. Just felt my house shake less than an hour ago from the 6.7 in Port Hardy, British Columbia, so yes, I do feel a little bit anxious.

Will definitely have to keep up the earthquake insurance which is very expensive.
54) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (Message 1499980)
Posted 137 days ago by Profile Hev
I would love to post the recent short French film "Oppressed Majority" about a world run by women. It is also posted on the Guardian website but has a few rude words so I can't link to it.
55) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (Message 1498019)
Posted 141 days ago by Profile Hev
I don't think you understand the meaning of 'gender stereotype'. That is not like being part of a biker group or whatever, it means that each gender is supposed to behave in a certain way. Boys need to be rough, girls need to be delicate, boys get to play with Legos and toy soldiers, girls play with barbies and my little ponies, boys wear jeans, girls wear skirts. Those are gender stereotypes. They are social constructs and they are harmful because they diminish individual freedom. On top of that, some people actively promote these kind of stereotypes because they believe that is how people are supposed to act. Men work, women take care of the household and are to serve the men, that kind of thing. These stereotypes are therefor not the result of the 'public face' as much as they are behaviors that are actively taught to people.

Now people become slowly more aware of gender stereotypes and the effects they have on people and a lot of people want to get rid of them, as honestly, why shouldn't girls get to play with Lego and why shouldn't boys get to play with My Little Ponies. If that interests them, why should they be punished by their environment for liking certain kind of toys. But still plenty of people think different and they want to raise their children according to these stereotypes and clearly this school had a similar philosophy. Which is their business, its their right as private school and it is the right of the parents to send their children to such a school.

Just what decade are you living in,the 1930's ?


I can honestly say,that apart from younger brothers, I have never heard anyone say "You can't do that, you're a girl." Gender stereotypes have been dying since the end of the 1940's. I know because I've seen it happening. These days a female has choices. They can put on jeans and a T shirt or they can dress up in a slinky "little black dress" if that is their choice.

And that statement is the whole crux of the matter If That Is Their Choice !


I grew up in the 60's in the rural Deep South (U.S.A.) and I heard a number of times that I couldn't and many more times that I shouldn't, do something, say something, wear something because I was a girl. I was small and soft-spoken but no one could beat me on my bike or climb higher in the trees and I spent most of my summer days out in the woods with my dog. (I also decorated a dollhouse and dressed up the dogs in doll clothes). My mother could not have cared less, my grandmothers fretted about me and the neighbors most definitely disapproved. They were too scared of my mother to say anything to her but they made sure I knew there was something not quite right about me.

I was first asked how many children I wanted when I was 6 years old and I stopped hearing that question only recently (the grey hair may have something to do with that). I left that small rural community almost 30 years ago but it has made little difference where I've lived; strangers, coworkers and acquaintances have all felt free assume the primary purpose of my existence is to have children and all decisions ultimately must accommodate this reality. And they are free to question and comment on this matter as if it is their business as much as mine. No one ever asked my brother or male cousins about marriage and children. Even living in a large, cosmopolitan city and working with younger people it still shocks people when I jump up on the table to change the light bulb rather than waiting for some guy to do it for me. And the comment is not to wait for some younger person to do it; even the younger women in jeans and sneakers are expected to let a man, even a much older, less agile, or less competent man do certain tasks.

All of that may sound trivial to you but it is merely a taste of the omnipresent expectation that females must cheerfully submit to the judgement of others, particularly about their femininity, at all times. No stranger, on the street or in an office, has ever told my brother to smile or commented on his appearance but I've yet to meet a woman who hasn't experienced this and been told they are overreacting if they complain or are a bitch for not being pleased by the attention.

I started practicing the art of disappointing the expectations of others at a young age but even so adolescence and young adulthood were pretty brutal. We may have all had choices but the pressure to make the choice that proved our femininity to others was intense.

Which brings us back to Sunnie Kahle and Timberlake Christian School. The school has said Sunnie has not violated the rules. Girls may wear pants, cut their hair short and play sports. But the school has determined that Sunnie, in some undefined way, does not meet their standards for femininity and so should be pressured to choose not to wear pants or short hair, play sports or behave in any way others might think too "boyish". She is being asked to actively monitor her appearance, behavior, attitudes and interests to conform to a subjective standard that others will define for her when she fails to meet it. This is what almost every woman I've ever known has experienced to some degree and I've known many who have regretted decisions they made or grieved the angst they felt under this pressure.


Well said Snagletooth, thank you.
56) Message boards : Cafe SETI : How's life going for me? (Message 1497749)
Posted 142 days ago by Profile Hev
Hi anniet, the forums on Einstein used to be a haven for us to escape to when it got really nasty here. Perhaps time for another visit..
57) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (Message 1496299)
Posted 145 days ago by Profile Hev

You did just claim that someone was being treated as a second class citizen because her parents send her to a school which believes in traditional gender roles and asked the parents to make sure their child complies with them. Sorry but I think that before you can claim that you are being treated as a second class citizen you have to be treated a little worse than that. You know, like losing the right to vote, drive a car, enjoy basic civil liberties. Sorry, but I think that does fall under the category 'overreaction'.

Oh boy. Thanks for explaining to me what it feels like to be a woman. You've got me there. I would never have known if you weren't there to point it out to me.


Daughter, the struggle continues...
58) Message boards : Politics : A modest proposal (Message 1459306)
Posted 231 days ago by Profile Hev
Some of us are small people here contributing what we can because we are interested in the project.

Occasionally I've had a green star next to my name, I have always understood the donations to be voluntary.

Having a separate forum for the elite doesn't sit well with me, we are already having massive problems with the elites on this planet.

The politcal forums should be open for all, people should not be excluded, we have moderators there for a reason.
59) Message boards : Cafe SETI : John Clark (Message 1441406)
Posted 281 days ago by Profile Hev
This is terribly sad news. I shall miss John..
60) Message boards : Politics : UK at it again... (Message 1405853)
Posted 364 days ago by Profile Hev
Meanwhile I'm innocent, I have nothing to hide so I'll be ok.

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