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1) Message boards : Number crunching : AK V8 ported release ap. issues, install, questions etc. (Message 818966)
Posted 15 Oct 2008 by Profile Uioped1
Is the message Unrecognized XML in parse_init_data_file: computation_deadline
important? I'm getting it in every WU, but a quick search of the forum returns only one message. Based on that message, I tried adding the astropulse app (even though it didn't seem related) but no dice.

Any thoughts?

Unrecognized XML in parse_init_data_file: computation_deadline
Skipping: 1224490590.000000
Skipping: /computation_deadline
Unrecognized XML in parse_init_data_file: computation_deadline
Skipping: 1224490590.000000
Skipping: /computation_deadline
Windows optimized S@H Enhanced application by Alex Kan
Version info: SSSE3x (Intel, Core 2-optimized v8-nographics) V5.13 by Alex Kan
SSSE3x Win64 Build 42 , Ported by : Jason G, Raistmer, JDWhale

CPUID: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4700 @ 2.60GHz
Speed: 2 x 2603 MHz
Cache: L1=64K L2=2048K

Work Unit Info:
Credit multiplier is : 2.85
WU true angle range is : 1.378410

Flopcounter: 5880700382315.146500

Spike count: 0
Pulse count: 0
Triplet count: 4
Gaussian count: 0
called boinc_finish

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Negative crunching (Message 702605)
Posted 22 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
Well i crunched several periods in the past, some dating a few years back (old seti software) but i don't think that's the problem here.

And it's true, i've registered (again) in sept. but had a new machine and cpu temperatures got dangerously high. Just recently resolved that issue and started crunching again.

It's problably the stats, but in my ignorance i thought it was part of S@H.
I will contact the stats site.

Thanks a mill for the help!

There are also a couple of 'Rob's on the DPC team... Do you maybe have more than one account, and accidentally switched the accounts that you attach your machines to?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Help with vbs script (Message 702556)
Posted 21 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
I'm looking for someone who can trouble shoot a vbs script.

This script is from the Samurize site. It used to work and pull Boinc data from my computers but it suddenly stopped working. I know nothing about vbs programing so can't see why it won't work. I would be very thankful if someone were to download <DELETED4SECURITY> which is the vbs script and tell me how to get it working again.

I have requested help from the author but he appears to have abandoned the work and does not respond to his email.


How about zip up the vbs and post it somewhere with a url that ends in a .zip

The link you gave had no vb script, and the source looked more like it was trying to show me google ads than to get boinc stats.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Vista host won't work with optimized app under vista (Message 702472)
Posted 21 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
So apparently this is a problem with UAC under vista. Interestingly, Rosetta works just fine. If anyone has had any luck with fixing the core problem, rather than the workaround pf moving the installed folder, I'd be interested to hear it!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Can anyone help me diagnose this host? (Message 701779)
Posted 20 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
Well thanks again, but now I'm getting a different error:

from the result:
CreateProcess() failed - The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)

Sorry for not making it a link before. Here's the host

The other key thing about Vista environment is that the Boinc folder should be loaded anywhere except the default location of C:\\Program Files\\Boinc. E.g. Set it up as C:\\Boinc. Vista puts severe access constraints on folders under Program Files.


OK, Thanks. Is there doco anywhere on what permissions the boinc service and folder need under Vista? I don't like giving a service like this one more permissions than it needs...
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Vista host won't work with optimized app under vista (Message 700721)
Posted 17 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
I posted this under number crunching because I thought it was a problem only with the optimized app, now I'm not so sure.

Any help is much apreciated.

from the result:
CreateProcess() failed - The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)

Here's the host

I am [trying to] use the optimized app from crunch3r's site on a prescott (P4 521) running vista.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Can anyone help me diagnose this host? (Message 700714)
Posted 17 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
Well thanks again, but now I'm getting a different error:

from the result:
CreateProcess() failed - The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)

Sorry for not making it a link before. Here's the host
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Can anyone help me diagnose this host? (Message 700706)
Posted 17 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1

As a starter, with Vista you should be using the appropriate 2.4V Opt App from Crunch3r's site. The KWSN Opt Apps are not Vista compatible.


Well hey, there you go. Thanks a bunch!
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Can anyone help me diagnose this host? (Message 700696)
Posted 16 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1

It is a prescott (p4 521) chip running the kwsn optimized app (v2.4, SSE3, Intel P4)

I suspect the problem is related to the fact that I am using vista. Boinc is running as a service, under an administrative username. (I tried using an admin, because my usual routine of using a standard user gave the same error, and I assumed the user permissions were at fault.) I am not familiar with vista :(

Any help is much apreciated!
10) Message boards : Technical News : Playing Fair (Jan 15 2008) (Message 700393)
Posted 16 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
It's the BOINC/mysql part that needs help...

You have mentioned numerous times that the stats queries in particular need work.

I've looked through the seti svn repository via the web interface and can't seem to locate those queries. Have the modifications that have been made to the boinc sample stats export been checked in to a publicly accessible repository somewhere?

11) Message boards : Technical News : Triple Shot Cappuccino Day (Jan 10 2008) (Message 700034)
Posted 14 Jan 2008 by Profile Uioped1
Are the SQL queries that Mat referenced in the source tree? If they are, can someone point them out to me? (maybe I missed them because they're embedded in code...) A quick scan of the svn web interface didn't turn up anything obvious.

12) Message boards : Technical News : The Geese Fly West (Dec 10 2007) (Message 690892)
Posted 12 Dec 2007 by Profile Uioped1
I seem to recall that S@H uses InnoDB tables, so this probably won't work for them, but I had to post this for completeness sake:

SET @medianRow = 0;

SELECT @medianRow = INT(table_rows/2) + 1
WHERE table_schema = '<dbName>'
  AND table_name = '<statsTable>';

SELECT <stat>
FROM <statsTable>
ORDER BY <stat>
LIMIT @medianRow, @medianRow

A couple of notes:
A) This defines the median as the middle _result_ not the middle _value_
B) It's been a while since I used mysql, so I may have some syntax errors
C) As I alluded to above, innodb tables maintain the rowcount as an estimate only, thus the median will be only an estimate.
D) It might be possible to turn off statistics generation for tables, and if so S@H probably has...

Performance Explanation:
This statement may or may not be faster than the average aggregate, depending on the index structure of the table. The average aggregate must by definition touch every row in the table (At best an index scan) whereas the query outlined above must at worst perform a table scan and a sort. On the other hand the best case for the query above is one index lookup.
13) Message boards : Technical News : Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat (Dec 03 2007) (Message 688741)
Posted 4 Dec 2007 by Profile Uioped1

But is not easy to me to be explicit enough writing in english.
About "checksums", it´s intend only for a kind of "encoding" partials results that Check-WU job has done.
The idea was Check-WU do not recalculate the entire WU, but only key process (maybe track some existent dependencies...) and grab this results (or only fragments of code generated in that process) to a posterior "checksum-like" process.

Clearly, not all redundance will be achieved. But a level of assurance. And this level can be tunning selecting appropriate key process.

What about a beta doing this to compare with the erros actualy catched with the 2/2 scheme ?

I think I understand what you're getting at... You're saying produce a trace of the program execution without actually performing all the calculations. you have one result in a WU that does the actual calculations, and a second who verifies that the first did what it said it did, hopefully much more quickly. This may or may not be possible; I am not familiar enough with the proceesing involved to say.

I think that in general you will have to do a significant portion of the calculation in order to truly validate the result, and as the app becomes more and more optimized the fraction will approach 1. Given the difficulty of making that validator program, it is probably not worth the effort.
14) Message boards : Technical News : Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat (Dec 03 2007) (Message 688739)
Posted 4 Dec 2007 by Profile Uioped1

Since you had no rebuttal to my suggestion of doubling WU size (see above), I'll take that to mean you are considering it. It's good to hear that the project has secured more disk space; that is going to help overall.

Unfortunately, when a result is set to the client the workunit is not removed from the server. the WU is actually stored on both the host computer and on the server, so increasing the length of time that it takes a host to process a WU also increases the length of time it is stored on the server. Admittedly, if WUs take more time to complete you theoretically need fewer total WUs in process at a given time, but I suspect the gains would be wiped out by longer times where a WU is returned by a fast host and is waiting on a slower host. Mostly, increasing the WU time helps with bandwidth.
15) Message boards : Technical News : Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat (Dec 03 2007) (Message 688733)
Posted 4 Dec 2007 by Profile Uioped1
Just a question : Why does SETI need two valid results, and, for example, ROSETTA only one ?
(What`s the difference in the calculation process?)


Rosetta actually has something akin to a replication of many thousands, however they cannot use the boinc replication feature due to the nature of their algorithm. If you look at the results scatterchart you will see this illustrated. Unlike S@H, which takes a result and calculates an exact figure for the number of pulses, etc. in that result, the rosetta algorithm guesses at what the best folding is. Then, the project scientists take all of those guesses, and through the use of statistical models produce a result that has a finite certainty of being within a finite distance of the 'correct' result.

The key difference is that S@H does not guess, where rosetta does. Guesses by nature are only an approximation, and will not always be the same, so there can be no validation of an individual guess. A bad guesser is instead eliminated through statistics.

1. There really is no way to verify results unless we have *at least* two results per workunit. Being this is a scientific project, we need verification.

One feature that would be really nice would be the ability to have a replication of less than two. I suppose this would have to be grouped at the host level, making a new set of data tracking issues... imagine if you had a replication of 1.25 i.e. every fourth result returned by a host would be validated by a different host. Even better would be a dynamic replication figure, where hosts that returned bad results would have more of their results validated (or better just get fewer results between validated ones.)

The implication that results are not scientifically valid unless every one has been checked twice is hogwash though.
16) Message boards : Technical News : Twilight Furniture (Nov 13 2007) (Message 677503)
Posted 14 Nov 2007 by Profile Uioped1
Thanks for the updates Matt. Hope you had a relaxing day off if there is such a thing for you guys.

Thank you for reminding me re UPS's must dig mine out of some cluttered corner of my house and hook my large (320 gallon) fish tank up to it sometime ready for winter power outages.

Quoting Einstein "Bureaucracy is the death of all sound work"

Keep up the good work guys and remember only 41 days until Christmas day :-)

I bet, if coated in epoxy, you could use an older mobo + SETI to heat your fishtank...
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Bulldozer, Nehalem, SSE5 - oh boy! (Message 652375)
Posted 1 Oct 2007 by Profile Uioped1
I don't think it's very ingenius to complain about marketing smoke when you work for Intel. I also think many of us realize that the 'standards' you mention were written by Intel, for the purpose of marketing smoke. Witness SSE3.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Bigger work buffer (Message 651774)
Posted 30 Sep 2007 by Profile Uioped1
Edit: I am summarizing and expanding on what others said before me...
Edit #2: As was pointed out before, there are different behaviors for the different BOINC versions.

Just change the resource share of SETI to be higher than other project(s). It may take BOINC a few days of crunching to adapt, but it will download more WU.

This will not help the problem you're experiencing.

Unfortunately, as others have said, there is no direct way to increase your cache for SETI only.

You have two options:
If you do nothing, BOINC will remember how long you have been without SETI workunits, and the next time they become available, it will download extra work, up to the size of your work unit cache. [in boinc v5.10.20]

If you find that this amount of work is still not enough, then you might consider the other option:
Increase your overall cache size. You can feel secure doing this, because BOINC is smart enough to figure out that your machine is not a 24x7 cruncher, and will adjust the amount of work necessary [to fill your cache] based on the details of your particular situation. The only time where I wouldn't recommend this situation is if the amount of time your computer is on and crunching varies drastically, and over periods longer than your shortest deadline. In other words, if some days your computer is off, but some days it's on, that's fine as long as your deadlines are measured in weeks. If you sometimes don't turn the computer on for a week, keep a very short cache, and trust BOINC to get the work based on which project is 'owed' work the most.
19) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : Eric's Octennial Post #10: Ewoks live under my deck. (Message 651054)
Posted 29 Sep 2007 by Profile Uioped1
...reduced the total world pop of homo sapiens to not more than 2000 individuals. Maybe that was your stressor...

Naw, that was from whence rednecks came :)
20) Message boards : Technical News : Magic Carpet RIde (Jul 19 2007) (Message 608983)
Posted 26 Jul 2007 by Profile Uioped1
There are intriguing possibilities in flywheel-based UPSes

Converting electrical energy to mechanical energy & back to electrical energy generally isn't as efficient as electircal-chemical-electrical.

Also very dangerous, have been known to have disintegrated, and also break free.

I would disagree (respectfully) with the statement about efficiency. I think the very best batteries are only something like 40% efficient.

The danger posed by the energy stored is indeed a problem, but the materials in batteries are dangerous as well. What's more the newer flywheels are not very massive and made with a carbonfibre/resin material that apparently disintegrates quite harmlesly when faults do occur, so the shielding just has to hold in the pressure and the small bits.

They can get away with low mass because the strength of the material enables greatly increased speed. (remember the v-squared bit in the kinetic energy formula) Still, energy is energy, and a catastrophic failure would make quite a bang, but so does a capacitor failing.

From a power standpoint, you get a lot more U from your PS, because a flywheel is much more capable of handling repeated chargings and discharges.

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