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Message 4426 - Posted: 5 Jul 2004, 14:31:27 UTC
Last modified: 5 Jul 2004, 14:31:50 UTC

I try to connect to setiboinc to use the BOINC-Version of Seti@home. But Boinc shows always:

- Fewer active results than CPUs; requesting more work
- Requesting 17222 seconds of work
- Sending request to scheduler: Http://
- Scheduler RPC to succeeded
- Message from server: No work available
A box pops up:
"BOINC failed to log in to
Please check your account ID and try again."
- Resetting project
- Detaching from project

I try it about 50 times.
Whats wrong?
Thank you.

MaLu from Germany
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John McLeod VII
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Message 4706 - Posted: 6 Jul 2004, 1:53:46 UTC

Apparently there is a problem with the BOINC client attaching to a project when there is no work available from that project. This has been reported before.

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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Attach to project - Error

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