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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Updated to Fedora 11 and now I get an error " (Message 921588)
Posted 27 Jul 2009 by Profile AKTigger99645
And now today it works, I could even attach to World Community Grid and uploaded all my tasks. Didn't change anything on the system; haven't even used the box since my last post when I checked it. Nothing on my network changed, either, and three other Windows machines had no problems. No Linux updates applied to that machine since then, so it almost HAD to be a BOINC or temporary Linux issue. Will keep an eye on it, but are there any flags I should set to help logging in the future?
2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Updated to Fedora 11 and now I get an error " (Message 921450)
Posted 26 Jul 2009 by Profile AKTigger99645
I have the same problem with Fedora 11 and all current updates. My network is fine (other Windows machines connect just fine) but my Fedora box won't. This started July 24th. I can use Internet, but BOINC can't connect to anything. iptables is turned off, and there's no proxy.
3) Message boards : Technical News : Reducing Unemployment (Apr 25 2007) (Message 554097)
Posted 26 Apr 2007 by Profile AKTigger99645

Is there anything I can do to get round this problem or do I have to wait until everyone has filled their workunit queue?


- Nick

Crunch for another project. You can set resource use per project. Set the other project(s) at 5 or lower (I use 1 for other projects and 99 for SETI) and you'll crunch way more SETI work when it's available, but other projects when it's not.
4) Message boards : Technical News : Oh Yeah.. That.. (Mar 28 2007) (Message 544807)
Posted 12 Apr 2007 by Profile AKTigger99645
Actually, the thumpers in Dune were used to call Makers (worms) for riding. Factory crawlers were used to harvest spice, and ornithopters were aircraft used to patrol and watch for worms. I just finished re-reading the Dune series. The movie was horrible.
5) Message boards : Technical News : Happy Easter/Passover/Spring Break (Apr 09 2007) (Message 543624)
Posted 10 Apr 2007 by Profile AKTigger99645
Check out this site for ideas on optimizing mySQL queries.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : UPS status (Message 87336)
Posted 18 Mar 2005 by Profile AKTigger99645
What kind of UPS did the team end up using, and what was the pin-out of the cable? I have an APC Backups ES and Belkin F6H650, and no cables for either one, and would like to get my systems to shut down gracefully.

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