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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Version 6.08 in Main (Message 855923)
Posted 21 Jan 2009 by Profile Riker
You're not alone, i have the same problem..... Probably a bad file or the main .exe has been damaged.... Hope they fix it quick.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : My S@H Cuda 6.06 stops running at 00:00:21 seconds.... (Message 850219)
Posted 6 Jan 2009 by Profile Riker
I just discovered a quite serious problem - My Cuda Seti have stopped crunching - but it still seems active. I get the status running, then Cpu-time counts up to 00:19, freezes a second, the displays 00:21 and no work is done, a simple task keeps up running until i pause or abort it. I tried to leave it alone to see if it was crunching, but after 91:21:12 i aborted it. THe machine has been running fine before. Does anybody have a clue ???
I'm running XP Pro SP2, Q6600 and a Gainward GF8600GT on that specific machine. All the astropulses running on CPU runs fine....


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