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1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : On project switching (Message 744402)
Posted 26 Apr 2008 by Profile Wuz
So I was checking in on Boinc just now and was excited to see a WU approaching completion. 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.861% and then it shut down to switch over to a climateprediction WU.

It would have been more efficient if that WU finished before switching over rather than unloading, loading the other client, and then loading back up to finish that extra 0.1%. no?

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : boing 5,22 and its password for remote control (Message 183168)
Posted 28 Oct 2005 by Profile Wuz
Go to the Boinc folder look for this file, GUI RPC auth, open with word pad and delete the numbers, then enter your own PW and save......

So there is no longer a provision to go without a password?
Entering nothing in the password file results in the same failure error.
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : bug report (Message 163157)
Posted 4 Sep 2005 by Profile Wuz
Not certain on the appropriate forum...

I've got a stupid bug that I imagine was already reported.
When switching between computers, I selected a wu from the old computer list before the new list could populate.
This caused an immediate shutdown.
4) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Select Computer Dropdown (Message 159391)
Posted 29 Aug 2005 by Profile Wuz
Listing available computers in a dropdown while hovering over "Select Computer"
If password, show pop-up window.

Allow option in dropdown for "New Computer"

(Also, How do I remove a bad computer name?)

5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Serious lag in crunching (Duron/ME) (Message 157926)
Posted 27 Aug 2005 by Profile Wuz
I have an old box I was using as a print server that I upgraded from S@H Classic to BOINC and it doesn't seem to be able to take it.
Classic was running OK, 12 hours per or so (I think)

BOINC is working on a unit for the 80th hour now and is at 43% with another "109 hours" to go.

It's not crunching efficiently.

900MHz Duron
Windows ME
384MB ram

Anyone have any obvious suggestions besides dumping the box?
I'd say ME is a POS, but that doesn't help me here.

6) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Computer monitoring function (Message 156441)
Posted 24 Aug 2005 by Profile Wuz
use the ip of that unit

OK, that was a useless answer.
I take that back, I did infer that the interface is wholely network based.
(There is no local connection, but a remote connection to the local machine via the network.)

fyi: For those of use with a non critical network, my IPs are not static.
My machine names however, are constant.

So, I would like to ask these same questions again please.
7) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Computer monitoring function (Message 154921)
Posted 22 Aug 2005 by Profile Wuz
Because I'm still unclear on this whole function and the primers seem a bit lacking...

1. The wu on my local processor is still crunching while I am monitoring another location??

2. What is the default location to return to my local processor? I tried "localhost", but it still saw this as a networked location.
(e.g. I selected "show graphics" and it asked if I really wished to display graphics on a remote machine.)

3. All of the trial and error locations I entered into the "Host Name" field will purge themselves in time?
(i.e. //Mondas(oops) \\Mondas(no) Mondas(Yea!) )


8) Questions and Answers : Windows : Master file fetch failed (Message 26944)
Posted 16 Sep 2004 by Profile Wuz
Yeah, no luck.
my URL is listed as and was working fine until this morning.
My two other boxes are working fine. Scheduler is up.
Altered the account_*.xml file with no luck so I tried detaching/attach and now Boinc "Can't get main page" from neither the setiathome.berkeley or setiathome.ssl.

Thanks for the help, but I'm flummoxed.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Master file fetch failed (Message 26887)
Posted 16 Sep 2004 by Profile Wuz
I'm stuck at the moment, I can't upload and who knows what else doesn't work right now.
Have no clue on this error and it's only on my one machine. Any clues?

SETI@home - 2004-09-15 20:50:37 - Master file fetch failed

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