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41) Message boards : Number crunching : installed nvidia 334.89 beta driver and gpu not seen (Message 1480831)
Posted 59 days ago by Profile arkayn
When I installed the driver, I had to restart the computer for BOINC to see the GPU's again.
42) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : GPU problem w/ Radeon HD6310 (Message 1480635)
Posted 60 days ago by Profile arkayn
just got an HP 2000 laptop w/ Windows 8, that has a Radeon HD6310 Discrete Class GPU. the graphics won't work, altho the BOINC program will. i have tweaked and re-tweaked everything in preferences! i even updated the GPU driver. i don't see the 6300 series GPUs listed under supported ATI/ATH GPUs in the GPU list, altho i see other 6000 series GPUs. is this the problem? that this particular GPU is not supported? (BOINC runs better on my 11 year old Dell Dimension 4600 XP computer, w/ an ancient Nvidea GPU in it than this thing!)

Can you post the first 20 lines of the Event Log?
43) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Wars 2014: Hello Maxwell (Message 1480205)
Posted 61 days ago by Profile arkayn
Hi, I just took delivery of 3 x 750 Ti and will fire them up in a couple of hours.
I will post back here if they work or not.

Any suggestions as to which version I should run Cuda 42 or Cuda 50 ?


CUDA 50 would be your best bet.
44) Questions and Answers : Windows : Boinc crashing Network - Win 7 (Message 1477858)
Posted 66 days ago by Profile arkayn
I use Windows firewall.. and yep.. replaced the Ethernet cable.

If there is a setting to disable GPU usage in BOINC I might try that first and just use the CPU.. see what that does.

Under the activity menu, select Suspend GPU.
45) Questions and Answers : Windows : How do I get BOINC 7.2.33 or 7.2.39 to honor exclusive_app preference? (Message 1477219)
Posted 68 days ago by Profile arkayn
Also do you have the "Activity" menu set to "Run based on preferences"?
46) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Question concerning Mac OS X BOINC (Message 1477217)
Posted 68 days ago by Profile arkayn

I'm certain that this topic has been discussed before, but I honestly cannot find the info, so I'd like to ask a few questions here. I am a long-time and very enthusiastic user of Seti@Home. I have many Macs that I use (OS X).

1: Does the latest version of S@H use my GPU? I cannot find any evidence of it. There is mention of GPU detection in the Event Log, but there are only 8 active tasks running (2 for each of my CPU cores). How can I know if my GPUs are being used, and, how can I monitor the progress?

2: All my tasks in BOINC list S@H v7.00. I saw a news buliten about 7.03. How do I get it? What do I need to do?

3: Is there any chance that, with proper funding, someone can write an iOS client for iPhones and iPads? Android now has one:

I would like to offer funding to help with #1 and #3, if it's practical to do so.

Can someone please help answer these questions? Thanks so much,


So far there are no "stock" apps for OSX GPU's here on SETI, the 7.03 app was for Intel GPU's on Windows.

That being said, there are apps in Alpha testing that will use the GPU's on Macs.
47) Message boards : Number crunching : What did you start with? (Message 1476551)
Posted 69 days ago by Profile arkayn
I think I remember signing up using an iMac G3, even though I was, then as now, primarily a Wintel user.

I've still got it downstairs (quite possibly still with the Classic software loaded): it's a tray-loading model, from memory the 233MHz Revision B.

I started with my iMac 333 MHz version.
48) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Work not showing up in BOINCStats? (Message 1475950)
Posted 70 days ago by Profile arkayn
My computers seem to be downloading, processing, and uploading OK, but I have not received any credit in BOINCStats for several days. Is there a problem?

The process that exports the stats was stuck over the weekend, but it did run today and all credit that you earned should show up on the BOINCStats site.
49) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics (Message 1474648)
Posted 73 days ago by Profile arkayn
I'm not watching.
50) Message boards : Number crunching : Question about creating app_config.xml (Message 1474453)
Posted 73 days ago by Profile arkayn
Thanks. I change it all the setting for 0.5 back to 1 so I could get the 1 Astropulse per card. I'll go back later and change the cudas back to 0.5 when I get some more free time so I can utilize the GPUs for the MBs and leave the astropulses alone. Was experimenting with the settings. Beginning to understand now, I appreciate your input and agree 1 AP per GPU. Thanks

Also, remove the <Max_Concurrent> part of the app_config as that is only allowing you to run 2 total at a time.
51) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Raspberry PI : doesn't run any task (Message 1473323)
Posted 76 days ago by Profile arkayn
Looks like you might need to check out this page.
52) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux/NVIDIA/AP questions (Message 1472737)
Posted 78 days ago by Profile arkayn
All is fine on this host now Martin. Bottom line is the first time I loaded this host up, my strategy was to load everything and anything that might be needed. The second time, I reversed my strategy. The second time, I basically just loaded the OS, updated it, loaded the NVIDIA driver (from NVIDIA.COM, not the repository), and then loaded Boinc. Here's where it started to work: I let the stock apps take control. (couple other minor things in between, but basically that's all I did this time and it works now.)

The only thing that's missing is being able to run MB tasks on NVIDIA. When I move a GTX 760 into this host, it's going to be sitting idle between AP feeding frenzies. I can't even find if anybody is working on that.

For now, you would have to go with the anonymous platform to run MB on the card.
53) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Weather Forecasts III (Message 1471953)
Posted 80 days ago by Profile arkayn
It is currently 33.9F here in Northern Arizona, just a wee bit cooler than normal.
54) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Mysterious Miscellaneous Tool Time v1 (Message 1471839)
Posted 80 days ago by Profile arkayn
I would have preferred the handle being a whole lot longer away from the bowl! Okay, I'm in the middle of a mid-term right now, so I'll post after I am finished. Bear with me...

And don't forget to start a new thread as well.
55) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux/NVIDIA/AP questions (Message 1471722)
Posted 80 days ago by Profile arkayn
setiathome_enhanced is the old v6 application we left behind in the spring of 2013.

You need to be on setiathome_v7 now - global search and replace. I *think* x41g will handle that, but double-check.

It does, I have an updated app_info with it on my site.;dl=item24
56) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux/NVIDIA/AP questions (Message 1471630)
Posted 81 days ago by Profile arkayn

I just may break down and install the latest version of Ubuntu if I throw in the towel on Fedora. Been with them since Redhat 6, so I probably have an unhealthy attachment to it. I may need to see a therapist to fix that.

If you do that, go with Mint instead of Ubuntu.
57) Message boards : Number crunching : Abandoned tasks? (Message 1471189)
Posted 82 days ago by Profile arkayn
I'm almost certain, when looking at the times the error occurred, that it was nothing to do with playing the game, but when using the message system.

So could the comms systems be interfering with each other, Seti usually calls home every 5 mins, due to the restrictions on number of tasks in cache.

Additional info, I have had a few instances recently when the steam comms window has been open, it has reported loss of comms then almost immediately they are restored.

Since I never use that part of Steam....
58) Message boards : Number crunching : Abandoned tasks? (Message 1470978)
Posted 82 days ago by Profile arkayn
I have Steam installed on my machine and have not seen anything like that here.

Steam can be extremely tetchy with the slightest voltage droop on the CPU. No idea why that should be so, but have seen it here.

Of course, I also stop BOINC from crunching when I am playing a game on Steam.

I play Skyrim mostly, which uses a lot of GPU power and most of the memory as well.
59) Message boards : Number crunching : Abandoned tasks? (Message 1470738)
Posted 83 days ago by Profile arkayn
I have Steam installed on my machine and have not seen anything like that here.
60) Message boards : Cafe SETI : It's hot. (Message 1470080)
Posted 84 days ago by Profile arkayn
I remember summer!

Me too. It's when I sit in my house in front of the computer because it's too hot to go out.

Can I laugh at your to hot....

The hottest day of the last 12 months was June 28, with a high temperature of 110°F. For reference, on that day the average high temperature is 96°F and the high temperature exceeds 102°F only one day in ten. The hottest month of the last 12 months was June with an average daily high temperature of 98°F.

That is from Kingman, I live in Golden Valley, which is usually 5 degrees warmer than Kingman.

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