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Posted 9 Dec 2010 by Profile Paul Tinozzi
I had to suspend the work units i had working (4) and then seti sent 8 work units within 15 min so i am running them again now....!!!! glad to see seti than climate working. seems all is well with the world again :) hehe
2) Message boards : Politics : regards and applause to all boinc project members passed! (Message 1054390)
Posted 9 Dec 2010 by Profile Paul Tinozzi
It has been years sense i have used the blog here and Politics seems to fit my response.
I am deeply sorry for the loss of members like Dr. Morimoto, Don Backer and the many others i don't know about(there should be a memorial page showing all members involved in the boinc projects passed). my condolences to the family, friends, co-workers, and students that knew them...
I must also applaud them for all there work in the job they loved.
I must also applaud all the members of boinc and all the projects running on boinc now!
This may sound strange but boinc is the biggest project of all not the individual projects...we all consider ourselves as members of our country, nations but threw boinc we are 1 human at a time becoming a human earthling community and soon a solar community. even if the separate projects don't produce the objectives they wish to achieve the boinc project will continue to grow and we members will become the beginning of a true earth human community not a national community. this is the first steps for human kind to be worthy of the information we wish to know and work so hard to find.....
It is always sad to lose someone important to the world but they made the first steps to making it a single world even if they never even considered it that way. Even when i first joined seti@home back in 2000 i never thought in the real big picture just thought it was a fun thing to do and if it could help great.
CHEERS to all boinc members your work will change the world even if it go's slow.
Thank you for your time reading this:
3) Message boards : News : SETI@home is back online (Message 1054337)
Posted 9 Dec 2010 by Profile Paul Tinozzi
great to hear your back online again, but i have not gotten any work units from you recently? wish you best luck getting us all back to working for you :)......

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