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1) Message boards : News : Project Back Online After Overnight Outage (Message 1195836)
Posted 16 Feb 2012 by Profile AReimpell
I have noticed that my Boinc Manager has not been running any work units for the past couple of days. It keeps reading "ERROR" "no work available to process". There is one work unit that is 100% complete but it has not been sent back to SETI, it's just sitting there in my "projects". Also, there is nothing in "tasks" and nothing in "transfers."

I think you're a little bit confused.
What you see in the "Projects" tab are not work units. This is a list of all your attached boinc projects, their share over your computer's resources, and their status.
Looking at your account, I see you're only attached to seti, so obviously you see a 100% share (which -I think- you're misinterpreting as a 100% completed work unit).
SETI has been having problems in the generation of new work for several days. That's why your pc -after finishing previously received work- has not received new work units to process and ran empty. So you see the "no work available to process" message in the seti's status.
Once we get back to normal (we're on that path) you'll see a list of your new work unints in the "Tasks" tab, with their respective status, progress bar, time elapsed, time to go, etc.

Hope it helps...

2) Message boards : News : Project Back Online After Overnight Outage (Message 1195741)
Posted 15 Feb 2012 by Profile AReimpell
I see we're coming back. Nice! Hope to see those splitters running soon.

Just to let you know (or remind you)...
There's still a pending issue with some WU appearing as "Completed, waiting for validation" although they've two wingmen that have already been validated.
(e.g. WUs 836973399, 843245271)
Perhaps maintaining these WU as pending is creating some disturbance somewhere and/or they're using valuable storage space unnecessarily.

3) Message boards : News : Project Back Online After Overnight Outage (Message 1195302)
Posted 14 Feb 2012 by Profile AReimpell
Thanks, Mat.
It's good to have you back around.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Welcome to the 12 year club (Message 1166175)
Posted 29 Oct 2011 by Profile AReimpell
12 years!

I'm happily proud to be a member of this distinguished club.

It won't cost you a cent. Just click the banner bellow, or go to

5) Message boards : News : Fall Funding Drive (Message 1166173)
Posted 29 Oct 2011 by Profile AReimpell
My grain of sand for the budget dune...

Thank you for your gift of $25.00 via Mastercard on 10/28/2011.
Your gift was assigned to the following areas:

SETI@home - $25.00

Your confirmation number is:

It won't cost you a cent. Just click the banner bellow, or go to

6) Message boards : Technical News : Drive (Aug 11 2011) (Message 1158963)
Posted 5 Oct 2011 by Profile AReimpell
I post very little, but read a lot of what is going on. I believe it would be fruitful to post a one liner with status and rough estimate until repair is made. Many people are doing it for the science and many are doing it for credits. I do it for both reasons and am somewhat disappointed that there is no word on repair progress. I have 2 of my best CPUs with no work and some nearly out of work. I personally don't wish to crunch for any other Boinc projects. I only want to look for ETs

Message 1157929 - Posted: 1 Oct 2011 | 16:18:40 UTC
By Jeff Cobb:
"...I apologize for the the lack of communication recently. Both Matt and Bob have been gone for the past month, and Eric for the past week. That leaves one man on deck. So I'm a bit um.. stretched."

Now is the moment for all of us to find and use that hidden last bit of patience, and be merciful with Jeff... We don't want to kill The Last of the Mohicans.

7) Message boards : Technical News : Stardust and Sand (Jun 23 2011) (Message 1124590)
Posted 4 Jul 2011 by Profile AReimpell
Looks (from the Cricket graph) like something broke around 1600 Berkeley time on Sunday, July 3... Can't upload... and only re-trys are downloading.

Yea... You can see the fall on the graph @ 3-Jul 19:30 Berkeley time (4-Jul 02:30 UTC), which is the same time that the server status page stalled showing the UL server as "disabled".
Sure it is the well known "long-weekend curse".
8) Message boards : Technical News : recent server woes (Message 1113731)
Posted 6 Jun 2011 by Profile AReimpell
...I need to "abort" all of them, move to "projects" and select "update". At that time, all of the work units are uploaded. I also noticed that my daily average (graph) is much lower since the last BOINC update. Nothing changed computer wise on this end...

Sorry... I think you're acting too liberal... When you "Abort" something YOU LOOSE IT... it's the same here: aborting workunits means loosing them FOREVER... DON'T DO THAT! Just wait for S@H servers to be ready to assimilate them... Be patient... The time will come soon... It always does.
9) Message boards : Technical News : recent server woes (Message 1113514)
Posted 5 Jun 2011 by Profile AReimpell
what is this Cricket graph you guys are talking about?;view=Octets
10) Message boards : Technical News : Welcome Carolyn and Oscar (Nov 17 2010) (Message 1049377)
Posted 18 Nov 2010 by Profile AReimpell
Everyone is excited looking at the pictures...
But did anyone notice what's in the book-shelves in the background of the first picture?
With this kind of literature, I'm pretty sure everything is going to run smoothly...

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