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1) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Controling CUDA in preferences (Message 861316)
Posted 2 Feb 2009 by Profile Campi
if you want to keep your card for a good time... manually increase the fan speed to 60-80% if you are going to use veavy graphs or don't mind the little noise I do recommend 100% fan speed.. it would keep your system.. all of it from getting more heat than necessary...
I noticed in several community boards that cuda is not managing the fans as it should.. so it is recomended to do it manually.. 60C it is ok.. 70.. ok.. more than that not.. over 100... it is red zone !!

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Astropulse 5.00 seems to be VERY slow (Message 855464)
Posted 19 Jan 2009 by Profile Campi
I have an issue with AP.. first in my old dual core it was crunching an AP unit every 48 hours or so... nos I have a far faster better cpu i7.. but suddenly AP started to go for 3000+ hours.. impossible to complete in the time I was given.. do you know how can I fix this?
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Workunits stalling at 0% (Message 855463)
Posted 19 Jan 2009 by Profile Campi
Well I have the same issue..
I noticed that as soon the nvidia driver crashes one of the 2 cards running cuda will simple stop crunching and start sending 0% results every 19 seconds...

I hope a solution can be found soon.. I don't know if I should stop using my GPU till they fix it...

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