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Posted 23 Nov 2012 by Profile Robert T Turner (aka Ryn Covine)
Good morning, everyone:

I, like many other participants, will faithfully continue this research, doing my part as I have coming up on the the start of my twelfth year.

I challenge each participant to donate $ 5.00 USD per month as I am to continue the private funding of this important research.

Additionally, we need data from the southern hemisphere to scan and add to the effort in learning where a source of contact may lie.

This program is mostly likely to eventually produce the results that will acknowledge that there are other intelligence species in our galaxy.

So, thank you, all my fellow participants and let us keep up the work toward ouir eventual successs.


Robert T. Turner
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Posted 20 Oct 2012 by Profile Robert T Turner (aka Ryn Covine)
As per my pledged promise, I have donated $ 142.00 this afternoon to the SETI@Home cause - $ 1.00 per month of my SETI@Home participation. I challenge ALL other active participants to do the same and then continue to do so in the future to keep this important effort going for years to come. Join me in this pledge challenge.
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Posted 15 Oct 2012 by Profile Robert T Turner (aka Ryn Covine)
To all my fellow SETI@Home participants:

We all realize that in order to achieve the results of detecting an advanced stellar civilization that this undertaking will require years, if not decades of continuous monitoring and upgrading of the search perimeters and equipment.

My challenge to ALL of the participants is that we should all forego the equal amount of $ 1.00 (one dollar United States) each month and make that our ongoing donation toward this project.

Retrospectively, I am going to be donating one dollar U.S. for each month that I have already been a home researcher in this project as this idea and challenge has long been on my mind (that amount will be $ 142.00 USD).

Realize that the governments of the world will not fund this enterprise and I, for one, will not miss that tiny fraction of my income. Additionally, deep inside I feel this is the right thing to do and I would rather donate to this cause than others I have been approached concerning.

So, I throw down this gauntlet and proclaim this challenge: $ 1.00 USD each month from all the SETI participants. Match me.

Robert T. Turner (aka Rytn Covine)
SETI@Home Participant, since January 4, 2000
4) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Issues regarding getting classic account transferred (Message 201778)
Posted 3 Dec 2005 by Profile Robert T Turner (aka Ryn Covine)
Not as much a specific answer as much as a suggestion: can the BOINC system managers post a sequence of step-by-step instructions in order to assist the host of willing participants to make a more smooth transition into the new system. I, too, am experiencing difficulty in logging into my account under the new BOINC system, perhaps related to giving the correct responses to set up the account. Instructions concerning the correct steps are vague and, I, for one, would appreciate the exra assistance to make the transition more smoothly. I hope that this will soon be a new link on the Home page before the December 15th shutdown deadline of the Classic SETI@Home system.
5) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Features I would like to see added (Message 195096)
Posted 26 Nov 2005 by Profile Robert T Turner (aka Ryn Covine)
To include the assimulation of statistics and credit for work completed under a team from inactive members of the team to the active members.

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