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Posted 9 Sep 2004 by Profile Ash`Rak
> This is pretty straightforward - no registry edits, no V3.20 install, but...
> Download and install BOINC client 4.05 from any convenient source.
> Load BOINC GUI and attach to whatever projects you want.
> Unload BOINC GUI
> From the install directory (usually C:Program FilesBOINC run
> boinc_cli -install
> From the control panel select Services, then find the newly installed BOINC service and look at the properties.
> Change the user to local account from Network Service, and set the service type to 'automatic' if it isn't already set.
> Apply the changes, and...
> ...start the service.

I try this one but BOINC don't start calculate.

BOINC service are running and my CPU usage is 4-20%.
I have selected on Boinc_gui run always.

I had only Starting and running service notice on Event Viewer.

OS is Win XP Pro Finnish /w SP1

EDIT: IMHO It seem at I'm blind and deaf.

I didn't notice before v. 4.0x general prefereces. BOINC 3.x did work fine without those options.

Now it (v. 4.05) work fine.

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Posted 9 Sep 2004 by Profile Ash`Rak
I try this one:

The easy way (you should lose your WU!!!)
Step 1. Download and install BOINC v3.xx on your computer. You can still find it at Predictor website.
Step 2. Install the BOINC service ... boinc_cli.exe -install
Step 3. Install BOINC v4.05 over BOINC v3.xx. Should work because Windows registry entries for the BOINC service are still there.

before v4.0x service works fine. Now I can start service but nothing else didn't happend. Now BOINC service is running but i get this one error:
BOINC error: 1063; StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed..

3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Where your Euro notes go? (Message 12111)
Posted 24 Jul 2004 by Profile Ash`Rak
> Hi,
> There is only one thing you can say about this site....
> Why?
Why not?
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Posted 19 Jul 2004 by Profile Ash`Rak
Quote from

EuroBillTracker is an international non-profit volunteer team dedicated to tracking Euro notes around the world. Each user enters the serial numbers and location information for each note they obtain into EuroBillTracker. From this information, the site extracts:

* Diffusion information: Each Euro country has its own range of note serial numbers and from this information we can generate diffusion graphs that tell us how the notes travel to other countries. See the Diffusion section for more information.

* Tracking information: When a note is re-entered, the users who previously entered it are notified via email. These hits can be seen in the statistics section.

* Statistics and rankings: Who enters the most notes, which are the best countries? Where are the notes currently situated?

Any others EBT users here?


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Posted 19 Jul 2004 by Profile Ash`Rak
Another test
=_= =_= =_=

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