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1) Message boards : Technical News : Emerald (Feb 10 2009) (Message 864363)
Posted 11 Feb 2009 by Profile ofp1
Hello, I´m receiving Project have no jobs available does anyone have an answer.
2) Message boards : Technical News : Normal Operations (May 30 2007) (Message 578652)
Posted 30 May 2007 by Profile ofp1

Seems like we finally got beyond our backlog and are back to "normal" operations. - Matt

Good Job We always trusted that We were in good hands....

Sorry about my bad english.
3) Message boards : Technical News : Fast One (May 16 2007) (Message 571367)
Posted 19 May 2007 by Profile ofp1
One of my computers refused to download new wu's, I solve this by detaching the proyect and joining again, then the computer inmediately downloaded all the files and the new Wu's, now is crunching again.
4) Message boards : Technical News : Fast One (May 16 2007) (Message 569602)
Posted 17 May 2007 by Profile ofp1
Quick note as I gotta catch a bus..

Gotta go..

- Matt

Thanks for your dedication just do what you have to do to solve the problems ...

Some of my machines have downloaded Wu's and are crunching, many results have uploaded but are in the pending credit list
5) Message boards : Technical News : Takin' Care of Business and Workin' Overtime (May 11 2007) (Message 566850)
Posted 14 May 2007 by Profile ofp1
One of my computers downloaded some Wu's with deadline as of May 17 2007 ???
Boinc will have to process them first because they are going to be reported out of date and then invalidated I don`t know what is going to happen?

Iam Shure this would be fixed on Monday.:)

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