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21) Message boards : Technical News : Rainy Day (Jan 19 2010) (Message 964674)
Posted 19 Jan 2010 by Profile Neil Blaikie
That's good news for you guys.

Hopefully you had a relaxing day yesterday, which you so deserve.

Thank you as always for the updates.

As you mentioned in a previous thread, you guys had a tidy up of the lab, any chance of some new pictures of the server closet and your handy work :-)?

This will be my last post from this machine, it is about to move from a E6400 to a Q8200 (Dual to Quad Core), shame the GTX 260 that should have come with it, is not with the order and is on back order for 2 weeks. Nice new 750w Kingwin PSU as well.
22) Message boards : Number crunching : **CLOSED SETI/BOINC Milestones [ v2.0 ] - XIX CLOSED** (Message 962170)
Posted 9 Jan 2010 by Profile Neil Blaikie
10 years 237 days later have just passed 1 million credits for SETI alone.

Would have happened years sooner but I had a break for a few years post millennium.
23) Message boards : Technical News : Off and Walking (Jan 04 2010) (Message 960791)
Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Happy New Year to everyone at Berkeley and all crunchers around the world.

Glad things went well for you guys during the outage.

Seems like the new Kepler Space Telescope is doing well.

I am sure ET can wait until things recover before sending a signal to you guys or dropping a few ascii art photons into the Photometer of the KST :-)

Just realized I am so close to a million credits, hopefully will pass that milestone very soon post outage!
24) Message boards : Technical News : Precedence Bulk (Dec 10 2009) (Message 953709)
Posted 10 Dec 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
*** CORRECTION ***OOOPS I did a quick search and didn't pay attention to the fact it was you that answered that question.

In response to that question, see this thread
25) Message boards : Technical News : Storm (Oct 14 2009) (Message 939918)
Posted 14 Oct 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Dump some of the weather towards Montreal, Canada please. It is cold, gray miserable and actually snowed for a few minutes earlier today. Warmish and wet is better than gray and cold!

Hope everything gets back to "normal" soon and you figure out the mysqldump issue, sounds like it is going to be a main in the proverbial ass though.

As always thank you for taking your precious time to keep us informed and also thank you to Bob as well for your efforts.

Keep up the good work
26) Message boards : Technical News : Whac-a-Mole (Sep 03 2009) (Message 930776)
Posted 4 Sep 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Pen made by that reputable pen maker BIC (Berkeley International Computing) :-)

Thanks for the update Matt and the link (to the meeting notes) is as Blurf said invaluable to those that follow SETI and it's workings on a high end level.
27) Message boards : Technical News : Busy Bytes (Jul 06 2009) (Message 915150)
Posted 7 Jul 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Patience is required and if "you" (as a user) don't have it then go crunch another project. I am an avid online flight simulator pilot and one of the biggest sites that I and hundreds of other people used to get freeware addons, was hacked on May 12th, the massive file library of freeware files is still down and being worked on to this day. I can wait

The sites forums have been inundated with people asking when will it be back online? The answer when it is fixed and working how we want it to work. The particular site was able to purchase 4 massively powerful new servers with a mass donation post hack.
Digging up a large chunk of road to dump a fiber cable is very expensive, and being on campus bureaucratic processes must be followed, sure it would be great but in the short term is NOT going to happen. Having users send a large amount of money for this purpose could prove fruitless if those that allow the campus to be dug up say no.

I have a ton of files waiting to upload and usually had "network always available", I am doing my part by most of the day leaving it "suspended", I try and if some get through great, if not, I wait a little longer and try again. My point being that they are getting thorough albeit slowly and sitting being patient has helped.

Enough of my rambling and Thank you Matt for your posts, they are appreciated and even though you have not a huge amount of say on matters, your hard work and problem solving is helping 10 times as much as I am sure you would give yourself credit for. Keep up the good work and things will get better, however long it takes!
28) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Where did my CUDA queue go to? (Message 910248)
Posted 22 Jun 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
They are showing that they were all aborted by user as stated, the error code (0xffffffffffffff17) coming up with them is that they are all past deadline or would not report within deadline. Correct me someone if I am wrong in stating that.

There are quite a few vlar's about at the moment, had a few terminated by my optimized app with vlar killer.
29) Message boards : Number crunching : Latest Nvidia Driver (Message 909653)
Posted 20 Jun 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Nvidia has released version 186.18 of their driver.

The drivers for your system can be downloaded here:
Nvidia downloads

From the info about the driver :
Adds support for CUDA 2.2 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications. See CUDA
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Less than 100k Astropulse in the field (Message 909398)
Posted 20 Jun 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Where does one get the v5_05 app from? I can't seem to find it anywhere or am I having a blonde moment.
31) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (17) Server problems (Message 909234)
Posted 19 Jun 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
LOL had to laugh at this

6/19/2009 12:43:12 AM A new version of BOINC (6.0.0) is available for your computer!

WHAT I am already running 6.6.20, something not right there somewhere!
32) Message boards : Technical News : Comedy (Jun 17 2009) (Message 908929)
Posted 18 Jun 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Another excellent comment.

Good to see new people posting to the forums, remember also that you can make good friends with people on here as well. I actually have a few friends on here that share my interest in online flight simulator gaming. Always nice to sometimes fly with them and have a good 'ol chat!

While this is a science project, yes you can learn a lot about computers on here, I knew virtually nothing about UNIX/Linux systems until speaking with a few people on here. They have been a great help and while I have not taken the plunge fully yet, am learning more and more each day from those willing to add a bit extra time to help me out.

Generally as well my knowledge of the inner workings of the project has increased since I first joined in '99, I used to be one of the "set and forget gang" but have a fair working knowledge of what actually goes on now. Those willing to help out and go that extra mile are what make A) posting here good, I enjoy reading the forums and seeing what suggestions people come up with, B) The fact that those who have spent their time in developing the optimized apps to speed crunching time up are also willing to follow-up with help on getting their apps or other people's optimized apps working correctly. They don't just make, publish and forget them.

Grocery store awaits, car=dead=long walk to store in pouring rain :-(
33) Message boards : Technical News : Comedy (Jun 17 2009) (Message 908924)
Posted 18 Jun 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
Downloads seem to have just kicked into gear (at least for me anyway), managed to get some new work and am awaiting only 3 out of 10 tasks to upload now.

Been a nice refreshing day for my computer which crunches 24/7 usually, while it has had a day off enjoying "computer vacation", same can't be said for me, plus to top it all off it is raining heavily here in Montreal!
34) Message boards : Technical News : Dust (Jun 11 2009) (Message 906434)
Posted 12 Jun 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
I will add to the comments already added here as well.

The updates, while these (and I say this not meaning to offend the user group), probably don't mean too much to people (Q opening floodgate of comments on that), they are very much appreciated by those that do understand them.

It still amazes me how you guys all pull together to keep "the mother of all BOINC projects" up and running to keep JOE PUBLIC happy, given the limited resources you have at the lab.

Patience is a virtue as someone said :-) and given time, the new generously donated servers will kick into gear and I am sure help out a ton.

While we are all looking forward to seeing NTPCKr "go live" , what effect does it have on us, if you guys take whatever time you need to get it working how you want and not rush it live? - NOTHING, it is you guys that run this to keep us happy, personally I couldn't care when it gets released (yes I am looking forward to the day it does) but at the end of the day, I have no control whatsoever as to when it does go "live" and will not push for it to be ready until you guys are happy with it.

Yes it can also be frustrating when things do go "up Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea" Creek, without a paddle" but then again, we as users deal with it.

Anyhow enough rambling and ultimately thanks for the update and as Westsail & *Pyxey* said, Blue skies are indeed ahead.
35) Message boards : Technical News : Questionable Queries (May 19 2009) (Message 897117)
Posted 20 May 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
LOL - really did laugh out loud on that one.

36) Message boards : Technical News : Rainy Day Data (May 14 2009) (Message 896332)
Posted 18 May 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
I do not think that is a fair point at all, if they slow your PC/GPU to a crawl in some cases then why run them?, to free up space for good workunits (define a good work unit, it is the data on the tape that determines that)

Personally I could let them run easily, as could anyone who received them, the point being though is they are annoying to some crunchers and not everyone likes them. It is personal choice to run optimized apps with a VLAR autokill. I do use my PC for other things other than SETI, so why should I compensate for possibly finding "a signal" in a work unit against actually being able to use the PC.

VLAR's affect my computer and I am sure several other crunchers who choose to kill them. They get crunched eventually either by someone with a machine who doesn't get effected or as much as I hate to say this, by a new user joining who has no idea what is going on when receiving a VLAR.

The project is doing amazing work on a budget that is probably laughed at in the scientific community (no offence meant there), and yes it has hardships but as MATT mentioned, they are reluctant to change anything major until after the anniversary. People are willing to spend their money on donating to the project, but it is not enough to cover every possible problem that arises.

Who knows (apart from a select few) what may happen after the anniversary, things will am sure will have to change in some way or another as it will generate more users depending on the overall coverage worldwide and within the scientific community.

I do not mean this post to be an attack on anyone, anything in any way. It is my opinion and not meant to open up discussion on what is the right or wrong thing to do, I leave that to the project admins and face the consequences of whatever they decide to do.
37) Message boards : Technical News : Rainy Day Data (May 14 2009) (Message 896223)
Posted 18 May 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
As mentioned there are a lot of the dreaded VLAR workunits out at the moment, I had several all auto-killed with the optimized app as error -6. Had one with this which is something I have not seen before.

Error in ap_remove_radar.cpp: generate_envelope: num_ffts_performed < 100. Blanking too much RFI?
38) Message boards : Number crunching : To Whomever this concerns: Backoffs and error -6 (Message 888256)
Posted 25 Apr 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
I know that is was my fault for a stupid mistake but the period of waiting should be a lot less, I fixed the app_info and then got new work but your VLAR killer optimized app then trashed the 5 workunits I just got after fixing the app_info.

No one likes VLAR's but they are part of the project and can't be helped, it is more the fact that 24 hours seems a long period to wait when all the work available can't all be VLAR, it was more making a point of the time period is a little long.

I fully accept that it was my causing the problem but in future developments couldn't more of a distinction be made prior to work being sent out as VLAR? something on the server side for example, VLAR's should be spotted earlier in my opinion.

I am in no way mocking the project, they guys do a fanastic job with what they have to deal with hardware and software. Raistmer, your optimized apps have helped a great many people who can't do VLAR units, I can but they slow my GPU down too much if assigned to that. CPU is no so much of a problem. It is only since I have started to actually do CUDA work that things have slowed somewhat on my machine.

Keep up the good work Raistmer and everyone who develops BOINC, APPS or the project admins.
39) Message boards : Number crunching : To Whomever this concerns: Backoffs and error -6 (Message 888219)
Posted 25 Apr 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
I have optimized apps running and after waiting 24 hours due to trashing a lot of work units with a stupid mistake in app_info, I finally got some more.

However only to find that they got aborted (error -6) as all being VLAR, so I am now waiting another 20 hours to actually (hopefully) get some more work.

Keeping the cpu's busy doing Rosetta while waiting.

Not wanting to sound harsh but that is a little long to wait twice in a row when all I am doing is using an app designed to cut down on VLAR's slowing the hell out of my computer which is CUDA enabled.
40) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I run optimized apps plus CUDA? (Message 887717)
Posted 23 Apr 2009 by Profile Neil Blaikie
I am getting CUDA work or was until I just trashed all the work units doing a stupid mistake in the app_info.

I backed the true value off a bit for the gflops but as it is only a small amount shouldn't make any difference at all if I am correct.

With trashing so many work units, I am going to be idle on work for at least the next 11 hours until the server allows more. Once I corrected my mistake I got 5 new tasks that I accidentally aborted.

Am not having a very good day so far in SETI terms, have managed to get what I thought was a fried motherboard working though so some good news.

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