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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Classic Seti 12-15 Shutdown Time? (Message 208343)
Posted 9 Dec 2005 by Profile broadbandit
Would anyone know the time of day the fellas over a Berkeley decide to pull the plug? I'm aiming for 100,000 and I'm SOOO close! But if I could expect maybe by midday or evening PST, would be great.. :) Keep crunching!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Classic: SetiDriver backlog (Message 205363)
Posted 7 Dec 2005 by Profile broadbandit
Here's something interesting that I've never seen before in all my years crunching.

Each system is caching at least 2 work units per instance.

SetiDriver with an HT enabled machine caches at least 2, but all additional work goes through to berk without any problems. A system that isn't HT enabled, caches 1.

Oddly enough, I have a large farm all running SetiDriver and each have a cpu w/HT, seticachespy is telling me each one has 2 ready to return. I force them to upload, and they go, i do get credit.

What gives?

--Reaching for 100,000k. If anyone would like to help out in this personal goal, please let me know and I will send my account info.

As of 10:55 EST, my crunchers have accumulated 93,783 classic and 1,033,073.38 boinc cobblestones.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Finally Totaled 103,000 (Message 80123)
Posted 17 Feb 2005 by Profile broadbandit
same here.. took a while but currently @ 105,941.89 - that is until the validator kicks another kick start. I have a nice chunk waiting to go up as we speak..

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