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Joey Lindstrom

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Message 4442 - Posted: 5 Jul 2004, 15:13:51 UTC

First bug: I've discovered that on Windows 2000 machines, if you install BOINC under one user, then try to use it while logged in as another user (even an Administrator), there's a problem with the screen saver. You cannot save the SETTINGS (ie: where you tell it to go to a blank screen after x minutes). It lets you edit and save, but when you re-open settings, it's back to where it was. The only solution is to uninstall and reinstall while logged in as this user.

And that leads me to another problem. I had this problem on two machines so I did the uninstall/reinstall on both. Ran into a SEVERE problem with the first: after reinstalling, BOINC asks me for the project URL and User ID. On this machine, it WILL NOT ACCEPT my information - it tells me that it cannot log me in and detaches me from the project, with a popup telling me that BOINC failed to login and that I should check the URL and User ID and try again - which I do repeatedly, to no avail.

So on the second machine, I made a copy of the BOINC folder first. I then uninstalled, and then manually deleted the remaining files in the old BOINC folder.

I then reinstalled to the same folder name, but before running BOINC, I manually copied back all of the contents of the old (prior to uninstall) BOINC folder to the new one. Ran BOINC and all worked perfectly.

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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Two bugs?

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