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1) Message boards : Cafe SETI : TLPTPW # 234 Sooner or later it will be done... (Message 1658195)
Posted 2 hours ago by Profile Sarge
Good morning win.

Good morning, Mike!
2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Link #80 (Message 1658194)
Posted 3 hours ago by Profile Sarge

3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : ‘X-Files’ officially returning to Fox in Summer 2015 (Message 1658179)
Posted 5 hours ago by Profile Sarge
Closing track for the 1998 film: Noel Gallagher - Teotihuacan
4) Message boards : Politics : US versus Europe The nice version (Message 1658178)
Posted 5 hours ago by Profile Sarge
Nice version? Admit it, you hate the USA and everything about it except possibly one person. ;) CHEERS!
5) Message boards : Politics : Are humans born evil? II (Message 1658177)
Posted 5 hours ago by Profile Sarge
No messages intended to annoy or antagonize other people

If that rule were upheld as strictly as you interpret it, there would be no politics forum. I do believe the post at the top of this forum says the rules a bit more relaxed here - meaning not so strictly interpreted.

Sometimes demonstrating absurdity by being absurd is all THEY understand, right?
6) Message boards : Politics : Extradition policies (Message 1658175)
Posted 5 hours ago by Profile Sarge
Still haven't put me ignore? Interesting. It reveals much about you and a lot of people are talking about it in PM land. Still trying to WEASEL your way out of admitting what you said? WE know your tactics.
7) Message boards : Politics : Are humans born evil? II (Message 1658056)
Posted 11 hours ago by Profile Sarge

Note to those stating, in the PM's, I should not respond to Es99's stupid attacks: Sometimes it is a slow day :)

Oh, so your inbox has been over run with them too.

I get them, too, usually from Es99. :)
8) Message boards : Politics : Are humans born evil? II (Message 1658040)
Posted 12 hours ago by Profile Sarge
This is what humanity is capable of:

forgiveness and reconciliation, the Spirit of Enniskillen

Gordon Wilson lived very much on this planet.

"I bear no ill will. I bear no grudge"

Very powerful.

No "ill will" against those who have Brutally Raped and Murdered YOUR Infant Child?

After that has happened to YOUR Child: Then, and only then, will you have any real understanding.

Or will you still have Empathy FOR this vile and evil person, who has slaughtered YOUR Child.

Well if my child had been raped or sexually assaulted I would hardly publicly announce it would I? There is too much shame and stigma associated with it.

So your demand that anyone with a child who had been through that should use such a horrific event to make a point on the internet is more than silly. It is not one that people would be willing to admit to for the sake of the child who has to live with something like that for the rest of their lives and doesn't deserve to have it posted all over the internet.

How do you expect people to respond to your statement Clyde? The fact that you made it shows that you don't even have empathy for the parents of victims.

HIS way of Thinking is the Result of having grown up in an Ivory Tower. Even his Former Profession could NOT make a Dent on such an INGRAINED Way of Thinking.
9) Message boards : Politics : Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with desertion along with one other charge. (Message 1657565)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Sarge
This has quietly slipped into the news. I found it by accident while checking an online weather report.

You have an interesting definition of "quietly".
10) Message boards : Politics : Extradition policies (Message 1657564)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Sarge
Italy is the country that recently found geologists guilty, in a court of law, for not being able to adequately predict an earthquake and warn citizens of a town to evacuate in time.
Sad, considering the country's intellectual history.
But, to adhere to the wacky system they have now? No way in the fictional place below the Earth the Swedish guy told me to go to.
11) Message boards : Politics : CommunistOrganizerHustlin'Hussein Vs NukeWhackin'Bibi (Message 1656324)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Sarge
These posts are off topic. They should be put into a separate thread. Let us also not forget a small dog's attempt to obfuscate a flame.
12) Message boards : Politics : Thor is the Designer! #3 (Message 1655316)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile Sarge
If a woman goes to a groggery and picks up Thor, then Thor picks up his hammer, did the woman therefore pick up the hammer?
13) Message boards : Politics : Thor is the Designer! #3 (Message 1654361)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Sarge
I am now properly prepared to face Thor's day and I look forward to it.
Hail Thor

+1! Pray tell, your method of preparation?
14) Message boards : Politics : Thor is the Designer! #3 (Message 1654311)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Sarge
Dearest Thor, I beseech Thee, teacheth me thy Sophistic Method. For Loki, he is ... .
Ah, never mindeth.
15) Message boards : Politics : I have been slimed.. (Message 1654284)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Sarge
And others. ;)
Make them smile.
Be their slave.
Sha, right. As if. And monkeys might fly outta yer butt, too~ ;)
Guess someone wants to "control the boards".
16) Message boards : Politics : Codes & Cyphers (Message 1653729)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Sarge
I am so surprised there is so much contention in this thread...and as someone who knows fairly little about cryptography I am totally baffled.

I would really appreciate it if someone can explain to me what the contention actually is.

All I see is Glenn claiming that the virtual currencies depend on cryptography (which seems obvious to me, what am I not understanding?) and then other people saying no, it doesn't.

Then there is some serious nitpicking about the dates the engima machine was used...well surely that information is easily checked?

So I would really appreciate a potted summary of the issues here (not from someone invested heavily on either side of the debate) so that I can follow the thread a little better.

Glenn was not at all clear in his post, to which I responded first I guess.
If I was not the first, then I suggest earlier posts be moved in here as well.
I guess Glenn's cannot be since he was also addressing racism in that post and that part was on topic for that thread.
I am also unclear as to why Sirius B is listed as the thread originator. I though I had noticed in the past that when a mod separates a thread into two threads, that mods name was listed as thread originator. Was this not the case?

I have seen some people tell Glenn to get on topic. Well, sorry, he wasn't clear about it, but his topic is virtual currency. As far as I can tell, Gary has explained it well and he has explained it's relation to encoding and decoding. Thus, the discussion of Enigma or things similar is still at least somewhat on topic.

Finally, to Glenn, I will say this: nothing I have said on this topic has been a smart aleck remark. You seem to be upset that I am acting as if I know more than you. No. I know differently from you. Your education and experiences are not mine and vice versa. Since the more general topic of making and breaking codes has played a small part of my education, yes, I do have a right to speak about it.
17) Message boards : Politics : Codes & Cyphers (Message 1653090)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile Sarge
Since infinitely many private keys can be made, no government could possess them all.

My source is this but it's in Postscript format so I will explain later if some wants to.
•Paper by Ravi Ganesan and Alan T. Sherman: Statistical Techniques for Language Recognition Primes (numerical or polynomial) are heavily relied upon in the creation of keys. 2300 or was so, Euclid proved there are infinitely many primes.
18) Message boards : Politics : Codes & Cyphers (Message 1652998)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile Sarge
Since infinitely many private keys can be made, no government could possess them all.
19) Message boards : Politics : Codes & Cyphers (Message 1652996)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile Sarge
Sarge you might wish to look up your history books about the enigma machine . You may think it was just some clumsy machine but it was not and why England nearly lost the war .
Also i do know a fear bit about code breaking and encryption in fact i use a code breaking program called the Bible code .
so i do know what public and private keys are . Did you know the government has the keys to get into most encyption programs i even heard that it was some sort of law in your country but not shore and would not surprise me .
You have herd of the computer the Brits had in ww2 to break the codes but they still needed the enigma machine to see exactly how they did it .
Also if coding is not inportant then what did the U.S do to stop the Japs from breaking there codes seeing as you think you know more than me on this as for your code mate can't be bothered but i to can play that game and i bet you wont be able to figure out any code i put up so i would not try and be a smart alex .
You Americans have stuffed up with crypto and it's not just me that know this your own military also know it ask any of your generals at the pentagon

You have completely misrepresented my response to you.

And I will say again, I took a class with one of those on the team that cracked Enigma. The probability that it's my errors is small.
20) Message boards : Politics : Open Message to Russia (Message 1650693)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Sarge
Michel, as of 1812, the land we had still wasn't much more than the coastal areas anyway.
James, putting your point together with Michel's, it's apples and oranges. We now span (east-west) the continent. We didn't back then.

Well, look at a map of that time and you'll see the US consisted of a bit more than just those coastal areas. And that aside, the coastal area itself is pretty huge.

In any case, my point still stands. The 2nd amendment doesn't deter nations from invading the US, the sheer size of territory that would need to be conquered, raw military power of the US army and the impossible logistics involved with such an invasion do.

You will notice the "not much more than" qualifier.
You will also note that in what at the time was a recent acquirement (about 8 years before), land size versus population density would tell very different stories.

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