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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1776996)
Posted 23 days ago by Profile ML1
If you run any version of Windows, you are completely vulnerable to whatever Microsoft and their "trusted 3rd parties" have programed 'your' computer to do.

Happy computing,
22) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1774755)
Posted 28 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
... And the effects will be felt worldwide as has long been predicted...

Just one unsettling example of a steady litany:

Is India facing its worst-ever water crisis?

On 11 March, panic struck engineers at a giant power station on the banks of the Ganges river in West Bengal state.

Readings showed that the water level in the canal connecting the river to the plant was going down rapidly. Water is used to produce steam to run the turbines and for cooling vital equipment of coal-fired power stations.

By next day, authorities were forced to suspend generation at the 2,300-megawatt plant in Farakka town causing shortages in India's power grid. Next, the vast township on the river, where more than 1,000 families of plant workers live, ran out of water...

... "Never before have we shut down the plant because of a shortage of water," says Milan Kumar, a senior plant official.

"We are being told by the authorities that water levels in the river have receded, and that they can do very little."...

... Monsoon rains have been scanty in India for the second year in succession. The melting of snow in the Himalayas - the mountain holds the world's largest body of ice outside the polar caps and contributes up to 15% of the river flow - has been delayed this year...

We are long long past the arguments of denial. The questions now really are merely chasing the ever finer detail and ever sooner timing. We completely know we are cooking our planet with industrial and industrial farming CO2 and methane in a way this planet has never suffered before.

How soon before climate forced Revolution destroys our politicians and industries?...

Watch this planet, all within our one lifetime.


All on our only one planet,
23) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1774754)
Posted 28 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
So it should, with its low population density and hours of sunshine per year, over twice the hours of the UK.

It can also be used with wind power . There are now several new estates being built that have community power stations (battery's storage off 1 megawatt or more )recharged with both solar and wind turbines .
So even the U.K will be able to go totally renewable with the use of battery's .
The link is to Catalyst a A.B.C science program all about battery's and there use and why they will be a game changer

Sorry Glenn.
It doesn't work that easy in countries like Britain or Scandinavia as in Australia.
The battery's should be able to store energy (a lot of energy) for at least 6 months before winter season that I doubt that they are capable to do.

As already mentioned, no need for 'six months' of storage... Just 24 hours is enough.

Close to home, there is this interesting example where big batteries are more cost effective than ever bigger power stations and bigger cables:

‘Europe’s largest’ grid storage battery trial goes online in UK

... A 6MW [power] 10MWh [capacity] lithium-ion battery has been installed at a substation in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire as part of a two-year trial...

... predicted to provide an array of benefits to the wider electricity system by helping reduce capacity constraints and to balance the flexible energy generated by low carbon sources such as solar PV and wind...

... The introduction of energy storage in substations like the one at Leighton Buzzard can decrease the need and cost of traditional reinforcement, such as transformers and cabling...

... predicted that the grid storage project will negate the need for over £6 million of network reinforcement costs [for new grid cables for the town]...

Shame about the abstract grandiose PR waffle in that article. Briefly, that power substation was chosen to house a big battery to avoid the £6 million cost of installing cables to power the peak load for some new housing.

The project is also a good test-bed for the sort of thing that can be done to avoid the need for new cables for the grid to support a more widely distributed supply from widely spread renewables sources.

Engineering for intermittent peak load is rather expensive. Local energy storage is a good big win both for power supply and power demand.

There are good positive ways. How do we kill of the old fossils corruption sooner?...

All on our only one planet,
24) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1774745)
Posted 28 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
Jan what about wind Turbines they still turn in winter and that is where they could be used so I don't think you need 6 months supply only a few days witch they can do with battery's .

A lot of the wind turbines used around these northern countries get turned off because the wind is too strong, or too variable (gusty). So in times of bad weather we don't green energy because there is no sun either. ...

Strangely enough, with our wild Easter weather downing trees and cranes and scattering aircraft to divert all around England... Bridges closed and trains delayed and all that and...

Looking at the charts, wind + solar look to have steadily powered about 1/3rd of the UK electricity demands for the last four days. Looks like most of the dirty old coal fired power stations were completely turned off for some periods.

Solar + Wind look to be far more robust than the fossilized FUDs might otherwise want you to believe...

All on our only one planet,
25) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1774613)
Posted 28 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
On a very positive note for the UK at least, looking at the power generation over here and for the four days of Easter, we have:

Coal fired power stations running down to almost zero;

Wind + Solar producing more than nuclear and on occasion more than Gas Turbine;

Due to the contribution from solar + wind, Gas Turbine have been producing less than nuclear and renewables!

Way to go!

This should be able to move to whereby instead of our hydro pump-storage schemes using 'cheap' fossil power overnight, we instead have those schemes taking excess power AT NOON from renewables to then power the 6pm peak.

Indeed the way to go for less pollution!

We may yet save our planet...

And corruption be damned?...

All on our only one planet,
26) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1774612)
Posted 28 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
Electric-car drivers are saving the planet, right? Their vehicles produce none of the pollutants that dinosaur-burning, fossil-fuel-powered machines do. That is the standard view, and governments around the world provide incentives to encourage the uptake of this new technology.

That is why a Tesla owner got a rude shock when he went to import his vehicle into Singapore — the first person to do so. Instead of an expected rebate of around S$15,000 (US$10,800) he received a fine of the same amount for being a gross polluter. The Tesla Model S is a 100% electric vehicle. It does not have an exhaust to emit from. So what happened?

The Singapore authorities calculated the ‘carbon cost’ of generating the electricity that will be used to charge the car. This is the elephant in the trunk of electric vehicles. Where and how the power is produced is not often considered, but perhaps it should be.

Finally, someone smart! ;)

Were you smart enough to read the article?...

What that article actually indicates is that for the assumptions they have made, Singapore should get rid of their overly inefficient and polluting coal fire power stations!

Aside: Hydro-power has a good place for power generation when designed and implemented in an environmentally good way. There are some good examples. Unfortunately, there are also some ill conceived big bad examples. As always, there seems to be a very unfortunate game of corruption and ignorance and the planet be damned...

All in our only one world,
27) Message boards : Number crunching : How to decipher the graphic display? (Message 1773330)
Posted 22 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
I would only mention that the ONLY reason I got into Seti@home and later other BOINC projects was because I seen this as a screensaver on another computer.

So, it may not serve a purpose, but for me it made all the difference.

Just sayin....

What we need is a pretty and low resource cost s@h 'screensaver' that is still pretty and enticing...

I compromised for some users by turning down the screen refresh rate...

(And times move on from the very old American "Star Trek" look... Long overdue for something new?...)

Keep searchin',
28) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1772821)
Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
... When it implements and standardizes Double Click to Install ALL programs THEN the Average Joe may consider switching to Linux.


Freedom is CHOICE! Thank God we have choice and freedom. MS would try to convince us there is no choice. I say go MAC! The rest of you here seem to be for Linux. We will agree to disagree, again CHOICE!


The double-click install anything from anywhere (for good or for bad) is very much a Microsoft way of things. There are better ways. Why should the rest of the world be forever stifled to forevermore only do things the Microsoft way? Is that not a way of lock-in and stifled choice?...

Linux is thankfully not Microsoft. Just as the Macs and Android are different, so are the various Linux distro. All are as user friendly as far as those users are willing to see and use something new. They are all similar enough that any new ways are easily learnt. Try not to leave yourself trapped in old habits!

Your choice as to which you prefer.

Myself, I very much prefer the cool choice of Linux and the freedoms that I can enjoy with that choice.

(Part of that freedom is enjoying more of my time for myself rather than suffering silly malware!)

IT is what we allow it to be,
29) Message boards : Politics : Another example of USA Gun Laws (or lack of...)? (Message 1771906)
Posted 16 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
I asked it before. I'll ask again, in a somewhat naive phrasing this time: why do people LOVE what is supposed to be a TOOL for self-defense?


Just a particular Culture.

Try to explain the the 'Why' of any Culture.

Good luck.

Too many fanciful John Wayne spaghetti westerns repeatedly shown on the TV?...

Sheesh... For a few words born out of civil war for the second amendment, are you lot still at war with each other?...

All on our only one world,
30) Message boards : Number crunching : BOISON [Get text output from 'boinccmd' and convert it to JSON] (Message 1771158)
Posted 12 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
Very good and very neat. Even I can follow your output/json :-)

And a very good tool to make a webpage alternative to the boincmgr.


Keep searchin,
31) Message boards : Number crunching : BEST WAY TO INSTALL BOINC ON 2 LINUX SERVERS (Message 1770641)
Posted 9 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1

Hey... That is leaping before you can run...

The 'optimized' apps are cutting-edge work by the Lunatics that sometime need a little care. You can take best advantage of them by using the latest generation of graphics cards.

Note that all their 'mainstream' optimizations are already included in the normal s@h app that is downloaded automatically.

I run exclusively Linux servers for minimum footprint and maximum reliability. Works well.

For best performance, you should be looking at adding a recent graphics card. Go for the latest 'biggest' GPU your servers can power. GPUs give vastly greater performance for number crunching s@h than CPUs...

Welcome to the great search!

Happy fast crunchin',

(And nope... The RAC listed for me here isn't representative... :-P )
32) Message boards : Politics : Windows 10? (Message 1770637)
Posted 9 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
Here is an oddly presented news piece for offering a desktop alternative for one part of the USA:

System 76 in Denver shows how easy it is to use Ubuntu Linux computers

Ubuntu, often overlooked, can be a better alternative to Windows computers

... Point and click. Drag and drop. Look familiar?

For most consumers, it's not. This is Ubuntu, a user-friendly version of the Linux operating system...

... Marshall typically helps customers who have gotten past the belief that Linux is for geeks. This version of Linux (there are hundreds) was built by United Kingdom's Canonical and is meant to appeal to everyone — even Windows users.

"Ubuntu is faster, it's safer to use, and it's easy to learn," said Marshall, consumer account manager for System 76, a Denver seller of Ubuntu machines. "If you are thinking of switching and don't want to pay the Windows tax and are sick of viruses, don't be afraid to make the switch because there are people who are here to help you, especially here at System 76, and we are local."...

... about a dozen computers are on display for people to check out and test. ("We'd love to have them visit," Marshall said.)

The company, which employs 13, has seen an increase in sales in recent years, especially to senior citizens. Free lifetime support is hard to beat.

Ubuntu is often overlooked as an option because you won't find these machines at mainstream electronics stores like Best Buy.

Is the technology meant for people who normally buy Windows?


So. top marks for being able to buy a Linux distro pre-installed on new computer hardware.

That is a good article and quite interesting for what I see as the reporter stumbles over a few Windows-isms, old myths, and fright/prejudice/fear. Assuming only ever having experienced Windows since childhood, that is a very good article to enthuse about a first-time experience of a local shop selling Linux systems to people in the street.

(Don't tell Microsoft or Apple! :-P )

IT is what we allow it to be...
33) Message boards : Number crunching : OS on a HDD and RAID 0 with two 6TB HDDs? (Message 1770013)
Posted 6 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
A couple of notes from comments in the thread...

If you have three disks intended for RAID1 (mirror), then you should have the options for:

Use 2 active plus 1 hot spare. That gives x1 read speed and up to x2 read speed, x1/2 up to x1 write speed. You suffer an increased risk of total failure during sync to bring your hot spare online after a single disk fail, especially so if your drives are all the same age...

Use all 3 active. That gives x1 up to x3 read speed, x1/3 up to x1 write speed. You reduce your risk when syncing to a new disk after a fail due to still keeping your data live on two good disks and due to only suffering one live disk 'maxed out' for the sync...

And note that RAID10 is very different to RAID01... See hybrid RAID.

And... You can mix SSDs with slower spinning disks and in (Linux) mdadm set the slower disks to be 'write mostly' so that you preferentially take advantage of the faster read accesses to the faster drive/drives yet still take advantage of RAID with less costly devices.

Hope of interest...

Happy fast crunchin,
34) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1768903)
Posted 2 Mar 2016 by Profile ML1
But there was another issue that was raised (also in this thread) whereby even if you block the DNS lookups for stuff... things STILL get through, because they are hard-coded in the DLLs and so forth to use specific IPs without needing to be looked-up. Someone tested that by not setting a DNS entry on their machine and they were still able to get communication to Windows Update and a lot of the Cortana stuff.

Yep, which is why you don't block with a hosts file, but with a hardware firewall based on IP, which will work with all the computers behind it.

Over the years I have added IPs to my router to block. So far I have these all in my block list. ...

Almost pointless now since Microsoft uses the services of Akamai, as do many other service delivery systems...

My experience of Microsoft (and some others) are that they appear to have contrived to make firewalling of their nefariousness almost impossible. Or at least extremely painful.

Do we all give up and die to be chopped up as dead meat?


There are far better alternatives.

IT is what we allow it to be...
35) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1768513)
Posted 29 Feb 2016 by Profile ML1
Windows 10: How to protect yourself if given one...

... likely from someone out to harm you, :) WHAT do you DO after first turning it on? What are all the things you should disable?

I would assume you should NOT allow it to connect to the net, ...

How do you deal with this? Can anyone document, step by step, WHAT to do with a new Win 10 box?

If you are given a computer with unknown or untrusted software on it, the most important step is the step BEFORE you turn it on...

Physically remove the disk, and erase it using a known good machine using an external connection directly to the removed disk.

If you are particularly paranoid or suspicious, with the disk removed remotely apply power whilst the device is inside a concrete reinforced Faraday cage with remote viewing by video camera to confirm nothing untoward happens and that the device does not complete a boot up as can be expected.

Repeat with the erased disk in place to again confirm still no boot up.

At that point, format the disk and install software that you yourself can trust.

(For a recent PC/laptop, you may need to do battle with the UEFI 'bios'. Best check that detail for whatever manufacturer.)

Good luck,

ps: "Erase" means using some utility that deliberately writes over every sector of the disk, sector by sector. And confirms that has been done. One good way is to do a "destructive" write disk surface check.

pps: Note that 'silly nefarious things' can be done to the firmware on disk drives and motherboard hardware and even to the BIOS itself... But that is for another thread ;-)
36) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1768410)
Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Profile ML1
This is all very frustrating to me, because I want to use 10, because of all the cool stuff it's got.

But I also want some actual privacy, and I want control over MY machine. ...

I really do want to use 10... but not until (I know, it will never happen) it can be trusted and it lets us power users have control once again.

Sounds like you want to give, dare I suggest it... A Linux distro a look-see? There are LOTs of beautifully cool stuff in there.

OK, so some of the application names will be different, but the desktops are similarly "point and click" and you can do things. And if you are interested, you can see exactly how those things work. Or if not interested, they just work anyhow.

A recent review that should be a good teaser for Windows users is for:

A review of Zorin OS 11 Core: "Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution designed to provide a familiar desktop experience to Windows users..."

And Windows-style, you can even buy it! ;-)

More generally, take a look on the summaries on:

Top Ten Distributions

For long-term Windows users, I usually suggest choosing the "KDE" desktop with such as Linux Mint, Mageia, or PCLinuxOS.

As always, the first hardest part is for how to test or install your choice.

If you can pass that test, or have a friend to do that for you, then the rest gets progressively easier.

What quote is it about "given the mind of a child you have in your hands the mind of the adult"?...

Does learning Microsoft in high school mean you must forever use Microsoft for your life?

Just some ideas!

IT is what we make it...
37) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1768261)
Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Profile ML1
This may be old news for some...

Windows 10 now a 'recommended' update for unsuspecting PCs

You. Will. Upgrade. You Will. Upgrade

... Windows Update will start making the upgrade to version 10 of the operating system a recommended update, rather than an optional one, a spokesperson for the software giant confirmed. So if you've got automatic updates set up on your computer, expect to download and install a few gigabytes of code for the move to Windows 10.

Also be aware that if you have switched to manual updates you still may end up downloading the new OS anyway. Windows Update is automatically preselecting the optional download as desired, so there's no need to click on the box to get it...

And then there is this example on another widely used OS:

FTC: Duo bought rights to Android game – then turned it into ad-slinging junkware in an update

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has settled its case against a pair of developers accused of purchasing an Android game and turning it into an adware faucet...

And then in quick succession there is for Windows 10:

Ads pop up on Windows 10 lock screen, and it's not malware: Microsoft put them there

Microsoft recently stuck an ad in the lock screen of Windows 10, meaning many of the ... users who upgraded from previous versions were greeted by an advertisement...

... Then uncheck the option that says “Get fun tips tricks and more...

... The question is whether most users will care; there is an option to disable the ads, after all. It will be interesting to see how users react, especially if such ads become more common.

To my tiny little mind and personal opinion, the "Get fun tips tricks and more" is a fantastic Marketing euphemism. The question really is, do the users care?

(Or are Windows 10 users already dead meat to be chopped up by Microsoft and approved partners?)

IT is what we allow it to be...
38) Message boards : Politics : Windows 10? (Message 1768255)
Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Profile ML1
And for another interesting twist:

Microsoft wants you, yes you, to write bits of Windows 10. For free

... You read that right: Microsoft wants community code to end up in the Universal Windows Platform, the runtime that makes it possible for apps to run in Windows 10 on a PC or phone.

In return, you get a very fine JavaScript engine to pop into your own programs, should you feel the need to do so.

“We believe that developing in the open will allow the team to collaborate even more deeply with more developers around the world, resulting in better products for everyone,” enthuses Seth.

Is he right? Open source is a wonderful thing, but it's often represented as the antithesis of Microsoft's approach...

The questionnaire at the end of that article is rather telling...

Is this a new form of Ballmer Cancer?...

Can Free-Libre-Open-Source be virtuous enough to be for the good of all regardless of the credentials of the instigator?...

IT is what we allow it to be...
39) Message boards : Politics : Windows 10? (Message 1768249)
Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Profile ML1
Has even Microsoft given up on their own cash-cow OS?...

'We love Linux' purrs Microsoft as Red Hat, Azure go on honeymoon

... Embrace, extend ... something else beginning with 'e'...

Penguinistas can now run Red Hat Enterprise Linux instances on Microsoft's Azure cloud.

"Both Microsoft and I love Linux, and just days after Valentine's Day, I am ecstatic to showcase this love with several new announcements to provide you with even more open choice and flexibility for your cloud deployments on Azure," said Corey Sanders, director of program management on Azure...

"Rumor has it" that Microsoft now makes more money from their patents extortion racket against Android and from running Linux than from their own OS... Is there a fourth "E" of extortion to add to their assumed Extend-Embrace-Extinguish??...

All just merely my own personal prejudices as ever!

IT is what we allow it to be...
40) Message boards : Number crunching : Toying with idea of "Hackintosh"... (Message 1766767)
Posted 21 Feb 2016 by Profile ML1
Why do people bother with EULAs? Let alone get hung up by them?

... And is not the USA supposedly the land of the free and of free innovation?

... And then there is the DCMA...

Only in the USA?

IT is what we allow it to be...

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