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1) Message boards : Politics : Liberal or Conservative? (Message 1702028)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Sarge
What if you tend to be Liberal, regarding Social Issues., and tend to be Conservative, regarding Economic Issues?

This quite funny to me, because this is how I see myself. Yet your recent posts to me indicate you believe me to be 100% liberal when in fact I identify more with Libertarianism (with a few notable exceptions).

My 'Bad'.

I do apologize.

I am a Left Winger when it comes to understanding the Foundations of most Problems. But do not agree with most of their 'Solutions'. And especially the Foundation of their 'Solutions'.

If I understand how you describe yourself. Would we be considered Schizophrenic?

What would our brains show, if asked the same questions?

Because I am probably one of the few here with balanced hemispheres, I suspect you will never be able answer this question. :) :) :) :)

P.S.-that's an example of Ozz's idea of opening up. But I'm sure you'll do something like point out the dangers of near hemispherical balance. Don't worry, bud, I already read some of the reports about it.
2) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1702026)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Sarge

You have disappointed me. Thought there might be some hope for you. Regarding an Intelligent Back-and-Forth Discussion.

Clyde there is so seldom forth from you that discussion is impossible.

Do understand.

But you have to understand.

My attackers, which include you, do not understand this:

Although your silly attacks, and false ascertains, may succeed in silencing others, in your little, and shallow thinking universe.

Your, and others of your type. Obsessive Inner Need to Silence and Ridicule, those who are not you:

Shows me I am correct in my assessment.

I will continue to respond to your, and others, obviously desperate attempts at Ridicule, Childish Attacks, and False Ascertains.

Why not. I find your type fascinating.

False this, false that, Jesus hit me in the head with a wiffle ball bat.
Sebse of humor: some of will respond to Adam Sandler movie references.
Or, you could yadda yadda yadda kitty man's thread no longer being about sparing a square and sponge-worthiness.
But, to be more to the point: you name things you have done from the beginning or very nearly so. I sent you wise-guy PMs at the beginning to lightly warn you of the error of your ways, but,no, you had to plow on and now you cry that on occasions people lose patience with you, dishing out what you dish all the time. That anybody still gives you creedence revival of the clearwater in FLorida (waving to Tom de la Cruz) is absolutely astounding.
To be honest, I think the last such example of such incredible patience (not by me this time) was by me in 2006 and 2007 with atheist rappa Chuck D. (Funny how OzzFan and Gary's SHORT inputs on a few of these matters helped plant a seed to change my thinking. Which, of course, never actually changed, because, naturally, I am an Ideologue and by your wack definition tyhat's what I am and how I am.)

POINT BLANK, buddy, MOST OF US are here to GAIN additional ways of looking at things. This place used to be a LOT more active. It is quieter now, not because others were silenced, but because a small number of the silencers held power and abused it. Project admin/scientists eventually dealt with it. But, a price was, with a calmer and more peaceful board compared to before, also less diversity. Most of us that remain do enjoy the DISCUSSIONS. If you do not believe or like that, I could come up with a few choice phrases with what I'd like you to do with your UNINFORMED *beliefs*.
3) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1702025)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Sarge

What is YOUR Solution to the Evils of Capitalism.

Good starting point, for this discussion.

Let's start a new thread if we're going to change subjects, shall we?

Not the question?

How did I know you could not answer, without proving my point.

Thank you.

I don't know CLYDE. How did you know I couldn't answer without proving your point? You're just too smart for me! You've out-witted me with your superior discussion skills. I am defeated!

Responding to your question, is 'changing subjects'.

Yes, answering my question was changing subjects. That doesn't give us license to continue to move the thread even further off topic. I didn't realize that trying to avoid hijacking threads was my attempt to avoid answering your questions though. Thanks for setting me straight.

Why don't we both admit defeat, and move on.

:) :) :)

Because, despite what you obviously think, I am not here as some sort of sport to "defeat" the other person. Your responses betray that you actually do think that is the purpose of discussion here.

It's no wonder that no one can engage in discussion with you. Your automatic defenses to your ideology prevent you from seeing outside your position. To this Atheist of your ideology, you seem afraid to open up.

This would go against his early claim that these message boards and their discussions are pointless and worthless and merely for killing time. Not an exact quote but a darn good paraphrase.
4) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1702024)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Sarge
Could it be said that proposing the destruction of "left wing/right wing secular ideology" is itself an ideology that has the potential to snuff out a few hundred million, perhaps even a couple of billion, people?

I told CLYDE the same exact thing once upon a time. Every person's opinion is their belief system or ideology. Yet CLYDE proffers that he's an Atheist to ideology, and has named all "ideology" the enemy. He claims ideology is like a religion and asserts those stating a strong belief in something that happens to be in line with left-wing or right-wing are akin to religious beliefs.

I attempted to point out the irony of his claims but he hasn't yet realized how impossible his position is.


You, and others, sharing your Belief System, do not, nor will never understand this:

Non-practical, I Have The Truth, Ideology/Religion Believers. Are, what they are. Which, as History Instructs. Will eventually, if they gain power, murder and enslave Innocents.

Is a Believer in a Religion and/or Ideology, capable of Thinking outside their very small box?

Haven't seen any evidence of that, yet.

Sorry in disturbing your 'Of us, By us, For us' thinking. This Blasphemer and Apostate, to your 'Beliefs', cannot help himself.


Why do you claim I don't understand your position? Is it because I disagree with your assertions that you conclude I mustn't understand lest I would agree with you? What box have you put me in that you think I can't think outside of?

Those are serious questions. You seem to think that disagreement with another is equivalent to an inability to understand or consider other positions to a given scenario.

By all means... 'disturb' my thinking and enlighten me. That is the entire reason I enjoy reading posts of opposing views. But please, at least engage in answering questions posed of you so that I may better understand rather than your typical hand waiving non-responses.

Worst of all, "I Have The Truth: ... he's one of the few here that acts as if he is in any possession of truth. Thus, all that's left to still judge him on is the "practicality" of his "Truthiness".
5) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1702023)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Sarge
Destroy, destruction ... those are strong, angry words.

Attempting the destruction of ideologues, whether they are secular, religious, left wing, right wing, or any combination thereof, strikes me as being an exercise in futility - much like a game of whack-a-mole. Which particular ideology is the "greater enemy" (and therefore, in your world, up for early obliteration) is a matter of subjective opinion - and your opinion is that it is a numbers game. Well, good luck with that. More moles to whack, I guess.

I think that Tim Lott's opinion piece published in The Guardian earlier this year, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, presents an interesting take on ideologues. Could it be said that proposing the destruction of "left wing/right wing secular ideology" is itself an ideology that has the potential to snuff out a few hundred million, perhaps even a couple of billion, people?

I claim that very few people are ideologues except under whatever bizarre definition Clyde holds. Waving to Clyde from within 60 miles of the banished kitty man, lol!
6) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1700578)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Sarge
What is freedom of religion?

Can the government give you this without having to decide what is a religion? Does the government having to define religion make freedom or religion impossible?

This is a serious question that does not have an easy answer in the traditional sense. So many of us are rooted in Abrahamic religious practices that we would not find other practices to be religious at all. If the Government were to use such a test it would fail to give freedom to other practices, such as offerings to the volcano god.

Government must not fall into the trap of only making rules that the followers of Abraham would enjoy, but make rules for a corporal reason. For instance a rule preventing offerings be left to the gods, but a rule for sanitation purposes preventing litter being left to rot. So they can make their offering, but before it rots and becomes a health hazard they have to clean it up.

Then there is freedom from religion. Does this mean that the individual gets to shut out the world? Many troglodytes would enjoy that, but religions that believe in proselytizing would hate it. Or does this mean the Government will not adopt a religion and all laws need to be based on demonstrable facts. For instance a law against murder, not a law against human sacrifice.

The happy medium would not give tax breaks to religions, so that the government never has to decide is a particular practice is a religion and hence tax free, or weigh in on what isn't a religion and hence taxed.

The happy medium would not target a religious practice, but have rational reason to place restrictions on conduct or encouraging it.

I think you are missing the point of religion, and therefor of religious freedom a bit. Religion is far more than just a set of practices like going to a church on a set date or offering some food at an altar or whatever. Religion at its core is a system of beliefs, and thats where the real freedom of religion comes in. It means you can have any system of beliefs you want, no matter how outrageous those might be, and the government will not prosecute you for it. That also eliminates the need for the government to come in and determine what sort of religion is 'real' and what sort of religion isn't.

Actually, I think you are the one missing the point, and it could be due to not being in the USA. What Gary is referring to is whether a government checking whether a "church" is "real" to see if it is really deserving of a tax exempt status.
7) Message boards : Politics : Donald Trump for President? (Message 1700214)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Sarge
Handouts via social services are gonna stop dead.
Yes, crime might rise for a short while when the entitled find out the are not anymore.
Once everybody realizes there is no free lunch anymore, there is going to be a landslide in crime. But not if we have enough bullets.

So, you think the acceptable way forward is to make life more difficult for the poor (those you describe as "entitled"), and when they rise up due to poor conditions, your answer is to kill them with bullets since they will be criminals.

How is this the answer? Why is killing people the right thing to do?

I'm just trying to understand why you obviously have no regard for human life but then profess to love Jesus Christ. WWJD?

8) Message boards : Politics : Donald Trump for President? (Message 1700188)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Sarge
I'll spend the money.
It would cost less in the long run to do it right and stop the bleeding from across the border than to do nothing and support countless illegals streaming across to take our life's savings from us who have supported and contributed to the system for all of our working lives to rather than to give it to some bastard who never contributed a dime and now thinks he has rights to our social services.

F all of them, every single one of them.

Build the damned wall, Mr. Trump.

You shall NOT, repeat NOT spend ONE dime of MY tax money to wall US in. GOT THAT buddy?
9) Message boards : Politics : Donald Trump for President? (Message 1700175)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Sarge
But they took our jobs!

Rationality dang you for pointing that out! My rationality is better than your rationality. Only my rationality leads to the right conclusions. P.S.: don't piss off the otters.
10) Message boards : Cafe SETI : "I'll be back..." (Message 1700051)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile Sarge
Going to see Terminator with a friend, today. :-)


Saw it yesterday. Was good. And I'd say still room for sequels.
11) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1700048)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile Sarge
I was raised in both the African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E) and the Episcopal Church and I respect and enjoy the religious freedom that Amendment I of the Constitution expresses"

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
; or abridging
the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right
of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the
Government for a redress of grievances.

My question is this - If we are guaranteed the freedom of religion, are we not also guaranteed the freedom from religion?

Cliff, do you mean freedom from religion as imposed by government or freedom from the religion of other individuals?
12) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1699991)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile Sarge
It's really not that hard to be a Christian these days Mark.

Just don't try and force your beliefs on others and you'll get far, both personally and in business. ;-)


And force your beliefs upon Muslims, or any other Religion?

Tolerance, and belief in Freedom for All. Is a Two Way Street.

What is your issue with Muslims? And what has it to do with this thread?

There is no issue with Muslims of course. He just has to throw out the chum to see if there are any bites. However all he has done is foul the water.

"According to Pipes and Fischer, Lenin was intolerant of opposition and often dismissed opinions that differed from his own outright"

Sounds like someone else we know.
13) Message boards : Politics : Political CONvEnience of Madame Yoga (Message 1699529)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Sarge
Dung Beetles are Awesome,

Dung beetles are currently the only known animal to navigate and orient themselves using the Milky Way.
They possess exceptional dung disposal capacity and one dung beetle can bury dung that is 250 times heavier than itself in one night.
Those that eat dung do not need to eat or drink anything else, because the dung provides all the necessary nutrients.
Dung beetles can roll up to 10 times their weight. Male Onthophagus taurus beetles can pull 1,141 times their own body weight:
the equivalent of an average person pulling six double-decker buses full of people.
...from Wikipedia.

....but are they left or right handed?

It's as if they were designed to remove the dung!
Of course, first, the dung had to be designed as excreted,
14) Message boards : Politics : Political CONvEnience of Madame Yoga (Message 1699527)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Sarge
I only play a left-hander on S@H to annoy the O.P., Clyde, ID and Guy.
Or is that left-ist?
Some use their left hand and some their right.

Those green handled leftie scissors are clumsy, so I just cut right-handed,
15) Message boards : Politics : Political CONvEnience of Madame Yoga (Message 1699435)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile Sarge
I only play a left-hander on S@H to annoy the O.P., Clyde, ID and Guy.
Or is that left-ist?
16) Message boards : Politics : Political CONvEnience of Madame Yoga (Message 1699409)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile Sarge
Dere Once Was Is Are Dung Beetles, I Am Happy to be One. Roll Roll Around, Eat Shat all Day Night, Tasty Treats left by Others. Sheer Delight. I Finish Dis Scrumptous Meal, I Go Lookin' fO Another. 'Cause Being Full of Shat 'is' My LifeLong Druther

A record of the screen names of the thread originator.
17) Message boards : Politics : Speaking of Politics. (Message 1699053)
Posted 23 days ago by Profile Sarge
More below.

Oh, didn't you know I am not using this account anymore.

Still, I guess she is quite pretty, although becoming of age.

Blame wearing glasses perhaps.

This is why you get so few responses.
18) Message boards : Politics : Damned hard to be a Christian these days.......... (Message 1698868)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile Sarge
Thank You, Defender of My Liberty. I Know Your Cards and Memberships are Protecting Me As I Vomit.
I Always Feel Better after A GOoD VOm'it'.

Gee DungBeetle, it must really suck to be angry all the time, and have no-one but your cats and plants to take it out on.
Thank the Lord for the Seti Forums.
If Setizens are too harsh in their words you can always claim elder-abuse.

Don't worry, if we work to take away his liberties, instead ... the false flag Clyde raises ... he'll be vomiting then as well. Can't win.
19) Message boards : Politics : Speaking of Politics. (Message 1698821)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile Sarge
Speaking of Politics.

Or perhaps I rather should say science instead.

Everyone knows that we are supposed to be here for the sake of science.

Who are supposed to be speaking for mankind if such a thing should ever be needed?

The church perhaps, with all its assumed or supposed infallibles when it comes to dealing with the subject of science?

Most people probably do appreciate the fact that important scientific discoveries for the most time are being validated by means of a general consensus and not some weird or crazy idea which for some reason may be popping up in the mind of a possibly mad scientist which might be around.

Whether or not it is all about "Sleep and be Happy", or possibly "War of the Worlds" instead, being able to make a distinction of what may appear to be definitive facts may at times appear to be a hard thing to catch or grasp.

The more relevant or clearly defined something may appear to be, the more the whole picture apparently becomes lost as a result and the same goes with the possible truth behind the wole story which might be there all the time.

Definitely the world is full of lies most of the time, but behind many lies there also are truths to be found.

The difficulty may sometimes be about making the possible separation between one given truth versus one other, because a lie is never supposed to reveal the truth behind a given story at all, including those hidden secrets which may always be around.

Definitely Politics may be about the inner circles behind the White House conspiracies and likely other hidden stories as well.

Also Politics may be a way of possibly discussing in which way certain elements being related to the subject of science are being carried out.

For now the way of approaching certain subjects may appear to be valid, but if you happen to disagree with some elements of the discussion by means of given postings that are being made, you may perhaps be doing such a thing by voicing your opinion or concern by posting in Politics.

Doing such a thing might in fact result in progress when it comes to both scientific knowledge when it comes to science as a whole as well as specific results which likely may be at hand.

Definitely there is never a truth being found in an untold story.

Progress? One of our vociferous posters claims "After The Guillotine, things get WORSE for The People. Just History and Human Nature."
20) Message boards : Politics : Speaking of Politics. (Message 1698820)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile Sarge
Nailed 'it'.

You Da HuWoMan.

To Those letting this Languish for 9 Hours-You.....


... you have jobs and are not part of the supposed 47%. I, Gollum, applaud you for working. I also applaud you for having jobs outside the S@H fora and I, Dull, applaud you.

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