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Posted 23 Jan 2010 by Profile Smartpatrol

So you just propose we continue onwards with our mass, worldwide wipe out of entire species, and putting our one and only planet on a collision course with greenhouse gases?

There is nothing natural about a man-made extinction event. By extension and indirectly is it natural.
We have the terms primarily, and secondarily for a reason. [/quote]

I propose that their is nothing that we can do to change the eventual outcome i described above war will consume us long before any climate crisis occurs. Its not in us as a species; we always revert to basic self interest needs. Its hard to reason out the greater good when you and your family is starving.
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Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Smartpatrol

The real "glory of the system" is that whether your candidate wins or loses, you are still a citizen and no matter how contentious the election you should (but you are not required to) support your country. Obama, like every president, has asked for and deserves that support from all of us, not because you signed a contract, but because you are a citizen. I am willing to support my President, even though I did not vote for him.

So if Hitler was your president and you were German circa 1939 you would have supported him even thought you might have disagreed with him?

Sorry to rain on your parade but i don't have to support anyone however they came to power. I hope Obama fails miserably; you think i want him to succeed in turning America in to a another Euro-Socialist state? i will o everything i can to prevent that.
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Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Smartpatrol
Here's something to watch if you have the time. History channel's "Life After People" documentary.

Here are the parts in high quality:
Life After People | 1/9
Life After People | 2/9
Life After People | 3/9
Life After People | 4/9
Life After People | 5/9
Life After People | 6/9
Life After People | 7/9
Life After People | 8/9
Life After People | 9/9

Quite incredible. Somehow, it feels more "right" if humans didn't exist...

I love the lie that Humans are not part of the natural world. There is nothing "unatural" about us at all we are doing what any other organism does every day on this planet. In some cases a given organism reproduces to the point where the habitat can't support the it and a mass die off usually follows like deer or elk herds in colorado; yes even with all the hunters here their are still problems with habitat over population.

With humans over population won't be taken care of by voluntary population control like chinas disasterous experiment but by disease and conflict and like any other oraganism subject to the laws of nature the resourceful ones among us will have a better chance of survival while those that don't know how to feed themselve without a microwave in arms reach won't. Global warming? HA! worry about global war.
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Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Smartpatrol
Under the Universal Single Payer plan, such as we have in Canada, there would be no loss of coverage when a job is lost. No one will lose their home due to a bankruptcy caused by medical expenses in this country. NO ONE.

That isn't a herd mentality. It's a civil society that takes care of it's citizens when they need help the most.

Like my aunt in Vancouver that needs stints in her heart to improve the quality of her life but is deemed too old for such a procedure that is common place under private insurance in the states(they prescribed her nitro glycerin pills)! this is not counting the months she waited to see a specialist!. Same as my Sisters father in law who lives in Montreal who has Prostate cancer that they are leaning towards not operate on again becasue of his age. We want this in the states? So no idividual goes bankrupt just the entire country brilliant!no thank you!
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Posted 10 Nov 2004 by Profile Smartpatrol
> > How is it possible that Bush have won this elections!!!!!????? He´s an
> idiot!
> > He doesn´t know where he is!. Americans vote him for his moral
> values...he
> > kills people!!!!!!!! HE IS NOT MORAL!!!!!!
> > AWAKE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
> >
> I'm sorry you are so angry, Luca. I am an American (there are more than 250
> million of us and we are all unique individuals), and I don't think I fit your
> description.
> All countries make mistakes, for example, when the military dictator of
> Argentina attacked the Falkland Islands because the Argentine economy was so
> bad that the attack seemed like a nice patriotic distraction from the
> country's economic woes. But I don't hold you responsible for that.

Well said Tom! i second that! I will be the first to admit there are some very stupid people in American they try and kill me on the highway everyday. Others like to congregate around Universities and really believe Marxist Socialism would work.

Why do you care about what goes on in the country you abandoned? You have no voice in America any longer. So drink your tea and eat your fish & chips and shut up.

I have been all over Europe and parts of the Middle East and I know where the Pacific Ocean is. I have also encountered Americans in my many travels to Europe and generally they are as described in this thread. However I have never been ashamed of them or that I am an American like them. Fact is from the Europeans I have spoken too and the observations I have made in various parts. I find Europeans in general some of the most disconnected from reality(seen the movie THX1138?) and vastly ignorant of what America is all about. Something I think they would educate themselves on before criticizing to the degree they do. In regards to war on terror the first thing out of a typical Europeans mouth(including my family there) is “it’s about oil” something they hear on TV everyday and repeat like the mindless automatons they are. These are the most educated people in the world? Logic, common sense and critical thinking skills evidentially are not something they teach in European schools. They are more prone to believe some made up conspiracy theory (like a lot of idiot Americans) then to believe that we would actually re-elect a decent president because we think he is doing his job properly.

I am a firm believer in pulling all our troop commitments all around the world back home. Call for all the debts other countries owe us to be paid in full immediately. Halt the exportation of American grain to every single third world shithole in the world. Double our tariffs on imported consumer goods, seal up our borders and let Europe and the rest of the world deal with world issues like hunger, Civil Wars, Disaster relief, Aids research, Energy and the plethora of other things that wouldn’t exist if Americans didn’t take interest in it.

For all those Americans that feel they need to leave America because of the recent election all I can say is bye! You won’t be missed. Besides we don’t need anyone here that’s not in it for the long haul anyway, I am sure you will be happier wherever you go.

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Posted 28 Oct 2004 by Profile Smartpatrol
> It is sooooooooo true.
> Bush as opened a pendor's box and god knows how it will end. Invasion
> of Irak was the biggest mistake in the USA history.

Actually the biggest mistake that america made in my opinion was liberating france from German occupation in WW II

>I would guess that there is now 10 times more muslim fanatics willing to stikes >US then ever before.

Funny how there hasn't been a single terrorist attack on American soil since the start of this campaign.

> Now since Bush was convince it was a good idea, and turned his
> back to the international community, pissed all his allies,

Correction you and your country men turned your back on America and to add insult to injury you activily went against the United States in the United Nations security counsel. Thanks....friend....

> and badly hurts USA reputation and credibility,

This is not a popularity contest. What happenend on 9/11 was naked agression not unlike Pearl Harbor or Hitlers invasion of Poland. You so quickly forget the blood shed by all sides in order to keep Europe free from opression. Something your country is not willing to do for the innocent people of Iraq. Perhaps we should have given diplomacy more of a chance at sucess in WW II? Rather then going in and kicking Hirohito's and Hitlers ass?

>Who will stand with the USa when the next attack comes ?

Those that believe in something greater then themselves and their antiquated culture.

> Because there will be others for sure.

And those that perpetrate hostilities against the United States will reap the whirlwind.

> How sad it is that innocent peoples in the US, madrid, Irak, Bali, etc
> suffers from fanatics on all sides...

Yep and you had your chance to do something about it but you chose to cast a blind eye and betray one of your oldest and most powerful friends becasue you can't get over your superiority complex and the fact that you have little to no influence on world events.
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Posted 28 Oct 2004 by Profile Smartpatrol
> Iraq will never be a true democracy. Whether they are Sunni, Shiite or Kurds,
> they are Muslim. They want a government based on the Quoran. To keep Iraq
> from descending into a civil war, an outside force [UN?] will have be there
> for many, many years. The Shiites will want to be in control amd the Sunnis
> will fight them. The Kurds want there own country taken out of Iraq and
> Turkey. Iran will support the Shiites. Syria will support the Sunnis.
> Turkey may enter into Iraq to quell the Kurds. We are setting on a powder keg
> thats about to blow up and only force will stop it. The more force we use,
> the angrier the Muslims become. More and more think we are attacking their
> religion. We have a tiger by the tail and no way to let go!

This existed before we invaded and will exist after we leave so whats your point? America did not create these divisions if anything we seperated the fighting parties and caused them to sit down and talk. Iraq is worlds better off then they were a few years ago. The terrorist that we and the Iraqi government are extermintating now are mostly foreign fighters from neighboring countries. Sure there are a few Iraqi's with them but not many. There will be fighting for some time to come which is normal growing pains with matters such as these.
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Posted 28 Oct 2004 by Profile Smartpatrol
> I've also wathced Leni Riefenstahl's <a> href="">Triumph des Willens[/url], D. W.
> Griffith's Birth of a
> Nation
, and Sergei Eisenstein's <a> href="">Bronenosets Potyomkin[/url].
> Propaganda makes good film, y'know - But Fahrenheit 9/11 spent more time,
> moeny, and effort than anything in recent history in the pursuit of accuracy.

Thats funny since when is Michael Moore privy to national secrets? did he interview that were the topic of the movie? I can make up anything i wan't about anyone in the public eye simply by cutting and slicing news bites and the sea of mindless morons would gobble it up and make it their religion. its done everyday, truth by perception its really fun.

> If Moore were lying, then where are the slander, defamation, or libel suits?

Simple, becasue the movie is so far off base that it isn't even worth the effort. That would be exactly what more would want anyway to promote his propaganda even more. Like chimney sweeps suing for their portrayal in Mary Poppins. Chimney sweeps don’t dance and sing come on. I have watched similiar propaganda movies back in the day when all the rednecks in america were convinced that the UN wanted to take over the United States..biggest bunch of crap.
> It is also convenient for people to forget that there were 13 years of
> failed diplomacy before this took place. Almost daily violent enforcement of
> the no-fly zones. Its amazing how short peoples memories are.

> It is also convenient for people to forget that no president made any
> diplomatic effort to come to a solution since the invasion of Kuwait. Each
> president since Bush (I) used Iraq as scapegoat. The same can be said for
> Cuba, Lybia, N. Korea... It's the American Way of Political Life. :-(

Well the first conflict was a UN police action not unlike Korea or Bosnia. Why does it have to be the President of the United States why couldn't France, Germany, or any of the other coutries that participated in the first gulf war make a valid effort to get Saddam to play nice? they had 13 friggin years to do it! The only countries that i can remember enforcing the no fly zone was England and the US so much for UN action.

> But Kuwait was invaded, and I can appreciate your situation. But
> 9/11 and Iraq have no common thread.

I disagree, Irag was an inevitability last year or next it was bound to happen that Saddam would need to be dealt with. Once Afghanistan was removed as a safe place for terrorists to hide where do you think they would have shacked up next? The Netherlands?
> Let me make sure I make my position clear: It is good to see Saddam removed
> from power and it is good that there are no Bio-/Chemo-/Nuclear weapons in
> Iraq. That said, you cannot expect all Iraqis to jump at Democracy instantly
> after invasion, Saddam is not being taken to The Hauge for war crimes, and all

No one ever said or believed that the Iraqis would wake up one day and be democratic. How long did it take Japan to recover? Europe? South Korea? all democracies built with the help of the United States. Would you deny the Iraqis the same oppourtunity? Hell its my tax money going to help these people make something better for current and future iraqis.
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : any of your like to play online games? (Message 40795)
Posted 27 Oct 2004 by Profile Smartpatrol
Neverwinter Nights: My server in melee room MrKamikaze's HackNslash
Everquest 2
10) Message boards : Politics : Political Thread [3] - CLOSED (Message 40782)
Posted 27 Oct 2004 by Profile Smartpatrol
> When it comes to accuracy, Fahrenheit 9/11 is the only film, video,
> book, magazine, newspaper, blog, or any form of communication that has not
> been sued over factual content. It is beyond scrutiny. I suggest you
> watch it, then ask yourself why it won Palm d'Ore, the most prestigious and
> recognized prize for the cinematographic art. Oscars are meaningless.

Almost fell out of my chair when i read this. All i can say is Joeseph Goebbles would have loved you! check out i believe GOEBBELS' PRINCIPLES OF PROPAGANDA no. 6 covers Farenheit/911 among others.

As far as the arguments about the war being about Oil; tell me why America refuses to buy oil from the world's 2nd largest oil producing country..Iran? could it be becasue they support terrorism(and have for decades)? Where is all the cheap oil flooding out of Iraq into America? last time i checked oil was $55 a barrel. Your argument holds no water. Iraqs oil was protected for a very good reason! revenues from oil sales would be used to rebuild the country after years of neglect by the former regime. Not to mention trying to prevent the environmental disaster that happened during the first gulf war.

It is also convenient for people to forget that there were 13 years of failed diplomacy before this took place. Almost daily violent enforcement of the no-fly zones. Its amazing how short peoples memories are.

On a personal note about WMD in the region: I was in Kuwait starting in the middle of the conflict working as a civilian. i carried a gas-mask for the first 2 weeks i was there and spoke to my friends during SCUD attacks having to hang up with them on the phone so they could put on their protective gear. Considering the former leader of Iraq's track record i was glad to have the equipment real threat or percieved.

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