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1) Message boards : News : Servers are back on line after Monday's outage (Message 1330293)
Posted 23 Jan 2013 by Profile BakCompat
Just a confirmation on WUs. I just completed receiving 20 of them right now. Speed was roughly 20K/sec as the gigE graph still shows 100% utilization. However, they are being fed out! So stay in line and you will get some eventually. :)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Question about CyberPower PR2200 UPS (Message 1132712)
Posted 27 Jul 2011 by Profile BakCompat
Well, to the OP, if you have a big need for power protection, I'd say go with a refurb APC Symmetra.. one is one ebay right now for $3400, but that's overkill for home use. I've got one at work here, but all the batteries are dead in it and need to be replaced. I think this model has 16 batteries all together, so the price is pretty high.

To the question on the CyberPower model.. I haven't been using any of the larger CyberPower models in this range.. just APCs.. So, on paper, this model looks good but I can't personally verify it. The terminology seems to imply that t is a true sine wave inverter rather than the equivalent stepped approximation wave inverters on the APC 1300/1500s I currently use. hmm. It might be marketspeak, and not technically correct....

"Adaptive Sinewave technology solves the incompatibility issues experienced when a non-Sinewave UPS is attached to equipment using Active PFC power supplies. With pure sine wave output, an Adaptive Sinewave UPS provides continuous power output, preventing unexpected shutdowns or damaging stress when switching from AC to UPS battery power."

Other than that description, the CyberPower model looks like a good model. As long as your power constraints are met by it, then I say go for it.

This topic has got me thinking as well for my home box. I reently installed a Seasonic 750w Gold PS, replacing the CompUSA 430w one. I was able to immediately see an efficiency improvement going from a non-80+ to a 80+ Gold PS. The computer sans monitor draws 105W at idle. But, that box has an APC BackUPS Pro 1300 on it.. $150 retail, but it is listed as "Stepped approximation to a sinewave" so where did you find the Active PFC info? I'd like to see some dox on this.

Kinda makes me wanna replace my APC with that CyberPower model.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : GTS450 card, compared to other GPUs (Message 1123634)
Posted 2 Jul 2011 by Profile BakCompat
Personally, I wouldn't expect to hit 1k MHz on it myself. It's clocked at 810 internally, but individuals are reporting they can overclock it to 1000. I don't think I would even bother trying to overclock it, as I'm not looking to use it for gaming. I'd much rather undervolt it and determine what the minimum voltage level necessary to run BOINC apps would be at it's stock speed, so that I could lower the total wattage needed to power it.

Others might not be looking to reduce power use so much, instead favoring more computational power.

I still think that this particular 460 card represents the best value for S@H currently.

Oops, forgot to mention, that this model card has 0.4ns Hynix ram apparently. It may be running at 3900 MHz but apparently is rated for 4500 MHz.. The otehr 460 cards appear to be using the slower Samsung chips. That will probably be changing very quickly if supplies of the newer ram remain available for GPU production.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Best Linux Distro To Crunch With (Message 1123577)
Posted 1 Jul 2011 by Profile BakCompat
I've got one running on Ubuntu, command line ony, and another on Fedora, with full gui.

I think in general, I'd go with Ubuntu for a dedicated cruncher.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : GTS450 card, compared to other GPUs (Message 1123560)
Posted 1 Jul 2011 by Profile BakCompat
This thread is of particular interest to me, as I am looking at purchasing a 460 card to supplement my primary computer and setup CUDA crunching on it.

In case you haven't already ordered the 450 card, then please consider the following purchase of a particular 460 card instead.

Via we can get a general reference of performance per each particular GeForce card. The other series are also available on their respective pages if you prefer to look at them as well.

Note, that this is "general" reference info. Each manufacturer will change their clock speeds per each model they sell. Adjust the numbers to figure out the total GFLOPs capability.

A stock 450 rates 192 cores running at 783MHz @ 601 GFLOPs
A stock 460 rates 336 cores running at 675MHz @ 907 GFLOPs

So you can already see that the 460 equates to an approximate 50% performance gain in GFLOPs (just a general reference).

The EVGA 450 card you list rates 192 cores @ 822MHz approximating 630 GFLOPs
Newegg has another EVGA 450 at for $110 and a $20 MIR for end total of $97 with shipping.

Now, this one I list is overclocked to run as stock at 882MHz.. so approx 677 GFLOPs..

But let's look at the 460 now. NewEgg has a superclocked 460 at
It runs 336 cores at 810MHz @ approx 1088 GFLOPs.

Looking at the original wiki link with all the 400 series data, we see that the 1088 GFLOPs is coincidentally the rated GFLOPs for a stock 470 card!

So, with this current deal from MSI, you can get an "overclocked" 460 running at stock speeds 135 MHz higher than normal... ie at performance level of a 470 card.

The card is currently running $170 and a $40 MIR. So, if you are willing to wait for rebates, you can get a 470 level performing card for $133 after shipping.

Note that MSI makes 3 versions of the 460.. The current REBATED prices are:
810MHz @ $130
780MHz @ $170
725MHz @ $180

So the prices are actually reversed for their performance levels!

Additionally, the commentary on this card are rated very highly. Many users say that they overclock it to over 1000 MHz easily with the builtin fans, as it's a dual fan cooler.

All in all, there is nothing particularly wrong with a 450 card. It will still perform for you just fine. But if you want a better "bang for the buck" then this particular model 460 is in a nice sweet spot right now.

Loking at the 500 series cards as comparators at we see that the corresponding performance card would be a stock 560 card, yielding 1075 GFLOPs. Prices for those however, START at $165 AFTER rebate...

I'm really looking to buy one of these cards for myself, but haven't committed to the cash yet. The rebate check from MSI Expires on 7/8/11 for anyone who is interested in purchasing this card.
6) Message boards : Technical News : Sforzando (Sep 23 2010) (Message 1035680)
Posted 24 Sep 2010 by Profile BakCompat
That's great news! I know I'm looking forward to see the upgraded hardware smooth things out in the system. Good work there.
7) Message boards : News : Video on making a desktop supercomputer (Message 975718)
Posted 4 Mar 2010 by Profile BakCompat
that is excellent! Congratultions on building such a fine computer. I hope you get to use it for some fun stuff, and not just work related applications.... :)

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