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1) Message boards : News : Fall Funding Drive (Message 1175272)
Posted 3 Dec 2011 by Profile Bryan Wallace
Doesn't the seti institute require ~ $20 million per year? SETI@home does more with less than any other DC project out there, I am very proud to be a part of such a worthy project as this.
2) Message boards : News : Fall Funding Drive (Message 1168280)
Posted 5 Nov 2011 by Profile Bryan Wallace
Are you kidding me?

" For various reasons, there is no bank account specifically for SETI@Home, so no way to receive funds. "

No sensible person would donate money to any Organization that has no Bank Account.

That reeks of "scam".


How did you even get here? Do some reading up on SETI@home and report back when you have a clue.
3) Message boards : News : Fall Funding Drive (Message 1168278)
Posted 5 Nov 2011 by Profile Bryan Wallace

IMO, you needn't be concerned about donations above the targeted amount, volunteers haven't provided even a quarter of the budget in any year yet.

Being snarky is not a good way to win people over, when asking for funds. I pointed out two valid concerns, one of which is something that I believe others might have a concern over, not so much myself, and you give attitude in a reply. Not good.

The root question was not addressed, what is the targeted amount of fund raising?

The budgeted amount for the current fiscal year is $548,000, so that would be a pretty good target, no?

Earlier in this thread it was mentioned that the goal for the fall fund raising drive is $50k.
4) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : Q&A about the ATA shutdown. (Message 1101830)
Posted 29 Apr 2011 by Profile Bryan Wallace
A good point and a very relevant one...the analysis resources could be pooled, which would keep us 'crunchers' very happy and, of course, the now 'sleeping' ATA would get the analysis done for an incredibly small cost. Oh, Angela, when does "lurking", become stalking? lol

This is a great idea. I don't know if the Seti Institute would be interested in this, but if so then we could always use more WU's.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 issues with nvidia gpus (Message 1032416)
Posted 10 Sep 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
thanks for all the help guys! both gpus working flawlessly, taking ~ 15 min for the gtx 260 and 30 min for the 9600gso at present, each has done quite a few wu's since update as well.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 issues with nvidia gpus (Message 1032382)
Posted 10 Sep 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
ok, no screensaver is working, 13-17 min for gpu tasks. as mentioned am already running rescheduler every 24 hrs so that should prevent dumping vlars on gpus. now will engage gpu1 and should start to get some good ppd out of this rig!
7) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 issues with nvidia gpus (Message 1032333)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
there shouldn't be anything at all running on the computer other than a screensaver and background process. the only time it's ever used these days is when my daughter wants to go to dora or diego sites and game, but she can't do that without my help so I would know if she was messing with it.

how do I edit priority on the cuda app?
8) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 issues with nvidia gpus (Message 1032314)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
thank you, will edit the file tonight for dual gpus.

looks like my gtx 260 has been stuck with lots of vlars, but it is still getting them even after I ran rescheduler. I'll check that out again tonight. If it's still doing it should I just manually abort all the gpu tasks and allow it to "start over" with new tasks, then run rescheduler right away?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 issues with nvidia gpus (Message 1032307)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
1. just installed a secondary gpu in ip35 pro rig. seti@home recognizes the gpu as gpu1 (gpu0 is a gtx 260), but in parenthesis says (not used). how do I fix this?

2. on the same rig, my gtx 260 usually takes around 2hrs to finish wu's. I installed the latest lunatics optimized apps and fred's rescheduler, many wu's still take ~ 2hrs but a few only take 20-25 minutes. is this bad luck or is there a problem with the wu's/card?
10) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : team foundership change request (Message 1022071)
Posted 2 Aug 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
Hi guys, I'm on team anandtech. Twice now in the past 18 months somebody from seti.usa has tried to take over our team. The current culprit is hoopoe. I spoke to our team admin and he's taking care of it, but this really pisses me off. Is this the right place to complain?
11) Message boards : News : Arecibo Observatory Repair Status (Message 1021235)
Posted 31 Jul 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
SETI is dead?

It was a fun run. Suspending my project work till you guys get serious and fix this system to work.

looks like you never got started...
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Extended outage Jul 20 2010 - problems (Message 1018669)
Posted 23 Jul 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
yeah, having 10 days' worth of data is highly recommended, especially for high-output systems. nothing is more frustrating than watching your i7 rig with a gtx 260 sitting idle for 3 days...

keep in mind, however, that if you have a slower computer without a gpu cruncher then you probably only need 2-3 days instead.
13) Message boards : News : New Thesis (Message 1016823)
Posted 17 Jul 2010 by Profile Bryan Wallace
just started reading, very interesting thus far! It's nice to get a view of the thinking behind astropulse and why we're using it now.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI@Netherlands 10 year challenge & Gauntlet! (Message 929714)
Posted 30 Aug 2009 by Profile Bryan Wallace
We at Anandtech are very excited to participate. Last gauntlet was fun and this should be even better!
15) Message boards : Technical News : Hannah (Apr 16 2009) (Message 886796)
Posted 20 Apr 2009 by Profile Bryan Wallace
From what I've seen over at Anandtech, we've lost many over the past year because of work outages. People start crunching other projects for a few days and it's no big deal, but when it drags out into 10+ days they go away for good. We have one team member who has literally dropped 20,000 pts/day. His total boinc output is the same, he's just shifted a lot of his rigs to other projects.
16) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Check your Team Foundership regularly! (Message 880087)
Posted 28 Mar 2009 by Profile Bryan Wallace
our team founder, smoke, had major surgery a few days before the founder request was made. fortunately I was able to contact him and the situation has been resolved.

I didn't realize that he was a new user. Sorry to make any unfounded accusations at seti.usa, it's just frustrating to see things like this happen.
17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Check your Team Foundership regularly! (Message 880073)
Posted 28 Mar 2009 by Profile Bryan Wallace
I was looking at the Team Anandtech home page the other day and noticed that there had been a team foundership change request. I know our team founder (and the 3 admins), so I was surprised that the request had been made. Come to find out, user DMMD from Seti.usa had requested the change! He's not a member of team anandtech and is a very high producer (about 20,000 credit/day). I notified our team founder and he thwarted the attempted hostile takeover, but this has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Has this happened to anybody else out there? Is seti.usa only the biggest because they're poaching unsuspecting other teams, or was this an isolated incident by a rogue agent? Team Anandtech is by no means the largest team out there, but we're typically in the top 20. How many smaller teams have had this happen to them over the years??
18) Message boards : Technical News : Continuing Onward (May 05 2008) (Message 749268)
Posted 7 May 2008 by Profile Bryan Wallace
Ok, so I know a little bit about astropulse now. What about ntpckr? How is that going to help us?
19) Message boards : Number crunching : New System perfomance - Very poor! Help! Dual Intel E5440 (Message 746583)
Posted 1 May 2008 by Profile Bryan Wallace
After wrestling with some non-BOINC-related computer problems I ran two sets of eight WUs, one with snoop filter enabled then one disabled.

With snoop filter enabled all eight WUs took around 3hrs 45mins each. All March '08 WUs.

With snoop filter disabled the eight WU times ranged from 3hrs 15mins to 3hrs 55mins. These were a mix of WUs from Dec '06, Jan '07, and Feb '08.

So, ceteris paribus, the problem with my computer's BOINC performance is not related, or only marginally related (in the order of less than 5%?), to the snoop filter settings.

the time to complete a workunit doesn't mean as much as the credit from the workunit. for example, a better description would be: "Complete eight WU's, all of which were 54-55 pts, in 3hrs 45min, then completed 8 more WU's with similar pt value in 3hrs 5min to 3hrs 55 min".
20) Message boards : Number crunching : AK V8 ported release ap. issues, install, questions etc. (Message 746419)
Posted 1 May 2008 by Profile Bryan Wallace
installed the sse4.1 app on an x3350 @ 3.6. no problems with the oc, as others mentioned temps are a bit higher but nothing for me to worry about. The higher temps just mean that they're making better use of the cpu(s). installed the ssse3 for c2d on a new t7250, credit seems ridiculously high for this computer. Looks like it's working!

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