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1) Message boards : Number crunching : anyone getting new work? (Message 258001)
Posted 6 Mar 2006 by Profile Kicksvette
Unfortunately, I'm stuck with dial-up for a bit longer until the cable hookup becomes available on my block. But that means I'm a total crapshoot at getting any workunits right now. Actually I haven't gotten any since the outage. I normally keep a 3 day supply just to get through days when the system is down or days when I'm away. My new dog usually burns about 20 units a day and has now been dry for 3 days. Is it frustrating? DUH!!! Will I keep trying? Not so sure anymore. The outages are becoming more common than way back when I started with Classic on my old dog that could handle about 2 a day. If I stumble into a more reliable project, I'm probably done here.

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