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21) Message boards : Politics : Why are we still having to debate about abortion? (Message 1331268)
Posted 25 Jan 2013 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Speaking as a poster, there should be no debate. SCOTUS decided this one long ago. The end?

Speaking as a moderator this thread has already caused emotions to run high and will be locked for 24 hours.

Factually, the Supreme Court did no such thing. Most Americans are entirely ignorant of what R v Wade actually is. If R v Wade were repealed tomorrow abortions would NOT be outlawed in the USA. It would merely allow the matter to revert to the individual states.

Furthermore, the abortion argument is typically represented from both points of view from irrational beginnings. Neither side that is portrayed in the public arena tend to debate 'personhood'; this is a point I made several years ago in a similar debate here started by ES99 when she was operating under a pseudonym.

To assert in the positive:

1. A zygote is human tissue. It isn't parsley or fungi, etc.

2. Human tissue is not necessarily a person. Cells in your body are not people.

3. The perameters of what is required to be judged human must be established before the argument can proceed.

4. The argument of whether or not and if said human person has established rights must be debated based on the above numbers 2 and 3.

5. A rights theory should be established to either confirm or negate any supposed rights to pregnant person's 'rights'.

(there are various and ubiquitous arguments for these by philosophers and ethicists extant)

My points above are meant to realize the debate to a level that is more rational than what is most emotionally charged (and often mystically) motivated by both sides. If we refuse to use reason and facts then emotionalism sets the tone which yields zero fruit.
22) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Big bang - not so much a "bang"?? (Message 1307279)
Posted 18 Nov 2012 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Remember, (or rediscover) the point that there was no 'explosion' in the big bang.

It was an expansion of space itself, not a 'blast' of our matter into nothingness.

We think of explosions as things that occur outside of dynamite like a bomb. The Big Bang isn't presented properly as such a thing even though many cosmologists lapse into that habit of metaphor.

Truly nothing 'exploded'. It only expanded. It's just a stretching of things and a cooling.
23) Message boards : Politics : Parents role in Education ? (Message 1307277)
Posted 18 Nov 2012 by Profile Scary Capitalist
When a student, or anyone, doesn't progress to the point to where he/she can conduct these computations in their heads it's indicative that they've been deprived of proper education in basic logical thinking.

They can use calculators later but raising ignorant people is not doing them favors.

Mathematics isn't just useful for math for its own sake. It serves to discipline the mind in general so that that serves them later for so many more tasks and most importantly, for a rational mindset in general in all subjects.
24) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Goofy Questions thread...... (Message 1019881)
Posted 26 Jul 2010 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Soooo, since this place was last taken over by little control freaks who were 40 years old or older and considered the format a venue for high school like clique assignements....

Has there been any 'return' to normalcy or is it still a hellhole.
25) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Raccoon Update IV - All Are Welcome In The Critter Cafe (Message 1018445)
Posted 22 Jul 2010 by Profile Scary Capitalist
You all had better be know what happens when a person makes their own cafe thread.
26) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Goofy Questions thread...... (Message 1018442)
Posted 22 Jul 2010 by Profile Scary Capitalist
I've already implanted little devices in all of your brainz....BRAINZ!
27) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rocky's Coffee Club II point 10 (Message 928973)
Posted 27 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Can I chime in about squirrels or Milla? Is that allowed?
28) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Aphorisms (Message 923333)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Movie: Gran Torino

""...ever noticed that sometimes you run across a man you shouldn't have f***** with? "

"Well, today...that's me~"
29) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rocky's Coffee Club II point 10 (Message 923326)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
You breaka my finger I shave your pet squirrels...
30) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rocky's Coffee Club II point 10 (Message 923313)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
I have been away confronting 'evildoers'.
31) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rocky's Coffee Club II point 10 (Message 923306)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
I've got your ball lightning right here ! :-P
32) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rocky and DogByte's Original Cafe (Message 923289)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
I do what I can. I do what I can.... :-P
33) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rocky's Coffee Club II point 10 (Message 923288)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Wheeeee! *streaks through waving arms*
34) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rocky and DogByte's Original Cafe (Message 923274)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Wheeeee! *streaks through*
35) Message boards : Politics : Terrorism... or not (Message 823069)
Posted 25 Oct 2008 by Profile Scary Capitalist
I really don't know why Jeffey has a right to post anything about this topic which presumes notionally the right of free religion when recently he responded to the news story about christians being beaten in England for proselytizing ina moslem neighborhood with the comment, "what are they doing in a moslem neighborhood anyway?"

I'm an atheist. Naturally I defended the right of the christians to speak anywhere they choose.

People's tolerance for intolerance and violence is astounding....

36) Message boards : Politics : Fun with Falling Oil Prices!! (Message 821952)
Posted 22 Oct 2008 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Oh Rush! Really! You must stop teasing the children!

oh...and 'speculators'

Yeah. Uh huh. Speculators only profit if their predictions are correct. And contrary to the 'populists' and other naieve snake oil salesmen would have people believe they stabilize markets and generally serve a functionality that delimits erratic volatility. That's something that benefits everybody.

Stopping 'speculation' only makes your investments and retirement income less secure. But if you feel like blaming someone other than the government because of your biases........hey, it's Halloween and they can be made to sound Scaaaaary.
37) Message boards : Politics : More thoughts from Naomi Wolfe (Message 819436)
Posted 16 Oct 2008 by Profile Scary Capitalist
There are 'credible' physicists all over the internet that believe in interdimensional invisible alien creatures....

There are 'credible' people that believe that the eeevil GW Bush plotted the 9/11 attacks.

There are 'credible' people that believe that the eeeevil jewish international banking community is causing our financial crisis.

Back up your claims. Show some photos of these troops. Funny that noone has posted anything credible about it anywhere when everyone has a camera on their cell phones.
38) Message boards : Politics : Was Obama born in Kenya? (Message 819419)
Posted 16 Oct 2008 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Be a slave and submit to force and danger or move to an island? Hmmmmmm.....

You sound like some schoolyard bully of the age of...........
39) Message boards : Politics : Philisophical question (Message 819415)
Posted 16 Oct 2008 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Ever notice how it's the moral swindler that advocates 'gray areas'...insisting that no absolutes belong in the realm of man and this world? Ever wonder what possible motive underlies such a. mind?

Of course, asserting that there are "no absolutes" is of course, an absolute in itself.

You'll rarely find an advocate of peace and genuine good will toward men advocating such a perverted moral claim that implies that a thug and his victim are both "gray" morally.

Of course, R. Waite consistently advocates for the very explicit acts of force upon his fellow man. It's in his morally 'gray' nature he might say in his defense. But of course he can't defend any of his claims so long as he believes nothing is 'black and white' , reality isn't really reality, and facts aren't really facts.

40) Message boards : Politics : Political Thread [22] (Message 819407)
Posted 16 Oct 2008 by Profile Scary Capitalist
Anger and Understanding in the 2008 Election

by Edward Hudgins, Ph.D.

Important truths about human nature and morality have been on display in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Voters are angry as they watch the stock market and their retirement accounts collapse. They are angry as they see CEOs of collapsed financial institutions walking away with huge compensation packages, seeming rewards for their failures. And they are angry at Congress and the Bush administration further rewarding them with a $700 billion bailout.

Voters are venting their anger principally on Republicans who they see as responsible for the current financial mess. Republicans deserve what they get, but not because they bear most of the blame for trashing the economy; Democrats in this case are much more culpable. Rather, they deserve the wrath of the voters because John McCain and company do not offer them what will change anger into constructive action and help as well to create a political culture more conducive to freedom: an actual understanding of the causes of the situation.

In the first two presidential debates and the one vice presidential debate, Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden respectively began by blaming the current Wall Street and banking crisis on a failure of eight years of deregulation by the Bush administration and John McCain, and they offer us the same old class warfare rhetoric and big-government solutions. For their part, McCain and his VP nominee Sarah Palin have countered by denouncing the greed of Wall Street and declaring that they will crack down on it.

McCain's use of the emotive and confusing word "greed" offers not understanding but further obfuscation. Does wanting to be prosperous and rich constitute "greed?" If so, most of us are greedy and greed is a good thing. Does it mean wanting to become rich by stealing from others? In that case it's certainly wrong. But it is absurd to suggest that the current crisis is simply a matter of a bunch of Wall Street brokers and bank executives somehow using force or fraud to enrich themselves.

This use of the word "greed" simply stokes anger against individuals who might or might not deserve our wrath-we simply don't know. Ignorance and uncertainty about the real causes of the crisis leads to a sense of helplessness and fear. This, in turn, can lead to a desire to strike out blindly at any convenient enemy, in this case the "greedy rich." McCain seems to hope that voters will turn to him to do the clubbing.

But this game of bashing the rich is the modus operandi of the Democrats. So why vote for McCain out of fear? Why not go with the real pros?

It might be the case that McCain himself doesn't understand the nature of the current crisis. He appreciates some aspects of how free markets operate but not enough to offer the voters a consistent picture that will illuminate the current crisis. Or perhaps McCain's understanding might be impaired by his anti-individualism and belief in a common good that requires us to work for some cause beyond ourselves.

By contrast, what would be possible if McCain or any other politician accepted the moral right of individuals to live for themselves and understood the fundamentals of economic liberty? How could they help voters think about the financial crisis? Sure, the current crisis is complex and has a number of causes. But even a candidate in a debate or TV spot can offer clarity.

Try this:

"The 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, which was amended a number of times in the 1990s, in the name of stopping alleged racial discrimination in mortgage lending, allowed federal regulators to induce and force banks to make very risky loans. Banks were to disregard sound lending practices and to ignore the fact that borrowers couldn't make normal down payments and didn't have income that would best ensure that they could meet their payments."

You can recite those sentences in 30 seconds and they allow the listener to understand that a principal factor in the current crisis was government regulation rather than deregulation.

Let's try another one:

"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government sponsored enterprises. Got it? Government sponsored enterprises! They purchase and resell bundles of risky loans with implicit government guarantees. Without Fannie's and Freddie's implicit guarantees, many of those bad IOUs would not have been purchased by so many banks that now are collapsing as defaults rise."

Again, under 30 seconds and now the listener has a bit more crucial knowledge.

Let's go for three:

"Private enterprises-banks, investment houses-risk their owners' money and that risk gives owners a strong incentive to act soundly without government regulations. On the other hand, governments with all their offices and agencies, departments and divisions, wield political power, that is, the use of force. In a free society, they must be subject to lots of constraints, limits, checks, and balances if they are to protect rather than endanger individual freedom. Government sponsored enterprises are technically private but, really, are neither fish nor fowl. They enjoy special government favors, are exempt from many regulations that restrain government agencies but aren't completely subject to market discipline. And that was the problem with Fannie and Freddie."

Okay, that was a bit longer, but still only a minute. And it added yet another piece of information that now has the listener thinking, "What the hell are the Democrats talking about when they damn 'eight years of deregulation'?"

It seems that McCain just doesn't understand what's going on in the financial sector. The Democrats probably understand the crisis better. They should. After all, they are strong supporters for the Community Reinvestment Act and they blocked attempts in recent years by the Bush administration to place restrictions on Fannie and Freddie. But their ideology favors control of the economy and stifling of economic freedom. Thus they are happy for the confusion about the current crisis that allows them to blame freedom and greed and to assert the need for even more government control.

Ignorance about the causes of the financial crisis gives us insights into the broader and crucial role of critical thinking and understanding in political culture. It is through the use of our minds and critical thinking that we understand the world around us and thus can act for our own survival and happiness. And because we need to understand and act, we require individual liberty in society with others and should deal with one another based on mutual consent rather than the initiation of force and fraud. In the absence of freedom, in a society that is dominated by government regulation and regulators, individuals won't need to understand or think because they won't be able to act for their own well-being in any case.

On the other hand, a political culture that supports freedom depends upon citizens who understand universal moral truths; who understand that "economic freedom" is simply another way of saying "free to think and act as you choose"; and who understand the dangers of allowing the institution called "government"-which is meant to protect individual freedom-to have extensive and unchecked powers to regulate.

Understanding these truths is no guarantee of right moral action. Often those who obfuscate do so because they know that their own moral premises are questionable. They want to run the lives of others by force. That is pretty much the program of the Democratic Party-and the Republicans are not that far behind. But understanding strips away any disguise, reveals real goals and motives, and makes it more difficult for others to deceive us.

So let's first and foremost be angry at ignorance and strive to promote the understanding and critical thinking that will head off government-created crises in the future.
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