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21) Message boards : Politics : I have been slimed.. (Message 1687522)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile ML1
You are including Fiendish Capitalist's selling Pot. Lying, of course, that it is safe for most. And Pot's 'Second Hand Smoke'. Probably just as dangerous as Cig's, and has a stronger, disgusting smell.

Big, Greedy, Capitalist Pot, is just around the corner.

Or is your obsession only with Cigs, and not Demon Rum, Pot, etc.

What part of:

In contrast, what I've seen is how the tobacco industry look to have deliberately and fiendishly pushed lies and deceit and their customers be callously damned.

Why else peddle such glamorous Marketing with bright colours deliberately targeted at children whilst hiding and befuddling any and all medical issues and death?...

Did you not read or comprehend?

All in our only one world,
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1687516)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile ML1
For a view of reality aptly from the sharp observations from The Register tech news:

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1

Microsoft: Here's what you'll cough up for Windows 10 next year

So... Microsoft have now subverted their "patch updates" to now update you with their new Marketing. How soon to also including additions from other "trusted associates" who have bought into the Microsoft program?...

All tricky stuff... And a good reminder of who really owns and runs your computer?

Who owns your data and your work?...

IT is what you allow it to be...
23) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Communication via a quantum loop gravity string? (Message 1687511)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile ML1
In addition to a dimension linking particles I figure that some particles in an atom are located in several additional dimensions;
(fifth / sixth / seventh, dimension etc)
This would be where all that dark mater and dark energy is hiding.

I hope we will figure this out some day, Ods are that we will wipe ourselves out before that time.

Or... There is energy 'hidden' in their vibrations that have a parallel explanation as 'other dimensions', but that are not actual 'other dimensions' in some other 'space'...

All our 'dark energy/mass' could just be that our space is vastly wobbly but only as seen at small dimensions... We are all a quiver like an infinity of wobbly jelly!

And welcome to the forums!

Keep searchin',
24) Message boards : Politics : I have been slimed.. (Message 1687506)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile ML1
How many years for death and morals to catch up with some of the fag ash of 'murderous profits and the consumers be damned'?...

How many years will they sell moonshine, heroin, meth, etc.

To my mind, those are well known and there is no attempt to hide their pitfall.

In contrast, what I've seen is how the tobacco industry look to have deliberately and fiendishly pushed lies and deceit and their customers be callously damned.

Why else peddle such glamorous Marketing with bright colours deliberately targeted at children whilst hiding and befuddling any and all medical issues and death?...

Freedom is good and fine. Deadly deceit is something to be killed.

Or just all a game of Marketing for blind profit and the human suffering be damned?...

All in our only one world,
25) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1686964)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
A little something long overdue?...

Global Apollo programme seeks to make clean energy cheaper than coal

... The Global Apollo Programme aims to make the cost of clean electricity lower than that from coal-fired power stations across the world within 10 years. It calls for £15bn a year of spending on research, development and demonstration of green energy and energy storage, the same funding in today’s money that the US Apollo programme spent in putting astronauts on the moon.

The plan is the brainchild of a group of eminent UK scientists, economists and businessmen including Sir David King, currently the UK’s climate change envoy, Lord Nicholas Stern, Lord Adair Turner and ex-BP chief Lord John Browne.

King said green energy already had advantages over fossil fuel power in cutting deadly air pollution and reducing the carbon emissions that drive global warming. But he said making clean energy cheaper was important too: “Once we get to that point, we are winning in all the battles.”...

... electricity from coal-fired power stations only appeared cheaper because the costs of air pollution and climate change were not included. He noted that the IMF recently calculated that fossil fuels benefit from subsidies of $5.3 tn a year, or $10m a minute, half of which derives from the polluters not paying the costs of health damage from air pollution...

... making electricity 100% renewable by 2050 would require affordable energy storage, both on the domestic scale and national scale. Storage technologies being targeted include better batteries, heat storage in water, soil or molten salt, compressed air, flywheels and hydrogen.

Sir David Attenborough, who recently discussed climate change in a meeting with US president Barack Obama, said: “I have been involved in arguments about the despoilation of the natural world for many years. The exciting thing about the [Apollo] report is that it is a positive report – at last someone is saying there is a way we can do things.”...

All on our only one planet,
26) Message boards : Politics : I have been slimed.. (Message 1686963)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
How many years for death and morals to catch up with some of the fag ash of 'murderous profits and the consumers be damned'?...

Tobacco giants vow to fight Canadian judgment handing C$15bn to smokers

Three tobacco companies are appealing against a “historic” decision by a Canadian court to award smokers C$15.6bn (£8.2bn) in damages.

Quebec superior court justice Brian Riordan said the companies had put profits before the health of their customers...

... called the ruling “historic – not just for the compensation for victims but also for public health and accountability”.

More than a million smokers and former smokers in Quebec were seeking damages, on the grounds that the companies knew they were selling a harmful product but concealed the risks. ...

“The companies earned billions of dollars at the expense of the lungs, the throats and the general well-being of their customers,” he wrote in a 276-page judgment. “If the companies are allowed to walk away unscathed now, what would be the message to other industries that today or tomorrow find themselves in a similar moral conflict?”...

So... There are some morals in business to be upheld? This is about people after all...

All on our only one planet,
27) Message boards : Politics : Computers & Technolgy 3 (Message 1685827)
Posted 30 May 2015 by Profile ML1
Hell has frozen over ....

Nah... That's a gentle stroll across a sunny spring meadow compared to the abomination and unholy brimstone of:

Microsoft Loves Linux

In a press and analyst briefing a few months back, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put up a slide proclaiming “Microsoft ♥ Linux”. Wow! What a great slide and what a change for Microsoft! The trade press picked up on this slide in a major way...

Will 2015 be the year of the Microsoft/Linux love fest?

Microsoft has finally embraced Linux -- with a bit of passion. Jack Wallen reports why he believes the makers of Windows have finally come around to sidling up to the open-source platform

There is one sentence that I swore I'd never write.

Microsoft loves Linux.

That's right. During a webcast, new CEO Satya Nadella stood next to an image that said "Microsoft [heart symbol] Linux."...

...Rethink. Retool. Refine.

That is why Microsoft has found itself in a position of having to "love Linux." Microsoft needs Linux to achieve transparency for today's market and user base. Without Linux, Microsoft's Azure platform is not nearly as flexible as today's tech landscape requires. Microsoft knows this, and that's why it currently offers five Linux servers on Azure (CentOS, Ubuntu, CoreOS, OpenSuSE, and Oracle Linux). The one major Linux server missing is Red Hat, but I'm certain Microsoft will eventually open its arms and heart to one of the most powerful enterprise Linux distributions on the planet...

Why Microsoft loves Linux

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer may have hated Linux, but new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft loves Linux. What changed Microsoft's mind?...


That's a heck of a long way from Steve Ballmer proclaiming back in 2001 that "Linux is a cancer." In the years since then Microsoft certainly attacked Linux like it was a cancer — doing everything from sponsoring SCO's copyright attack on Linux to claiming that Linux violated unnamed Microsoft patents to endless FUD assaults.

So, how did we get from Linux as Microsoft enemy number one to "love"?

Nadella actually told us the heart of the story, which I can boil down to that classic detective approach: "Follow the money."

Nadella told Wired that he's not interested in fighting old battles — especially, when, like it or not, Linux has become a vital part of today's business technology. "If you don’t jump on the new,” he said, you don’t survive." ...

Will Microsoft Office run on Linux?



It is technically possible to adapt Microsoft Office to Linux, but Microsoft isn't keen on allowing Office users to choose their operating system. There are other issues with MS Office and openness — like Microsoft's fierce opposition to supporting the OpenDocument format.

However, a complete, Free, reliable office suite exists: [LibreOffice].org. It will happily use all your existing office files in MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint format, and is really free (both as in freedom and as in price). And it runs on Windows as well as on Linux...

Microsoft Is Making a Stripped-Down Windows to Rival Linux

... to efficiently execute their software with so much hardware in the mix, they use the open source Linux operating system and a technology called “containers.” What they don’t use is Windows.

Microsoft’s flagship operating system operates quite differently from Linux—which could be a problem as containers become the preferred way of computing in the cloud. But now, as so many others follow the lead of giants like Google and Twitter, Microsoft is reshaping Windows so that it doesn’t get left behind...

Halloween documents

The Halloween documents comprise a series of confidential Microsoft memoranda on potential strategies relating to free software, open-source software, and to Linux in particular, and a series of media responses to these memoranda. Both the leaked documents and the responses were published by Eric S. Raymond in 1998.[1]

The documents are associated with Halloween because many of them were originally leaked close on the 31st of October in different years...

... Marked "Microsoft confidential", they identified open-source software, and in particular the Linux operating system, as a major threat to Microsoft's dominance of the software industry, and suggested ways in which Microsoft could disrupt the progress of open-source software...

MS Linux

MS Linux: Shipping...

... We are now offering the MS Linux Introductory CD at a special introductory price of only $249.99 (plus shipping and handling), if you order before it ships.

MS Linux is released under the provisions of the Gates Private License, which means you can freely use this Software on a single machine without warranty after having paid the purchase price and annual renewal fees.

If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux...

IT is what we make it and what we allow IT to be...
28) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1685358)
Posted 28 May 2015 by Profile ML1
Well the test was actually the one given by the psychologists, so not quite as bad as the buzzfeed ones. Gary is right that they are meant to analyse large samples are are designed with that in mind. However, there is also an very strong argument to said that those that don't like the results they get from the tests are the ones most likely to be in denial of their internalised sexism.

(I have noticed a strong correlation - ducks and runs for cover)

I'd be careful with such a claim. You don't actually know if this test asks about sexism or if it only thinks it asks about sexism. And even if it asks about sexism, it remains to be seen whether the questions where phrased in such a way that the people giving the answers were really giving answers that are about their sexist attitudes...

So judge the questions themselves for yourself. What do you think?

Also, what did you feel when considering the questions?

Myself, I am very suspicious of the complete 0.0/0.0 results from some. Were they answering what they thought the questions required so as to give a 'good' result? Or were they really answering what the questions asked? And how literally?

Unfortunately, the phrasing for the questions is such that a completely grammatically correct 'logical' answer is likely not what I suspect is intended to be asked. But then also, are the questions carefully shaped as they are to try to catch best how most people will casually read the questions to give a general answer?

(Perhaps there should be a leading question for your professional background to then reword the questions accordingly. IT people get asked in psuedo-C code?!? ;-) )

And should there not be a little healthy benevolence towards the opposite sex as opposed to complete indifference (a zero score)?

The world is what we make it,
29) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1685093)
Posted 28 May 2015 by Profile ML1
...“It points out that things can go really fast when you start heating up the system.”

Maybe deniers should stay some time in Tromsö, northern Norway, and see what global heating does in real time right now!

There is much in nature that when established, has evolved to survive well exactly for the conditions that they have evolved to survive, and can 'hang on' for some time when conditions change. Until that is, the change becomes too great and then suddenly all is gone suddenly.

That effect is called reaching a threshold or a tipping point. We are pushing badly at ever more of those as we continue our industrial pollution...

And yet some people are determined to be lost in their denial:

The 'echo chamber' effect misleading people on climate change

... research which could explain why the debate on climate change continues to rumble on, even though there is a solid consensus on the facts of the matter.

Essentially, according to the researchers, people tend to live in "echo chambers" as far as climate matters go, seeking out information and advisers who agree with what they already believe. Thus, they may persist in deluded views regardless of what others think.

"Individuals who get their information from the same sources with the same perspective may be under the impression that theirs is the dominant perspective, regardless of what the science says,"...

Scarily, that strongly includes politicians divorced from reality!

Note how in that article The Register have their own high standards for what groups they will acknowledge with their irreverence!

Ye cannae deny the laws of physics!

All on our only one planet,

30) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1684899)
Posted 27 May 2015 by Profile ML1

On the basis of trying to be extreme and only answering a 0 or 5, I returned:

Hostile Sexism Score: 0.00
Benevolent Sexism Score: 0.91

Interesting for the idea behind the questions.

For myself, not so sure about some of the wording used... But then, such searching quizzes are very difficult to word to avoid any bias across all cultures.

Curiously, why the special question for Hispanic/Latino?

And from the average scores shown, we've a long way to go to escape from the Mad Max - Andy Capp 'macho' stereotypes...

The world is what we make it...
31) Message boards : Number crunching : SSD and Bionic??? (Message 1684028)
Posted 25 May 2015 by Profile ML1
Good note and article but also note that article is back from 2011.

I'm pretty sure all current Linux distros have discard/trim enabled for SSDs.

Note also though that for trim that some SSDs are blacklisted for known firmware errors...

There is "fstrim" that some distros run instead to clean up all SSDs something like once a week or so. For some drives, that is a lot faster than issuing repeated trim commands for the normal continuous small changes made to an in use filesystem.

(Linux was a leader for adding trim support. The distros cautiously included that later.)

Meanwhile, SSDs have progressed far enough now to be a no-brainer for all use cases except for bulk data and archiving...

IT is what we make it!
32) Message boards : Politics : Computers & Technolgy 3 (Message 1683893)
Posted 25 May 2015 by Profile ML1
Very curiously someone big on YouTube has been creep-ed out!

Also note the recent news about the USA "Patriot act"?...

YouTube: Creepy Things They Know About You

Think you're a private person? So did I. Let's learn how much dirt tracking companies have on you. (It gets really creepy...

Only online... Or is it only online?...

(You are online regardless off whether you might wish your data to be online or not...)

IT is what we allow it to be...
33) Message boards : SETI@home Science : SETI Solar Mini Sail Project (Message 1683845)
Posted 24 May 2015 by Profile ML1
A LightSail from Planetary Society has just been put in orbit by the X37-B drone US Air Force spaceplane launch.

Fantastic stuff and a long march to get there including a long sad Russian diversion causing years of delay and cost.

Here's watching!

Keep searchin',
34) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1683222)
Posted 23 May 2015 by Profile ML1
When God ceated man she was having a bad hair day.

Well all men know that women look down their noses at men as "things" to be tolerated in "their" world. Let's face it we get told that enough all the time around here.

Perhaps we should have an against all men thread?

All a question of culture and upbringing and in our modern times, what the media feed people.

For just one example as seen in the UK Daily Mirror tabloid newspaper, the Andy Cap cartoon strip in there makes for some very dismal jaundiced stereotypes against the presumed husband and wife that are just too depressing to be funny. And yet... Does that mirror that readership?

Our present negatively sensationalist media certainly do not help in showing how people should be better treated or viewed, for both men and women. However, women do seem to get portrayed in a worse and more frivolous light. So much so that becomes the expectation?...

All in our only one world,
35) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1682123)
Posted 21 May 2015 by Profile ML1
We can also make much better use of the power we already use. Amazing this hasn't been made use of sooner:

Heating houses with 'nerd power'


The university does something a bit like that.

The physics building has the university's substation adjoining the end of it. This substation produces quite a lot of heat...

Interesting example thanks.

Errr... Is that called the High Energy Physics building? With added sparks? ;-)

More seriously...

I tried to get heat recycling included in a new server room build. Unfortunately, the quality of the builders was just not up to adding any 'extras' onto the job... All they could do was bolt on their standard repertoire of standard units. No thought possible.

And so all the server room heat gets expensively thrown out of cooling radiators and big fans at the back of the building :-(

Also unfortunately, the plant 'manager' is rather averse to any 'extra work' and so has no interest in adding a heat exchanger into the loop to pre-heat the building air. (He's uninterested enough about the CHP gas engine that generates some of the server room power...)

How do you get people enthused about something they simply do not care about?...

All on our only one planet,


The builders were incredible... Either that or were on a game to make extra work for themselves... Despite completely clear architect plans/drawings, they fitted the server room door right on to the end of a row of server racks. Even better, there was only a few cm of clearance even if the door could be opened! Myself and the architect then had a crazy discussion with the builder about the measurements and... Even thought the room dimensions were built wrong, we agreed they moved the door and changed it to open outwards, and that one wall was moved to at least give "beer-belly" room at the end of the racks to get past them. The architect had the biggest belly which set the clearance.

I've now got scrapes along the walls and racks from one of the builders crew who sported an enormous Guinness belly plus tool belt...

No wonder UK buildings are so badly inefficient and costly!

How do we fix that?...
36) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1682097)
Posted 21 May 2015 by Profile ML1

"Peter Bright" wrote:
As companies continue to beat the Internet of Things drum, ...

NetUSB is developed by Taiwanese company KCodes. The purpose of the driver is to allow PCs and Macs to connect to USB devices over a network, ...

This router-side driver listens to connections on TCP port 20005, and it's this driver that contains a major security flaw. ... this overflow can be exploited to enable both denial of service (crashing the router), and remote code execution.

In its write up of the bug, the researchers described the issue as something of a throwback, writing "the '90s are calling and want their vulns back, stack buffer overflow." Simple stack buffer overflows in widely-deployed software are these days relatively unusual, as developers have become somewhat more conscientious of the danger they represent. But clearly not every developer has got the message yet.

... SEC estimates that millions of devices are affected.

Flawed code in the Linux kernel that runs in millions of routers, and a stack buffer overflow vulnerability no less.

Yep, quite a FUBAR.

Another good fun view is given by the bite of The Register:

'Millions' of routers open to absurdly outdated NetUSB hijack

Indeed a silly clanger that simply shouldn't be.

And indeed so... From the comments:

Because the company is too cool to use libusb…

I just had a look to see if this was a module they contributed to the Linux kernel or if it's something proprietary. So far, research hints it's [proprietary].

Digging further:

That code is not in the mainline Linux kernel and would be blasted into oblivion with creatively extremely negative verbosity long before ever reaching the eyes of Linus! No sane kernel person would put such a module directly into the kernel!! That is why we have user-space to limit any damage from any exploits that might make it through.

So, to me, that looks like cheap proprietary-ness secreting in some shoddiness for their own proprietary-rush shove-it-out-the-door quick products.

Such companies have the freedom to abuse Linux any way they like provided they abide to share any code as protected by the freedoms insisted upon by the GPL and other similar 'copy-left' licenses.

(Notably, a certain large company that is now surprisingly and rapidly moving into FLOSS needed over two years of work to get some of their proprietary code up to a reasonable enough standard to be accepted into the Linux mainline kernel. Even so, there were still some Big Boobs... ;-) )

IT is very much what we make it...
37) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1682086)
Posted 21 May 2015 by Profile ML1
Who is Steve Erwin?

There is the "Eco-warrior" ship named in his honour:

Sea Shepherd Renames Its Whale Defending Ship the Steve Irwin

And there is good summary on Wikipedia for the public view:

The Crocodile Hunter and related work

There are some very good positive impressive people to counterpoint some of the examples mentioned in this subject thread...

All in our only one world,
38) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1682081)
Posted 21 May 2015 by Profile ML1
We can also make much better use of the power we already use. Amazing this hasn't been made use of sooner:

Heating houses with 'nerd power'

All computers produce heat, but computer servers produce a lot of heat - so much that it usually costs a fortune to cool them down. So why isn't this heat used instead to keep homes or offices warm? Actually, "nerd power" is already being tried out...

... If Facebook had built their centre close to a city, they would have paid more for the land, but Karlung says that would have been more than compensated for by [heat] energy sales. "Nobody had the idea," he says, adding mischievously: "Every time you log into Facebook, you kill a polar bear."...

... Since getting his Nerdalize radiator, Jerry van Waardhuizen has become more aware of the issue of heat retention. "In my company we have some servers," he says. "We put on an air con above it - we give a lot of money to destroy the heat. That's crazy! That's crazy! Everybody is doing that."...

Crazy wasteful indeed, and largely needless, all just for the sake of a little thought and care for following a longer term plan...

All on our only one planet,
39) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1682077)
Posted 21 May 2015 by Profile ML1
Just for a bit of fun and give the Deniers some hope there write about the data being fiddled with to suit there narrative .

I went to check out the ice in the Antartic today and one of there pictures that show the South pole has changed , there is a massive Island on there map which is connected to the South pole by ice . Check it out , somebody has done something wrong or pushed the wrong buttons . We are in big trouble if the map is correct

just click on the picture and then on the arrow till you get to the South pole . wonder how long it will stay up before they relize they have goofed up .

Thanks for the link Glenn.

For their Antarctic map, rather a curious mapping goof-up!

Meanwhile, the projection used for their Arctic map looks a little strange to the unexpected eye. I guess we don't get to see polar projections very often in daily life!

And more interestingly looking at the charts...

The Arctic ice loss continues scarily quickly, including the natural variation but all consistently towards ever less ice on average. Meanwhile the Antarctic ice is slowly increasing as expected.

Note that only charting ice extent is rather misleading. I strongly suspect that the arctic ice volume is decreasing at far faster than linear. That is, what ice is left is getting ever thinner.

I strongly suspect that we will see a sudden ice collapse where the darkness of the exposed sea water warmed by the sun rapidly melts what was a cold reflective patchwork quilt of thin ice. The present assumed linear decline for sea ice extent will then suddenly terminate at some critical threshold.

Do we really want to gamble at what point that is?...

Canada, Russia, and their dirty fossil corruption, are all eagerly awaiting the collapse of the ice so that they can spread their pollution further, quickly, all before their operations and profits are killed by the damage they have done.

And our climate simulations show that should the ice disappear too quickly, and the ocean circulation is stopped too quickly, we then suffer ferocious heat at the equator, extreme cold at one or both poles, and then we get a run-away disaster to a snowball earth.

Ice reflects most of the sun's heat to stay cold whereas the ocean absorbs most of the sun's heat to become warmer. You cannot stop the laws of physics freezing the earth if we have no warm equatorial water circulating to stop the advance of ice from the super frigid poles...

Hopefully we will not go that far, but that is quite a gamble for industrially poisoning our atmosphere and weather patterns and ocean circulation.

A darker mood...

Greenland’s snow and ice was significantly darker in the summer of 2014 than in 2013, and similar to 2011. This darkening trend is apparent in the comparison of the past 15 years of average summer (June through August) reflectivity, shown in Figure 5b. The darker snow absorbs more sunlight, leading to earlier melt onset and overall more melting, even if air temperature conditions are similar to previous years (as was the case in northwestern Greenland in 2014). Darker snow is a result of increased soot, dust, and even microbes in the snow, and the general trend of warmer summer conditions. Snow also darkens over time as jagged snowflakes evolve into rounder snow crystals. The larger snow grain size allows more light to be absorbed by the snow.
Longer melting periods with darker snow and with higher temperatures leads to....

Larger snow grain appears in spring and called "sugar" by skiers.
For 50 years ago every people from the Nordic countries could ski.
Not anymore because lack of snow.
My brother in law from England commented our positioning of feet when walking.
Instead of putting them straight forward we put them in a V shape.

The poles are changing the most rapidly and also they suffer the greatest extremes of seasons. There is a lot of rapid change that can be tripped over for those areas depending on what melts/changes first and by how far... We are seeing the fringes of that already.

We really are insanely blithely pushing onwards on an industrial pollution experiment on a global scale with ever increasing consequences. Completely insane.

Have we learnt nothing from the old story of CFC pollution?

All on our only one planet,
40) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1681949)
Posted 21 May 2015 by Profile ML1
From my own recollection and personal opinion of those:

You seem to think that India, majority owner of the plant in Bophal wanted the leak.

No but from what i know of it , it was not bad employees it was management that would not keep the maintenance up to standard that caused that accident , it was cost cutting . I still can't believe that no wone has ever been jailed for that . 10,000 people affected something like 3,000 dead

Critical equipment failed and was left unrepaired for weeks.

The accident was just waiting to happen and was almost guaranteed to happen at some point. To my mind, completely criminally negligent, completely avoidable, and should never have happened.

The cost of the catastrophe is vastly greater than the cost of repairing the failed cooling unit central to the subsequent failures.

The area is still poisoning people and those responsible appear to have walked away unconcerned and still in profit.

If you want some other examples, Chernobyl,

Well that was bad employees but also a bad manegement structure and was not owed by a company but the state so not the same .

A "4am" accident of staff and management blithely blundering onwards despite not understanding what was happening. The procedure was being operated very late and by the wrong shift of people...

A classic descent into the scenario of the "disaster pit".

Three Mile Island

can't comment don't know enough about what happand there

Another 4am descent into the disaster pit:

Operator confusion and error with added confusion from a control valve that was stuck open by 0.007". The operators refused to believe their equipment!...


we know why it happened a Earth quake , but when they built it they did not know the land would drop some 2 mtres i think because of the quake , and yes i will agree that was more to do with knowing the future but those things are not the same as what Peebody has try'd to do

The earth stayed where it was. The plant survived the earth quake.

External grid power for the electric cooling pumps was lost and so the diesel back up generators powered up to keep things cool.

Then later, the tsunami overwhelmed the sea defenses and flooded the plant and killed all the backup generators. The plant stayed cool using backup BATTERIES to power the cooling pumps for long enough to get replacement generators that were available nearby. However, Japanese pride got in the way of calling for help...

The design and layout of the plant was already listed as dangerously vulnerable to a tsunami. Higher sea defenses had not been put in place for the sake of cost and aesthetics. The operators and government were gambling that no nearby earthquake typical of the area would occur whilst the plant was in operation!

Such is the cost of corrupt operation and hasty timelines compromising safety.

All on our only one planet,

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