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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Disk space error message (Message 1681501)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile Ageless
and leave at least 100GB free in the BOINC website defaults.

The default value for 'leave at least free' is 0.1GB in both the online and the local preferences. Anything higher/different is set by the user.

Also, the local preferences override all of the same web preferences.
And, with the new set up of the web preferences, you can choose to set "Use no more than N GB", "Leave at least N GB free" and "Use no more than N GB of total", they aren't all three needed anymore. With the upcoming 7.6.0 these will be choices in the local preferences as well.
2) Questions and Answers : Wish list : set GPU utilization factor from SETI@Home preferences (Message 1681201)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile Ageless
Lunatics is at these days.

As for changing amount of tasks to run simultaneously, you need an app_config.xml file for that. See for more information. Also safer, as you don't have to edit the app_info.xml file.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (97) Server Problems? (Message 1681126)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Ageless
Since I made that post, I had to reload this thread 4 times to load it fully. 3 times it stuck loading at around Eric "Looking into it". The thread just times out.

I'm sure that after posting this it won't load again either, so I'm not going to try any further. Full attention back to ESO.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (97) Server Problems? (Message 1681121)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Ageless
Took me 8 minutes to load page two of this thread (I've set 200 posts per page). On a 200Mbit connection on my side of the world, that's pretty damn slow. A 10 gigabit connection? Pah.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (97) Server Problems? (Message 1681052)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Ageless
Can't say it's loading quickly around here. Pages that don't load fully, pages that load extremely slowly, pages that only half load. This page I am posting on hasn't loaded fully, it's still showing "transferring data from.." and "waiting for"
6) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Symbols Of Flying Objects (Message 1681051)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Ageless
...the Ancient Aliens hypothesis.

Are we alone in our beliefs of extraterrestrial life? And if so, how can we explain that in simple terms?
Ancient Alien theorists say yes, and ask you to look at an ancient ruin on the other side of the world, where ancient alien scientists have recently discovered strange triangles, this while the building is over 3,000 years old. How could ancient man have knowledge of triangles, if these didn't exist before Pythagoras had his theorem about them? Ancient Alien theorist convey that this means man must have had contact from beyond the stars.

I always fall off the couch laughing at the debunk methods of the ancient alien theorists. 5,000 year old circle? Must be aliens, because pi wasn't invented at that time, so how could ancient man then have drawn a perfect circle in the sand?

The screen saver on my TV server consists of 27 images of Giorgio with different hairstyles (but all as if he's been in a tornado 2 minutes before filming), ties, brooches and off late holding a mask. I hope AA goes on a long time, just for screen grabs of Giorgio. :)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1680611)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile Ageless
Windows 10 update only for Genuine Windows owners, illegal versions require update fees.

With Windows 10, we have extended an offer to our Genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Once a customer upgrades, they will continue to receive ongoing Windows innovation and security updates for free, for the supported lifetime of that device.

These customers purchased their Genuine Windows license from our valued OEM partners, which ensures Windows is properly installed, licensed, and not tampered with. Windows 10 offers our customers an even more secure and modern experience. Bringing all of our customers to Windows 10 improves the ecosystem for developers which makes Windows better for all of our customers. We are working hard to make the in-place upgrade experience from Windows 7 or Windows 8, to Windows 10, seamless for the customer. Throughout the Windows world, I am humbled by the excitement being associated with this opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10.

When we can’t verify that Windows is properly installed, licensed, and not tampered with, we create a desktop watermark to notify the user. If you ever encounter this watermark on a new machine, I encourage you to return the device immediately to the retailer from whom you purchased it and request a Genuine Windows device. Non-Genuine Windows has a high risk of malware, fraud, public exposure of your personal information, and a higher risk for poor performance or feature malfunctions. Non-Genuine Windows is not supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner.

Microsoft and our OEM partners know that many consumers are unwitting victims of piracy, and with Windows 10, we would like all of our customers to move forward with us together. While our free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 will not apply to Non-Genuine Windows devices, and as we’ve always done, we will continue to offer Windows 10 to customers running devices in a Non-Genuine state. In addition, in partnership with some of our valued OEM partners, we are planning very attractive Windows 10 upgrade offers for their customers running one of their older devices in a Non-Genuine state. Please stay tuned to learn more from our partners on the specifics of their offers.
8) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Intel HD Graphics Control Panel - Settings (Message 1680057)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Ageless
Seeing how your one computer managed to register itself three times in the past month, I'd say as limited as possible. When you allow work to be done on the GPU, you do not want the OS to power it down to save energy.

As for the one computer, three IDs, you can merge these together. With the "resend lost work" being back on (I think?) this may cause the server to resend all the lost work from the other two IDs, but then your BOINC has enough work at least.
9) Questions and Answers : Web site : Submit Profile (Message 1679553)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Ageless
You click on the "I am not a robot" captcha, then you click on the Create/Edit Profile button underneath. That will save the page.

The "I am not a robot" captcha is at the moment the captcha, it doesn't give a word or number to solve.
10) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Signature Graphic (Message 1678827)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Ageless
Checking, I see you have different Cross Project Identifiers (CPIDs), for your Seti and your Seti Beta accounts.

This can be caused by you not using the exact same email address for either, or because you have Seti on one computer and Seti Beta on another computer, but not both on one computer.

You'll have to try to get one CPID between them for them to both show up on the same account.
11) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Signature Graphic (Message 1678496)
Posted 10 days ago by Profile Ageless
Yes, just type it into that box for the signature. When you save the changes with the Update button at the bottom of the community preferences page, you can immediately see how it looks.
12) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Signature Graphic (Message 1678477)
Posted 10 days ago by Profile Ageless
You can set a signature image through your account->community preferences.

You use the [img] [/img] tags with the link to the image between them.

will do

The image does need to be on an external server. You cannot upload it to the Seti server and link from there. So in the case of BOINCstats that is for example{your userID here}/sig.png
13) Message boards : Number crunching : 9 dollar computer: CHIP (Message 1675229)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Ageless
An American small business have made a small computer, called CHIP. Total cost for it alone is 9 dollars. You then have the backboard with a 1GHz Allwinner A13 CPU, a videochip, a full USB port, a micro USB port, Bluetooth, wifi and 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. It'll be pre-loaded with a Debian based Linux.

If you want a separate (but on-clickable) VGA port, that's an extra $10, while HDMI is an extra $15.

Fully open source. You can download the schematics and build your own.
See for the video.
Or check their Kickstarter page for all the info you need.
14) Questions and Answers : Windows : Download Failed on .... Cuda.exe n work units. (Message 1675115)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Ageless
I take it the solution was the same as in your thread at the BOINC forums: make exceptions in the anti virus for the BOINC data directory?
15) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Where are all the data I'm downloading? (Message 1673382)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Ageless
The data directory has read and write permissions on it that are set by the installer. So therefore it is best to uninstall BOINC, do the move and reinstall after. Uninstalling BOINC won't throw away anything in the data directory.

And no, you will have to move the whole data directory, with all sub-directories and files. It won't work if you only move the projects directory. Even if you want to backup the Seti data, it's best to backup the whole data directory due to BOINC critical files being in this directory.
16) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Where are all the data I'm downloading? (Message 1673359)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Ageless
By default BOINC saves all data to the data directory at C:\Programdata\BOINC\
This is a hidden directory. You can see it when you put the path directly into Windows Explorer, or when you tell Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders.

You can change the path for the data directory in the installer, third screen of the installer click Advanced, the second path is for the data directory.

Before you do so, you will want to:
- uninstall BOINC;
- move the present data directory with everything in it to the new position;
- then install BOINC, and point to the new data directory path as shown above.
17) Questions and Answers : Windows : VirtualBox - What does it do? (Message 1673037)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile Ageless explains what it is and where it is needed. It is not needed at Seti@Home. If you want to update BOINC, you can use the installer without VirtualBox.
18) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : boinccmd --read_cc_config -> retval 0 -> Proxy settings not loaded! (Message 1672222)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Ageless
So it's a simlink to the other directory? What if you edit the cc_config.xml file in /etc/boinc-client/ directly?

Checking the documentation, I can only find that the cc_config.xml file must be in /etc/boinc-client/, not in /var/lib/boinc-client/
19) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Message from server: This project doesn't support computers of type x86_64-pc-freebsd (Message 1672221)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Ageless
To be able to do work through BOINC means that the project must have a science application built for your operating system. Seti has a Linux application for Astropulse, but none for Multibeam. It has no FreeBSD applications at all for either.

So if you want to work on the project, you'll have to get the source code for the Seti applications and build them yourself for your version of FreeBSD, or look around on the net for third party applications. These must both be v7, all previous versions of the Seti app available no longer work.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Quick Question on BOINC 7.4.42 Cosmetics (Message 1671699)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile Ageless
The font in the tabs is hard coded, but can be adjusted in size by changing the DPI setting in Windows (100% .. 125% .. 150% at Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display).

The font of the menu items (File, View, Tools, Advanced, Help) can be changed by changing the font of the Menu Item in Windows Color and Appearance. You can change the font and the size here. This will change the font and the size of all your menus in Windows (and possibly other programs such as browsers) as well.

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