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41) Message boards : Number crunching : No work from project? (Message 494433)
Posted 31 Dec 2006 by Profile Robert J
Can't get work either. Checked server status...

Server status page shows the upload/download scheduler as being "disabled".
42) Message boards : Number crunching : Seti/Boinc Milestones tm IX requesting user name and password (Message 484474)
Posted 17 Dec 2006 by Profile Robert J
I wish to appologise to anyone who was inconvienenced by my post in the milestone thread.

I did post an image link using a plugin (smilies) for firefox. Many others use the same plugin on these forums as well.

Appearantly the server that had the particular image I used has had some changes that require a sign in.

Once again, I am sorry that my post caused anyone concern.
43) Message boards : Cafe SETI : water... dried up closed (Message 458055)
Posted 15 Nov 2006 by Profile Robert J
44) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI Graphics (Message 420563)
Posted 14 Sep 2006 by Profile Robert J
Are you by any chance running one of the optimized applications? Like chicken's?

If so, there are no graphics.

Hello all. I just noticed that my option to display graphics for a running work unit is no longer available. I checked my preferences to make sure I didn't have this option turned off, and it is not. Also the sceensaver will only show the text version.
Do I have something set incorrectly, or are the graphics no longer available. I'm running enhanced under Bionc 5.4.11. Thanks!

45) Message boards : Number crunching : Hello?? Anybody Home?? No new WU's?? (Message 418605)
Posted 11 Sep 2006 by Profile Robert J
Come on folks - really...
I mean it's been over 3+ days and NO NEW WORK UNITS AT ALL?? What's up??
Any idea how many I could have had done by now??
YOU are losing valuable time here.
Plus I'm getting frustrated - how many others are getting declined WU's - how much time have you lost??
Are you telling me that, uh - what we are all caught up?? You don't need our CPU's as much any more??
Should I, or should WE ALL move on and find something else or what??
Where are the work units???

Outages can be frustrating, but it is not a matter of life and death. Posting about the problem everyday, is not very productive either. Work will be available when it is, not before.

Take a break, maybe do some maintenance on your machine, maybe join another project or two. Relax, life is too short to get upset about the project.

46) Message boards : Number crunching : All my CPU fans are spooling down... (Message 418427)
Posted 11 Sep 2006 by Profile Robert J

A time to clean out your PC's?

Really! Might be a good time to check for kitty fur in the fans without sacrificing Seti crunching time!

Took advantage of down time to do some of my own maintenance and that actually was one of the things I did -- pulled cat hair out of case fans...

Crunchin' Rosetta now...

A bit of time for maintenance, a good thing.
Get rid of the old dust bunnies and cat hair, surprising how fast those things accumulate.
Defragging and other system maintenance is helpful too.

More crunching for my other projects, Climate, Einstein and Rosetta.

47) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Happy St. Patrick's day every one 17 March 2006 (Message 263095)
Posted 17 Mar 2006 by Profile Robert J
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
48) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Get Well CA - Update 02/06/2006 (Message 243983)
Posted 7 Feb 2006 by Profile Robert J
CA, glad to hear that you are back out and about after being in the hospital.

Hope that you will be feeling like your old self again soon.
49) Message boards : Cafe SETI : HAPPY NEW YEAR CRUNCHERS (Message 224049)
Posted 1 Jan 2006 by Profile Robert J
Happy New Year, everyone!

50) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Happy New Year (Message 222494)
Posted 28 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
Happy New Year!
51) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you... and to me! (Message 221107)
Posted 24 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
Merry Christmas.

Congratualtions on being user of the day!

52) Message boards : Number crunching : Merry Christmas and a happy new Year (Message 221105)
Posted 24 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J

Merry Christmas to all!
53) Message boards : SETI@home Science : just installed (Message 215262)
Posted 16 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
and it is coming up with bionic manager is not able to connectto a bionic client i have tried unistalling nad re installing but it wont work can anyone help

Hello kkmac6478,

There are a lot of very sharp people over at the number crunching board, that will be happy to help you.

Questions of this nature get better answers over there or at the help desk.

By the way, are you running firewall software?

If so, it could prevent Boinc from operating properly and could be the cause of what you are seeing. The programs boinc.exe and boincmgr.exe must have full access in order to work. The firewall may see these programs as unauthorized and block them.
54) Message boards : SETI@home Science : BOINC is idle (Message 215055)
Posted 15 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
All the BOINC screensaver seems to say is "BIONC Is currently idle" Is that normal? Why isn't it doing something.
I've attached to a progect and downloaded a bunch of data sets.
Why is it idle, and where can i get an answer.

Hello puckey999

Please ask this question on the number crunching board or at the help desk. There are lots of people that will be glad to help you over there.

This board is for the discussion of science and not about how BOINC works. You may not get an answer if you post your question in the wrong place.

55) Message boards : Number crunching : Progress? (Message 212281)
Posted 13 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
Having said that I'm out of WU's (So What) they will come again, as mentioned below Berkeley did not order us to join this project, we are in it to donate our time (As We Wanted To) for the fun, interest and science....Is This Right ??

That's the way it should be!
56) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Help... whats going on (Message 211748)
Posted 12 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
Hi trasher,

The scheduler is up, as you said, but the feeder is down.

The feeder passes the workunits to the scheduler, from the ready to send queue, so unless the feeder is enabled (running) the scheduler has nothing to hand out to the clients. The Results ready to send queue is what the feeder will have to work with when it is eventually enabled.

It is currently mid-morning on Monday in Berkeley, so the staff is back from the Weekend.

For future reference, questions and comments regarding the servers and client are best asked on the Number Crunching board or over at the help desk.

We try to keep this board on the topic of science. Thanks.

Just wait it out... it will fix itself soon. In the mean time, consider attaching to other projects.

Well. But what exactly mean "soon"? (ten, twelve, fourty, hundred days?) I am calculate seticlassic more than 6 years but I don`t remember any terrible problems with server like with Boinc... On server status appears that scheduler running, but clients still can`t connect to download workunits.

57) Message boards : Number crunching : bionic is roblematic (Message 211689)
Posted 12 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
Will they reboot the servers first and then go for the coffee?

Or after this long weekend go for the coffee first?

How could you forget the jelly donuts?!!

Gotta have a second cup of coffee to go with the second donut before anything else!

58) Message boards : Cafe SETI : I do not like this "new" software (Message 211550)
Posted 12 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
Hello Lightsttn1,

The BOINC on your computer appears to be working as it should. Work downloads are not available from SETI right now.

Your posting from the Server Status page shows that the feeder is "disabled".

Without the feeder "enabled" (running) the scheduler is unable to supply any work.

This is sort of like the store is open, but all of the merchandise is in the warehouse.

from the status page definitions...

feeder: Fills up the scheduler work queue with workunits ready to be sent. The scheduler is usually too busy handling client transactions to maintain such a queue itself.

from the home page...

December 9, 2005
We have turned off work distribution for a bit to allow result uploads to catch up. We will be extending the deadline for returning results so that the troubles with the result upload handler will not result in lost credit.

For future reference, this type of discussion should be done on the number crunching board. We try, to keep this board for science only. Thanks.
59) Message boards : Cafe SETI : POLL: CHEERLEADER VS NAYSAYER - CLOSED (Message 211205)
Posted 12 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
+ from me.

60) Message boards : Number crunching : Anybody uploaded since 9th Dec? (Message 210657)
Posted 11 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert J
Had two WU upload in the last 24 hours.

Only 14 more to go.


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