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Message boards : Number crunching : Is this a new problem?

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Message 490 - Posted: 20 Jun 2004, 6:30:42 UTC

--- - 2004-06-20 02:37:17 - Can't resolve hostname (valid name, no data record of requested type)
This message is on all my machines on all projects tonight.

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Message 493 - Posted: 20 Jun 2004, 8:34:03 UTC - in response to Message 490.

You generally see this when the server is having problems, or if you're trying to get work using an incompatible core client.

The first thing to try would be installing the new 3.18 CC.

If that doesn't help, you can either just wait and see if the issue resolves itself, (a problem with the server) or you can try the "shutdown BOINC for 15-20 minutes and restart" trick. (assuming the backoff bug might be in effect)

Message boards : Number crunching : Is this a new problem?

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