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21) Questions and Answers : Windows : boinc screensaver says loading but never does (Message 1818314)
Posted 19 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
You run work mostly on your two graphics processing units (GPUs). The powers that be around here have decided not to add the graphics application on to the GPU applications, so any work run on the GPU does not have graphics which means they do not have the Seti screen saver.

I see you also run work on the CPU, and that's when you'll see the graphics/screen saver. The CPU application does have a graphics application.

The rest of the time you should only see the built-in BOINC screen saver, but this may take a while to show up, and is dependent on the you have set.

Now, I don't know what you mean with I fixed once by reinstalling new copy in new dir name. New copy of what? BOINC?
22) Questions and Answers : Preferences : The way to see the log ? (Message 1818235)
Posted 19 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
Where can I foud all triplets/peaks, which were found by computer?

That information isn't stored on your computer, it is sent back in the result file to the project. It won't show in the event log.

You can use a third party add-on such as SetiSpirit to keep information about the tasks, the SETI@home project status, workunits and credits, statistic charts and a detailed sky map.
23) Questions and Answers : Preferences : can't edit my profile (Message 1817076)
Posted 14 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
A recent average credit of 1.0 or more is required to stop commercial spammers from making accounts and immediately dumping their spam messages into a profile.
24) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Postponed: CL file build failure with BOINC 7.6.31 / Ubuntu 16.04 / AMD GPU (Message 1816642)
Posted 12 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
"mesa-opencl-icd" (which I don't know what it is)

This is an open source OpenCL installable client driver (icd) of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library.

I don't know what means "got rid of the AMD Catalyst fglrx drivers", can't you get drivers manually from ATI AMD site?

No, he cannot. Ubuntu 16.04 dropped support for the proprietary graphics driver for AMD/ATI graphics cards.

I Don’t Understand: What’s Happening?

Let’s say you use the fglrx driver on Ubuntu 15.10, and that you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 next month.
The Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade process will remove both the fglrx driver and the Xorg.conf that supports it from Ubuntu.

You cannot avoid this, stall it or put it off; you upgrade, you say bye-bye.
Depending on your exact graphics hardware, Ubuntu 16.04 will use the open-source AMDGPU or the open-source Radeon driver in place of flgrx.

At this point you might be thinking: “Fine, I’ll just reinstall the driver myself.”

Well, you can’t.

You can not re-install the fglrx/catalyst driver (or its display stack) from the Ubuntu 16.04 archives after the upgrade completes as the driver is, bluntly, no longer there.
Furthermore, you cannot download and install the fglrx/catalyst driver using binary packages from the AMD website as, even if you could get them to install, the driver does not support Xorg 1.18 that ships in Xenial.

AMD only has Ubuntu 16.04 drivers for the RX400 series. All others are deprecated.

The only quick solution I see is to return to a previous Linux, if need be via virtual machine. The Mesa ICD is not yet ready and isn't compatible with the Khronos OpenCL drivers.
25) Questions and Answers : Windows : Windows 10 Can't connect to BOINC client (Message 1816357)
Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
When you added the individual BOINC programs, you did that like this?
How do I add exceptions to the Norton Antivirus firewall?

Launch Norton Internet Security, click "Settings" and choose "Network." Select "Smart Firewall" from the left pane and choose "Configure." Select "Configure" next to General Rules and click "Add" to launch the Add Rule wizard. Select "Allow" and click "Next."

Or did you do this?
How do I exclude a file from Norton 360?

Click the "Norton 360" icon when it appears to view the program's main screen. Click "Settings," click "Antivirus" and the click the "Scans and Risks" tab. Scroll down and move to the Extensions/Low Risks section. Click the "Configure" link on the "Items to Exclude From Scans" row.
26) Questions and Answers : Windows : Windows 10 Can't connect to BOINC client (Message 1816212)
Posted 10 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
I posted this same question on the BOINC community board, but I was told to re-install BOINC (which I've already done a few times, with no success) and no more information or suggestions.

I must go blind, but cannot find who told you to reinstall:
Also, I offered it's possible you have to specify which port numbers to use.

The problem is at least with the firewall, not with BOINC. Perhaps ask Norton how to white list programs?
27) Questions and Answers : Web site : Using Google Chrome Dev when: "Would You Like To Translate Page..." (Message 1815589)
Posted 7 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
After which you reported that to the Chrome developers?
28) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : How do I get BOINC Screen Saver on Linux? (Message 1815400)
Posted 6 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
How to use the screen saver on Linux:
Although it's very possible that this project does not have a graphics application for Linux, only for Windows and Mac OS X. That's something you ought to be able to check, though.

As for the BOINC installer on Windows and the VirtualBox inclusion, that's just done to make it easier for the users to have VBox included for those projects that use it, so that they have the correct version of VBox on their system, one that works with all projects using VirtualBox. Newer versions of this program may not work correctly with the projects.

As to why Linux doesn't have an installer with VirtualBox included, that's because development of the BOINC 7.6 client is solely done by the distributions package maintainers, no longer by Berkeley. You'll have to ask them where to get it. Or if you're interested at running one of the projects that use VirtualBox, best ask them which version you should install and how to do so.
29) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Raspberry Pi3 - BOINC Setup (Message 1815174)
Posted 5 Sep 2016 by Profile Ageless
Tried searching in Google already? Plenty of ready made links for older Pi's, there shouldn't be much difference between the setup, only perhaps in BOINC client version and Seti application.


See for which projects have a science application for the Raspberry, identified with the raspberry image.
30) Questions and Answers : Getting started : SETI API (Message 1814182)
Posted 31 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
The only way to do it, just like all the other statistics sites, is to download the big file there, host.gz and unpack that. And think of it this way, true statistics sites download that data from all of the BOINC projects, which depending on whether they count in alpha and beta sites can be quite a bit of them.

Of course, not all have the amount of hosts/users that Seti does. But it's still a hefty amount. And to download that daily, you're required to have an ISP that allows you to do that.

Don't think about page scraping, that's frowned upon here and will cost you a blocked IP if found out. Not that it matters much because the data you're looking for cannot be scraped from a page here, it truly is only in the host.gz and users.gz files.
31) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Difficulty with seti@home GPU usage on ubuntu 16.04 LTS under BOINC 7.6.31 (x64) (Message 1813949)
Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
Whose BOINC? Berkeley's, or the one from Ubuntu?

1. It can take a little while for BOINC Manager to populate all settings correctly. So wait a minute, especially when large swats of data have to be read from a slow hard drive.

2. Just setting "use preferences" won't do magic if you didn't set any preferences to follow. So if you don't set (the default) "Suspend GPU computing when computer is in use", you can't expect BOINC to do anything other than give it full blast on that GPU. Same goes for other "suspend when..." and "use at most..." settings.
32) Questions and Answers : Windows : Graphics wont show (Message 1813848)
Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
Windows 10 Anniversary Update removed OpenGL from people's computers, which can be fixed by reinstalling the videocard drivers.

The Seti graphics and screen saver use OpenGL, which requires a driver on the videocard. Microsoft may not add this to the drivers for your videocard because they hate open source things, plus OpenGL directly competes with their own DirectX graphics solution.

So you'll have to get drivers from the videocard's or graphics processor unit's manufacturer (e.g. Intel, AMD, Nvidia) and install those.
33) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Trouble downloading work to Raspberry Pi 3 (Message 1813741)
Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
'/home/pi' would assume you used Berkeley BOINC to install, because most package built versions install in /var/lib/ and such like directories.

You should be able to tell which path it is using, as BOINC will tell you in the start-up messages. There will be a line called Data directory with a path behind it.

And if the GUI RPC problem you have is with BOINC Manager, you can check those same messages in the data directory, stdoutdae.txt file. Or with the BOINCCMD tool in the terminal. Run boinccmd -h for help on that.
34) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Trouble downloading work to Raspberry Pi 3 (Message 1813511)
Posted 29 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
28-Aug-2016 19:50:59 [SETI@home] Your app_info.xml file doesn't have a usable version of SETI@home v8.

If you truly have that line in your log, then that will explain why.

Using the anonymous platform applications means that you have to tell BOINC which applications to use, and when the project updates its application, you have to manually update yours to get work again.

Easiest fix? Remove the app_info.xml file from the data directory/projects/ and then reset the project.

Otherwise tell BOINC which applications to use, updated to Seti version 8.

Oh, BOINC is version 7, Seti is version 8, they've got nothing to do with each other for version numbering.
35) Questions and Answers : Windows : No WU since a long time. Why? (Message 1813218)
Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
Open BOINC Manager->(View->Advanced view->)Projects tab->select Seti@Home->Click Reset->Acknowledge. This will remove all old entries about files and applications from the client_state.xml file and the ..projects\\ directory.

It'll reset the state of Seti to as if you've just added it. It won't lose you any old credit, or anything like that. Just the old muck that you cannot use anymore to crunch with.
36) Questions and Answers : Windows : No WU since a long time. Why? (Message 1813214)
Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
The simplest solution is to remove your app_info.xml

... and then reset the project. Just removing the app_info.xml file from the C:/Programdata/BOINC/projects/ directory won't cut it, as all the misinformation about the old applications is then still in the client_state.xml file.

Resetting the project will fix that.
37) Questions and Answers : Web site : New notices message. (Message 1812298)
Posted 24 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
That will stop the notification bubbles, it will not stop the Notifications tab from showing a number, so as to tell you there are new notices. That still happens after so many moons, but usually when a project has one new news item, BOINC Manager refreshes all older news as new news. Shrug.
38) Questions and Answers : Web site : Screensaver Missing (Message 1812210)
Posted 24 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
I wonder where you're seeing that my computer has completed only one (01) work unit?

When you click on anyone's name, you'll get to their external account.
Click on the "View" link for Computers.
Under "Computer ID" click on the "Tasks" link.
This opens onto a page showing all of the tasks that the computer in question has downloaded (In progress) and returned (other messages).

In your case that comes out on
When you look in the "Application" column, you can see what device was used to run the tasks. And although now all show SETI@home v8 v8.12 (opencl_intel_gpu_sah) windows_intelx86, I'm sure that when BilBg checked earlier this week, that one of them showed it had run on the CPU.

The database deletes tasks 24 hours after they were returned, as when they're all kept the database will grow too enormous to keep. The result data of the ran workunit was stored in the scientific database, that's the only one that holds results from all tasks run over the years. It's several terabytes big.
39) Questions and Answers : Web site : New notices message. (Message 1812205)
Posted 24 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
Open BOINC Manager->Options->Other options...->General tab->Notice reminder interval->set to Never->OK.
40) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Raspberry Pi Build Memory Leak? (Message 1811864)
Posted 23 Aug 2016 by Profile Ageless
I'm starting to suspect a memory leak in the boinc manager.

Because it cannot be trouble with the memory on the device itself?
BOINC Manager is what we call the GUI, it doesn't do any of the calculations, it's just there to easily control the client. The BOINC client itself doesn't do any of the calculations either, it's merely storing the work, scheduling what runs next and doing the communications.

The actual work and memory load is done by the science applications, in your case solely Seti v8. These don't tax the memory that much, what I saw from when I ran it earlier this year, perhaps 50-75MB per task. So if you run on all 4 cores at the same time, it may be that you use 200-300MB total. But if somewhere in the first or second group of RAM there's an error, that can cause freezes.

Best thing to do is run a memory checker over it, most Linux versions have Memtest86 in their start-up menu. And else download it.

Something else you can try to run on it, to see if it is your system or BOINC, is Prime95 (GIMPS). Install and run for during a time line such as you ran Seti, see if that hangs the device. If it does, it's definitely hardware.

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