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1) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1717998)
Posted 25 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Sorry man, but you are letting your feelings...

I warned you and everybody else about this in the INTJ thread. I don't do feelings like most people. Meanwhile you seem to have plenty and are projecting them on me. That's not how it works.

Psychopathy loaded?

Calling a duck a duck when you've done your homework and convinced you are looking at a duck... that's loaded?

I've been doing "loaded" for fun for weeks now in this thread and you go and choose "psychopathy" which wasn't?

Lesson #3

As it's your logic that's ultimately tripping me up and throwing me off, I now realize lesson #2 will be an ongoing and lengthy process. So on to #3:

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.
Teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever.
2) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1717988)
Posted 25 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Fakelaki system believers disintegrating.

What are you smoking? The REAL fakelaki system guys are running "Europe" right now :(
3) Message boards : Politics : 7: The Torch is Lit (Message 1717985)
Posted 25 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
'Mandate to renegotiate'

Mr Osborne is expected to say: "This government has been given a very clear mandate to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the rest of the EU and to reform the EU so it works for all its citizens.

"We are determined to deliver a new settlement for Europe that works for everyone within it.


Aaaahaha! I truly hope he honestly believes every single word of that.

Mandates go down just swimmingly these days! The more sense the actual mandate makes... the worse it is for said country's future :)

Now we get to see if it's just Greece that's Germany's only whipping boy or if maybe any/every single other EU country can turn into one too :D
4) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1715009)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
I wonder how much money the Greek crises has cost Schoebbels?

Oh wait. It's actually made him 10 billion euros!

Ah, well... It's all politics ;)


The Greek debt crisis has saved the German government some €100bn (£70bn; $109bn) in lower borrowing costs because investors have sought safety in German bonds, a study has found.

Even if Greece defaults on all its debt, Germany would still benefit, says the German IWH institute.

Germany has funded €90bn so far and wants tough conditions for a new deal.

What, no numbers for the Netherlands? Finland?

If you guys want to call this "neoliberal", that's fine by me. As long as I'm allowed to call it psychopathic. Because I don't believe this behavior has anything to do with any kind of politics. No matter how extreme. Or "idiotic".
5) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714999)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Beware of American econ professors!
How Krugman, Sachs and Stiglitz led the Greeks astray.

YANNIS PALAIOLOGOS, the author of that article is living in an alternate reality.

No, he lives in an internet reality!

The youngsters call it "Trolling for click-bait".
Or something like that:)

Anyway, he's sold his dignity by calling Sachs and two Nobel Laureates "cheerleaders" just so he can get you to click on a Kathimerini article.

Or just plain stupid I guess. Because that's what you'd need to be if you thought Sachs (at least) doesn't have the perfect CV to weigh in on this mess.
6) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714998)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
...even without Germany asking us nicely.

Wait, what?

Now this IS interesting (no, that's not sarcasm).

When did this happen? Do you have a link?

If not:

Was it sincere?
Or could it have been a bit "let's get this out of the way because it's the proper thing to do"?

Because the more I read the more I see some genuinely smart people saying that Germany is all too happy to tell everyone what to do... as long as it can't be made to look like that is what Germany is actually doing.

Which, by the way, is psychopathic behavior.

Coincidently :)
7) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714997)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Either way, you have gone from saying 'I think Schäuble might be a psychopath' to 'That psychopath Schäuble'.

No. You are doing that "goldfish memory" thing again.

I went from calling him an idiot to later saying 'I think Schäuble might be a psychopath' to ultimately 'That psychopath Schäuble'.

Call it a process, call it a learning curve, call it what you will... That's the evolution of my opinion of Schoebbels in this thread.

Just don't be surprised when I start kicking and screaming when you want to drag me all the way back to calling him an idiot (all over again).
8) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714995)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
So? That doesn't mean that you can just diagnose someone with a serious mental disorder.

That is a stupid question to ask. I'll answer it anyway: No.

That right. No.

Because you are doing that weird thing of wasting my time again aren't you? You are taking the meaning of "diagnose" and using it in the strictest sense possible. And since you are determined to watch me waste keystrokes on this I'll answer it again:

No. Of course not. What do you think I am? Crazy?

What I don't understand is where in this thread I gave you the impression that I'm delusional enough to think I have the professional capacity to diagnose someone as a psychopath?
9) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714991)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Riiiight, you try to get people off the insanity plea by insisting on calling them psychopaths and constantly highlighting that Schäuble's bad policy might be the result of him being a psychopath. If thats your way of showing he is not a psychopath I have to question your strategy.

And you can call him an idiot because that can be objectively measured, namely by the bad side effects his policy has had on Greece.

1) I never said "bad policy = psychopath". Go back and check. You are making assumptions and forcing them on me. Psychopathy is a checklist. And the way Schoebbels repeatedly tries to enforce a few of those policies is just one tick on a long list of psychopathic qualities neither you or I possess. But you keep making so many assumptions that end up being mistakes that I just don't have time to deal with every single one. I never even had time to reply to "Schauble is pro-Europe" or "It's not just Germany" or... other things which are "common knowledge" but please, please, PLEEEASE tell me you've already learned the lesson where common knowledge can often times be wrong?

2) "Alex is fat and cannot fit through the door". If for some reason the fact that Alex cannot fit through the door is important then the fact that he's fat is also important. This does not qualify as name-calling by any stretch of the imagination. And neither does calling Schoebbels a psychopath when he keeps proving he is one (to me, of course).

3) However, calling someone an idiot qualifies as name calling in my book. And you're trying to get me to stop calling him names by... calling him names. That's what I meant when I said "ironic" and NOW I'm going to say that there is no logic in this argument either.

4) Also the "insanity plea" argument was to show he may have a condition that is beyond his control. Whereas what you are describing is a smart guy deciding to act like an idiot... which is very much a choice. In other words you are accusing me of something I am not guilty of but you are (I think). Which is why I keep saying that when you forget to use logic in your arguments things break-down.
10) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714983)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
I was wrong about sociopathy, I will admit that. I too thought there was a difference between psychopathy and sociopathy. And I was wrong about the likelihood of him being a psychopath or sociopath.

And while it's noble to admit you are wrong and mean it, it is far more important to understand WHY you were wrong. Am I repeating myself? No matter, it bears repeating:)

You had it right the first time 'round. And since I assumed you understood what you were talking about I initiated a discussion. Then you went and changed your mind mid-race, did a 180 and for over a month now have been giving me grief for having the audacity to come to the conclusion that Schoebbels is a psychopath. In other words you broke the discussion and you broke the definition of a psychopath.

Oh, and the more he acts like a psychopath, the more I'll keep calling him a psychopath.
11) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714981)
Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
He was a prime minister for several years and now hes the president of the Commission. As far as careers go, he has had a very successful one, even if you disagree with the policies he stands for. So no, I won't have a hard time convincing anyone of that fact because its plain obvious and self evident at this point. You can't reach that level within politics if you are a narcissist, such a mental disorder would be far to disruptive to have such a career path.

You need a couple of alarm bells too, the ones that go off when what the other guy is saying is completely illogical. Why on earth would I think every single psychiatrist and psychologist on the planet are the right people to discuss Juncker's CV with? That makes no sense.

What I actually meant is you should tell them with that matter-of-fact tone you've got going that "Juncker cannot be narcissist because he is a successful politician". I wanna see how that goes. That's all.

Oh, and how many (hundreds of?) billions is his record-breaking tenure as PM of Luxemburg costing the EU every year? What was that figure again? And what's worse is... what makes you think a couple of naïve "good guys" like you and I could pull off the same stunt given the same circumstances? A "normal" person could never pull off such a stunt and especially go on to become President of the exact same group he's robbing in historical amounts! Where's that alarm bell? It should be going off in your head instead of wasting my time.

(The problem here was you wanna discuss how successful Juncker is but I already know that by now. We could however be discussing things we find "fishy" but no, you keep pounding me with "moral" lessons. That's not my idea of a discussion. Especially if those moral lessons are so elementary.)
12) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714967)
Posted 18 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Meh, I read the DSM entry on both.

Unfortunately I have a 10 year head-start on you on the subject of psychopathy which may explain why I believe you are at a disadvantage. So please forgive what must appear as arrogance on my part.

I'm outsourcing this problem for now to your local medical students. Find a few psychiatry or psychology students, buy them a beer or whatever and pick their brain 'till you understand that psychopaths are not axe-murderers. And that they can very much be politicians. Key words: Successful sociopaths and/or corporate psychopaths.

And if by some miracle you take my advice (it's fantastic advice btw; for ANY subject) the important thing is NOT for me to prove you wrong. That is useless to me (and by that I mean how you keep calling what we are having a "conversation"). What's important is you understand WHY what you keep saying about psychopaths/socios (and to a lesser extent narcissists) is just not based in reality.
13) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1714955)
Posted 18 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Which only proves my point. By lying she in her way helped pave the path towards this disastrous economic policy towards Greece. But does that justify doing the same towards Germany? Two wrongs don't make a right.

Are you sure? Michiel, please re-read what you are writing before posting. You are doing that thing again where you are not making any sense. When exactly did I lie? I don't understand this sentence at all, and I don't understand what it is that has you so upset.
14) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1712075)
Posted 13 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Glad I'm not boring you CLYDE :)

Now on to work. As if I wasn't tired enough, I have to deal with this mess now...

I only have time for grumpy mode right now. Here goes:

Again showing how little you know of these conditions.

Yeah, you keep saying that. I heard you the first time

You throw those labels around like they are nothing.

Yeah, you keep saying that. I heard you the first time.

No, Juncker is definitely not a narcissist

You may accidently be right. I asked a friend of mine who's a psychiatrist. It's likelier he's probably more towards a psychopath (but didn't rule out narcissist).

...the fact that he is a successful politician proves that already.

I think you are going to have a hard time convincing even a single psychiatrist or psychologist on this planet of that "fact". Who knows? Try it out and let me know how it goes.

I'm also quite confused because just last month you said:
No that just means that you don't know what a psychopath is. For one, you are most likely confusing psychopath with sociopath. But to be honest, you and I don't know the man well enough to make such judgments. I'll be honest and say that it wouldn't surprise me if he was a sociopath, but thats more because he is successful in today's political environment, which statistically makes it not unlikely.

I'm itching to use the word "schizophrenic" right about now;)

Nor is narcissism "psychopathy's little brother".

You obviously didn't even read the INTRO on Wiki.
And because I'm not lazy and actually do my homework I triple-checked what I already knew and asked the same psychiatrist friend last week, just to be safe. He said that's a fantastic way of putting it.

This throwing around of mental health conditions is ridiculous and counter productive.

Ridiculous is squabbling over rules we've had drilled in our heads for as long as we can remember, while we're supposed to be discussing Europe going down the toilet. "Don't call people names"? Seriously?

The funny thing is you've got it the wrong way 'round too. Ironic actually... Because here I am trying to help Schoebbels get off on an insanity plea and you are the one saying I should be calling him an idiot instead. That doesn't make a lot of sense. Well, not to me at least.

It takes a team of highly educated...

Do they just show up at your door? You forgot the part where it takes a couple of referrals to find yourself in front of said highly trained professionals.

For some weird reason you are thinking way too dogmatically. You are throwing a fit because I essentially said: "Um guys, I've worked with a few psychopaths in my life and THIS guy is ticking all the right boxes". I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to say that right? And how is that statement in any way:
-counter productive
-throwing labels around like they are nothing
-a negative stereotype
-kills any interesting and meaningful discussion
-coloring the discussion in a certain way
-employing labels
and my personal favorite
-showing how little I know of these conditions?

Any chance you are overreacting?

Worse even is that in your case, you almost exclusively focus on one German politician, essentially placing the full blame on Germany, when again, thats far from what really happened.

You really still believe that it isn't just Germany calling the shots, don't you?

Aside from that, using negative stereotypes and placing excessive blame on a singular group of people, when has that ever worked out well in history?

I can't answer for Merkel. You'll have to ask her yourself. Oh wait! You were in a hurry to reply and you forgot she started this whole mess by lying about Greek stats, didn't you?

Deep breathes Michiel, deep breathes...

PS Any objections you may (and will) have concerning psychopaths etc.
I don't wanna hear it right now.
Find a psychiatrist/psychologist and pick their brain.
And THEN let me know your objections.
15) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1710593)
Posted 9 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
It seems like a sociopath is a successful psychopath:)
successful psychopaths - corporate high climbers who tend to have had a relatively privileged background with little risk of legal penalties;
unsuccessful psychopaths - involved in regular crime who tend to have had less privileged backgrounds and much higher risk of legal penalties.

And in the INTJ thread here in Politics, "Successful Sociopaths" are on my list of severe allergies :)
16) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1710579)
Posted 9 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
No, it's just a more PC way of saying the same thing :)

In other words a Sociopath is ALWAYS a Psychopath.

watch what happens:

(Juncker looks more like a Narcissist to me, which is of course psychopathy's "little brother")
17) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1710568)
Posted 9 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
I'm sorry I'm gonna be back with more time in a couple of weeks. And I'll try my best to go back to all your posts and explain why I think you would find this exercise useful and why a reasoning exercise is NOT an argument. The word argument is in quotes in the post you are replying to.

Again, you haven't proven his psychopathy.

Again, I wasn't trying to. Nor will I. I am not trying to "color" the discussion for the simple reason we are not having "the" discussion. How many different ways do I have to tell you the same thing?

The discussion we WILL have eventually is that you have no idea what a psychopath is.
18) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1709776)
Posted 7 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Juncker has not [been voted by the ... people]!

Absolutely! And it has proven to be a terrible idea to not let the people vote. Because now we can't get rid of this idiot even if we wanted to.

At very least Schäuble has been voted by the German people.

And while I obviously can't say it's a terrible idea to have Schäuble been voted by the German people... What I can say is if Schäuble and/or Merkel keep acting like the German Inquisition and Leaders of Europe...

Well Europeans will want to have the ability to vote them out of office too won't they?
19) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1709748)
Posted 7 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Now, apply this to Schäuble and your statement at best informs of a possible character trait, among thousands of possibilities.

Bingo! NOW we are seeing eye to eye (sorta).

And if the nice folks at Mensa had asked you to comment (they don't), that's pretty much exactly what they'd expect you to say :)

So here's the deal. If someone is coming at you with a logical "argument" you have to be able to recognize it as such. Misdiagnosing what has been said and treating it like an "argumentative fallacy" will get you into all sorts of trouble.

Because when I say:

Which of these statements do you consider to be true?
Schäuble is acting like an idiot. Therefor he is an idiot.
Schäuble is acting like an idiot. Therefor he could be a psychopath.

What you should do is throw that back in my face by swapping the words around:

Which of these statements do you consider to be true?
Schäuble is acting like a psychopath. Therefor he is a psychopath.
Schäuble is acting like a psychopath. Therefor he could be an idiot.

But being to able to swap the words around like that means the "argument" cuts both ways.

(more later sorry, pressed for time these days)

Are we golden (so far)? :)
20) Message boards : Politics : Je suis Varoufakis :) (Message 1708879)
Posted 5 Aug 2015 by Profile Alex Storey
Even from a point of logical reasoning its not very solid.

It is, the whole point is that there are a few words missing:

"When it rains, the grass gets wet."

which is a condensed way of saying

"When it rains THIS (particular) patch of grass ALWAYS gets wet."

It is also helpful for troubleshooting:
-Why is the grass wet?
-Maybe it rained. Or maybe the sprinklers were on.

(And possibly a couple more which I can't think of right now, so I might be coming back to this one.)

'The sun always rises in the East, unless it rises somewhere else.'

No, this is called an axiom. That's different.

I never said ALL psychopaths wear blue ties because they are psychopaths.

I know. And that's one of the things I'm trying to explain. The original example only works because ALL psychopaths will eventually act like jerks BECAUSE of their psychopathy.

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