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1) Message boards : Technical News : upload issues and other news (Oct 5, 2007) (Message 654791)
Posted 5 Oct 2007 by Profile petrusbroder
Thanks for the info, I'll post a link @ TeAm AnandTech - there have been a few ;) questions ...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : NEZ is No. 1 in the new BOINC All Project Stats (Message 606420)
Posted 20 Jul 2007 by Profile petrusbroder
The numbers of hosts in the site is often dead wrong. I am posted as having 33 hosts - I have never had that many in my life. It is not so far off considering ... and I have my hosts hidden because I often add or subtract or test hosts ...

I use 1 weeks of BOINC-crunching as a burn-in test for the comps i build for my friends and family.

It is similar for amdxborg (or amd.borg) He has many more hosts than 5 ...

I like the site, but am reluctant to trust all the numbers - most of them are OK (because I have corroborated them with other sites and my own stats) ...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with MacPPC SETI@Home Enhanced version 5.21 (Message 605806)
Posted 19 Jul 2007 by Profile petrusbroder
I have the same problem:

Please read here.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Continuously Restarting Tasks (Message 605644)
Posted 18 Jul 2007 by Profile petrusbroder
I have 4 Macs running. All of them G4 - two with dual processors, two with singles. All OS X 10.4.10. Three of the Macs have BOINC v. 5.8.17, one has 5.8.9. I have crunched seti using the seti@home enhanced 5.18 application without problems on all these 4 Macs.
Then it switched to seti@home enhanced 5.21 application and on all my Macs the applications either crashed or restarted many times. I have aborted all WUs.

I got two sets of error messages:

On three of the Macs:
Client error:
Client state: Compute error
Exit status: -177 (0xffffff4f)

The stderr out was:
Maximum disk usage exceeded

on an other Mac the stderr out was:

process exited with code 2 (0x2)
2007-07-18 17:31:50 [SETI@home] Process creation (../../projects/ failed: Error -1
execv: No such file or directory


Is this a problem with my comps or some problem with the application. I have looked around, and some other crunchers have reported similar problems before --- but I did not quite understand what to do to avoid the problems ...
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Hints, cheats, and advice for New users. (Message 299957)
Posted 8 May 2006 by Profile petrusbroder
Crunch3r sounds cool. I don't see any mention of a Mac (OS X) user, like myself, using it. I assume everyone here is MS-DOS oriented and not Darwin oriented. Does anyone know of any Mac based optimizers?

Why do you not try over at MacNN? The have some fun stuff - mostly optimized applications (which crunch much faster!)

You'll find it here:
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Hints, cheats, and advice for New users. (Message 259488)
Posted 9 Mar 2006 by Profile petrusbroder
As I scroll down the list I notice some stars, but I notice a lot more without stars. Then I remember what I was taught many years ago by my grandfather. He told me that only the cream rises to the top, that this is true in all things in life. That most of the people will go along and expect things for free all their life. It is not their fault, but the fault of their teachers in life. But the cream, the cream will always rise to the top, it will always give more than the rest. You see, you can drink the milk, but the cream, well it is made into many things, it gives much more than just the milk.

So here is my 2 cents, for all you beer drinkers, take the money from a simple case of beer you would have bought this month, and send it to SETI.

For all you smokers out there, take what you would have spent on 2 packs of cigs. Send that to SETI instead, double benefit there, helps the needed, and your health.

And for all the Soda drinkers out there, take the money from 2 12 packs and send it to SETI, be less sugar in your diet, and less calories.

See we all can make excuses for why we so called cant give, but when it comes down to it, its all about the cream.

And yes, I know this post is off base for this thread, but if not posted here, then many would never see it. For we can always choose to never go into the donation thread, and those never feel guilty for not supporting what we like to do.

Well, in principle I agree with this post. For many people this is just right. But not for all. I have been in DC for 5 years and have contributed to quite a few projects, mostly seti (classic and BOINC) but also other projects. Looking at my stats I have more then 600 000 credits in BOINC 15 K in seti classic, etc, etc. This crunchimng is not for free - it takes electricity bandwidth, maintenence. I do this gladly, it is my hobby and I enjoy it. It also costs approximately 100 USD a month (including all).
In Sweden there are no deductions allowed for any charitable contribuitions. If I donate 10 USD from my taxed money the real cost is 25 USD (taxrate is 60% for me). So you may understand why so few Europeans donate - it is just not an efficient way to use the money. If I were in the US, that is a very different matter ...
I donate hardware, time, electricity, internet costs, spare parts. Please do not make people who do not want or can not to donate (for any reason) feel bad. They may even stop crunching. There is no reason at all to make people feel like "milk" when they are doing their best. All are the "cream" here - all who crunch, beta-test, contribute with hard cash, each and every one of them.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Hints, cheats, and advice for New users. (Message 215972)
Posted 16 Dec 2005 by Profile petrusbroder
There is a preference you can set under "General Preferences" under "your account" to either "hide computers" or View computers". The info you can see about yourself is different from that than anyone else can see. Click on my "username" and you can see my 'puters; see any IP addys? I see them when I click on mine, but you can't. ... Leaving the setting to "view computers" helps us help you, but doesn't reveal your "sensitive" info.

If I may be so bold as to ask -- assuming nobody else has yet done so --
WHY, then, do people (esp. those so highly ranked in total WUs etc.) seem to almost always hide their computers?

If other users, such as myself, wish to LEARN what sort of hardware / software / OS (etc) they're using, to see if we can emulate improvements / increases in results and therefore CONTRIBUTE MORE POSITIVELY to BOINC / SETI / other projects, how can we do so when such information -- protected, as it is by not revealing IPs -- is hidden?

Granted, others DO show their hardware, so this isn't a wholly valid "gripe" as such, but it leads to the question: WHY hide your computers in the first place? If there's nothing *sensitive* or "abuse-able" in the information that IS shown, why should there be any need for an option to Hide it at all?

Do you see where I'm going with this line of questioning?

Apologies in advance if anybody's offended -- I'm just curious...



"The more I learn about these humans, the less I seem to know..."

I think this is a valid question - and at least I am not offended.
I hide my computers because I am afraid that somebody may realize that I have more than one computer and then choose my house for a break-in. That is why I also do not use my name, addy, and am cautious about what I reveal on the net.
This caution is not because I am paranoid, but because one of my friends (I know him very well) was chosen for a break in because it was easy to find out that he had 15 powerful computers. They really made a big mess in his house (I helped with the cleaning), especially when they realized that he had most of the comps in his office - and then they raided his office. They got caught and they said that they looked on the net for victims: DC-forums, auction sites, etc.

In this matter I prefer to err on the side of caution. It is not hard to find out who is who on the net ...

I agree that learning from others is very valuable. You can solve this very simply: just ask around in a forum like this ...
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Uploading (Message 137910)
Posted 17 Jul 2005 by Profile petrusbroder
I read about this "work around" already today. Although I've personally not tried it, several others were saying that it really doesn't upload it, but rather kills the WU and the result was showing as invalid.

Just something to keep in mind before running headlong into this work around.


Perhaps I've been lucky, or I've stumbled on a workaround...

After having some WUs sitting in the queue for hours, I decided to take a chance and aborted the transfer. At worst I'd lose 1.5 hours worth of crunching. To my surprise, after I cancelled te transfer, it uploaded almost immediately and it's now showing as complete, with credits pending.

Maybe it was a fluke, but perhaps it's an answer to our problems (and maybe it's a clue to the seti sys admins too)

OK, so I throw away my three results. The intersesting part is that those results have been sitting there for so many days (since July 13!) and that they will expire soon - in a few hours. Lost is lost! No matter what happens with validation. The problem is that the uploads work fine for results finished today or yesterday, but uploads for results finished july 13 or july 14 do not work. Is that a client problem? Or a uploader problem? Because I think that the uploader or client should give higher priority to those results which are close to expiration rather than to those who will expire in a few days!

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