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1) Questions and Answers : Getting started : My Account ID (Message 4830)
Posted 7 Jul 2004 by Profile kido97
I wish SAH can resent the email containing my Account ID (the long random string) to me again because I have re-installed the BOINC.... Could anybody point me how to do that?

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : My Account ID (Message 4700)
Posted 6 Jul 2004 by Profile kido97
Hi All,

Currently I am using 3.19, I ran 2 projects and for some unknown reason the boinc client mixed up these 2 clients and I have to delete the 'program file\\boinc' diretory.

After re-installed the client, I am unable to retrieve my 'Account ID' when I tried to attached the project because I once activated it... I would like to know whether I can get my Account ID (the random string)???


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