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Rosemary Billington
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Message 1913401 - Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 2:55:48 UTC

I've just got a couple of Gaussians on SETI wu's, one on an mr work unit and one on an fe work unit , both presumably from the Oumuamua run(from the first batch sent out around New Year's eve). Maybe lots or most volunteers have also, maybe, or maybe not? Either way I don't think its an itellegent E.T. signal, more likely a reflection from transmissions from Earth perhaps? The asteroid is probably not big enough to have a water layer inside, but Saturn's fountain moon Enceladus does and that is only a tiny moon. Blind whales and blind dolphins using sonar heavily and transmitting whalesong and dolphin song might just be possible perhaps. But again if it all just radio transmissions reflections from Earth then it would be like the Earth holding a mirror up to itself for us to freely question ouselves as a species. Either way, Oumuamua has been and still is absolutely fascinating and a direct hit for SETI to show that the funding is reaping scientific rewards and scientific progress.
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Message boards : Number crunching : A Couple of Gaussians- At Last!

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