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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Observation of CreditNew Impact (Message 1384885)
Posted 26 Jun 2013 by Profile Warski
RAC score is totally screwed since updating to seti v7 I am running 5 machines and was averaging about 5000 RAC per day running seti v6.x since upgrading to v7 I have dropped to about 1900 per day and still dropping was running lunatics v.40 and now v.41
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Strange Graph on statistics tab (Message 1380922)
Posted 14 Jun 2013 by Profile Warski
Thanks peoples Never thought to check the CMOS clock, dead battery go figure LOL
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Strange Graph on statistics tab (Message 1380245)
Posted 12 Jun 2013 by Profile Warski
I am running 5 machines and have noticed a strange graph on the ststistics page any one know what this is about?????

sorry pic will not display so here is link to screen snapshot
4) Message boards : Number crunching : How many Computers do you have Running BOINC Projects? (Message 1337178)
Posted 11 Feb 2013 by Profile Warski
5 Active
2 AMD Opteron 180's each running Cuda on old 8600GT's 1 P4 1800 1`P4 2600 these two OLD CLUNKERS NO PCI-E so no GPU Units on them, Acer laptop TK53
Soon to add a server with dual Opteron 280's and possibly another Opteron 180 if I can find a good board with PCI-E slot.
5) Questions and Answers : Wish list : How to remove obsolete computers (Message 1201230)
Posted 1 Mar 2012 by Profile Warski
just checked again apparently now there are 3 items two waiting validation and one Timed out - no response.
6) Questions and Answers : Wish list : How to remove obsolete computers (Message 1200991)
Posted 29 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
Yes I have checked before and there were none, for the longest time the web page says This feature is turned off temporarily.
Hmm probably one of the reasons for all the problems the project suffers from, is all the redundant obsolete data that the server keeps that clogs up the data base causing it to crash.
I fail to see the reasoning behind keeping records of all the computer and what work-units were assigned to them.
All that really matter is keeping a record of the work units that were processed and that the science is sound and the results can be duplicated and verified by other computers.
7) Questions and Answers : Wish list : How to remove obsolete computers (Message 1200795)
Posted 29 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
I would imagine not, as I have stated i set bionc to not get any more work, I then allowed all the work to complete and used project update button to upload the completed unit results. I then installed more memory and a new drive and loaded win7 on it and added it to the cluster. that was some time ago.
I still can't merge the old results and computer ID into the new install and new ID or delete the record of it. the database keeps saying it has work to do
8) Questions and Answers : Wish list : How to remove obsolete computers (Message 1200757)
Posted 29 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
Well is that machine that allow me to delete my 5 year old computers up or do I have to wait another year or two.
and that merge feature is still not working, The machine I want to delete was running 32bit vista and since has had the OS upgraded to windos7 64bit and has a new hard disk and more memory, but the server wont allow me the merge it with the new install or delete it because the corrupt data base says it still has work units to do even though I had turned off getting new work for the machine and completed all the work units and uploaded the results before wiping the drive and installing the disk and memory upgrade and the new OS. but the data base still says it has work to do. LOL
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Communication problem (Message 1200750)
Posted 28 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
They are connected through the DVI ports to an 8 port KVM and then the KVM connects to the main keyboard video display and mouse.
Like I said why would I want to change the display driver it works just fine with the two Asus EN8600GT cards and the HP9300GE. Bionc and setiathome_enhanced 6.10 (cuda_fermi)Have no problems with the 295.73 Nvidia drivers with my hardware. In fact the GPU's are actually liking it I have yet to have any computation errors using the 295.73 drivers. Again I ask why would I revert to the old driver because even with Lunatic 0.39 installed and the 285.62 drivers my cards i got no cuda units. With the 295.73 driver I do get cuda units and lots of them, and I do not get computation errors at all with the 295.73 they have bee running error free since I installed them...
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Communication problem (Message 1200576)
Posted 28 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
There is a different thread regarding the 295.73 driver update. Many, including me, with bad results.

Just stop BOINC - Uninstall Launatics - Do a 'Clean Install' of the 285.62 driver, and reinstall the Lunatics application.

Why would I do that? I have no problems or errors with the 295.73 driver all is up and running well, I have the 295.73 driver on 3 systems one with a sempron 3200+ & 9300GE 256meg, 3200+ Athlon64 w/ 8600GT 512meg and Athlon 64 w/ another 8600GT512meg

11) Message boards : Number crunching : Communication problem (Message 1200524)
Posted 28 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
I am running bionic version 6.12.34 (x64)wxWidgets 2.8.10
and the lunatics 0.39 optimized clients. Until I installed the lunatics optimized client and the latest Nvidia 295.73 driver my machines only crunched setiathome_enhanced 6.03 I did not know that my old 9300GE and 8600GT cards did not think they were capable of Doing CUDA. but since I Installed the Lunatics 0.39 x64 client and the latest video drivers this old hardware is crunching setiathome_enhanced 6.10 (cuda_fermi) wu's
I have noticed that as of late the cuda units time has gone down significantly since upgrading the video driver from 285.62 to 295.73.
Now the cuda units range from about 25 minutes up to 1.5 Hrs
With older drivers and the stock client that runs on bionc I never ever got cuda units just the 6.03 enhanced CPU units.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (69) Server problems? (Message 1200189)
Posted 26 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
I think he means this one every one the runs SETI should have have one in their back pocket and should have read it 100 times.

It should be a REQUIREMENT !!!
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Communication problem (Message 1200188)
Posted 26 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
I have upload speed of 5Mbit an download 10Mbit and 6 local machines sharing the connection only one uses the web the others are just running seti and they all have units in the down load cue but none have completed. I think the limit to down load should be only 10 units in your crunch cue and then return one and then get a new one, all my machines are slower and have small hard drives have small hard drives and by the time the do an astropulse unit is like 250+hours Cuda units take like 4 hours per each old 8600gt and its like 5 hrs for the old 9300GE card. the real problem is all these faster computers that do Seti6.03 in very little time and the cuda units in like 30 seconds keep hammering the servers and they can not get any units out. I think that any computer faster than 1.8Ghz core clock be made to do the large astropulse units and leave the small units to us people with old systems as we are no threat to your stats we just believe in the science and are here to support the project
14) Questions and Answers : Wish list : How to remove obsolete computers (Message 1199169)
Posted 24 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
when i click on details an delete this computer I get You can not delete our record of this computer because our database still contains work for it. You must wait a few days until the work for this computer has been deleted from the project database. if i click on merge i No hosts are eligible for merging with this one. when i click on task for the computer in question i get This feature is turned off temporarily.
when i check the server status page all are green and running except for ap_assimilator1 synergy Disabled
ntpckr_small_sig1 synergy Not Running
ntpckr_small_sig2 synergy Not Running
ntpckr_small_sig3 synergy Not Running
ntpckr_small_sig4 synergy Not Running
rfi1_small_sig synergy Disabled
rfi2_small_sig synergy Disabled
rfi3_small_sig synergy Disabled
rfi4_small_sig synergy Disabled
No wonder the project has so many problems everything reports that it is up and running but the data base is so corrupt you cant remove or merge computers from like 5 years ago.
15) Questions and Answers : Wish list : How to remove obsolete computers (Message 1199165)
Posted 24 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
When viewing my there are many computers that have been decommissioned and scrapped. How do I get rid of all but the active computers on my Seti Account. If they have not been crunching numbers for more than 90 days it stands to reason that either they have met an untimely death or have been decommissioned and used for other purposes like door stops or sold for scrap or had the Operating system updated and it can't be merged with the newer OS even though the computer has the same name etc. or the computers name was changed on my network an the seti page has the new computer name and the old name is there. I would like the ability to clean up that god awe-full clutter. its like keeping you utility bills for the last 5 places you lived at in the last 15 years in your bottom desk drawer. Totally useless unless you are a hoarder and want to collect things to start a fire with
16) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Theme: SETI@Home Classic on BOINC (Message 1199162)
Posted 24 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
Yes i would like to see that also
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Nvidia 295.73 Driver (Message 1198702)
Posted 23 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
have been running it since the day before no problems with it I have my machines in the farm set to no power management or screen saver on monitor that turns off is the one on the main terminal no problems with cuda not being available upon resume
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (68) Server problems? (Message 1198544)
Posted 22 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski

VR reports that between IP address and there is a non responding link. it wont respond to VR asking for id or whatever..
Also shows from the UK to S@H traffic is routed via Chicago & White Plains and route is described as good up to that 1st ip address.

Hmm did you say they are routing the completed WU's through the white plains missile base where they have secret missiles stashed and the secret defense facility's. Maybe Seti finally found something and thats why no WU's, No use looking for something when you know where it is and its coming.
OMG it's true the 2012 thing get out your gun's and prepare to defend yourselves there coming. That would explain why my kitties are staring out the window up at the sky they are here. LOL.
Anyway Yes I have notice lag on the forums and the boinc has been dropping transfers something terrible WU's half uploaded half downloaded transfers started at 40k a second and drop to .1k 2 seconds later etc.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Error while computing (Message 1198534)
Posted 22 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
I have of recently had several Error while computing errors and several Completed, marked as invalid, Abandoned and Aborted by user and Timed out - no response all were sent between Feb10 and February19 are these error while computing and the completed marked as invalid due to the the bad memory in the server and the outage we had in the past few days. Or have my machines contracted the Seti memory Virus that the projects seem to have suffered from LOL. I think the abandoned and aborted by user units are due to the fact that I installed the Lunatics optimized clients for all my machines here on my farm. I should have just turned of getting any new tasks and allowed my farm to complete the WU's and return the units, but I had just ran the lunatics optimized installer because it was said in another forum thats all that I had to do, trouble was that bionc did not restart for hours on severals machines so I manually shut it down and restarted it and all the WU's were gone and I had to reattach to the project on several machines. Hmmm maybe they stole the WU's to crunch because of the shortage we had......ROF Any way the way the old seti ran was much better you could cache your WU's as we can now but there was no deadline to report back by. Not that it matters but I have had several WU's evaporate because I get many WU's that have to run in high priority mode for some reason and boinc never seems to return to ones that are partially crunched in time to complete them. Maybe the boinc client needs some work so that it crunches the wu's with the deadline closest to expiry first instead of wasting my CPU cycles by letting the partially completed ones expire. The way I see it is if people are donating the cost of power and the Processor Cycles to assist the project at least make an effort to utilize whats given to you. I doubt that persons that donate to things like cancer research or go on walk-marathons in an effort to raise support or funds would be impressed if they found out their time was a waste of their resources.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Can ASRock 990FX Extreme4 unlock FX-4100/FX-6100 cores? (Message 1196277)
Posted 17 Feb 2012 by Profile Warski
the Intel 990X 6 Core LGA1366 Gulftown would be the heavy weight when it comes to CPU crunching, I would go for i7 2600k and a couple of good Fermi CUDA cards for crunching. you could probably build the whole system for what you would pay for the Gulftown.
If you are doing CUDA CPU really does not matter 0.04 CPU+ GPU I am running several old Athlons and Older 8600GT cards for SETI and average about 5500 credits a day on my machines at home. I would imagine that it would be a lot more with a couple of 460's or 580 Fermi cards

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