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Posted 30 Aug 2012 by Profile bjorn98009_91
Well even new drives can get damaged during a power outage. Say one drive is damaged. Seek errors begin to occur that creates a performance hit while the drive tries to retrieve the data.

Even in RAID a 100% healthy drive is better than a slightly damaged one. If the drive is totally dead, they'll replace it of course. However, if it keeps working they may not investigate further.

The original post was about performance issues after a power outage. Damaged components, hard drives in particular, might be the cause.

And if your drive is in such bad shape it might die from Spinrite, then you should back it up. Spinrite even warns you about that if SMART-data is available.
2) Message boards : News : Recovering from power outage. (Message 1276824)
Posted 29 Aug 2012 by Profile bjorn98009_91
Have you tried using SpinRite on the drives of the server? That ought to fix any performance issues resulting from drive damage.

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