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1) Message boards : News : UC scientists find first interstellar dust particles (Message 1569903)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile edjcox
What if any is the difference between solar system dust particles and those labled "interstellar"... I suspect the origins of dust in general in space is somewhat difficult to determine. While dust near a planetary body might be associated with said planet in actuality the gravitational wells of planets act as a vacuum as the solar system travels through interstellar space so dust is likely to be of indeterminate origin.

Given the numerous collisions in planetary space, asteroids, comets, meteors, etc. Dust is far more prevalent near a star. Unless we can have Voyager's and Pioneers in a few decades do collections I maintain that dust within 1/2 light year of the sun is most likely of Sol system origination with random strays form elswhere's exceedingly rare and likely exhibiting no unique properties to allow differentiation.
2) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Quantum Entanglement possible instant communication over very long distances (Message 1545666)
Posted 56 days ago by Profile edjcox
So what you still have to have something at each end... With distance there is time, with time differential there is loss of coherency, without coherency and Rx and TX at both ends there's no communications...
3) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : US to Withdraw fro ITER (Message 1534679)
Posted 76 days ago by Profile edjcox
The link I included was removed.. That link spoke for itself.

If you do not make the attempt you can never succeed at anything...

Would suggest that "With Obama buying contraceptives for the great unwashed US" is a political statement that does not belong in this forum but rather the politics forum.
4) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : US to Withdraw fro ITER (Message 1534349)
Posted 77 days ago by Profile edjcox
The Senate has decided to withdraw US participation in ITER. The fusion reactor being built is apparently becoming more expensive all the while and the US part of the expense ever growing...

I can see it now. We have to beg for energy while the participants essentially harvest free fusion energy...

Personally think its a dumb move...
5) Message boards : SETI@home Science : How will the universe end - with a bang or with a whimper? (Message 1524660)
Posted 103 days ago by Profile edjcox
Atomic structure at the event horizon ceases.

Due the intense gravitational effect in proximity to the accretion disk matter gets stripped of it's fabric and coherency. Conventional atomic structure, ie neutron, electrons, protons all lose their minds and guidance and are simply free to fall towards the gravitational well that is the black hole. Massless particles not attracted are free to do what they will. We do not exactly know what that is as orbital dynamics end. Cohesion of atoms, matter ceases. Energy is released and may actually leave our universe into the oblivion these cosmic sinkholes represent. We have observed jets escaping from accretion disks, Understanding how and why these mass containing jets can overcome a black holes gravitational well, what forms them and how where the energy comes from remains the province of theoretical astro-physics. We have a very foggy notion but it's a grand mystery.

The mystery is what/where and when does all that stuff go. Is there some escape hatch in there from our universes existence and space time. Do black holes represent some cosmic drain back into the primordial before the big bang. Is this the way back to square and time zero? Lot's to think about, but we have little understanding and no good way to see what goes on at the edge of our universe and in a sea of no time /all time /some time.......

My thought is that when the expansion stops and the condensation begins, the many black holes will be swallowing up and taking mass in universe someplace and like a piece of swiss cheese the universe will fold and simply pop out of existence of the then here and now into.... I'll leave that undone....
6) Message boards : SETI@home Science : white noise (Message 1521495)
Posted 112 days ago by Profile edjcox
Yes essentially SETI is attempting to discern pink noise from white noise...

To do that SETI screens signals with catalogue of known pink noise generators to screen away those that might be of terrestrial origin or even signals from the multitude of off world known transmitters (Voyagers, Mars probes, Pioneers, etc etc.)

Sieving and screening down all that "white noise" is also a noise threshold issue where signal sensitivity is an issue. Fundamentally SETI is always at a disadvantage as we are using receivers on the planets surface that can be impacted by all manner of signals, fundamentals and harmonics, up and down, from rather mundane sources like radars, overflying aircraft, satellites, reflections of these, etc.

Perhaps in the future we can build a Lagrange point package and set up a scan location out there in space away from so many interferers..

7) Message boards : News : Dan Werthimer at the U.S. House of Representatives (Message 1521490)
Posted 112 days ago by Profile edjcox
Undoubtedly the met with Representatives after the hearing as well. Would be interesting to seek any insight they might have gleaned on RT funding..

Matt can you approach both and ask?
8) Message boards : News : Dan Werthimer at the U.S. House of Representatives (Message 1520138)
Posted 116 days ago by Profile edjcox
I am hoping that this testimony and the way it was cordially received may be an indication of continued interest and funding for the Radio Telescopes and SETI as well.

There simply was not enough emphasis on the collaborative aspects of SETI at Home and the multitudes of people running the program and providing the data processing. More emphasis on the "human" aspect of this volunteer effort and the willing collaboration of so many from so many of the Nations of the world. This in turn would show the Congress that funding provided would allow SETI to continue to operate engage many people and perhaps even evolve in a greater enterprise in the "search".

Some feedback on whether the testimony bore fruit would be appreciated..
9) Message boards : SETI@home Science : What would we do if we found intelligent life elsewhere? (Message 1516819)
Posted 123 days ago by Profile edjcox
Let's clear some things up

1. SETI is scanning the EM Spectrum in a narrow specific area. That EM radiation we are scanning has traveled countless light years to reach our receivers. That means anything ET we discover is in the past depending on the source likely many many years in the past and the originators have moved on in time to our present.

2. We are currently stuck in a reply methodology of EM radiation. So even an ET discovery would not be able to be replied to in less than once again the time in light years a propagated reply signal would have to travel to the point of origin of an ET transmission. So we can relax as the time it takes for a signal to get there is less likely to be time coincident with the technology that originally generated the discovered ET signal.

Our own technological progress in less that 200 years should give you some comfort. We've gone from broad band AM spark transmission, to narrow AM, FM, and now digital transmission of high complexity in modulations, frequency, and signal direction. We already employ laser light in huge applications and we are exploring all manner of other means to include particle emissions etc. We can modulate light throughout the spectrum, generate coherent light, IR, X-Ray, and Radiations such as Gamma, etc. All can be employed to convey communications. As time marches on how will we be communicating in say 200 years?

The issue raised is that in addition to looking for ET in the SETI radio spectrum (and within modulation techniques we understand) there is the issue of time coincidence where our listening with an appropriate receiver and technology takes place at the time the ET "signal" or emanation bathes our receiver and planet.

Our chances are slim, but we have a vast universe to listen to and countless billions upon billions of possible sources.

If we ever do decipher a ET source. Rest assured it likely will have originated far beyond our immediate neighbors, perhaps even in a far away galaxy where our ability to discern a radial aperature would be next to impossible.

So let's not forget to travel from there to here would take technology and energy control we have not yet even conceived of or invented...

Sleep well, keep pluggin away, who knows, we may get lucky...
10) Message boards : Technical News : Now it's 2014 (Jan 07 2014) (Message 1470977)
Posted 228 days ago by Profile edjcox
Currently we're using it to house all kinds of data from various other SETI projects, or as a backup/SETI@home data buffer.

11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link # 60 (Message 1470972)
Posted 228 days ago by Profile edjcox
12) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link # 57 (Message 1458411)
Posted 261 days ago by Profile edjcox
13) Message boards : News : Our Winter 2013 fundraising drive is underway. (Message 1458410)
Posted 261 days ago by Profile edjcox
Whip out that universal translator und alles ist dann in Deutsch
14) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : Welcome to the SETI@home staff blog. (Message 1458409)
Posted 261 days ago by Profile edjcox
When did you invent that time machine allowing you to start working on SETI@home before it even began? If you have the flux capacitor design please share.. We can speed up the project by moving to the future and simply identifying that alien signal source and bring back the Freq and sky location...

We can then move on to other efforts...

I take it it was a typo.. 1999 right..Lol

Anyways welcome to the project...
15) Message boards : News : Our Winter 2013 fundraising drive is underway. (Message 1451314)
Posted 282 days ago by Profile edjcox
Your lack of attentiveness to the web pages makes me a reluctant person to contribute when I see little information as to what is going on and updates...

Stark comparison to other projects where the people involved write regularly and give updates ...

Sorry but until you start telling us what is going on and post on a regular basis it appears to me as if I am asked to support people who havn't the time to let the people processing their data what is going on...

Volunteers or not, underpaid, etc, academics and researchers who cannot keep people informed and involved aren't going to get much support...

All you others who use these pages for attacks on people who state the truth... Well...

May 2010

Aug 2013

It is December 2013 Some recent information???
16) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO lights over Phoenix Arizona, real or not? (Message 1359236)
Posted 512 days ago by Profile edjcox
The accidental discovery of the ability to warp space time and create pocket outside of it.. This then required the ability to envelope a physical space within the warp area. The area exists outside of time and space and as a result one can propel the warp bubble at very infinite speeds. These bubbles of warp fields allow travel through space and as they are not impacted by normal time that within the warp fields does not experience time except for relative time of that within the field. Pushing the warp bubble along could be achieved by a simple field strength alteration along one area of the bubble. The warp bubble would move in the direction where the field strength was lower. A static or even field would stop the movement. Matter interaction would not take place as the bubble would not be impacted by normal matter wit the exception of that at the edges of black holes and singularities. One would need to avoid that interaction as the singularity is the only pont in our universe that transitions to "warp" territory...

And so we now can see that faster than light travel is possible but only if your within that bubble...

Truth is though reality will burst that bubble and leave you stuck in Einstein's reality where FTL is simply fictional...

17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Help me with my petition (funding science) (Message 1359219)
Posted 513 days ago by Profile edjcox
To quote"

When I was a kid in the late 1980s and early 1990s I expected to see humans on Mars and Moon in the early 2000s. I expected to see cheap supersonic flights around the world, spaceflights for ordinary people, and big and powerful particle accelerators. After getting my Master's degree in physics I started to realize that there is no proper funding even for the cheapest projects. Lots of skills and brain power gets lost because there are no enough jobs available for everyone. Big science projects would bring lots of news jobs and innovations. We need new innovations to solve the problems of everyday life (water, energy, poverty, food, education, health). Big science projects will solve these problems, but not without proper funding. The purpose of this petition is to make almost unlimited funding for science possible.


Nice idea...
18) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : The Voyagers (Message 1359215)
Posted 513 days ago by Profile edjcox
Worked at General Electrics Space Center in Valley Forge,PA. We built and tested the RTG's that provide power to the Voyagers. From 100 + Wt peak down to 1 Watt or so today, the RTG's still produce enough juice to allow a weak signal beamed back to earth to be picked up. Most of the systems aboard are inoperative as there's no power for them and the technology (including tape recorders) have long since aged past their utility. The deep space cold permeates the spacecraft and with exception of the receiversand transmitters and the RTG's little heat is present. The ancient vidicon's are also inoperative so no images are possible besides no recorders to store and play back in pieces necessary for transmission.

Perhaps some day we will be able to get out there and catch up to them. Would be something to have a future Probe on its way to a nearby sun stop and pickup the voyager for future museum display...

Anyways it funny to think back to those days and realize the RTG's are so very far away in Space and of course time as well..[/img]
19) Message boards : News : SETI@home scheduler is down until further notice. (Message 1309559)
Posted 661 days ago by Profile edjcox
Who's the system administrator on the project?

Seems your always having crashes and problems. A lot of us out here could help solve configuration issues if there were a good source on your configurations with system details.

I run Einstein as well. They seemingly have a better group or configuration.

I worry SETI is just a part time job for some of your people. There are a lot of things that seem to go wrong every weekend, holiday, or three day period.Eric I do appreciate your dedication. To bad
SETI at home it is so underfunded and staffed lightly.

A conference to discuss SETI and technology as well as whether the analysis path pursued is still viable or do we need a shift in overall approach to maximize the utility of you SETI volunteer corps.. Given a rudimentary analysis of Earth's radio frequency history (we go from Broadband Noise pulse generation to Digital Microwave inside of a 100 years) you realize other civilizations might only use RF for communications for a very short window in time. Even if the signals are floating around out there time coincidence is very unlikely and probability of intercept very low low indeed. Then propagation distance means any intercepted signals would be so far back in time that we'd be unlikely and unable to communicate back within any reasonable period to establish a comm channel.

Perhaps looking at advanced communication methods like lasers, or even neutrino emissions might be promising.. Don't know the answer only that our RF search has som many "depends on" that it's probability is very very unlikely.

Hate to be a pesimist but....

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Will still crunch..

20) Message boards : News : SETI@home annual fund raising campaign has started (Message 1305998)
Posted 671 days ago by Profile edjcox
False report..

Seti has no ability to discover moving objects especially near earth. The data it processes is a set sweep from Aricibo and seldom veers much..

seti is similar to opening a radio telescope lens onto the sky and letting it sweep as the earth rotates it across the sky.

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