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1) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : AMD 6950 GPU load starts and stops (Message 1798749)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Ageless
Install the AMD SDK

Why do you install the SDK? Are you an application developer, making your own GPU applications? If you aren't you don't need the SDK, you only need the AMD drivers, as they contain the necessary components for doing OpenCL calculations.

15.7.1 and SDK3 causes GPU to start and stop, it also does this with no SDK installed.

What do you mean with start and stop? Like it's being throttled?
Or do you drivers crash?
2) Questions and Answers : Preferences : How can i delete a team? (Message 1798251)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile Ageless
Quit the team, then it has no members, only you as founder.
Then you'll be able to delete it.

The quit team option is available from
3) Questions and Answers : Web site : Can't merge computers by name on website (Message 1796659)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile Ageless
33,049 + 247,006 + 42,862 + 253,946 + 122,682 + 441,098 + 38,040 + 488,464 + 7,302 + 461,306 = 2,135,755 is the total credit of your other computers not included host ID: 7425224.

2,135,755 + 4,930,876 (total of host ID: 7425224) = 7,066,631 which at this time of typing is exactly your total credit.
4) Questions and Answers : Getting started : What does ready for report mean? (Message 1795425)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Ageless
When you're done with a task in BOINC, it uploads the data that is has collected to a directory on the project's server. Then a notice has to be sent to the database that you have finished this task with whatever outcome you had, be it that you finished it correctly, had an error or aborted it.

This notice is the "ready to report" part.
BOINC will do this automatically in 24 hours, but if you can't wait that long, open BOINC Manager, Advanced view, Projects tab, select the project the task is from and press the Update button. That reports the tasks that are ready to report immediately.

Completed work is reported at the first of:

1) 24 hours before deadline.
2) Connect Every X before deadline.
3) 24 hours after task completion.
4) Immediately if the upload completes later than either 1, 2, or 3 upon completion of the task.
5) On a trickle up message.
6) On a trickle down request.
7) On a server scheduled connection. Used, but I am not certain by which project.
8) On a request for new work.
9) When the user pushes the update button.
10) On a request from an account manager.
11) Report immediately every task, if "No new Task" is set.

(BOINC FAQ source)
5) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Cant resume tasks after suspending em (Message 1795343)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Ageless
boinccmd --h shows all commands in verbose.

boinccmd --task url task_name operation
Job operation options = suspend | resume | abort | graphics_window | graphics_fullscreen


boinccmd --project URL operation
Project operation options = reset | detach | update | suspend | resume | nomorework | allowmorework

boinccmd --task 23mr10ac.26672.11523.8.35.74_0 resume

boinccmd --project resume

The tasks command will only allow operations on individual tasks.
The project command will allow operations on the whole project.
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Add Powered by seti or boinc link on website? (Message 1795339)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Ageless
Wrong place to ask.

The BOINC logo can be found at
and the person to ask if you can use it, is David Anderson, address at
7) Questions and Answers : Web site : Can't access BOINC Statistics for the WORLD (Message 1794784)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile Ageless
No need, as it's not a BOINC problem either. It is as you say, the BOINC Synergy server is down and until someone can reach the admin of that site, there's not much that can be done about it. I've tried to reach him, only silence on the line.

It's only half a year until the domain expires, perhaps that that's what they're going for.
8) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : GPU tasks (Message 1793519)
Posted 25 days ago by Profile Ageless
Please exit BOINC completely, then restart it.
Open BOINC Manager, press CTRL+SHIFT+E simultaneously.
From the event log that you opened, copy the first 30 or so lines and post them here.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Lunatics? (Message 1793027)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile Ageless
Do know:

When Seti changes its applications, your system will not automatically follow and install the newest ones. You'll have to wait for Lunatics to release a new installer. This can take several weeks, because of testing.
10) Questions and Answers : Windows : Lunatics? (Message 1793023)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile Ageless
Oh, yes, probably. I wasn't thinking. But then at least explain the downside of optimized apps as well.

Excluding the application works as well. And at least when Seti's apps change, it's one less person who wonders why his do not and the exclusion is easily fixed.

Edit: Let me explain a bit more in-depth what I was thinking, and not do so from my phone ((restarted my PC, I was already in bed, see...)
The application in the Lunatics installer is a highly optimized GPU application.
The SoG application is a highly optimized specifically for GPU application. It's in the name: Signals on GPU.

What I always understood is that the GPU application in the Lunatics package isn't so very different from one released as stock. So who is to say that the Lunatics application isn't the same as the SoG? Go wonder, why else is there an SoG as stock? (And no, I never returned to my 5 app thread in NC, and never ever will again. I have even stopped crunching for Seti and may not ever return, because of the bullcrap answers that some dev we shall not name in that thread gave me, was reason enough for me for that. I said what I wanted to say, stuck up two middle fingers to everyone and left. For all I care you lock and hide that thread. I'm running Primegrid on my GPU now, it taking more than 40 hours to complete a 130k credit task. But at least here I can choose which apps I want, and I don't get 7 sent my direction to just nilly-willy figure out what runs best on my system, all doing the same kind of work.)

So perhaps it may be wiser to just exclude the SoG application(s). Especially if it's only these that give the problems.
And not sure if that's also not a possibility through the app_config.xml file, but I didn't dwell on that.

(Okay, back to bed. PC is going off again.)
11) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Is my GPU too old for numer crunching? (Message 1792971)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile Ageless
I can only think that the drivers are bad again.
The pre-Fermi version of the Nvidia GPU has had its rough patch in the driver department for the past year or so. First they were not getting updates, then they would get updates, but even then it's still hit and miss because of broken drivers.

It's possible that the present 341.95 are broken again for the pre-Fermi and that the server knows this and doesn't give work to GPUs running this driver, because it causes all the work to be returned with errors. Not much use in that, of course.

But you best ask about that in Number Crunching: as that's where the developers of the applications post.
12) Questions and Answers : Windows : Lunatics? (Message 1792968)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile Ageless
How will Lunatics help my crunching?

It can speed up doing work on the CPU and GPU, due to better optimized applications.

Where do I download the best version?


Are there any problems using Lunatics on an older machine?

How old is older? Your i5 should have no problems, you'll just not be able to use the higher optimized applications.

Not looking to increase my crunching. Just want to exclude gpu sog

You won't be able to do so with the optimized applications.
Better use the <exclude_gpu> option in cc_config.xml with the <app> element: see

That would be
<cc_config> <log_flags> </log_flags> <options> <exclude_gpu> <url></url> <device_num>0</device_num> <type>NVIDIA</type> <app>setiathome_8.12_windows_intelx86__opencl_nvidia_SoG</app> </exclude_gpu> </options> <cc_config>

Watch out, I used the HTTPS URL for the project. If you used the HTTP link, you need to change it.
Also check the actual application name in the data directory /projects/ directory as I am just guessing it may be that.

Write the cc_config.xml file in the BOINC data directory, saved as ANSI format. If you update to BOINC 7.6 you can write a fully populated cc_config.xml file through BOINC Manager's Event Log options... by just checking one debug flag, then clicking OK, it'll save a whole cc_config.xml file in the correct directory, in the correct format.

Then you only need to hand-edit it with Notepad and insert the lines above in the right place.

By specifying the app name, you tell BOINC you only want to exclude this app being run on your GPU, all other apps are still run.
13) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is it possible to run SETI@home without virtualBox? (Message 1792886)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile Ageless
The BOINC download page has two installers. One - more prominently - with VirtualBox included, and one without.

The one with VBox included sits at the front because the developers would want as many people to install VirtualBox, in case present projects decide to start developing for the virtual environment. Then the user base already has a correct VM installed.

Users can install the version with VirtualBox included, and then later uninstall VirtualBox. Then when a new BOINC is released and they want to upgrade the BOINC client, they can use the installer without VirtualBox.

The Add Project wizard in BOINC Manager and the Choose Projects list on the BOINC website show which projects support and use VirtualBox. You can recognize that from the VirtualBox image.

14) Questions and Answers : Getting started : No tasks are available for SETI@home v7? (Message 1792305)
Posted 30 May 2016 by Profile Ageless
Seti v7 is no longer available, at all.
Seti v8 is the new default work, with the Breakthrough Listen being run on the same application.

If your OS is being recognized as a correct Linux, it should send you v8 work when you check SETI@home v8 on the project preferences page. [/url]
15) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Radeon and Nvidia at the same time? (Message 1791719)
Posted 29 May 2016 by Profile Ageless
<cc_config> <log_flags> </log_flags> <options> <use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> </options> </cc_config>

Fixed cc_config.xml, with thanks to AMDave for the proof read.
16) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Radeon and Nvidia at the same time? (Message 1791688)
Posted 29 May 2016 by Profile Ageless
Usually it's possible, but you have to install the drivers in a specific order, if I am not mistaken Nvidia first, AMD/ATI last.

You'll also have to read the motherboard manual on how to enable both the onboard graphics and the external graphics card, as inserting a card may disable the onboard graphics.

If you don't add a monitor to both video-outlets, it's possible one of the graphics cards doesn't work. You may need to add a dummy VGA in order for both cards to be recognized. It doesn't always suffice to extend the desktop over two videocards.

When the two graphics cards are of differing brand or differing strength, BOINC will only use the best by default. You'll have to add a cc_config.xml file with at least these lines:
<cc_config> <log_flags> </log_flags> <options> <use_all_pus>1</use_all_gpus> </options> </cc_config>

This is saved in the BOINC data directory.
17) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Problem with GPU (Message 1791313)
Posted 28 May 2016 by Profile Ageless
From first looks it would seem your videocard drivers have gone missing, or they were updated but now lack the OpenCL component that's required to do work here. Only your CPU is being recognized as OpenCL capable.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Why need 5 different stock AMD OpenCL GPU applications? (Message 1791278)
Posted 28 May 2016 by Profile Ageless
msattler wrote:
Maybe the diversity of hardware requires more apps than some would realize.

Hardware is hardware is hardware. There's a big difference in hardware between a Pentium 4 CPU, an early AMD Athlon and the newest Intels and AMDs. Yet they all run one and the same v8 application. There isn't even a 64bit version of the application, just one plain 32bit version.

As long as it all works, this is a rather stupid question in the first place.

"There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question". ~ Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Why need 5 different stock AMD OpenCL GPU applications? (Message 1791277)
Posted 28 May 2016 by Profile Ageless
Richard Haselgrove wrote:
Double-check whether all of the applications you are referring to by plan_class names are actually different binary executables. I think they probably are, this time round, but it's as well to be sure. In earlier incarnations, sometimes the same app appeared in different clothes - e.g. so that an OpenCL app could present and be run as a straight ATI/CAL app for the benefit of a pre-OpenCL client.

Let's see...
SAH is not used on APUs.
CAT132 is not used on APUs.
NOCAL is not used on APUs (although this is strange, it includes _ATI_, but as far as I know there are no pre-ATI5 GPUs that don't have CAL support.)
SOG is not used on _ATI_

According to the Applications page we have the choice of: opencl_ati5_cat132, opencl_ati5_nocal, opencl_ati5_sah, opencl_ati5_SoG, opencl_ati5_SoG_cat132, opencl_ati5_SoG_nocal, opencl_atiapu_sah, opencl_atiapu_SoG, opencl_ati_cat132, opencl_ati_nocal, opencl_ati_sah
Thus far I have seen:

What I see is that opencl_ati5_cat132 is run with setiathome_8.12_windows_intelx86__opencl_ati5_sah.exe and opencl_ati5_SoG_cat132 with setiathome_8.12_windows_intelx86__opencl_ati5_SoG.exe

Richard Haselgrove wrote:
I think that the best current answer is more along the lines of "no-one can predict which application will perform best on a given host, given the variety of hardware platforms (GPU + host CPU/motherboard) run by volunteers here - which greatly exceeds the number of platforms run by testers". So Eric lets BOINC work it out by itself.

Then how does a project like Primegrid manage to run 24 different kinds of prime calculations with all just one application per sort of hardware? They must be aces in being able to predict how their applications work on the variety of different sorts of hardware. Or maybe they're just not thinking too difficult about it, and just have the one application fits all methodology. :)

In that sense it really doesn't matter what the science is that's being done, whether it's to find the first tooth paste commercial of the aliens nearest to us, or to find a prime with more than 1,024,921 digits.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Why need 5 different stock AMD OpenCL GPU applications? (Message 1791265)
Posted 28 May 2016 by Profile Ageless
Raistmer wrote:
P.S. and regarding your funny ignorance about what SoG means... use the search they say? ;)

Oh, I know what it means, but since it must be a direct translation from something in Russian, it doesn't make any sense in English. You should've called it "Stargazing one's Gaussians" instead of "Signals on GPU", to stay in the spirit of Seti@Home.

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