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1) Message boards : Number crunching : FOR CRUNCH3R- WE ARE ON STRIKE!!! (Message 329567)
Posted 7 Jun 2006 by Profile Soulfly
This unbelivable debate is about to reach a point beyond my comprehension.

mmciastro has stated a point veiw regarding a questionable ESAH client. That is his choice and well within the limits of freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech, as it is, does not prevent any to make mistakes.
This doesnt mean that i agree with mmciastro because i dont. Infact i think he spilled his gutts and devaluated his integrety and trustvorthtness in this community, by picking on crunch3r on an obsrevation of a few results returned by a few of crunch3rs hosts - without establishing a dialoge with crunch3r before stating the topic in public - that is not serious research - and therefore i cannot take the statement seriously.

The dedikation and effort crunch3r, trux, tetsuo maverik rai and others have put into SAH and ESAH throughout time has been and will most likely be beneficial to SAH in many aspects - a matter of utilizing the vast access of computerpower, and not spill it all over by making an avarege coded client that obviously doesnt utilize processor specifik instructions very well. I couldnt care less about credits, except of braggin to my freinds of course, but if the network is able to compute the work in less time, the project has gained proportionally.

To mmciastro:
Please go elswhere and display your statements - you will most likely not be taken seriously again, but you might make a "good" politician.

To crunch3r:
Dont be snobby and please join us again - we appreciate your work.

You guys didnt handle this case very well.

To strikers:
I am not joining you guys because there is a limit to how numb a situaton can get - strikes are an powerfull tool dont ever forget that. But i have turned to other projects such as LHC, EAH, Rosetta and upcoming Feynman, until faster clients are developed.

To MattDavis:
What the F¤%@ is wrong with you??

Have a nice day!

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