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1) Message boards : Politics : Another Mass Shooting in the U.S.A. (Message 1732705)
Posted 1 day ago by Brutus
5 easy steps towards a gun free America.
2) Message boards : Politics : Just curious (Message 1732654)
Posted 2 days ago by Brutus
A thread on this subject hasn't been started because the main news outlets and those who support the current POTUS (same thing) are not continuously talking about it. They know he's ultimately responsible and everybody in this group is just hoping it gets forgotten as soon as possible because they don't want him in any negative light.

A thread on this subject hasn't been started because those who don't support the current POTUS are just rolling our eyes because if one of us brings it up, most of you in here will most likely pick someone in the chain of command somewhere between the pilot and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and blame them and not the POTUS.

Now, if it were a republican in the white house, it would be 24/7 news coverage and people would be picketing everywhere to impeach him because he's a war monger and a baby/woman killer and he's wasting tax payer money on needless wars.
3) Message boards : Politics : Term Limits (Message 1732575)
Posted 2 days ago by Brutus
Does it matter what you think?

Apparently, you don't think what I think matters. Apparently, you think you know what's best for me in my country, even though you live in another country.

You want another "meta argument?" You not only relentlessly change the subject—an intellectually-dishonest debate tactic—you relentlessly change the meaning of my answers 180 degrees.

And now you're trying to play a race card on me...

You just do this because you think it's fun, don't you?

There are television programs playing these days that accomplish the same kind of sick, twisted, harmful humor here in the states. (Jackass, Ridiculousness, Tosh.O, etc.)

I could just write a computer program that appends, "Wrong! You're an idiot! I'm smarter than you!" at the end of everyone of my posts and that would accomplish what you're accomplishing.

I've said everything I'm going to say in this thread.

4) Message boards : Politics : Term Limits (Message 1732531)
Posted 2 days ago by Brutus
Lawless = too many rules? Common sense has no meaning? The only 'left' person in power has been Obama for the last 4 years or so? The left thinks only 'the elite' can read the constitution, but now I'm complaining that everyone can vote? A minority of right wing extremists in congress and state legislatures?

Good Lord Mnwerb! You are conflating my thoughts and drawing absurd conclusions about me. You are showing some really good examples of Orwellian DoubleThink. And you are trying to send me off into multiple wild defensive tangents. A proven tactic that liberals use to get their way because it deflects from actually solving the real issue(s). Homie's not gonna play dat.

You mention Bernie Sanders. He's leading in many polls now. He has stated that he will spend (cumulatively) $18T when he gets into the white house. So these voters want to change out our government in such a way as they see fit to best help people achieve happiness and safety? I wouldn't call what they're voting for change--let alone change for the good.

Many of our founders expressed concern that in order for this country to succeed, the voters need to be informed. They recognized education was important. This semester, I have a couple of students who don't hear a word I say. They have difficulty following step-by-step instructions. One of them has an Individualized Education Plan. (For those of you who don't know what that is, I'm am told by my administrators to allow him to cheat on tests because he's "special.") And they are probably going to vote in the next election.

So, yes,

Term limits on everything sort of presuppose that people are to stupid to vote out someone who does a bad job.
5) Message boards : Politics : Term Limits (Message 1732446)
Posted 2 days ago by Brutus
The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are inextricably linked. The Declaration of Independence provides morale authority for the U.S. Constitution.

(Thanks Kong, you answered it before I got back from my class.)

(Come to think of it, I may not have bothered to answer it. It's time for some of these people in here to do their own homework.)
6) Message boards : Politics : Term Limits (Message 1732365)
Posted 3 days ago by Brutus
Our current ruling class is out of control. Has been for a couple of decades now. The problem is not imaginary. It's quite obvious everywhere you look. The list of changes because of light and transient causes are becoming too numerous to list. The left and most of our press are just ignoring this very real problem. But they are not prosecuted because they are the prosecutors. The reason our country is becoming lawless is because our ruling class has become lawless.

Our country was created to be run by our citizens. Our constitution can be read in is entirety in one sitting. It is written so the majority of citizens can read and understand it. But the left and the press say only smart people can understand it now and many people, such as you, believe them. It's in plain English. Anybody can understand it but it seems like most are not reading it any more.

Tyranny is happening before our very eyes. They have been governing with out the consent of the governed with greater and greater tenacity. Our founders predicted this. Our founders were worried the citizens would become stupid and ignore the principles in our constitution and they were right.

The right to bear arms here in the U.S. was to give us a last chance check on tyranny. It hasn't gotten bad enough to invoke that extreme measure and hopefully it never reaches that point. The left wants to remove that last check so they can become even more brazen about seizing all power and control away from the people. It won't happen soon. Too many people like me still here.

We do not limit who can vote. We allow anybody who shows up at the poll to vote. The left likes it that way. When people breach our borders, they can vote for free stuff and then get it. When the right says we are going bankrupt, the left laughs. It's not funny.

Our government is broken. The minority is in charge. Our judicial branch has gone rogue. The left is spending us into bankruptcy. The left is becoming more brazen about destroying this country.

But it looks like the people are starting to wake up. Many of us are getting desperate to try anything to fix it before it's too late. Term limits would be a good start. It was good enough to enact after FDR, it would be a good thing to enact on our congress and our judicial branch. We need more citizen representatives, more citizen presidents, and less life-time judges.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

...just as relevant today as it was 239 years ago.
7) Message boards : Politics : Term Limits (Message 1732290)
Posted 3 days ago by Brutus

Ya, only a few of them are corrupt. And since they are so smart, they shouldn't have to deal with the inefficiency of a representative system. And since they are so smart, they should automatically be exempt from the laws they enact because most of them would only decree laws that help the people. And once we get a smart one at the top, he/she should be able to start picking who's going to follow them after they retire/die. After all, they were basically chosen by God and are taking advice from God. Maybe they should start wearing a crown with jewels in it so they can be recognized when they go out in public so the people know when to show respect and bow in their presence. And since they only take advice from God, they should be able to dole out immediate rewards and punishment. Show allegiance and get land, show disrespect and have your head lopped off.

Sounds like good fundamental change to me. Let's do it.

8) Message boards : Politics : Political CONvEnience of Madame Yoga (Message 1731872)
Posted 5 days ago by Brutus
She will not be convicted of anything. She won't even go to trial. The worst that will happen is that she will not be elected POTUS.

She is a well entrenched member of the ruling class. The law does not apply to her.
9) Message boards : Politics : Another Mass Shooting in the U.S.A. (Message 1731472)
Posted 6 days ago by Brutus
And you've said several things which I strongly object to because you imply I'm in one of your demographic groups who need to be told how to run my life because I can't think for myself. Latest example? A super computer can better handle my health care than me?

How about we apply "the scientific method" in determining the best course of action to try to minimize death in America in an area that is *statistically insignificant* compared to several other causes of death in America?

There are a handful of hypotheses to reduce gun deaths in America. The two extremes are:

Remove all guns from society
Remove all restrictions on guns in society (nobody is lobbying for this, only the left is accusing the right of wanting to do this)

Listed in this thread:

Remove all guns from society
Remove bullets from society
Remove mentally ill from society
Ban the police
Enforce existing laws
Imprison talk radio hosts
Remove violent video games (implied)

The tests for these hypotheses are continually in progress and there's plenty of data in which to draw some conclusions.

The only problem I see in here is that there are too many scientists in here who are presenting a very narrow point of view and intentionally leaving out other factors which contradict the conclusion they wish to present (much like what's happening with climate data.)

And the law of political correctness has been introduced (still yet to be named by the internet community) a couple of times in this thread to try to shut down any real discussion. (thug? nutjob? -- really?) I object to being called "straw man," "insane," "ludicrous," and "neurotic" because it needlessly stigmatizes, is counterproductive and is also irrelevant to this discussion.

If gun control is about saving lives, shouldn't using the scientific method logically conclude that we need to fix some other things first?

Here's a liberal source, so it should have some weight with most of you in here:

If we actually used the scientific method in here, we would quickly come to the conclusion that gun control is not about saving lives, it's about centralizing power and control into the hands of the ruling class.
10) Message boards : Politics : Another Mass Shooting in the U.S.A. (Message 1731346)
Posted 6 days ago by Brutus
Because if only the ruling class had guns, the people would no longer have a say.

I saw a movie like that a while back. It was called Schindler's List.
11) Message boards : Politics : U.S. Presidential issues questionnaire (Message 1731313)
Posted 7 days ago by Brutus
The head of the RNC is suggesting we start changing the order in which states do their primaries.

Why? For 100 years now, New Hampshire has set the tone of the republican primaries. It's been stated that they're proud to be the first and statistically speaking, who ever they choose has a 27% greater chance of eventual being the winner. Why change now?

Because New Hampshire is no longer following the dictates of the RNC party leaders.

New Hampshire says their state law says they'll always be first. If some other state tries to go before them, their state law says they'll hold theirs 7 days (or more) before.

The political insiders are being over thrown by Donald Trump and the political insiders don't like it.
12) Message boards : Politics : Another Mass Shooting in the U.S.A. (Message 1731285)
Posted 7 days ago by Brutus
How about we just redefine the 2nd amendment like we have the commerce clause, the treaty clause, the 1st, 4th, 9th amendments or the civil war amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th) or how about we just ignore the 2nd amendment like we ignore the 10th amendment?

Does anybody in here know the real reason the 2nd amendment was part of the deal in ratifying our constitution? No? I didn't think so...
13) Message boards : Politics : Another Mass Shooting in the U.S.A. (Message 1730860)
Posted 8 days ago by Brutus
We must accept random shootings if we expect to remain a free society.

For the last 30 years, 569 people have died from mass shootings. That's about 19 people per year.

Every year, more than 300 people die from drowning in a bathtub; therefore, we must ban bath tubs before we ban guns.

Every year, more than 500 people die from slipping, tripping or falling; therefore, we must ban floors before we ban bathtubs.

Every year in America, more than 10,000 people die in drunk driving crashes; therefore, we must ban cars before we ban floors.
14) Message boards : Politics : Religion in government (Message 1730425)
Posted 9 days ago by Brutus
I agree with Dr. Ben Carson.

I also wouldn't support an atheist as POTUS as an atheist's religious beliefs are not consistent with the constitution either.
15) Message boards : Politics : Government Shutdown (Message 1729973)
Posted 10 days ago by Brutus
So, why this suggestion "I'm sure you'd see something different"?

If the blue states no longer paid and the red states no longer recieved, I'm betting the blue states would become less efficient, more bloated, more wasteful and more intrusive because of a sudden windfall of money. The state politicians wouldn't be able to exercise any control and would proceed to go on a spending spree and restructure their budgets to spend it all from here to eternity. And that's fine. The 10th amendment allows them to make that choice. The red states would become more efficient because they'd have to figure out how to survive on less.

But most importantly, the fourth branch of government (you know, the nameless/faceless/unaccountable federal bureaucracy of countless regulators) would diminish to something more reasonable and more in line with what the constitution says.

But that's not gonna happen.

Nothing else we're doing is correcting the coming fiscal train wreck, currency reset, and our fall as a once great nation. Donald Trump just put out his tax plan. Some are calling it the Obama plan. So if he becomes president, we should have pretty close to a majority of democrats and most republicans pass it through congress for his signature, right? If he becomes president, we may have a repeat of the Reagan years. That's better than nothing. (He'll cut taxes, our deficit will increase for a couple of years, and then when the economy takes off and the revenue explodes, the democrats will outspend the projected gains...)
16) Message boards : Politics : Government Shutdown (Message 1729660)
Posted 12 days ago by Brutus
Since some of you are going to cherry pick my words, and since I mistakenly began to address some of the off-topic drifts, let me rephrase.

I say if the federal government refuses to cut spending to a point where our national debt begins a sustained downward trend, and if shutting down the government is the only way to cut spending, then I'm all for a government shutdown. Shutting down the government would be less painful than what will come next if we don't start paying down our debt. (Paying down our debt, by default, would reverse the trend of centralizing all power and control inside the beltway.)

Gary, if you think it's inevitable, I'm glad to hear it and I hope you're right. (I don't think it's inevitable.) And Jesus didn't preach for everyone to give away all their belongings in the way you are suggesting-he was asked a specific question and tried to make a point. And Jesus didn't preach to borrow until you couldn't pay it back either.

Sarge, any state which *relies* on federal funding to maintain *any* state program. (ya… ya… blue states pay for red states if you google it, but there are several things those data collectors are not taking into consideration such as military installations and large government contractors. Besides, that’s immaterial. So, before you point this out let me say YES, let the RED states fail! Though, I’m sure you’d see something different.)
17) Message boards : Politics : Government Shutdown (Message 1729564)
Posted 12 days ago by Brutus
What's crazy is the liberal's insistence on the centralization of all power/control and the liberal's insistence on spending us into a currency reset.

What made this country so successful in the past was the acknowledgment that no man is above another man. This country was created on the principle that there is a higher authority and that each of us will ultimately be held accountable for our trespasses against one other. This country was created on the principle that if you concentrate power, that power ultimately goes corrupt. What made the U.S. exceptional in history is the fact that we all agreed to a *limited* federal government. The limited federal government was to handle the issues most appropriate at that level and all else was to be delegated to the smaller groups--or states. With (now) 50 states competing for population, based on market forces, it encourages all to do what is right. But since the liberal insists that the federal government force the successful states to encourage the failing states to continue to fail by paying for their failure, we are on a track to fail as a whole nation. LET THE FAILED STATES FAIL!

Since the successful states are now struggling to balance their own budgets, and the federal government cannot raise taxes even further without destroying us financially, the federal government keeps borrowing money to continue seizing control of things they have no business seizing control of. And because the federal government continues to borrow money without regard for any limits, we are on track to resetting our currency. Once we reset our currency once, we lose our status among this world of nations forever. Once the dollar proves worthless one time, it becomes worthless forever. WE MUST PAY BACK OUR DEBT!

What's crazy is the liberal's insistence on this course which brings down the U.S. The only way to fix it is to smash the current ruling class political machine. If what it takes to prevent taxpayer funded murder for profit (also known as women's health care by liberals) and the destruction of the principles which created this country by the outright assault on the Christian religions is to shut down the government, then SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!

A couple of choice state mottos:

Alabama-We dare defend our rights
Arizona-God enriches
Arkansas-The people rule
Colorado-Nothing without providence
Delaware-Liberty and Independence
Florida-In God We Trust
Kentucky-United we stand, divided we fall, let us be grateful to God
New Hampshire-Live Free or Die
Ohio-With God, all things are possible
South Dakota-Under God the people rule
Virginia-Thus always to tyrants
West Virginia-Mountaineers are always free
18) Message boards : Politics : Big Pharmaceutical companies price gouging (Message 1728766)
Posted 14 days ago by Brutus
So, Mnwerb, then just go ahead and admit that you're a communist.

I'll go ahead and admit that I'm a capitalist.


P.S. At least with capitalism there are rich people who have a chance at keeping the ruling class in check. With communism, all power goes to the ruling class--which is fine, I guess, if you're a *member* of the ruling class.
19) Message boards : Politics : Big Pharmaceutical companies price gouging (Message 1728683)
Posted 14 days ago by Brutus
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator... Skynet... ??? I know that movie went world-wide...

Janne, you're one of the few in here I don't have on my ignore list because you've never demonstrated that you are unreasonable. I hold nothing against you and I'll assume that you are just temporarily making an incorrect assumption about me for the time being.

I've been maintaining computers since the Burroughs D825 and the DEC PDP 11/xx. So?

Objective data?

And I have no reason to disbelieve you have military experience that I don't have. You *most likely* have military experience I don't have given the flag you're flying. I'm not flying a flag in here anymore. It used to be the U.S. flag. But there's no UPSIDE DOWN U.S. flag to fly in these forums. If I flew a flag, it would be an upside down U.S. flag since I'd like to express that the U.S. is in DISTRESS.

Is it reasonable to believe I have military experience you don't have? Anyway, that's beside the point. You missed my point. Maybe cultural/language barrier? My point is the *ruling class* here in the U.S. has been doing what ever they want for a while now. And they are getting more bold and brazen about it. Our ruling class is out of control. We are headed towards a dictatorship. This is not good.

And my main point with Mnwerb is that using a computer to decide how health care dollars are spent (in a communist fashion) is absolutely ridiculous. People (the *ruling class*) are in control. Until we *force* these people (the *ruling class*) to follow the rules, things will continue to get worse.

Capitalism has done more to raise people out of poverty than any other economic system. And the Catholic Church has done more to preserve the lessons of history than any other religion. The Pope is currently in the U.S. right now and the feeling is that he now realizes the U.S. is not as evil as all the other countries who hate us tell him.

Centralized power and control, whether it's a super computer or not, is never a good thing.

Allow as much freedom as possible, allow as many people to make their own choices in life as much as possible and there will be less human suffering and misery.
20) Message boards : Politics : Big Pharmaceutical companies price gouging (Message 1728648)
Posted 15 days ago by Brutus
Janne, you've been watching too many skynet movies. Mnwerb--you too. Best estimate is that computers won't have the ability to *think* until the year 2080 or so. Computers cannot infer. Until we create a computer that becomes self-aware, it can only do what it is told to do.

A long-time friend of mine in the military (now dead and buried) once told me of his experience with the first BRAC. (Base Realignment And Closure).

He was tasked to go to a couple of bases and collect objective data, compile, do the math of adding/subtracting and multipying by a weight factor to objectively come up with the name of a base to close which made the most sense.

At the end of a couple months work, he submitted his findings and then watched.

A *SENIOR* senator from a state stood up and and said, "That base in *MY* state is *NOT* closing." Then, it was announced that a base in a *JUNIOR* senator's state would be closing.

Even though the base in the *SENIOR* senator's state made the most sense (from most perspectives) to close, the base from the *JUNIOR* senator's state closed, even though it made more sense (TO THE STATES, RESPECTIVELY, AND TO THE PEOPLE) for the base from the *SENIOR* senator's state to close.

ABSOLUTE POWER.... what does that mean today? It means |=U(|< the STATES, RESPECTIVELY, and the PEOPLE!

It means the *RULING CLASS* is going to take what ever they want from the peasants and then give back what they don't take minus an administrative cost.

If we don't start following (again) the rules we've agreed to follow from previous generations, we're screwed.

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