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21) Message boards : Politics : Jesus (Message 1731490)
Posted 3 Oct 2015 by Profile ML1
No Bob , i was curious about the dead sea scrolls as i had herd it was like the bible but there was some differences . Like the miricules Jesus had done where not in that text . However i Ended up way off the subject of the dead sea scrolls at a web site where this fellow was making theses claims .

I still don't understand how i found out some of the things i did or why i understand certain things so now i try to keep quiet as i possiblly can about what i expect to happen next as those that reveal the secrets of the closed book of David are cursed and my life had gone belly up 12 months after i started telling people we are in the End of Days at the time i did know about the curse but i do now .

So i'll allway be cryptic from now on if you wish to know then you will have to figure it out yourself's

The religious "End of days, we are all soon doomed" is a too often repeated meme... Is it a consequence of misplaced fatalism? Or a very clever and cynical Marketing scam to have the true believers give up and hand over all their worldly goods for the very worldly benefit of whichever doomsayer?...

In the vastness of the internet, there must be a good list of such memes nicely collected somewhere.

Meanwhile from my brief search for enlightenment, there's this for a few snippets of thoughtful reflection:

Atheist Memes That Will Make You Reconsider the Value of Religion

As for the bible stories of Jesus, note how they follow similar patterns to such as the legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood and others, including the ideas of various 'doing good' and suffering trials and quests...

Are our gods merely a figment of our imagination wrought in our own image?...

Certainly good for some. Also too open to the very human abuses of politics and profit at others' expense.

All in our only one world,
22) Message boards : Politics : Windows 10? (Message 1730898)
Posted 1 Oct 2015 by Profile ML1
And people use this Vendor's Operating System?...

All just my personal observations and silly comment as ever...

There have been more than one example of a Windows update shutting down business... How many more reminders are needed?...

Comment to "Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world"


Microsoft seem to have an endless supply of "last straws". It is painfully obvious that they can no longer be relied upon to provide products which are fit for use, and that they cannot be trusted with user's data. Their remaining customers must be getting close to despair.

I don't have a problem with any of this, because I abandoned MS completely about six years ago. But even from the standpoint of an outside observer, MS's behaviour beggars belief.

All just a case of the fun game of Monopoly practices? Really??

Comment to "Microsoft slaps 13 per cent increase on mobile enterprise levy"

Won't make a difference

Microsoft is adept at applying the "Boiling Frog" pricing model. They notch it up slowly enough that the customers complain and whine but like they keep coming back, as it doesn't hurt more than changing the whole infrastructure.

I have pretty much zero sympathy for MS customers when prices increases. They bought every piece of their infrastructure and trusted it to one vendor, using locked down protocols and file structures. What did they think would happen to the price?

Ironically so many companies are now in this place, that it makes it harder for any companies to do the right thing.

And all rounded off by a game of protection/extortion?...

Microsoft and Google ink SECRET TREATY to end all their patent wars

... The exact terms of the agreement – as in, who gets what – were not disclosed. Your guess is as good as ours...

... Microsoft has been the chief aggressor in this spat...

Since then, the software giant has signed patent licensing agreements with just about every Android device vendor in the business. Although it keeps the terms of such deals under its hat, patent licensing related to Android is thought to bring it more than a billion dollars in revenue each year.

It's even been said that Microsoft earns more money from Android than it does its own Windows Mobile operating system...

All just my personal opinion but is such a game as this legal?

All a game of business with no morals and the users be damned??

IT is what we allow it to be...

IT is your choice,
23) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1729952)
Posted 28 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Can you believe this?...

Is Windows 10 slurping too much data? No, says Microsoft. Nuh-uh. Nope

Is Windows 10 spying on you by grabbing all sorts of personally identifying data about you without your permission? Not at all, claims Redmond.

On Monday, Microsoft OS boss Terry Myerson let fly a blog post explaining that all the Sturm und Drang on blogs and in the media about Windows 10's data collection policies is unfounded – although he did admit that the OS does regularly phone home by default...

IT is what we choose it to be...
24) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1728503)
Posted 24 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
we need to get ourselves and our farm animals to defecate little wrapped candies !!

Or rather, we need to get Big Agribusiness to stop their unnecessary pollution of our fields, food, water courses, coastal areas from the excessively polluted runoff, and for the rest of the environmental pollution caused...

Farming practices can change to be less polluting and still be profitable and become more healthy all round. The only ones to lose our will be the Big Agribusiness...

All very corrupt and all at our expense...

All on our only one planet,

ps: Good diagram, thanks.
25) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1728312)
Posted 23 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Did you know that more than 70% of Americans — including more than 80% of voters under 35, and more than 50% of Republican voters — want Congress to act on climate?
Yet a majority of our representatives in Congress either deny climate change is real or block every attempt to solve the climate crisis. In a democracy, how could this be possible? It's simple: Money.

Hopefully, we can overcome the worst of the pollution money and corruption soon enough to really be "soon enough" and before the doom sayers can bray "too late!":

Pope Francis urges action on climate change on visit to US

Pope Francis has called for further action on climate change saying that it was "a critical moment of history", on the first day of his visit to the US.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 11,000 people on the White House South Lawn, the pontiff said the problem could "no longer be left to a future generation"...

And then the politics and corrupted media take a spin...

All on our only one planet,
26) Message boards : Politics : I have been slimed.. (Message 1727636)
Posted 21 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
So far as I know, there have been no positive examples of GM-food.
Norman Borlaug, a.k.a. the man who saved a billion lives, might disagree with you there!

I'm surprised that noone has picked up on that blackening of some fantastic Nobel winning work! All completely without any artificial GM.

See: Norman Borlaug: Wheat research in Mexico

All just a question of determination, good ideas, and good breeding!

Lets make our world better through science rather than destroy the world by the rape of agribusiness gone economically and agribusiness MAD.

This gives an interesting list of the areas where the peddling of GM-food production has gained some penetration and where so far it is still being rebuffed as too controversial or as simply too unhealthy in whatever way:

GM crop-growing banned in Northern Ireland

... the relatively small size of farms in Northern Ireland could create "potential difficulties if we were to seek to keep GM and non-GM crops separate".

He said the costs of maintaining separateness could be expensive and impractical. "Further, we are rightly proud of our natural environment and rich biodiversity," he said...

Some things are worth defending against the ravages of big uncaring polluting Big Agribusiness!

Our world is what we make it...
27) Message boards : Politics : Jesus (Message 1727030)
Posted 19 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Does anyone really believe there will be any Changing of Minds, regarding this Subject?

Unfortunately for some religions, not...

All in our only one world,
28) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1726340)
Posted 17 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
... video capture and playback in Ubuntu. I currently use a Hauppage card as a DVR for recording, ...

I would suggest staying with kernel 3.13.x, you will have a better choice of GPU drivers to chose from. You might try the drivers in System Settings/Software & Updates/Additional Drivers first. ...

Image 14.04.1 will install Kernel 3.13.x, Image 14.04.2 will install Kernel 3.16.x;
Look in the Software Center after installing, I think there is a Video capture App there.
Have Fun.

Far easiest is to use the distro software centre to install/update your graphics drivers. Often, the graphics install is actually a careful interface to the manufacturer install, with whatever tweaks needed already done for you.

But hey! This is Linux... So... If you want you also have the choice to go and do a manual install to make your own tweaks... :-)

For your Hauppauge card (which one?), try these links as a first look:

Running WinTV TV tuners and HD PVR 2 under Linux

Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 How-To

Hauppauge HVR-2250 With Mythbuntu

Setting up a Linux DVR w/ MythTV, Ubuntu 12.04, and a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1250 TV

And there's various other examples.

Good luck and have fun!
29) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1726333)
Posted 16 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Thanks for that. Good answer and good giggle.

I gave up with "anti-virus" as a bad idea when first losing a WinXP system to a "false positive"... Far too much lost time needlessly rescuing that one!

Well over a decade later and still no anti-virus on any of my Linux systems and nary a concern.

The need for "anti-virus" really does seem to be uniquely a Microsoft phenomenon.

Usual note to appease the Windows evangelists:

No OS is completely immune from social engineering hoodwinking/conning a user to do 'silly things'. However, the software repository system used for the main Linux distros does make that social engineering (implausibly?) far harder for malware to get loaded to run amok. (And Apple have things severely locked-down but that is another story.)

In some ways, the greatest risk is from running Boinc! (And note that Boinc is very carefully and widely watched to prevent anything malicious...)

IT is what we choose it to be,
30) Message boards : Politics : Jesus (Message 1726180)
Posted 16 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
People play nice


So Lesson is don't ask the question.......

That sounds good advice for following a religion:

Do not ask questions, just follow the faith to have faith and believe.

All a form of self-hypnosis?...

All in our own world as wrought in the image of man (and women),

31) Message boards : Politics : Windows 10? (Message 1726052)
Posted 15 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Back on topic...

An interesting comparison... And ideal if your world is web surfing and email with a minimum of fuss...

By the power of YouTube:

Windows 10 vs Linux | Linux Mint 17.2 Impressions

Enjoy the show :-)

IT is what we choose it to be,
32) Message boards : Politics : Windows 10? (Message 1726051)
Posted 15 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Is this really so?...

Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT


Ouch... All for your own good really?!...

Unbelievable... That sort of thing just has to be illegal and be considered to be fraud... Or?...

Unauthorized access to a computer system. Isn't that what Aaron Swartz did? ...

Shooting with your distraction trolling again?...

Brief recap there of student downloads university research articles that he was fully entitled to access, gets busted for entering a network closet, the University has no wish to press charges, and yet a highly zealous government official bankrupts him and hounds him to death with what I think any right minded citizens will consider to be an abuse of government power.

And note that ALL USA citizens are very likely similarly guilty by the same abuse of the law used if so targeted... You are guilty merely by consequential use any device of the internet... (Ever read that EULA that you have agreed to by default?... GUILTY.)

All very silly and people die as a consequence.

Only in the USA?

IT is what you allow it to be.
33) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1726043)
Posted 15 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Quite a thread, and quite a surprising response, for both those showing concern and to my mind, yet more amazingly for those (deliberately?) ignoring all concern...

Roll back to 2012 for a rather apt interview... The host seems to be a little disturbed about what he is hearing.

Are we really suffering government bullying from "extreme capitalism"? And our strangulation by computer is just one of a number of symptoms?

Spooky stuff for how the comments from 2012 look to fit uncomfortably closely here today for computing and consumer devices and our world around us:


Note: This no comment about any one operating system. More of a wake-up for what looks to be happening now... And very good show for how the presenter gets rather uncomfortably flustered...

IT is what you allow it to be...
34) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1725700)
Posted 14 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
And yet still we industrially pollute yet more CO2:

Next two years hottest, says Met Office

The next two years could be the hottest on record globally, says research from the UK's Met Office.

It warns big changes could be under way in the climate system with greenhouse gases increasing the impact of natural trends...

... Met Office Hadley Centre director Prof Stephen Belcher said: "We know natural patterns contribute to global temperatures in any given year, but the very warm temperatures so far this year indicate the continued impact of (manmade) greenhouse gases...

All on our only one planet,
35) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1725617)
Posted 14 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
More of the cruelty of trafficking the susceptible or vulnerable:

The women vanishing without a trace

Thousands of women and girls disappear in Mexico every year - many are never seen alive again. When one couple realised their daughter was missing, they knew they didn't have long...

... Karen disappeared in April 2013 when she was 14 - one of thousands of girls to have gone missing...

... 53% were girls under the age of 17...

... "When we got into her Facebook account, we realised that she had a profile that we didn't know about... but there was one man who caught our attention. His was photographed with girls wearing very few clothes and big guns, and was friends with lots of girls...

... Each year it's estimated that 20,000 people are trafficked in Mexico...

... "This man had promised her travel, money, a music career and fame. He manipulated her really well, and in her innocence she didn't understand...

... At first, Karen was angry with her parents for ruining what she believed could have been her big break in the music business. So Elizabeth took her to a conference where she met girls who had been trafficked. "It was when she heard their stories and realised what hell they'd been through that she finally realised the danger she'd been in...

[Syama] ... On the day she disappeared... "The threats were very direct: they said that if she didn't go with this person, her life would be made impossible, that they would publish her life on social networks, and that she and her family would regret it," says Neida. "We always worried about her spending so much time online, but talked to her about the risks and had told her that she shouldn't give out information about herself."...

How best to reshape the cruel demand and to also remove the supply?

Better education would be a start...

A better culture would help also...

And online intimate social networks allow for too easy targeting of those new to such a world...

All in our only one world,
36) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1725571)
Posted 14 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
I dare Micro$oft to try hacking my router to bypass it. lol :)

I would like to believe that would work, however, even without any DNS servers declared in your IP settings, and the DNS cache cleared.. much of the Windows internals/gubbins can still phone home. That means some parts of the framework underneath are hard-coded to communicate directly by IP, rather than looking up a domain name and getting the address.

There have been mentions on various tech news articles that phoning-home is deeply-embedded and hard-coded so that communication is basically guaranteed to happen as long as there is an Internet connection. *shrug* Maybe I'm wrong or misinterpreting things, but that's my understanding of that whole thing.


Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches

We recently mused, half seriously, whether the entire point of the Windows 10 upgrade was to harvest your personal information...

... Now Microsoft is revamping the user-tracking tools in Windows 7 and 8 to harvest more data, via some new patches.

All the updates can be removed post-installation – but all ensure the OS reports data to Microsoft even when asked not to, bypassing the hosts file and (hence) third-party privacy tools...

... The notes explain that diagnostic telemetry data is sent to ( over SSL. Privacy advocates note that the OS is hardwired to use that...

So, to me that reads that you need to have a firewall on your network router that blocks anything and everything to the specific IP address (And any others that might be hard coded into whatever existing or new updates...). No DNS needed.

To me, that all looks to be extremely determined and devious...

IT is what you allow it to be,
37) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1725408)
Posted 13 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
I don't really see any problems with windows 10, it's just an operating system


Are you still in the Human Race? Or completely lost to Microsoft Marketing?...

So... Just an OS should just quietly and unobtrusively and reliably facilitate your use of your own computer hardware to do what you want to do.

As opposed to being an advertising system to steer you to distraction to mire you in Marketing and merchandising...

And you sign away full acceptance for the Microsoft EULA to do with you anything and everything as Microsoft wishes and you fully agree as a fully aware human that you give your full permission to be thus abused.

As part of that, there is this curious sequence of Marketing message about how the Win10 user keylogging was only to be in the tech preview... And yet it is still there in the final release. All a shady game of testing the water and then hoping not too many users will notice? All backed up by powerfully persuasive Marketing to convince you not to worry?...

Here we go:

A few links...

Windows 10's 'built-in keylogger'? Ha ha, says Microsoft – no, it just monitors your typing

YOU said it was OK when you installed that Technical Preview

How to turn off Windows 10's keylogger (yes, it still has one)
Microsoft can track your keystrokes, your speech, and more. Here are the settings to turn it all off.

IT is what YOU allow it to be...
38) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1725338)
Posted 13 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1

So pls, short & precisly, what exactly does concern you with W10? Give me a few concrete examples pls.

To my personal view and opinion:

Microsoft has overtly moved Windows to be an advertisement portal to literally take over your online AND offline world.

You must agree that Microsoft and whatever 3rd parties they sell you to have complete and total control of your online experience and all your work, contacts, devices, to persuade you to make payments.

All very coercively intrusive that is bound to end in tears.

Note especially all the proprietary secrecy and defaults to sweep everyone along by default...

All just my old-school opinion.

And you though our present level of spamming was bad?!

IT is what we allow it to be...
39) Message boards : Number crunching : AMD CPU tips (Message 1725332)
Posted 13 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1

You just need to free more cores ...

Also set to run multiple GPU tasks...?

This could be a good experiment to see what GPU utilisation can be gained for what number of tasks run simultaneously on the GPU and for how many CPU cores need to be reserved.

As for the 'Intel vs AMD', I'm sure all should realise the main difference is that Intel use "hyper threading" to divide one physical real world CPU core into two 'virtual cores' that each run at half speed, whereas AMD have biased their design more towards the server market providing full speed real physical cores to execute instructions always at full speed and it is their FPUs that are shared between two cores. Hence for the AMD FPUs for number crunching, best performance may be to run only as many tasks as physical FPUs...

There is excellent scope for test and comparison there!

(For myself for my usage, I still find the best price performance to be from using an AMD system running a GPU or two.)

Happy fast crunchin,
40) Message boards : Politics : Windows 10? (Message 1724860)
Posted 12 Sep 2015 by Profile ML1
Is this really so?...

Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT

Microsoft now pushing upgrade files via Windows Update

Microsoft would really, really, really like you to upgrade to Windows 10. So much so that even if you've opted not to request the upgrade, you'll get it anyway, even if you never intend to install it.

The software giant confirmed to The Register on Thursday that it's been pushing out the necessary files for the upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems via Windows Update, even if you haven't bothered to "reserve" an upgrade using Redmond's adware app.

"For those who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help customers prepare their devices for Windows 10 by downloading the files necessary for future installation," a Microsoft spokesperson told...

Ouch... All for your own good really?!...

Unbelievable... That sort of thing just has to be illegal and be considered to be fraud... Or?...

IT is what we allow it to be...

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