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There are different traditions in "free speech" define.

Currently too many understand "free speech" as "I can say whatever I want and there should be no consequencies for that".
That's ultimately ill approach to free speech that makes any communication non-valuable. Cause in the world where anyone says anything truth and lies indistinguable.
Real free speech always means responsibility for what was said. Of course it requires some self-esteem also.
3) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Breakthrough Listen has some candidates (Message 1863010)
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How this connected to our work interesting...
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux (ARM processor) app and alternatives (Message 1861465)
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There is only one optimization that is left to fix - opt VFP folding.

yep, it appeared more complex debug needed (or I missed something obvious). Unfortunately, no more time for it currently, maybe some later...

On bright side - rebuilt x64 for Windows shows good speedup over already released one in Mike's tests.
Will send them for beta soon.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Intel GPU Questions (Message 1861066)
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6) Message boards : Number crunching : Shutting down my GTX 980 Strix computer. (Message 1860601)
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Too little feedback, and too little results from this project, to make it worth the cost of running it.

Can't refrain from noticing, that there were years w/o any "results". But currently, when Nebula actively developing and some signal candidate are available for public browsing cited quote doesn't seem correct at all.

What is actually observable is the very little interest of SETI project participants in actual results we starting to get.
Maybe I miss it but ... where discussion of top candidates?....
Where some attempts to correlate candidates with known facts about corresponding sky areas? Where all this?! Where FEEDBACK FROM COMMUNITY ????
All I see are demands....

P.S. Whole this "Number crunching" part of forum we used to check constantly more than 15 years is very important part of project indeed. Important, but it's only PRE-PROCESSING part. All our many years improvements both in hardware we use and in software we write are aimed to get MORE pre-processed data accumulated. But now there are first portions of POST-PROCESSED data appears. Very exciting thing IMHO. Definitely not right time to express pessimism about this project :P
7) Message boards : Number crunching : x64 Windows CPU build testing on beta (Message 1860598)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Raistmer
This results show that Windows x64 app introduction was worthwhile. Even though there is lot of room remained for further improvements.

As per now:

Windows/x86 8.00 30 Dec 2015, 21:14:57 UTC 123,060 GigaFLOPS
Windows/x86 running on an AMD x86_64 or Intel EM64T CPU 8.05 8 Mar 2017, 18:05:22 UTC 218,744 GigaFLOPS
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Shutting down my GTX 980 Strix computer. (Message 1860595)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Raistmer
RAC will drop faster now. Aborted all tasks on the 4 watt Android device too.
No device crunching main from now on.

Perhaps additional saving will be aquired by shutting device down even in case it will make impossible to express proud of dropping RAC on these boards. But what a little sacrifice for such great ideal as saving electricity ;)

Actually too many forget that SETI (as whole BOINC) is "piggyback" project that gladly will take processing power you can give, not demand it.
If you feel cost of running 24/7 too high just leave processing only while PC power up for other needs.
All these demonstrative steps like " I will shut my PC because SETI didn't send me greating card on sunday" are... well you know.

IMHO on current stage bottleneck is manpower. It's not just some labour that anyone can do. Some specific skills required and too small number of mans with required skills involved.
Additional money could increase share of time those of a few can dedicate to SETI, but in no way this share can be made bigger than N*24*7 hours per week where N~2-3. Some distinctly higher level of funding required to hire other professionals. Or some with corresponding skill and knowledge could volunteer (not in money-defined world, of course...).

Even access to Atlas will not help enough until corresponding code will be written (and code can be written only after corresponding data analysis algorithm will be devised).
So, the single thing all others w/o corresponding skills can do is to increase mentioned time share by direct money donation and continue to accumulate pre-processed data in usual way.

Dr. Anderson's blog regarding Nebula progress completely covers all feedback we can hope to have on this stage. It's "little" more complex work than credits accounting and there is lack of any real support/ideas from outside so up to now that blog only giveaway of his time w/o useful feedback from community, think about that also.
9) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Planet Hunters Report Record-Breaking Discovery, Search for other habitable planets (Message 1860417)
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10) Message boards : Politics : Hold on to your hats, we're bombing Syria. (Message 1860197)
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Listen to Bolivia's representative. And reflect on it a little. Maybe it will help to understand what is wrong with your approach. Some hints presented to those who can listen.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : I've Built a Couple OSX CUDA Apps... (Message 1858307)
Posted 29 days ago by Profile Raistmer
If pattern of PulseFind issue remained the same from time I saw it before, the issue not in some missing tale processing.
There were samples with proper signal reported as best (that is, corresponding data was processed, but incorrect pulse reported as reportable for same chunk.
I described issue in details some time ago on beta. Maybe could be useful for more targeted bughunt.
12) Message boards : Nebula : Improved RFI browsing interface (Message 1855252)
Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Profile Raistmer
I'm curious, what is 6,5 or 4,5 beams in signal listing?
Time offset Det freq offset RA dec beam FFT len ID

123.37921410799 2956.4219999313 19.259386 12.258606 5.5 32768 2793446162
13) Message boards : Nebula : Drifting RFI vanquished! (Message 1855251)
Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Profile Raistmer

I suppose red vertical line of spikes is RFI and it gets removed by RFI removal algorithm indeed.
But what about 6 horizontal blue lines of pulses? Hitting RFI removal button doesn't remove them.
But those lines show some regularity. Especially 4 in center - equidistant ones. Actually, ones on top and bottom fit in same equidistant pattern too with one line missing .
Is it RFI? Or pulses out of consideration currently?

EDIT: it looks like periodic sequence of very short pulses (that give flat spectrum ). Something for AstroPulse to deal with, no?
14) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Happy 8 March (Message 1853836)
Posted 8 Mar 2017 by Profile Raistmer
To all women of SETI project!
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux (ARM processor) app and alternatives (Message 1853417)
Posted 6 Mar 2017 by Profile Raistmer
We have on main:

Android (ARM64 processor) 8.00 (arm64-neon) 22 Jan 2016, 0:38:52 UTC 231 GigaFLOPS
Android (ARM64 processor) 8.00 (arm64-vfpv4) 22 Jan 2016, 0:38:52 UTC 224 GigaFLOPS
Android (ARM64 processor) 8.01 4 Jan 2017, 3:33:29 UTC 111 GigaFLOPS

What those neon and vfp plan classes mean then?

EDIT: for beta list even wider:
Android (ARM64 processor) 8.00 4 Nov 2016, 19:09:50 UTC 1 GigaFLOPS
Android (ARM64 processor) 8.00 (api24) 23 Feb 2017, 20:28:26 UTC 0 GigaFLOPS
Android (ARM64 processor) 8.01 (arm64-neon) 5 Jan 2016, 23:44:30 UTC 6 GigaFLOPS
Android (ARM64 processor) 8.01 (arm64-vfpv4) 5 Jan 2016, 23:44:30 UTC 5 GigaFLOPS
Linux (ARM64 processor) 8.01 10 Feb 2017, 21:46:51 UTC 6 GigaFLOPS

As I understand you both speaking about last one, Linux one.
But what about Android-based?
Do they show bench results? Android comletely on Eric as I understand. Who built Linux A64?
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux (ARM processor) app and alternatives (Message 1853320)
Posted 5 Mar 2017 by Profile Raistmer
if run with -verb ?
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Looking for Linux x64 optimized apps (Message 1852403)
Posted 2 Mar 2017 by Profile Raistmer
Looking at the AVX one its r3345 by Urs.

The stock app is r3584 so is more recent than the AVX app.

For CPU stock and opt have different code bases so uncomparable just by rev number.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux (ARM processor) app and alternatives (Message 1852021)
Posted 28 Feb 2017 by Profile Raistmer
I also wonder if I will be able to compile the Open CL app to run on its Mali-T628 MP6 GPU (it supports OpenCL 1.1 Full profile).

That's would be interesting indeed. AFAIK Urs also made some experiments with Mali. Maybe he could provide some hints here.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux (ARM processor) app and alternatives (Message 1852019)
Posted 28 Feb 2017 by Profile Raistmer
Similar situation with Windows x64 builds driven me to different outcome: embedded benchmark, especially on multicore hosts, is very unstable thing that hardly can be trusted.
What I propose to do to make distinction between these explanations:
to make 2 builds,one with vfp_Chirp disabled,one with neon_Chirp disabled and identical otherwise.
Run them few tasks each with results + task AR logging. Then compare performance between each other _AND_ 'versatile" build that have both.
So, if switching between chirp selections is "real", not just bench artifact, we will see that "versatile" build faster on average than both fixed ones.
Or we will see what chirp really preferable on particular host.
I'm afraid this could be very long experiment though due to low performance of ARM core.

Similar could be done in more controlled environment of PG set benchmark. But again, one needs to reproduce real conditions for multicore processing (bench with both/all cores busy).
20) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Trappist-1 - did we really search it? (Message 1851913)
Posted 27 Feb 2017 by Profile Raistmer
Regarding origins of life on Earth there is one (among lots of others btw) theory that most appropriate conditions were at surroundings of geothermal geysers.
Periodical change in environment and appropriate salts contents, temperature regimes make them suitable for initial biochemistry synthesis.

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