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1) Message boards : Technical News : Quiet Lab (Jul 26 2012) (Message 1267720)
Posted 4 Aug 2012 by Profile Therian
This seems to now work for the feed address

took a bit of schlepping to find.

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Team/Credits (Message 179900)
Posted 19 Oct 2005 by Profile Therian
If I join a team, do I surrender my credits to that team, or are they still mine too? Nothing confirms, nothing denys.

It is my understanding that if you join a team, your singular identity ceases.


3) Message boards : SETI@home Science : STALLED (Message 159299)
Posted 29 Aug 2005 by Profile Therian
see for more info.


4) Message boards : SETI@home Science : STALLED (Message 159298)
Posted 29 Aug 2005 by Profile Therian
For some reason I have been getting a "no schedulers responded" message since the 22nd. Anyone have an idea? Its happening on 3 different computers so, I can't blame the hardware.


It's been dead Jim (seti) for about 10 - 11 days now - It looks like they are draining all the queues.


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