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21) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1681284)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile ML1
A little something from another planet!

A few years after the idea as foretold by Frank Herbert for Arrakis?...

Trapping humidity out of fog in Chile

The dry, red earth could almost be mistaken for a Martian landscape. It is in fact the Atacama desert in Chile, one of the driest places on Earth...

... The largest expanse of fog catchers is located in Tojquia in Guatemala, where 60 fog catchers trap 4,000 litres of water a day.

Prof Pilar Cereceda of the University of Chile says she hopes that within a decade Chile will have enough fog catchers to supply the whole Atacama region.

"I dream of the day in which the fog catchers can compete with desalination plants, which [are] not environmentally friendly."

All on our own only one planet,
22) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1681282)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile ML1
... Electric buses are an important tool in the efforts to make our cities more sustainable and green...

I've seen them in London. Also the new 'Boris' 'hybrid' buses look very neat.

However, recently I was startled by an electric bus on the road locally here...

There was the usual traffic queue at a junction, waiting behind a bus. Then without a noticeable sound and distinctly no roaring engine rumble and nothing of the usual black cloud of diesel smoke, it just glided off and away. The loudest noise was a slight robotic whine and the gentle rumble of the tyres! Spooky!!

Only then did I notice the word "electric" emblazoned on the advertising for the service.

In days of old with some very crude old tech, we've had electric milk floats do the rounds for years. Electric for buses has just got to be a good idea with our present day more modern tech. If only for the spooky no noise and no exhaust!

All on our only one planet,
23) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1681281)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile ML1
...The Arctic is the fastest warming region of the planet.
If the polar ice retreats it could speed up the rise in global temperatures and change the world's weather patterns...[/b]

Meanwhile, we have:

Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF

‘Shocking’ revelation finds $5.3tn subsidy estimate for 2015 is greater than the total health spending of all the world’s governments...

... even the IMF’s vast subsidy figure was a significant underestimate: “A more complete estimate of the costs due to climate change would show the implicit subsidies for fossil fuels are much bigger even than this report suggests.”...

... “If we get the pricing of fossil fuels right, the argument for subsidies for renewable energy will disappear. Renewable energy would all of a sudden become a much more attractive option.”...

'Paddle in Seattle' Arctic oil drilling protest

Hundreds of people in kayaks and small boats have staged a protest in the north-western US port city of Seattle against oil drilling in the Arctic by the Shell energy giant...

... "Science is as clear as day when it comes to drilling in the Arctic - the only safe place for these dirty fuels is in the ground."...

Why India’s government is targeting Greenpeace

... Meanwhile India's CO2 emissions are forecast to rise rapidly.

According to the International Energy Agency, India is set to double its coal consumption by 2035 and become the world's largest coal importer by around 2020.

Almost half of the 1,200 new coal-fired power stations proposed around the world are in India according to the World Resources Institute.

That's why campaigning against the coal industry in India has been a priority for Greenpeace. The charity's campaigns have stopped coal mining in some of India's forest areas...

All a balance of corruption for the few at the expense of all of us all?...

All on our only one planet,
24) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1681268)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile ML1
Not wanting to distract from some good discussion...

A strong part of this story does appear to be how our culture and religion and Marketing shape how we view others, with women and minorities not getting the best of attention... Until more recently with some examples in more enlightened times?...

A few recent examples:

Mad Max: Fury Road's strong women won't surprise true genre fans

Bloggers in the US are angry that Charlize Theron’s one-armed driver takes centre stage in the new George Miller movie. But Imperator Furiosa has many formidable female ancestors in sci-fi and fantasy ...

Disney-Pixar's John Lasseter: 'It's very important for us to have female, ethnic characters'

... to have female, ethnic characters,” he said. “That’s grown in importance over time. We’re really paying attention to that”...

Republic of Ireland preparing to vote in same sex marriage referendum

... Brendan O'Carroll's character tells the audience that when she "was a young girl there was a big hoo-ha about mixed marriages, Catholics marrying Protestants and black people marrying white people.

"But, you know what, they still went and got married and the world didn't end. And we all grew up a little bit."...

GCHQ doughnut lit up in rainbow colours

The GCHQ "doughnut" building in Cheltenham is to be lit up in rainbow colours as a symbol of the intelligence agency's commitment to diversity. It will take place later, to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing kept his sexuality a secret while working at Bletchley Park, GCHQ's forerunner, during World War Two.

His nephew, Sir John Dermot Turing, said he was "delighted" by the gesture. A spokesman said the rainbow illumination demonstrated GCHQ's pride in its diverse workforce.

Until the early 1990s, being openly gay was a bar to employment there...

... And Jeremy Clarkson and "Top Gear" famously had a bit of a 'Mad Max' moment in some USA southern states that had a few of their natives take some rather direct (xeno?-)homophobic action to make some uncomfortable viewing for some very British jolliness...

And for an excellent local example highlighting good positive peer pressure triumphing over some very crass negative "who cares for the attention" Marketing:

South Wales 'Ride me' bus advert sparks online backlash

... bus company says it will withdraw an advertising campaign following an online backlash.

The New Adventure Travel advert depicts a semi-naked woman on the back of buses holding a billboard which reads: "Ride me all day...

Times and views change as shaped by our upbringing, religion, Marketing, and peer pressure?

All in our only one world,
25) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1679330)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile ML1
Steering back on topic to live more efficiently in a less polluting and more sustainable way:

We have ongoing here a mix of some very good power tech that is yet another way to be less polluting:

Could this be the world's most efficient solar electricity system?

Using military technology and a zero-emission engine invented by a 19th-century Scot, Swedish firm seeks to revolutionise solar energy production ... [in South Africa!]

As always, that is not a global solution but at 34% conversion efficiency, that is a very good solution for some areas.

Which would you prefer? A shiny futuristic dish, or 80-odd tons of dirt and pollution each year instead of just one clean shiny dish?

All in on our only one planet,
26) Message boards : Number crunching : New Linux rootkit leverages GPUs to hide (Message 1675436)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile ML1
New Linux rootkit leverages GPUs to hide

The Jellyfish proof-of-concept rootkit uses the processing power of graphics cards and runs in their dedicated memory

A team of developers has created a rootkit for Linux systems that uses the processing power and memory of graphics cards instead of CPUs in order to remain hidden.

The rootkit, called Jellyfish, is a proof of concept designed to demonstrate that completely running malware on GPUs (graphics processing units) is a viable option. This is possible because dedicated graphics cards have their own processors and RAM.

Such threats could be more sinister than traditional malware programs, according to the Jellyfish developers. For one, there are no tools to analyze GPU malware, they said.

Additionally, the malicious GPU memory persists even after the system is shut down, the Jellyfish developers said on their GitHub page.

Thanks for that one, rather good, and all forged by the leading edge of Linux! ;-)

Also note:

Users probably shouldn't worry about criminals using GPU-based malware just yet, but proof-of-concepts like Jellyfish and Demon could inspire future developments. It's usually just a matter of time before attacks devised by researchers are adopted by malicious attackers.

Had to happen at some point as "GPGPU" usage becomes more general.

The race is now on for all systems to protect against such abuse.

My own favored methods are to ensure that "by design" and definitely NOT by use of wastefully harmful "anti-virus" falling prey to false hopes...

IT is what we make it!
27) Message boards : Politics : Computers & Technology 2 (Message 1674533)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile ML1
How to break free of the "Mafia" media 'industry' extortion and shackles?...

International Day Against DRM: May, 6th 2015

Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) harms almost everyone, but most people have never heard of it. Today is one of our best opportunities to change that.

There are people around the world coming together to say that we will not tolerate the remote deletions, unethical surveillance, and invasive restrictions of DRM...

Large parts of our very culture CENSORED?...

IT is what we allow it to be...
28) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1672547)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile ML1
Dan Goodwin of Ars Tech and the various anti-virus sellers really do have a hard time to try to scare and bash the world outside of Microsoft systems. Might that be part of why there is no market for anti-malware for all other systems other than Microsoft?...

First of all, his name is Dan Goodin.

Ooops, simply typo. No one is perfect especially me!

Secondly, let's leave the personal attacks out of this.

The 'vendetta' comment was towards the desperate nit-picking from Gary...

Dan is the Technology Security reporter for Ars, and he reports on plenty of Microsoft flaws. I choose to post his articles on Linux here to show everyone reading just how widespread the problem is, and to balance out your anti-MS rhetoric.

Looking through Dan's list of recent articles on Ars, he has reported NO (NONE, ZERO, ZILCH) of anythign of any Microsoft flaws. In start contrast, his articles seize upon anything negative for all other systems, no matter whether or not petty.

Looks to me like some rare bias there...

And the widespread 'problems' do seem to have a far greater focus on Windows systems. More so than for the entire rest of the world of systems... My own bias is that is due to Marketing compromises and is in effect by design... I'm sure you will disagree.


Meanwhile, what of all the recent rather surprising articles about Microsoft waking up to Linux as reported even on Ars...

IT is what we make it...
29) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1672525)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile ML1
Some positive examples that are rather apt for the (UK) sunny weather we have at present:

Vatican official calls for moral awakening on global warming

Increasing use of fossil fuels is disrupting Earth on an “almost unfathomable scale”, a top Vatican official has said, warning that a “full conversion” of hearts and minds is needed if global warming is to be conquered.

The statement by Cardinal Peter Turkson, Pope Francis’s point man for peace and justice issues, was made at a Vatican summit on Tuesday, which focused on climate change and poverty. His call for a moral awakening of politicians and people of faith is a likely precursor to the highly anticipated encyclical on the environment, which was drafted by Turkson and which Pope Francis is expected to release in June.

“In our recklessness, we are traversing some of the planet’s most fundamental natural boundaries,” warned Turkson. “And the lesson from the Garden of Eden still rings true today: pride, hubris, self-centredness are always perilous, indeed destructive. The very technology that has brought great reward is now poised to bring great ruin.”

Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary-general who delivered the keynote address at the summit, said he believed the pope’s encyclical – coupled with the pontiff’s planned speeches before the UN general assembly and a joint session of the US Congress – would have a profound impact on climate change negotiations...

Prince Charles on brink of ending all fossil fuel investments

Prince of Wales’ move comes as seven UK-based charitable foundations announce their fossil fuel divestment on financial and ethical grounds

The Prince of Wales is on the brink of eradicating all fossil fuel investments from his financial holdings...

... “Fossil fuel companies have not taken the opportunity to wind down or change their business models,” ... “They are now significantly overvalued. The half a trillion dollars spent annually seeking new reserves will be wasted. The smart investors have already divested from coal.” The World Bank and Bank of England have warned previously of the serious risk action on climate change poses to fossil fuel assets...

UK installed more solar power than any other European country in 2014

... Estimates show the UK installed 2.5GW last year and has already installed 2GW this year, as solar farm developers rushed to complete projects ahead of subsidy cuts for large solar farms...

... The news comes as the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (JREF) reportedly announced solar energy had reached cost competitiveness in the country, freeing it from the need for government subsidies. The group said Japan is now one of the world’s four largest markets for solar panels...

Times change, and hopefully for the better and for a cleaner future.

All on our only one planet,
30) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1672519)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile ML1
... Six years and it still isn't fixed. Like complaining about a security hole in Windows ME carried forward in every version to 10...

By 'eck you really have a vendetta. Good trolling there.

By what you describe as "fixed", that one quite possible isn't going to be fixed in that there isn't anything to fix other than educating people better. If anything, that problem is more an example of FLOSS being undervalued and being exploited by user ignorance...

You yourself have argued hard that you cannot fix users from deliberately running whatever malware.

What FLOSS and Linux does do is offer a better IT environment that can be completely free of Marketing coercion. You can enjoy using some very highly crafted software that works. Google is a big example that has made big business from that.

And to me, FLOSS looks to work far better than the example we have for Microsoft systems that have introduced the need for 3rd-party antivirus!

Dan Goodwin of Ars Tech and the various anti-virus sellers really do have a hard time to try to scare and bash the world outside of Microsoft systems. Might that be part of why there is no market for anti-malware for all other systems other than Microsoft?...

IT is what we make it.
31) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1672301)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
... It is ironic watching you provide the same explanations for malware exploits on Linux machines as also works for Windows machines. Most Windows malware is installed unknowingly through poorly maintained websites or with other software packages downloaded from questionable sites. Then to top it off you mention that it is but a small-scale issue, while blowing certain Windows vulnerabilities way out of proportion.

All OSes are vulnerable to the users installing malware and running it, as you yourself are desperate to explain.

A big difference that I've seen comparing the Microsoft world as compared to other OSes is that the way that the Microsoft systems are designed and operate leave open far greater scope for users to get nobbled by malware. Why else is there such a vast after-sales/3rd-party industry for Windows anti-virus and other 'protection' products?!

The various antivirus vendors are desperate to try to blacken the names of other OSes. So far, they have seen minimal new market uptake because there simply isn't the problem that we continue to see for Windows systems. Still, after all these years!

As the Windows patch-Tuesdays continue, you would expect the number of vulnerabilities needing to be fixed to diminish. Yet instead, the ever continuing deluge of multimegabyte updates continues unabated... Always a little way behind the next round of exploits on the extravagance of the Windows surface of attack.

Just for one example of what I see as an incredible recent Microsoft system howler:

It's 2015 and a RICH TEXT FILE or a HTTP request can own your Windows machine

... Redmond's latest Patch Tuesday payload includes 11 bulletins, four of which are rated critical as they allow attackers to execute malicious code on victims' computers from across the internet...

There just has to be a better way!

IT is what we allow it to be...
32) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1672296)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
... Linux spam servers? Infected with malware that was eradicated long ago on ever platform except MS?...

Glass houses and throwing stones and all that...

Just take a look at this onging reminder and the overhead for the inevitable shutdowns and disruption needed for the Microsoft updates... (Guess no real problem for home users other than for when they confusingly get hit...)

US-CERT: Top 30 Targeted High Risk Vulnerabilities

Systems running unpatched software from Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, or OpenSSL

The greater bulk of those listed there that are current/ongoing/exploited are Microsoft, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe software, a smaller number from Oracle, and the one and only for SSL from the FLOSS world that the commercial world has for too long freeloaded on...

The wake-up call to check and develop the SSL code has since gained a few million dollars in sponsorship to better reflect the previous freeloading.

Such is the world of FLOSS compared to the Marketing steered proprietary world.

IT is what we make it for ourselves...
33) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1672291)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1

Dan Goodin @ ArsTechnica wrote:
Several thousand computers running the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems have been infected over the past seven months with sophisticated malware that surreptitiously makes them part of a renegade network blasting the Internet with spam...

Linux spam servers? Infected with malware that was eradicated long ago on ever platform except MS? Oh the horror! No worries though, it will be fixed quickly with all eyes on it, despite it slipping through for the past 5 years.


To read further on that bit of small-fry:

... The researchers uncovered evidence that Mumblehard may have links to Yellsoft, a company that sells DirecMailer, which is Perl-based software for sending bulk e-mail. The block of IP addresses for both Yellsoft and some of the Mumblehard C&C servers share the same range. What's more, pirated copies of DirecMailer silently install the Mumblehard backdoor. The pirated copies are also obfuscated by the same packer used by Mumblehard's malicious components...

So, looks like a few got clobbered by installing a dubious copy of a commercial program. There's also the other usual exploits routes through unmaintained CMS websites. Also note that the underlying OS has little to do with the application itself directly having been exploited.

Sorry, but all very small stuff compared to the far far greater number of Linux systems running the internet.

Thanks for a very good post highlighting the small scale of FLOSS mal-exploitation.

Also note that FLOSS says nothing about whether it is used for good or evil. There can be good debate about that for how Google as ascended to such great power all by the power of FLOSS and (or subverted by) Marketing.

IT is what we make it,
34) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3) (Message 1672287)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
Continued from:

Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2)

Why about women rather than about all humans?...

There's a human thread started up just for that. The emphasis on women here stems from a series a stark news items about the persecution of women and the seeming local indifference to the atrocities due to the women not being valued, or worse...

Even here in our supposedly enlightened 'developed world', our media and stereotypes treat women badly.

More positive development needed? How best to do that??...

At least progress has been made since the days of USA slavery and the UK Suffragettes...

All in our only one world,
35) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2) (Message 1672286)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
I think we've had quite a sample of some of the crass aspects of the portrayal of women in our culture with the recent exchanges on this thread here.

Sadly, some men seem to have a long way to go to see and value and treat women as sentient equals.

And as a reminder of part of the background to these series of threads:

Pakistan court jails 10 for Malala Yousafzai attack

A court in north-west Pakistan has jailed 10 men for life for the attack on education activist Malala Yousafzai.

Ms Yousafzai, who was 15 at the time, was shot in the head on board her school bus in the Swat valley in 2012, in an attack that shocked the world. She was awarded last year's Nobel Peace Prize for campaigning for children's rights, despite the risk to her life...

... Ms Yousafzai, now 17, was treated for her injuries in the UK and currently lives in Birmingham with her family. They are unable to return to Pakistan because of Taliban death threats...

Continued on:

Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#3)

All in our only one world,
36) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1672282)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
... Meat is a very easy way to eat "grass" in an efficent way.

"Easy"? Sort of...

"Efficient"? Very definitely not.

Agreed that if we are to 'eat grass', then we must use other creatures/organisms to convert the grass into something that we can eat.

However, note that we have a world of other foods that we can eat directly without the waste incurred with farming animals.

There are an ever increasing proportion of our population who are vegetarian or even vegan or at least pescatarian...

Reducing the polluting intensity of farming can only be a good thing. We can gain a x2 improvement in productivity in some areas by just doing away with beef...

All on our only one world,
37) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1672168)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
Nothing has changed. It is just the 'Human Condition'. Nothing to do with present day "financial/markets policy".
The Foundation is the same. It is only the Houses Erected, upon the Same Foundation, which are different.

Constantinople Founded: May 11, 330 AD, Population: 5 millions (1282)
Byzans "financial/markets policy" are very much like London today.

Have we learnt nothing positive politically and financially since those days?...

For a recent selection of corrupt silliness against our own world:

Shell and BP alone eclipse renewable energy sector on access to ministers

Fossil fuel companies enjoy far greater access to UK government ministers than renewable energy companies or climate campaigns, an analysis by the Guardian has revealed...

... The pair of oil and gas giants also secured more than twice as many meetings with ministers as two of their most well-known adversaries, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth...

... been struck by the firms that want to start fracking: “I was just amazed at their sense of entitlement. They thought the government was there to ease their way, not to strike a balance with public concerns.”

Senior figures in the renewable industry said they had difficulty securing face-to-face meetings with ministers. One senior person in the renewables industry also described how ministers seemed indifferent to an overseas renewables company that was offering to invest a substantial sum in Britain. “You’d think that would be welcomed, but there was no sign of a red carpet, let alone a cup of coffee...

Heartland Institute takes climate foolishness to a Biblical level

I just received a notice that made me laugh. The Heartland Institute, one of the groups responsible for misleading the public about climate change, sent out a notice about an upcoming Papal event...

... Of course, this is all bad news for those who are trying to sweep the problem of climate change under the rug. That brings us to the Heartland Institute. They are asking their members and readers to tell the Pope that climate change is not a crisis...

US drought takes its toll on clean energy production

As Lake Mead shrinks, the Hoover Dam has been trying to avoid ‘dead pool’ status – the point at which hydropower can no longer be generated...

Changes in water vapor and clouds are amplifying global warming

... By subtracting one energy flow from the other, they found what is called the Earth’s energy imbalance. Most studies show that the energy imbalance is in the range of 0.5 to 1 Watt per square meter of surface area, which is causing ongoing global warming.

What the authors then asked is, how does this imbalance change? It turns out, the imbalance changes a lot over time. On a monthly basis the balance might change 1 Watt per square meter of surface area. The changes are caused principally by changes to clouds and water vapor, and other short-term weather patterns. Clouds have the ability to reflect sunlight back to space; however, clouds also have the ability to trap more heat within the Earth’s atmosphere. So, short-term fluctuations in clouds have large impacts on the net rate of heat gain by the Earth...

... What the present paper shows is that future changes to clouds will cause slightly more warming. Scientists describe clouds as a “positive feedback” on global warming. This finding is consistent with the work of Dr. Andrew Dessler. He had published work here and here showing changes in clouds are making the Earth warm more than otherwise expected...

Climate campaigners losing faith in value of engaging with fossil fuel firms

As the divestment campaign gathers pace, those in favour argue that investor pressure is ‘useless’ as an effective means for industry reform...

It’s been 23 years since investor activists first tried to get the oil business to face up to the risks of climate change. Progress has been painfully slow and gains have been few. Now many campaigners have concluded that engagement is not delivering anywhere near fast enough: it is time to sever ties with fossil fuel companies.

“Engagement is useless,”...

Ipso proves impotent at curbing the Mail's climate misinformation

David Rose is a writer for the UK tabloid Mail on Sunday, and is known for his inaccurate and misleading climate change coverage. Rose is particularly fond of cherry picking data to hide the rapid decline in Arctic sea ice...

... On each point, Ward was correct that Rose’s piece is at best misleading, and often factually incorrect. Nevertheless, yesterday Ipso ruled in favor of Rose and the Mail...

All a game of denial unto death and biblical destruction?

All on our only one world...
38) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1672159)
Posted 27 days ago by Profile ML1
... Does this have an impact on the greenhouse effect?
Yes, but we all need to eat meat.

Do we really 'need' to eat meat?...

As for most things, keeping a healthy balance helps greatly. And for a good balance, there is no great 'need' for meat at all...

Note just the environmental costs of farming meat:

Environmental impact of meat production

... The livestock sector is a major stressor on many ecosystems and on the planet as a whole. Globally it is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gasses and one of the leading causal factors in the loss of biodiversity, while in developed and emerging countries it is perhaps the leading source of water pollution...

Beef environment cost 10 times that of other livestock

... Beef cattle need 28 times more land and 11 times more irrigation water than pork, poultry, eggs or dairy...

... As well as the effects on land and water, cattle release five times more greenhouse gas and consume six times more nitrogen than eggs or poultry...

Giving up beef will reduce carbon footprint more than cars...

Beef’s environmental impact dwarfs that of other meat including chicken and pork, ... eating less red meat would be a better way for people to cut carbon emissions than giving up their cars.

The heavy impact on the environment of meat production was known but the research shows a new scale and scope of damage, particularly for beef ... compared to staples like potatoes, wheat, and rice, the impact of beef per calorie is even more extreme, requiring 160 times more land and producing 11 times more greenhouse gases.

Agriculture is a significant driver of global warming and causes 15% of all emissions, half of which are from livestock...

Tallying the environmental cost of meat

... Poor dietary habits, large portions and widespread acceptance of obesity contribute to the problem, as do sedentary lifestyles. And Americans drive almost everywhere.

The combination of fast foods, such as burgers, and car dependence leads to obesity, and other spinoff social and environmental costs.

Americans need cars to get around, and larger people need larger cars...

... “The human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future — deforestation, erosion, fresh-water scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities and the spread of disease,”...

And that's before you even begin to consider the unnecessary cruelty and unhealthy practices of "intensive farming" for squeezing out more profit. That is one for another thread...

All on our only one planet,
39) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2) (Message 1671755)
Posted 28 days ago by Profile ML1
Does "sex" = "dominance"?...

Like most things that has to be a case of how 'whatever' is done for what circumstances...

Very unfortunately for "sex", we seem to have some very unhealthy and dangerous views proffered by trash media and misogynistic religions. All that always makes for a difficult upbringing for all concerned...

And then add the cruel Marketing twists for making money and the people be damned... "Page 3" of trash newspapers is only a tame exploitative start. (And yes that is all very coercive. How far are you happy to bribed to forgo morals and blushes to enjoy 'retirement' after a very few years?...)

(Even more silly is why "Page 3" is seen as anything special in any case!! We see naked animals around us all the time!)

I would hope that our culture and laws had improved since the bad old days but we still have a long way to go yet from how this thread has degenerated from all the ignorant male input!

Male gorilla warfare towards women? Great shame really for those too blind or dim to realize they are missing out on so much more...

All in our only one world,
40) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2) (Message 1671737)
Posted 28 days ago by Profile ML1
... This thread is about women and the terrible things that are done to them because they are women...

I'd place the emphasis the other way around.

The problem is not that of women being women. The root problem is the bad attitudes that some men have against women.

Unfortunately, various of those bad attitudes are dangerously and stubbornly blindly held in upbringing and culture and in state laws and even in parts of the church.

Note how Jesus garnered notoriety amongst the then churches of the day for bringing women into religion as EQUALS...

And yet Mary Magdalene has almost been eradicated from the bible...

I've greatly benefited from my surroundings where women are very much equal and can be themselves. Shame a large part of the rest of the world misses out on that.

Even a greater shame when some women resign themselves to playing the part of the stereotypes expected of them... Such is the force of the narrative of others' expectation?

All in our only world,

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