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1) Message boards : News : Your chance to be internationally famous. (Message 1244564)
Posted 11 Jun 2012 by Profile lainofthenet
Sorta like someone living in a TARDIS with a bunch of Yeti or a Vampire living in the projects who works in an amusement park and is married to another woman both of who were in the World Pride pitch video for 2014.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Gripes and Kudos II (Message 1219877)
Posted 18 Apr 2012 by Profile lainofthenet
Kudos: Crunching again. :) Best machine I have ever had.

Gripes: Had to restore windows twice since rejoining and I suspect the virus software itself plus windows updates have messed with my system. Feel bad about all the corrupted wu's. Maybe third times the charm. Spent some good times trying to make sure programs on this machine do not make decisions without asking me first.
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Had to do a system restore and have a problem (Message 1213773)
Posted 4 Apr 2012 by Profile lainofthenet
Thank you for the help! Ran some more scans on the system and while I did not anymore virus I did find what was blocking the communication. I am (rather the computer is) happily crunching away again.

Part of the problem is there are so many programs that seem to be all to willing to assist a user (for our own protection that it all gets out of hand at times. I am once again in charge of the machine ...or am I?
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Had to do a system restore and have a problem (Message 1213314)
Posted 2 Apr 2012 by Profile lainofthenet
I had a bit of a bug which was demanding money for a problem on the computer that did not exist. I have since deleted it and since the virus was nasty I had to do a system restore. Before I did that I could tell that Boinc was having problems and literally downloading and uploading corrupted files at an incredible rate. I suspended its' operation and did a reset of the project since all the files were now reading as corrupted. I had to uninstall Boinc and re-install it. I am now getting a message saying it is communicating with the client. It has been doing that for hours now. I cannot do anything with the manager without that message coming up. I have re-installed Boinc again with the same result.

Any advice?
5) Message boards : Technical News : Two or Three Spectres (Mar 16 2011) (Message 1087589)
Posted 16 Mar 2011 by Profile lainofthenet
Gee ...the last couple of thread titles have scared me. LOL. Rubicon ...Spectres? Very ominous sounding!! Thank you for the updates. Spring coming ...Yay!!
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What Is Your Weather Like? III (Message 882223)
Posted 4 Apr 2009 by Profile lainofthenet
Presently 4 C going up to 6 C. Cloudy but no rain. Rained all day yesterday. Taking out bike to work first time this year. Sunny later on. Toronto.
7) Message boards : Technical News : Of the Woods (Feb 19 2009) (Message 868579)
Posted 23 Feb 2009 by Profile lainofthenet
8) Message boards : Technical News : Of the Woods (Feb 19 2009) (Message 868578)
Posted 23 Feb 2009 by Profile lainofthenet
This is all rediculous.. Isn't it obvious by now that we have stumbled upon some real ET signals and the men in Black have showed up to blank the memories of the project people.

...or it could be a girl in Black in which case I need you to forget such ideas or I may have to show up at your door with some sweet potatoe pie.

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