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1) Message boards : Politics : Racist? [yes you are] (Message 1705873)
Posted 24 minutes ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Here's a very interesting piece that I just ran across -

Cliff, you are right, no light skinned person will ever understand what it is to grow up being told by everyone around you that every bad thing that happens by random chance or otherwise is because your skin tone is dark. You are guilty because you are dark.

The incredible anger this generates is something that no light skinned person will ever understand. The anger that you can't do certain ordinary things, because if you do them some horrible fate will befall you due to your skin tone. The absolute belief that this does not happen to anyone else, the absolute truth that it is always skin tone that is to blame. The self guilt of being dark skinned.

No light skinned person can ever understand.

And no dark skinned person can ever understand what that attitude of anger and self guilt projects onto others. How that changes every interaction they have. How that anger and self guilt is read by others, especially police.

No dark skinned person can ever understand.

No ordinary traffic ticket should ever end up with someone in jail. But you can't unload all your bad past experiences on someone else. I tell my employees at work, no matter how bad the day is going or how big a jerk the last customer was, the guy calling on the phone or the next guy at the counter isn't the same person, take a second or two and treat them as a different person from the last jerk you dealt with. Humans are individuals and first impressions set the tone.

Her death is inexcusable. If she really told the intake officer she had thoughts of suicide, she should have been on suicide watch and being checked very frequently, and in a cell devoid of ways to commit suicide. Someone should be fired for that. Unfortunately, I don't think that error is criminal.
2) Message boards : Politics : To Work or Not? (Message 1705860)
Posted 1 hour ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Gary the point is $15 has not happened. Using a converse argument I suppose a $5 min wage would promote more employment and fewer failed businesses. Those that are closing I assert are were marginal at best and were doomed, as many small businesses are.

Oh, so if it was $14.99 and not $15.00 that would make all the difference in the world? However at least one local increase has happened since the adoption of the law. It was only the beginning, not the end. How much more to come? How many more join the ranks of the unemployed?

Also your attitude seems to be that all business owners are so fat cat that they don't deserve a raise. Tell that to the owners wife when she does her weekly shopping with every other business having raised its prices.

Or perhaps you think customers are so dumb that they won't do their shopping just outside city limits at the stores that did not have to raise prices? allowing stores inside city limits to jack prices as they see fit?

Multi-nationals, I understand your thought process, they just transfer profits from some Podunk backwards hick town with very low incomes and massive poverty into the mega-city to pay the high income city workers their fat cat wages. Income redistribution at its finest.

All the places mentioned closing are Mom and Pop. Single location. Not chains. Small business, the backbone of America. The backbone is being cracked if not broken, locally.

I suppose all small businesses are doomed. They don't have dozens of far flung locations where they can siphon off some profits to cover a local disruption. Is that what you want to see; only munti-national companies with their off shore profit centers that don't pay tax?

Now if you read very carefully, you will note that I did not say here that the minimum should stay the same or go lower. I am saying that raising it in just one city is monumentally stupid. At least a state, but preferably nationally.

In any case Los Angeles, just did the same thing. It took exactly two weeks for the chain multi-nationals to roll out across the board prices increases in the city limits. The first of LA's increases is still two years off! Two years of fat cat profiteering!
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Mysterious Miscellaneous Tool Time V6 (Message 1705839)
Posted 2 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Cheers for the tip Carlos :-) Tricky bit will be in not giving too much away. Going to be cagey for now and just say Gary Charpentier is in the right area and that it is not a medical device, to my knowledge.

I knows I nose. ;-)
4) Message boards : Politics : To Work or Not? (Message 1705786)
Posted 7 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Finally, we should consider here that essentially the US has followed a highly protectionist policy for business that primarily rely on low wage workers. By holding back wage increases for decades they have distorted the market and now there is finally going to be an adjustment, and rather than having to make that adjustment naturally over the course of several decades, they are now going to have make it in a much shorter time period.

Gosh, so by the democrats passing highly protectionist trade measures such as minimum wage laws, the US business man has had his wallet fattened! Wow, never thought I'd ever hear the truth on these boards!!!
5) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1705782)
Posted 7 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
“Around the world there is a tradition of oppressing women and treating them differently and not giving them the same opportunities, and husbands beating their wives, and children not being sent to school. Those are traditions. Treating women and girls as second-class citizens. Those are bad traditions. They need to change.”...

What if the Jihadists win?

What if fundamental Christians win? What if orthodox Judaism wins? The answer seems the same to me.

I believe the answer is the same if any fundamental Abrahamist sect wins, because there is no difference between any of them.
6) Message boards : Politics : To Work or Not? (Message 1705777)
Posted 7 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Ah, Faux's source:

Minimum wage in the US? What is it?

Good Question:
$2.13/hr for tipped (food service) employees!

@betreger, article is datelined March 15 and says a few weeks to take effect. Have any of those increases taken effect by now, July 27? YES!
Ah, took effect April 1 @ $11.00/hr. Washington minimum is $9.47/hr. So on April 1 it went up $1.53/hr
7) Message boards : Politics : To Work or Not? (Message 1705730)
Posted 9 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Ah, Faux's source:
8) Message boards : Politics : To Work or Not? (Message 1705712)
Posted 10 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Is welfare more valuable than work?

So good to know that Welfare is more valuable that work.
Thats why we work.
Well, just goes to show that there are dolts out there. :)
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Crop Circles (Message 1705708)
Posted 10 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier

Aerial view of central US crop circles.

Very strong evidence of ET poo circles.
10) Message boards : Politics : To Work or Not? (Message 1705684)
Posted 11 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Taxes, income and work are related.
Are there anyone who wants to tax people without an income or work?

Yes, they are the ones promoting wealth taxes, not income or consumption taxes.

But most important to the thread is the relation between welfare and work. Is welfare more valuable than work?
11) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1705632)
Posted 13 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
More Linux woes ... Android the fastest growing segment of Linux
Most Android phones at risk from simple text hack, researcher says

Last year, more than 1 billion Android devices shipped around the globe. Security firm Zimperium says this vulnerability could affect 95 percent of them.

Millions of eyeballs = zero security
12) Message boards : Politics : Racist? [yes you are] (Message 1705624)
Posted 13 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
The African-American community is the only community in this country that has to have permission from Congress to vote by reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act, no other community has this distinction.

Cliff, I think the black community can be as blind to other communities as the white community is to the black community. That is human.
Of course their normal paperwork issues are more along the lines of page 9 of form I-9,
<ed> the last part about trafficking, that is the code word for modern slavery.
13) Message boards : Politics : To Work or Not? (Message 1705590)
Posted 16 hours ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Are we having a Debate (prefer discussion) over Taxes/No Taxes. Or...

What and Who, are Taxed?

No, the topic is To Work or Not?
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Reddit thinks SETI@home is not useful (Message 1705449)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
As to those Sexy astronomical targets, realize most of them are places where there is lots of nasty ionizing radiation and either stars at the very beginning or very end of their life. Not really places where we would expect life as we know it to be hanging around. Dull boring and ordinary is more likely place to find life, at least long term civilizations.

As to the SSD and RAM requirement, that has to do with the number of bins that our candidates go into. We talk about 5 megapixel or 12 megapixel cameras. They have bins more like a terrapixel camera. Keeping that all sky image in RAM for near time access isn't going to be done on your ordinary home PC!

But, it is quite doable if you don't need real time access. Remember the bad old days of computing when the database was on punch cards or magnetic tape?
15) Message boards : Politics : Racist? [yes you are] (Message 1705446)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Snoop was arrested in Sweden and he thinks his offense was DWB .. Driving While Black.

Snoop says he was snatched out of his car Saturday and it was a clear case of racial profiling.

Cops say they arrested Snoop because they thought he was driving under the influence of narcotics, but Snoop says he was taken to the station, forced to pee in a cup and police determined he was clean.

The incident occurred in Uppsala, Sweden, after a concert her performed in the city.
A police spokesman tells TMZ, Snoop's not in the clear. He says Snoop showed signs of driving under the influence and it will take 2 weeks to get the test results back. As for Snoops allegation of racial profiling, the spokesman said, "We don't work like that in Sweden."

Don't know their culture.

Essentially the entire Wiki article talks about antisemitism, but it does mention skin color.
However from BBC
So a DWB stop is possible.
16) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Mysterious Miscellaneous Tool Time V6 (Message 1705329)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
I smell this one will be very hard.
17) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : UK Power Supplies (Message 1705292)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Always find power delivery interesting.

At home I've had very little in the way of interruptions.

At work, several nasty multi-hour ones.

There is a few miles involved and they are different power companies as well.

Thanks for the reminder, I need to get replacement batteries for the UPS' at work.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Gripes and Kudos IV (Message 1705280)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
gripe: the forum software has recently decided that the preview button means post if the request doesn't get transmitted in whole or times out.

kudos: we have mods to get rid of double posts
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Reddit thinks SETI@home is not useful (Message 1705277)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Gary Charpentier

The real issue, which is not presently addressed, is suppose that project A has a detection in their frequency band from a particular region, but it doesn't repeat, project B has one in a different frequency band from the same region of space. There is no universal NTPCKR that gets the data from both projects to say, "Hey this region should get a hard look by everyone."

Amen to the idea of getting that done.

Did you see IBM's Watson beat up on Jeopardy champions? Apparently a LOT of data can get searched pretty quickly if you've got the machinery and the right programmers... all of which costs a lot of money.

Hopefully, this will get consolidated, put in a "cloud," and get done. The longer we wait for even our own NTPCkr the harder it gets to implement

You mean the not near time PCKR that does get run once in a while when we are in the middle of an outrage so the database is stable and it can pick through it and spit out a table of candidates? Unfortunately the waterfall plots of those persistent candidates all look a lot like RFI, or they have so far.

What most of you fail to realize from Seti having to piggy back, is the sexy astronomical targets get looked at a lot. The random spots of sky away from astronomical targets might get swept once a decade. We aren't doing a pattern search of the sky.

Also you fail to realize this search is looking for an ET that wants to be found. The assumption is ET is transmitting a beacon and is doing so for several years running. We aren't there yet and I doubt with our fear of the unknown we ever will transmit such a beacon, even if we could find the necessary power to do so.
20) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Recipes and Food (Message 1705140)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile Gary Charpentier
Hey, kiddo.
Don't cut spaghetti short./
That is my 'comfort food' of choice.
I often have it late at night to fill my belly and help me to sleep.
Years ago, when I had more than enough to drink and stomach problems cut in, my
GF of the time knew what to do....cook up a box of spaghetti, and it would put me right every time.

Wonder if al dente let it act like a sponge and soak up the excess drink?

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