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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Phantom Triplets (Message 1575788)
Posted 50 minutes ago by Profile Alex Storey
That's not to say PG&E's electric service is entirely prodicable, though. Sometimes they make California feel like a third world country, with random outages that seem to have no external cause (i.e., perfectly bright, sunny day or calm, clear night, no car meeting power pole, but suddenly, no juice).

Prepare to be thoroughly depressed at the answer to that :)

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)
2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The kittyman's home thread. (Message 1550239)
Posted 53 days ago by Profile Alex Storey

Either way, it would be nice to see more pics as he grows up.

Careful what you wish for ;) Just got a fire-sale semi-pro digital camera and may end up spamming your thread with pics!
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The kittyman's home thread. (Message 1549633)
Posted 54 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Sorry Monday, but there's a new bat in town :)

Meet Batman Jr! (aka Batmanakos in nativespeak)

Born May 5th he's got huge ears (I know, not in this photo but trust me...) and we tried calling him Fox at first but it never stuck

Out of a litter of 4 healthy, beautiful, and adorable kitties he's the one no-one could bring themselves to part with!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Wars 2014: Postponed to 2015? (Message 1532414)
Posted 87 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Quoting myself:
TSMC has yet to ship anything 20nm.

SoCs are usually first out the gate and then come the AMD/NVIDIA GPUs. Estimates for the latter are second half of the year, likely late summer.

All just rumors, but here's the latest from the grapevine:

"Nvidia and AMD were expected to introduce 20nm GPUs sometime in the second half of 2014, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that we won’t see them until a bit later, with volume production slated for 2015".

First products based on 20nm chips ship this week


Off topic, Café style post:
Been super-busy (in a good way). Miss you guys. Y'all have a wonderful Summer!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Overheating on laptops (Message 1504120)
Posted 160 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
I have revised my computing settings to reduce the percentage of CPU usage during sessions. Will this help?

No. Placebo. You should probably retire it from crunching. Nobody asked what make and model it is?

Anyone with a MacBook, Ultrabook, thin & light, whatever shouldn't really use it for crunching unless you can afford to. But what a waste.

Likewise if you are running your notebook on a coolerpad. Obviously running beyond spec and asking for all kinds of trouble. Unless of course it's a notebook you've retired from daily use. Then yes, all of the above IS good advice.

However a notebook that used to run Seti OK but is now running hot is just dirty. And I've had vents block up a few times in as early as a week.

The only good advice* in this thread is pimping up the notebook's height by about 1cm (more is probably overkill). The rest is good advice for notebooks that are dedicated crunchers.

Off topic: I managed to fry my power-brick after 3 years of non-stop crunching on my netbook... poor thing started sounding like a high-pitched theremin :)

Edit: Welcome back Mark. My kitty's pregnant!:)

*Edit 2: Actually Link's advice about removing the battery is a no-brainer. Everyone should do this. Mine has been sitting on top of the fridge for months:)
6) Message boards : News : SETI@home now supports Intel GPUs (Message 1502436)
Posted 164 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
...normalizing to the least (rather than most) efficient [app is] something I can put into the code quickly.

This I'd love to see. Assuming CN doesn't have a built in failsafe to slap the change down, I'm especially curious about what happens next. Because if CN 'rewards' app efficiency then the change will have the opposite effect and credit will actually drop further.

I hope my Cassandra instincts are wrong on both counts.
7) Message boards : News : SETI@home now supports Intel GPUs (Message 1502352)
Posted 164 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
I've never confirmed that the credits are really scaled to the least efficient CPU version for a platform.

Many moons ago I emailed Dr. A with (pretty much)* this exact question because no one here knew the answer. (I asked all over the place. Many, many, maaany times.)

Naively, I thought a simple question would get a simple answer. And I did, just not the kind I was hoping for. Instead of a technical answer to a technical question, I managed to get Dr. A to run over and bug you by asking if credits are OK at SETI. Which makes me want to smile sardonically, bang my head on the desk (while shaking it in disbelief), and apologize... all at the same time!:)

*if you replace the word 'least' to 'most' in quoted text. It doesn't matter which really, it just appears that whatever v6 was scaling to is missing in v7. I still think it's worth a look to make sure it wasn't the 'illegal' Intel opti version that everything was scaling to.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : I'm falling, I bought a parachute. From 100% AP, to 100% MB. (Message 1496893)
Posted 177 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Don't the young consider all us Baby Boomers as ancient?

Keep on going Sten. ;-)


Maybe we are ancient, too ancient to be able to realize how ancient we are :-)

No. Not ancient. Just crazy. Doing silly things like running 2km ;)
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Shannon/kenzieb (Message 1492929)
Posted 184 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Fascinating! Wow! Just wow. Blown away!

This is just too funny! 7 years? A mod? Pictures of 2 different people? Then pictures of another 2 posing as a distraught kid that lost a mother that wasn't really her mother? All the same person? How very Norman Bates! Priceless :)

So what's next? Are we gonna see a thread tomorrow saying Fred's account was hacked and it wasn't really Fred that started this thread :D

I'm actually really happy about this. No really. I know most of you are probably pissed off (didn't read the comments, sorry) but think about it: The alternative would be for this whole story to be true. I'm really, really glad it isn't.

But more importantly, how in hell did you guys tie those pictures to 4 different models?
10) Message boards : News : Friday March 21 SETI talks to be webcast live. (Message 1492892)
Posted 184 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Tried to log in late, but am being blocked on either link.
This meeting is currently in session. The host has blocked entry for incoming attendees.Please sign-in with your full name, and wait for a moderator to let you in.Thank you!

Oh well.

Yeah, someone was trolling the chat so I guess they just kicked him out and blocked all newcomers? Just guessing.
11) Message boards : News : Friday March 21 SETI talks to be webcast live. (Message 1492607)
Posted 184 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
I'm in! Easy as pie:)

A couple of the links aren't clickable (at least not for me and my settings) so here you go:

And previous days videos, as well as these one's I'm guessing, available here:
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Has Anyone Seen An RAC Decline Since Early December? (Message 1490872)
Posted 187 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Cool trick! How did you get BM to show more than a month in the graphs?
13) Message boards : Number crunching : I'm falling, I bought a parachute. From 100% AP, to 100% MB. (Message 1488173)
Posted 193 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
My money's on Joe. I fear Sten has angered the AP gods with his hubris;)
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Android crunching going mainstream. (Message 1488000)
Posted 193 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Samsung has the powersleep app also, which is subset of BOINC (I was told).

If "subset of BOINC" is codespeak for what us plain-Jane folk call "100% BOINC, but will only run SIMAP"... then yeah:)

Oh, and welcome to Seti Roy! I think you'll like it here:)
15) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What's on your bookshelf? (Message 1487481)
Posted 194 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Hi Chris (and the rest of the gang)!

Good to know what you like Chris, I'll have an idea of what to get you next time I'm in London:D Love the guitars & the fact that you still have a tape deck!

You guys know by now I don't really hang out at the Café, but if you promise to still be around here in a decade or two, then I promise I'll make up for it with a vengeance!:)

@anniet Welcome to SETI! Floors get voted "on topic" if that's where your books live:)
16) Message boards : Cafe SETI : My Mom (Message 1487471)
Posted 194 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Hi Allie...

So sorry for your loss. I never really shared a thread with Kenzie but I do know, as I'm sure you do too by now, she was deeply loved in this neck of the woods.

Hang in there kiddo.
17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What's on your bookshelf? (Message 1487387)
Posted 194 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Well it turns out there aren't a lot of books on mine!:)

I commented on a Sagan remark earlier, over on NC, and ended up staring at my bookshelf. It's not a real bookshelf 'cause my stuff is divided between two houses and a storage space, but it does have a few things that escaped ending up in boxes. Anyway, I'll start with the books:

- Clarke & Niven (well this IS the SETI café)
- Dawkins
- Twain, Doyle & Melville
- an Ellroy
- a Murakami & a Palahniuk (both gifts, Murakami is unread)
- Kitchen Confidential (highly recommended btw)
- Over a dozen Lonely Planet guides
- Half a dozen TASCHEN books
- a few old cookbooks
- A few Time/Life and National Geographic books
- a book on Beatles Gear and another by Electra Records' Jac Holzman
- a Schumacher biography (Hilton)
- a Kate Moss picture book called kate :)
- over a dozen old French PHOTO and a couple old What Hi-Fi's
- there really is a Playboy special issue that I honestly do have a good explanation for!
- lots of dust (a particle unknown to those of you in the UK)

and also

- My beloved (yet unplugged) Technics SL-1210MK2 turntable
- An early 80s Technics amp with VU meters (custom painted candy-apple red) - also unplugged unfortunately
- a busted up Garfield landline phone
- A few DVDs: Cosmos box-set, The Work of Michel Gondry, Matrix Reloaded (I'll happily mail this to anybody that might want it. I'll even put out for the postage), Rocky (!) and Clerks. Anyone who has seen that last film and didn't like it then you should know, we are never EVER gonna be friends! No really.
- a few carcasses I found over the years: a dried-up sea-horse, a beetle with a small horn and an oblong (yeah, I haven't figured that one out yet) sea urchin shell.
- An old, empty gold-colored Lavazza can
- One Hawaiian STARBUCKS tumbler & one generic
- A mini porcelain Gaudí lizard
- A Playstation 2 motherboard and a Tomb Raider PSP disc
- 2 pictures of me and my fiancée
- A picture of me and one of my best friends (I'm godfather to his son)
- said godson's first pair of Chuck Taylor's
- a 5-star Schumacher cap (used)
- a 7-stripe Schumacher cap (mint)
- a couple of old Zippo's I haven't used in over a decade, or since I started smoking rolling tobacco
- Butane lighter fluid
- my deodorant
- a small jar of granulated bio fertilizer for my chile pepper plants (useless, chiles don't need fertilizer when using good soil)
- a wonderfully kitsch Obama shot glass (gift)
- a small wooden reindeer pin from Finland (gift)
- and a bunch of stuff that I may tidy up one day: scotch-tape, copper eurocents, useless receipts, a pack of Halls (original flavor), a Nokia 6303 box etc.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (87) Server Problems? (Message 1487367)
Posted 194 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
On the plus side Neil Tyson's Cosmos redux looks most promising - even though it made me miss Carl.

Thanx for the heads up!:)

I've got the original series Box Set on DVD right here next to me, on my bookshelf, staring me in the face... It might as well be on VHS, since I haven't played a DVD of any sort in years:(
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Energy Efficiency of Arm Based sysetms over x86 or GPU based systems (Message 1487365)
Posted 194 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
Even at 5w that is only about 44KW/h a year. Doing 12-16 tasks a day it seems like it would be highly efficient crunching.

Whoa! Boy was I wrong. My 12w GPU can do only 8...

I'll get me coat...
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Energy Efficiency of Arm Based sysetms over x86 or GPU based systems (Message 1485780)
Posted 198 days ago by Profile Alex Storey
I am asking because I noticed my old Galaxy Note 1 (a snapdragon S3) is running around 1 WU every 10 hours give or take a little bit.

Just a couple quick notes:

- That must be what we call a "shortie". A "normal" WU would probably take double that on an old S3 proc.

- In a nutshell I'm guessing that no, ARM wouldn't and will not be more efficient at SETI per Watt. But there's a catch, a next-gen Tegra (CUDA capable) will probably blur that line for good? Sometime later this year? Maybe next year for SETI...

Edit: Forgot the most important bit! ARM apps are essentially still in BETA making any comparison... well it's basically too soon.

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